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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 10, 2017 6:59am-8:04am EDT

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that brings us to the end of our forum. our forum is adjourned. [applause] announcer: washington journal of his next. live coverage of the roots conference with a look at the 2017 elections. the center for global development presence a report on ebola. and an activist speaking at the council of the americas. in about an hour, we discussed the nuclear give abilities of north korea. then white house reporter zach coleman on the federal climate change report drafted by scientists from 13 federal
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agencies. night on tom simon how google and facebook use artificial intelligence and how it is transforming the work place. ♪ host: good morning on this thursday, august the 10th. the military leader of north korea preparing a plan to fire sea in nearo the guam by mid august. they say they could deliver the plan in days. they are waiting for his orders. we headline this morning, will begin with the wall street journal, north korea and u.s. clash sharpened. usa today says trump threats
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could backfire, escalating the war of words and a high-stakes miscalculation. and you have the washington post, a lack of coordination on north korea, trump threat not formally vetted. senior officials seek to offer reassurances. washington times much on gets back up on north korea from tillerson and matus. -- mattis. onwant to get your thoughts the confidence and president trump and his national security team on north korea. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can also send us a tweet or go to we will get your thoughts in a minute. let's begin with what the defense secretary had to say. in a statement yesterday afternoon, after the president's comments the day before and
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early yesterday morning, the secretary of state saying the state-- while department is making every effort to resolve this global threat to diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise and robust offensive and offenses capabilities. the dprk's regime's actions will be grossly overmatched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates. that was the defense secretary yesterday. the headline in the new york times says, u.s. aides offer mixed messages on career risks. the advises of the president calibrated his morning with statements that it is not directly contradictory, emphasizing different points. rex tillerson stressed diplomacy and reassured americans they couldn't sleep well at night, while jim mattis says america risks -- if it did not stand
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down. and here is the secretary of state, yesterday the daily briefing when asked about the statement coming out of the trunk white house -- trump white house. >> is it helpful to the president to use the kind of language we have seen previously coming from kim jong-un, not the president of the united states? dizzy exacerbating the problem? >> the president spoke to him, can jump on, that secretary , in then hasn't said kind of language that he will understand. we would like to see results. the pressure campaign, we see that working. the international community is an agreement of the united states and many of our partners and allies. in putting additional pressure on north korea. it was a good week for diplomacy. i know that you want to excess
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of her statements and try to make a lot of noise out of that, but what is important to keep in mind is diplomatic pressure, at the meeting of the 10 asian nations, along with the u.s., came to a joint agreement and a statement and put out a very strong condemnation of north korea. we are all singing from the same hymn book. >> a lot of us have reported on the success of the effort from the u.n. it does not take away from that question, the lack of national security interagency process in this instance with the presidential statement, that has perhaps undercut the previous excess. >> i do not know i would agree with you on that. host: the state department spokesperson taking questions from nbc yesterday during the daily briefing about the statements made by the president, and a follow-up from his secretary of state. what is your confidence level for the president and his team? we will go to john, a democrat from florida. good morning. caller: good morning.
