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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 8, 2017 9:35am-10:01am EDT

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documentary on national debt. won for their documentary on terrorism. students also received honorable mention for warming.ry on global thank you to all the students 2017 ook part in our student cam documentary competition. to atch the videos go student, and student cam 018 starts with the theme constitution and you, student any provision of the u.s. constitution and why the provision is important. >> "washington journal" continues. host: on social media, post your thoughts on open phones at republicans, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001.
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and independents, 202-748-8002. about ssion today afghanistan with the founder of lack water, erik prince proposing a plan saying they escribe him as most infamous military contractor, wants his private army to give afghanistan iraq.treatment they gave in a document, parts of which seen by the proposes two-year fewer than 5000 global guns for hire, 100 aircraft and $10 billion to replace the u.s. effort and turn around a failing war. too much time in afghanistan and it's making insurgency worse to the taliban, the former navy seal said in an interview. n current spending afghan campaign would cost the u.s. $45 billion this year, $50 billion adding "i heard about a big troop surge and thought i everything, get down this insanity," that is in the financial times.
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erik prince has a piece in the opinion section of the "u.s.a. calls for restructuring of the afghanistan strategyng the present has proved ineffective, repeating the surge has appeal. reduced taliban influence, the taliban returned, troops were through. expensive to maintain large-scale military presence, luckily, there is another option, the president can estructure the war, similar to bankruptcy reorganization by decisions l envoy, regarding aide, military support laser elligence become focused on afghanistan. it would give our troops an exit ramp. envoy would support forces rom within, providing leadership, air support and business administration assistant. resources will be procured and the u.s. -- the way u.s. manpower support,
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they hire it. more about his op ed piece in "u.s.a. today" this morning. to bob first on this open phones in illinois. line, bob, good morning, go ahead. caller: good morning, c-span, a new phrase, minority rules. majority, they e have been fighting for it for so years, the minority make them look silly. hey don't have a backbone like the president does, with friends like the senators, president doesn't need anymore enemies. thanks, pedro. converse,ana, jo ana, indiana, democrats' line. morning.good i'm calling in because of the epidemic that is going around, that is what it is being called. tired of being called that, t is actually, we have an
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overdose problem. to the blem is not due prescribing of medicine and oxycontin, they are -- because people that want to do it do it and they can get cheaply. hey made it so cheap in this world now days tis like $10 per was told and at i these people, these people are trying it and e they are not telling them what it is. from actually an opiate bleedghanistan and it has into america to where it is so cheap now tis cheaper than why the and that is kids are doing it because they the believe the lie that
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government has told them about that, they don't believe the lie you, verything is bad for s over are trying opiate black hanistan, taking tar heroin, it is killing everybody. indiana.nna in the lead story of the "new york times" deals with the topic of a report done by federal employees there saying hat the average temperature in the united states has risen 1980s, recent the decades warmest in the past 1500 years, according to a climate awaiting approval by the trump administration. he draft report by scientists which has not been made to the public yet, includes that americans -- includes that are feeling effect of climate change now and contradicts claims by president and members of the cabinet who say contribution, climate hange is uncertain and the
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ability to predict effect is limited. abounds from top of atmosphere o the depths of the oceans, according to report obtained by the "new york times," it was the eted this year and national climate assessment, mandated every four years, the academy of science signed off on the draft report nd the authors are awaiting permission from the trump administration to release it. connecticut, independent line. caller: hello, pedro. host: you're on. caller: my name is mike, i'm a retired police captain. host: okay. at 65, i fell, all right. doctor, 18 every different doctors. all right. acupuncture out of my all which therapy, did nothing. the doctor says, we're going to you off.ean
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i told him, you are not the octor, the politicians are the doctor. my neighbor had two back operations, he's about 40 years constant pain cutting down giving him n, injections that do nothing. me.aid, you got to help his answer was, write your politician, the pomp us politicians, if they had pain, it.y would not be in they don't give the doctor the right to differentiate between and someone that is just a junkie, they treat you like a junkie. medication for about six years, all right. cut it out, i cut it out like it was candy, but now i the only thing that helps somewhat, in the meanwhile tdestroys my kidney, but the politicians know best. they control the doctors, the doctors are just little pawns of
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the politicians and it is sickening. tr on about maybe four months ago, he said, no one pain, they just want to take the pain pill to get high. wake up every morning in pain and my pain isn't horrific, but the pain gh that medication made me function. the pain ut medication, if i didn't take the in a chair uld sit all day. the politicians know best, they ridiculous.nt, it is host: okay. that is mike. from idaho, independent line. caller: yeah, good morning. out to o give a shout our police here in idaho. ago, i e over a year wasn't feeling very good on a sunday afternoon, so i loaded my truck, i live alone, and went up to get in the car. getting in the car and i
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just threw up. i didn't feel good. young man stopped and asked if he could help and i explained to to the urgent care facility about three blocks away. a half block and he the police, an officer stopped me. i explained to him where i was he didn't want me to drive, but he let me and we got over there. he followed me in. cracked the windows for my dogs, it was pretty warm out, he was good nk that sense, he wanted the keys to turn the air up. the doctors put me in an mbulance and sent me to the hospital. the officer, i asked him to call acquaintance of mine to come get my dogs and take care of him, which he did. and that officer could have hassled me, given me breath hassled me that way.