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my confidence in his team is very low. i actually think the remarks that secretary tillerson made, they were very polished. and expected of a political leader. but nobody is listening to tillerson. you have king john on -- kim jung un listening to donald trump. so the statements rex tillerson is making will be lost between these two people that have like personalities. if this rhetoric continues between the two of them, i think will lead to war. it could very easily lead to war. lowonfidence in his team is because donald trump is not listening to his team. he will continue to tweet. us may know, the rest of suffer. host: i want to get your
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reaction to the wall street journal editorial take on the president's comments. the. fury on north korea. the escalating threats -- he did not set any red lines. pyongyang responded by putting the u.s. island in the crosshairs. donald trump could be guilty of hyperbole, but that is less damaging than the failure to enforce prohibition on the regime of chemical weapons in syria by obama. the elite that claimed to be shocked do not have credibility after their policy across previous administrations led to the current danger in north korea. he says, perhaps the audience mr. trump was speaking to, is china. that is what lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina reference in a statement. he says, the china reference is a tipoff that the audience is beijing. kim jong-un will not stop now,
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but he is close to his goal. china might restrict the flow of trade to the north if it believes it could forestall a preemptive strike from america. audience is the korean leadership, if they believe they are doomed, their best chance of self-preservation is to remove kim jong-un. reunification is the ultimate solution to the north korean problem. john, what the you think? caller: without a doubt, china has played a role. as far as removing 70 from ing someone from power, we have been removing people for the last 20 years. it is the same writer. the united states of america has a right to do whatever they want to do and whenever somebody else decides they want to do something, they have a problem with it. i feel like you cannot bully
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people into doing what you want to do. you cannot do it. host: can you apply enough economic pressure? caller: i do not think so, because north korea, the thing about economic pressure is you have to have cooperation from other countries. north korea trades with africa, with countries in africa, in asia. trying to pressure them to cooperate, it is a very difficult thing to do. but i still do not think that the belligerent rhetoric is going to solve this problem. you have to try harder. as far as i'm concerned, you have to try harder. host: ok, we want to hear from floyd in virginia, what are your thoughts? caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i have real confidence in our president and i think god that we have a president -- thank god that we have a president that will stand up for us. i do not trust the democrats,
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they have been responsible for killing babies through abortion. the most vulnerable babies. they will not take up for them. they vote and they put their finger to the thing to vote for democrats for killing these babies. host: you started by saying you believe the president will defend americans and stand up for americans. do you believe that he set a redline the other day when he said those comments about "fire and fury" toward north korea? caller: i think he will do exactly what you said. i do not think you will be like obama. he will do exactly what he said. host: will you back him if he decides to initiate a preemptive strike on north korea? caller: absolutely. i believe he will do the right thing.
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in the bible, it says there is not a government that is not set up not approved by the god. i believe he is there for a reason and if you go to the bible and read it, you can see it. how can you trust a democrat? you cannot trust none of them. host: ok, jerry in new jersey. caller: good morning. trust any of these republicans. they talk stupid stuff. the thing about it, look, this last guy talking about abortion. ok, if they kill through abortion, why do they want to kill millions of people with a nuclear bomb on another country? think, jerry?you , oner: what i am saying is one hand people who talk about abortion and killing kids, but
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they will kill grown people and not think anything about it. host: ok, steve, prescott valley, california. caller: good morning. i was going to say i am tired making anow, the media mountain out of a mole hill. the threat of north korea is there regardless of what donald trump says. is threaten us, that means physical threat, all the other threats have already been there. it is not a war of words, it is just the president saying he wants to make it very clear that we will, if they really do threaten us physically, then we are going to come back at them. but the media makes it sound like they just, they just twist the words around. they have been doing that to him , since hetarted,
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started campaigning. host: twisting what words? fury." like "fire and they make it sound like it is more than it is. you have to step back and listen to what he is saying. host: let's read from the new york times and the piece by peter baker and glenn thrush on the words. they write this morning, the president's language, which aids say he used in private, escalated the dispute to a new level and left members of the trump administration scrambling on wednesday to explain what he meant. the process or lack of one that led to the ad lived comments and bodied his approach to foreign policy and improvise asian -- that leads his national security team in the dark about what you will say or do, according to
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several people who have the -- you have direct knowledge. the president was in a conversational mood tuesday afternoon after the washington post reported pyongyang had developed nuclear warheads small enough to be placed on missiles. his team assumed they would be asked about north korea tied to a meeting that the president was planning to hold at his golf course in new jersey about the opioid epidemic. during a conference call beforehand, the focused on north korea, donald trump did not offer a preview of what he plans to say. and even on a tinderbox issue that has pushed his predecessors to seek a script. they go on to report in the newspaper that sarah huckabee sanders, the white house press sector, said the national security team was aware of the tone of the statement of the president, prior to delivery. there is a quote, "the tone and strength of the message were discussed. the words she added, she used. and they revealed was a longtime
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associate of mr. trump say is a simmering frustration with the velvet handcuffs put on him by john kelly, the new white house chief of staff. the crackdown on visitors to the oval office, and keeping tabs on the after hours phone calls to make sure that he is not said that information -- fed that information or reckless advice." we will go to kelvin in oregon. good morning. caller: thank you very much. first, i want to say that i enjoy c-span. you all create a dialogue that allows all tiers of political parties to be able to express their viewpoints and i think that is a benefit to america. i am a doctor candidate and i have listened to a number of the callers. and i certainly agree that their first amendment right to give their position is reflected in their narrative. my context, in terms of the initial question that was opened
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in your show is this, if the president is going to make these types of remarks, then it is a direct conflict in his position, in terms of the united nations. his position that the u.s. should not be the leading financial feeder of keeping the operation going. if that is the case, then you cannot make these comments, these statements when you have a state department with ambassadors that are charged with having these kinds of conversations to find out what is going on. if you take a look -- host: what do you mean? what conversations are you talking about? between the u.s. and north korea? caller: the u.s. and north korea and other parts of the globe. we have ambassadors that their job is to create dialogue and
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mitigate dialogue and if you are not going to use that apparatus, then that needs to be identified to the mecca people and -- in the american people, and then they can be ready for the off cuff remarks. to have a protocol, to respond and identify one's personal ideology and how they feel about things, send the wrong message for the number one leader in the world. because his words are for public consumption. the final point, i appreciate the dialogue here allowing me to express my point, the critical piece to this is that what did nelson mandela do after he spent 27 years in prison? he came out and said, i will run for president. delight because my vp? the clerk, the man that put him in prison. and when the question was asked, how could you pick this guy that
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took 27 years of your life away. he stated, when you work with your enemy he becomes your ally. needs to donald trump have the fundamental understanding about diplomacy, both historically and currently. and in context to rex tillerson, is over $200h o million. he does not come from a position of taking a strong stance against the position donald trump has, because they do not understand the role of the 40 hour man or woman working to try to put food on the table. host: i will leave it there. teresa in gulf breeze, florida, a republican. caller: good morning. how are you? host: doing well. go ahead and share your thoughts. your confidence level. caller: everybody is really into this today and i think that if
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we break it down to a time we are in historically, we have all these polls. and iran, china, then as well enezuela. it goes on and on. these barbarians are threatening civilized nations and the united nations with nikki haley came up with a wonderful, you know, solution. i am so proud of them. i think in combination with their stance and the rhetoric, the tough talk that basic -- you know, you need to quit threatening us because the reality is you do not stand a chance. we do not want war. mattis, andlerson, kelly. president trump is not your
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normal president and you cannot make him appear to be doing the same as those before him. i just think the time is right. we have been diplomatic, we have been patient, and this is the 21st century. as a woman, a mother and grandmother, i am tired of barbarians threatening civilized nations, we need to be strong, smart, and we need to be tough. to, havethink we need have a war, but maybe china can strike their nuclear sites and target them. it is not necessarily have to be the u.s. i think the media is more of a -- andwith all of their i think john mccain openly showing us. divided is bad for
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the country. i have a lot of friends that are democrats and i do trust a lot of the democratic leaders club but come on, we need to let this play out. host: let's show the viewers with the u.s. ambassador had to say, nikki haley. this is after the vote that took place from last weekend, where you noted, 15-0 the un security council voted to impose new sanctions on north korea. >> today, the full security council has come together to put the north korean dictator on notice. this time, the council has matched it to words and actions. the resolution we have passed is a strong, united step toward holding north korea accountable for its behavior. today, the council increased the penalty of missile activity to a whole new level. north korea's year responsible and careless acts have proven to
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be costly to the regime. this resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever leveled against the north korean regime. the price the north korean leadership will pay for its continued missile development will be the loss of one third of its exports and hard currency. this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation. these sanctions will cut deep and in doing so will give the north korean leadership a case of the deprivation they have chosen to inflict on the north korean people. nuclear and ballistic missile development is expensive. the revenues the north korean government has received are not going toward feeding its people. instead, the north korean regime is literally starving its people and enslaving them in mind and factories-- mines and
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to pay for the nuclear programs. host: the washington times calls her a superstar, with grit and charm she has won the vote for north korean sanctions. and on the resolution, which she calls the single largest economic package ever leveled against the north korean regime, and the most stringent sanctions . on any country in a generation. effects couldhe reduce exports by $3 billion, a third of the revenue from coal and minerals, which is key to keeping the nuclear and missile scientists at work. that was the washington times, noting that president trump and nikki haley did not always get along. remember the tweet he said, the people of north carolina are embarrassed of nikki haley. that was all forgotten. he needed somebody that knew how to speak up. she learned, as only a governor
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can, to twist arms and rally support. some but he asked here if she needed to twist arms to bring russia along -- she replied with one word. what is your confidence level with the president and the security team when it comes to north korea? we have tommy, and independent. good morning. caller: good morning. i have been listening to the callers and i have been enlightened by their different viewpoints. my comfort with mr. trump, on a scale of 1-10, that would be a 5. frankly, i have more confidence in putin taking care of it, because he has russian tank divisions on the north korean border. i do feel like if the missiles touch russian will take him down, the leader of north korea. i still think this is cia
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driven. i think the cia is more eager for a fight than anybody else. tells meknow, my gut that this is a cia involved operation. host: why does that matter to you, tommy? caller: pardon? host: why does that matter to you? caller: the cia has been involved through so much stuff through the years and the american people have slowly started to realize that the powers that be, as they call it, is not necessary in washington dc but in other parts of the world. i feel like the cia has extended everywhere. int: ok, kevin massachusetts, republican. good morning, kevin. go ahead. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: hello.