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i have a carry permit, if he he ked my license plate, could have hassled me on that. no, he there was to help me. the police here and i want to especially in idaho, they are all heroes. i am white and the officer was hispanic and i got to give him shout out and thank you. in meridian, idaho. "wall street journa "wall street journal" outlined forensic science, prosecutors victory over academics and defense attorneys in the long running debate about what as sound crime scene evidence versus junk science, sed to wrongly convict defendants. guidelines in court previously developed by partnership between department and the panel of scientists will be pearheaded by former state prosecutor who report to top leadership. scrutiny since 2009
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report by national academy of hair samples were flawed. questionable hicroscoppettaic comparison help identify crimes.s in hundreds of the move reflects attorney general sessions' crack down on crime and step toward dismantling barack obama's criminal justice. dab is in north carolina, dan, go ahead. caller: yes. he ould like to comment on t -- heritage foundation guy yesterday. carolina, i m north know more about it than he does. they are not doing -- we are not doing that great. we have a government here that has tried to take us back to ages and if things
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continue we will be bankrupt just like kansas, just want to straight.ecord host: barbara from massachusetts, republican line. hi. caller: hi. concerns increased cost for increased office visits for opioids, especially massachusetts. hen my husband died, i had to develop a very tight budget. fixed sabled, i'm on a income. i take a half of vicodin three low dosage.y, very two years ago i visited the octor twice a year for follow-up visits and for refill for the vicodin. i would just get monthy refills from the pharmacy. ow in massachusetts, i'm required to visit the doctor month, just for the vicodin. i'm on such a low dosage, but
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if i'm g treated as addicted to it. i'm not addicted to it. this is back surgery, the lowest dose that i can be on, nothing else is effective. medication, i cannot get dressed in the morning. host: so you make visits because of that? you make monthly visits because of that? caller: massachusetts has of the the law because addiction crisis. required monthly visits, instead of the twice a i'm paying 10 times and mount in office visits i can't afford to go to the doctor every month simply to the vicodin.ll it is absolutely ridiculous, the peopleo separate that absolutely have to be on -- medication
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host: laurie, do they ask you about usage of the medication, getting el you are addicted? those kind of question? caller: every single month, the question. i'm on low dosage. here is no danger of being addicted when you are on such a low dosage and no danger being are in when you significant pain and need it. the addiction, this is what i've told from physical herapists, also, and from nurses and home -- host: got you. mary, in tennessee, republican line. aller: yes, this is mary in tennessee. host: uh-huh. caller: good morning. host: morning. to say thatuld like marijuana is for good use. having problems with our paying for the insurance and health care. don't they use the taxes
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for the marijuana to pay our healthcare? believe that it's for y a good medicine cancer patients and different people. nother thing, my husband is purple heart wounded warrior in agent and has been in orange and he can't get but 40% of his disability. that is wrong. that is wrong. president former president obama chiming in on the election over concerns of potential violence. arty baker saying that partial obama urging seclusion, he weighed in, not in the united states, but his country, kenya. mr. obama, who has largely fierce debateshe
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that have consumed the united states since president trump january, opted to speak out about the hotly ontested presidential election scheduled for tuesday in kenya. people, urge forces to act newts rally and work outcome., no matter the i urge kenyans to work for election and aftermath that is credible, reinforcing confidence in gnaw constitution country.e of your disputes about the election should be resolved peacefully through kenya instruction and law.ule of host: catherine in new hampshire, independent line. good morning. i believe in climate change. due to polar ice caps melting, being ld concerns discussed? four fast questions about the poles ng of our magnetic
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and if it contributes to climate change. the millions of years, earth's magnetic poles reverse. irst question, are we in beginning of such reversal? happen s this reversal slowly or quickly? three, what will be, if any, consequences on our environment in human life, and four, does contribute toalso climate change? and i thank you. ost: there is trade deal in iran with the automaker despite "new york ons, in times," saying multi million dollar deal in iran, agreeing to production in iran, that stays after president into law, the agreement to produce as many as 150,000 additional cars per the largest foreign auto history.ran's
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the president was sworn in saturday after being re-elected promising to revitalize economy hurt by islamic republic despite restrictions imposed by over the states missile program and military activity in the region. next in decatur, georgia, republican line. kaekt million people voted for mr. trump, i voted for mr. trump. people call and say, we want to distance 63 mr. on people by kicking rump out by impeaching him and saying this man -- we don't like him. people voted for him. you voted and i voted. the man won. he needs to be -- let him be president. my goodness.