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host: you are on the air. confidence level in the president? caller: 100% ok. i just have a comment. my dentist is from south korea. so i asked him what he thought about it. he just kind of chuckled. saids family there and he we make a big deal about it over here, we are not even concerned. that was last week when i was having a crown put in. i said, ok. it has always been something. i remember as a first grader getting under the desk because you know, we were in fear of the -- you know, that was during the missile crisis. and with mr. kennedy. and you know, i am a veteran, i know about it.
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somes always some, some, adversary that is going to cause, you know. host: are you saying -- caller: i was part of defeating the original evil empire, the russians and you know, it is always some conflict or something that is going to, like almost like the human psyche, we cannot live without it. host: are you saying you do not believe the threat as a serious? caller: if somebody that is actually from south korea and has family over there just chuckles, what am i supposed to think? host: you mentioned the cuban missile crisis and the kennedy administration. midnight"e minute to -- the author writes today, lessons from the cuban missile crisis, he says "playing chicken
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is an indulgence for a nuclear superpower. during the 1962 crisis, the two leaders ended up making common cause against castro, despite everything that divided them they had a sympathy for each other. jackieidea expressed by in a handwritten letter to the soviet leader following her husband's assassination. she wrote, you are adversaries, but alive and determination that the world should not be blown up. the danger which troubled my husband was war would be started not by the big men, as much as the little men. big men know the needs for self control, little men are moved by fear and pride. for asident trump looks competition with north korea, we can only hope that he will prove to be a big man rather than a little one. us ifory, this teaches
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neither driver's words, everybody goes up in flames." tracy, a democrat, you are up. . good morning. noneabbott good morning -- caller: good morning. i think they make and people have probably been a little lackadaisical in a lower donald trump to get away with so much that he would do this in a way that makes it the norm. i think his actions up to this point have only proved that even the simplest of things he can turn into something major. and i think his tweets are killing us. is, i thinkthat he he has really affected, i am not concerned what he is doing here, i am concerned about the view of our country around the world and i think he has done a lot to
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discredit that. host: brian, independent. caller: hi, how are you doing? thinkyou know, i do not north korea is exactly -- you know we could destroy them instantly. i mean, look at vietnam. how many people died? millions injured. now you can go over there, because we got out of there. and if you threaten people and invade them, you know, they get scared. the fbi and we -- other organizations said they were not a threat. with all the news media stations, they all say the same thing. when donald trump got elected, their stocks went way up. they will print what they want. the media.
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and these christian people calling in, god says he will destroy all over the world. god's kingdom, he will destroy all of the kingdoms very soon. host: brian in massachusetts. your confidence level in donald trump and his national security team as we continue on the washington journal with that conversation. in other news, roll call this morning, trump piles on the criticism. his gripes follow it call for the majority leader to quit. president donald trump has joined the backlash against mitch mcconnell over comments the kentucky republican made about tampering expectations on what congress can achieve. senator mcconnell said, i had expectations, but i do not think so after hearing repeal and replace. that is what the president
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tweeted yesterday from his golf club in new jersey. this morning, at 3:54 a.m., the president tweeted, can you believe msitch mcconnell could not get it done? must repeal and replace obamacare. the confidence level in president trump, margaret, in lancaster, pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. wordsoncerned that the shown on fury" were cnn yesterday, spoken by president truman. so i do not know why everybody is saying that they are donald trump's own words. host: you mean, you are quoting the spokeswoman who said that yesterday. what she was getting at was that was the tone and strength of his
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comments, they were known by his aides before he said the words. but the words he used were ones he decided to use on his own. caller: the words were spoken by president truman. host: right. what are you saying? caller: why is not anybody saying that donald trump did not speak for himself, he used the words of former president. host: why do you think that matters? what does that say to you? because it is -- caller: because it is not truthful, it is plagiarism. host: what does that say about the president, in your opinion? caller: well, i think everything is planned by others and he is not really speaking for himself. it is a straw dog. host: who is doing that? caller: i do not know, the powers that be that we do not know.
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i also think that russia would probably help north korea see the light, more than china. because russia is also very close to north korea. host: ok. caller: and i think all of this take thetrying to focus off of his friendship with russia. in a democrat. caller: hi. i have never called in before, i am a little nervous. host: glad you did. caller: i have been watching c-span for many years. i am happy to get on. host: good. caller: let's start with the misconception so many republicans are calling in with, that somehow china or russia will bail us out. they are not our friends.
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they are our enemies. they have nothing to gain by helping us. did like what nikki haley at the united nations, but i just wish the sections had been put on six months ago. this was not even in the news hardly six months ago, during the election, was brought up by either party? i do not remember. i watched the debates. i heard very little about north korea. host: there is a story in one of the papers, that when president obama had his oval office visit with the incoming president trump, north korea was one topic that he warned the president about, that the threat existed. that north today korea is not something that the president spoke a lot about on the campaign trail. caller: greta, he ignored with
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the president told him. host: which is? caller: he did not listen to president obama on north korea. he did not see it as a big deal at the time. he wanted to get his agenda through, health care and all this other stuff, repealing also the of environmental laws. host: it is the washington post, trump onrned donald north korea, but his strategy is not what was expected." read the story, because they talk about what president obama told then incoming president donald trump, that north korea was a serious threat. they say that president trump listened closely to president obama and told his aides he want to north korea to be a top national security foreign-policy initiative.
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read the piece, i think you'll find it interesting. clyde, go ahead. caller: i think it is a tough question, you know. i think sometimes the president's personality can get the best of him, he is a little hotheaded. over all, i think he has a good team of generals and i think nikki haley is doing a superb job. host: why do you say that? what do you like about what you are hearing and seeing from nikki haley? caller: i think she is pretty good at negotiating with russia and china, i think she can keep a level head. and she did a great job in south carolina. i live close and she was well-liked by everybody, republicans and democrats. host: christopher, an independent, hello. caller: hello.
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good morning. host: welcome to the conversation. caller: yes. my confidence is that donald trump will do what he says and my only thought would be this, i have heard people have been talking about the south korean people, they say that some people are upset in south korea because they feel the u.s. is making their decisions on their behalf. well, the last time i checked i do not think south korea had any states until the united and several other people help them get that freedom -- helped them get that freedom. there are trying times, but i think we will be all right. host: thank you. donald, san antonio, texas, a democrat. caller: good morning. i am listening to some of these i do not knownow
7:38 am
much about politics, but listening to people calling and saying things about we should attack north korea, do they realize that if we attack north korea, south korea is right there. they must understand, we do not own these people. if we attack, do they realize the mess that the world, what the world will look like. they think china will sit by and let us attack north korea. like you told the gentleman, read with the washington journal, or whatever, put in there. they do not read, they listen to sound bites and they come in and they did not understand, i do
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not think they understand. they are just calling to hear themselves talk. i listen to your show every morning. i am trying to hear what the people are saying and the politicians educate me. not with no soundbite. do you see it go on and on, and i am wondering what rock are these people living under? host: another piece this morning by susan rice, the former national security adviser that served from 2013-2017, the united nations ambassador from 2009-2013. she says, it is not too late on north korea. either mr. trump is issuing an empty threat of nuclear war which will erode our credibility, or he intends war. the first scenario is folly, but the decision to start a war on the north korean peninsula is
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lunacy. we carefully studied this contingency. preventing war would result in millions of casualties. 26 million people are only 35 miles from the border, with an easy range of the missiles and artillery from the north. about 23,000 u.s. troops and families live between seoul and the demilitarized zone. japan and almost 40,000 personal there would also be in the crosshairs. the risk to american territory cannot be discounted, nor the prospect of china being drawn into a conflict with united states, a direct conflict. then there would be the devastating impact of the war on the global economy. war is not necessary to achieve prevention, despite what some in the trump administration seem to have concluded. history shows that we can tolerate nuclear weapons in
7:41 am
north korea, the same way we tolerated soviet weapons during the cold war. it will require being pragmatic. though we can never legitimize their nuclear power, second, avoid blundering into a costly war the u.s. must halt the reckless rhetoric. we must enhance our systems and other defenses. fourth, we must continue to raise the cost of maintaining nuclear programs in north korea, rationing -- ratcheting up sanctions. and finally, we must begin a dialogue with china about additional efforts and contingencies on the peninsula and revise diplomacy to test negotiated agreements that could limit or eliminate their arsenal. that was susan rice today in the new york times. donald in sanm antonio. donald?