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instead of trying to make him out to be a russian spy, have lous, that is all i to say. host: william from florida, democrat's line, hi. morning.good what i have to talk about is climate change. situation where not care trump does about climate change, he doesn't believe in it. of the biggest problems in automobile.s the this automobile, over hundred automobiles in the world screwing up the poison in the air. , this we can control that world is going down. t seems no one cares no entrepreneurs can find a the present odify
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utomobile to reduce the carbon monoxide elimination. we can a must unless control the automobile or with the electric car automobile, this planet is lost, believe me. host: we have seen introduction hybrid and electric cars and other vehicles other than gasoline engine and you are enough?hat is not caller: no. let me explain why. number one, in order to put the on the road, you .ust have stations stations are important. back to 1908, the engine was -- the automobile was put into market. in the united states, there was a gasoline station. you must have stations in order
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electric you will find out no refueling electric cars. for example, in the area that i now, right now, in only, dunkin is an electric is station to electrify cars, it is never used. okay, william talking about his experience in florida. new york, independent line, this ann, hi. caller: hi, my name is ahn. i would like to speak about anger in the world. we take for granted all the food in the united states we have, t.v., how much food is available and where to not to eat and
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there are many people in the world who have nothing to eat or not enough to eat starving. i would like to suggest to the as one of istration their goals, that they end world military to e the do so. could bring supplys and tools to those people. us, the try to stop military could intervene. rump would be loved by all if he did this goal. host: there are humanitarian groups on the topic of world you think it falls on the trump administration to tackle this? not being l, it is accomplished by all these people there is still without enough food to eat in water.ld, not enough handidy by e done
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our government, instead of we ing people up, why don't hunger. host: ahn, out of south africa writing from the "new york times" about election there. motions would have forced zuma tuesday, ce on lawmakers will vote anonymously, the speaker of parliament afternoon n monday that a vote of no confidence ould take place following request of opposition parties, more than 60 of the 249 from mr. zuma's party would have to rebel for the motion to pass, something deem unlikely. you may find it hard to have a factual structure dominated politics since 1994. james in
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massachusetts -- maine, i'm sorry, our independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. calling up to apologize on my ehalf, an individual for ignorance of my fellow human eings when it comes to information. i just want to touch on a couple things. misinformationut about people addicted to opioids and cause and reason. people don't realize this is a needs ss and big business customers, commodity, as a commodity was pushed and pushed something good. works for a lot of people. i got caught up in that. pain monitoring my own medication for a long time. you could, lowest simple vicodin. by the time i was left, the -- i was on oxycontin, my doctor onitoring by telling him that i didn't prescribed perhe
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follow a certain regimen, if i didn't, i was kicked off of the program. of anything else, you become immune, one bottle of pain medication used to leslie six to eight months. by the time i was on the system, i was on it like the lady who called from massachusetts. i got out of it. i got myself out of it because i saw i was on my way of becoming addicted. host: that was james and maimed telling us his story. that is the less call from this program today. we're taking international press club today. they're talking about the results of a survey of large employers on health care benefit costs and the strategy for 2018. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] it's a membership-based nonprofit


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