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who is's go on to linda in arkansas, a republican. caller: hi. host: good morning. you are on the air. caller: thank you very much for letting me be on the air. i want to tell you that i support donald trump in everything. i voted for him, i have prayed for him daily, i believe him. i believe people will quit messing with him and he will be able to do all the things he promised he would do. i am not worried about korea. not at all. south korea is beside north korea, and if there is any way that god can possibly let the north koreans have a taste of the freedom that the south landns have, this will quickly, or he will be removed.
7:43 am
because people want to be free, free to move and free to have their businesses and stuff like that. and these poor people have been under the bondage of people like this young man, i do not want to call his name, i think he is pitiful. he has been raised in an environment he thinks he is right. maybe that is what makes him dangerous. but he is not dangerous to me, because i have a president named donald trump. and i have the lord, named jesus christ, above it all. host: ok. linda in arkansas. as we said earlier, the editorial in support of what president trump had to say, his sayingnd fury" comments they were directed at china and north korea. this is the second day of the editorial board supporting the president.
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, the latestcmaster target of the steve bannon media frenzy. the editorial board yesterday, the breitbart run by steve bannon responds with their headline this morning on their website that says the murdoch, which owns the wall street journal, tries to take over the trump white house for mcmaster and the globalists. the wall street journal's publisher appeared to be using donald trump's national security adviser as their latest weapon in their continued battle against the america first agenda and movement that enabled donald trump to shock the world on election night. the legacy media and deep state have worked together to de legitimize donald trump. but the journal, by mimicking
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scarborough and attempted to marginalize donald trump's advisors, that one being steve bannon, is trying to take over that donald trump defeated over and over again. by part news, something the president reads as well, that is their headline. we have mary online, democrat. caller: hello. mormon from ex- utah. and iorted the era climbed on the brigham young statue. old andi am 75 years -- boastingposting about nukes and who will start back to the it goes
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feminist mystique and the definition of ego. who, the ego is driven by sex. and i figured it out years ago. all of those boomer babies were, you know, born when the atomic bomb went off. host: ok. stephen in idaho, republican, you are next. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i voted for donald trump and i believe that he has good people around him. thank you. host: ok. stephen in windham, connecticut. independent. hi. caller: how is it going? host: good morning.
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caller: tahank you for taking my call. i think it would be quite a tragedy to have a nuclear assault on north korea, because that is, that is what it could end up in, not a conventional war because i do not think this will be an invasion. it would be like a daily nuclear assault. china, we are the largest trading partner that they have on the face of the planet. friends in my good tillerson isd rex probably one of the pleasant surprises in the donald trump cabinet. i would enable that man. i would back him with whatever he wants.
7:48 am
i may, i follow general mattis for alowed general mattis long time and i think you would agree rex tillerson should get what he wants. this is what we need at this point. host: ok, stephen from connecticut. news we want to share with you from politico, the headline "a top donor taking out senator flake." robert mercer donating to a whor pac backing kelly ward is running against the senator in a primary next year. you also have this from politico this morning. for nohouse pitches deal shutdown, the proposal allowing for more spending on domestic programs, the democrats are not biting." the white house pushing a deal to head off a shutdown that would lift spending caps opposed by democrats in exchange for
7:49 am
money for the border wall with mexico. that happening while congress is out of washington, back in their districts. another headline from rollcall, "the fbi has searched the office of duncan hunter's campaign treasurer. this is a republican from california. agents seized documents related to campaign finance probe's, how he spent money which he has reimbursed on personal items. this from politico, "the blowback -- we wish you would go away and stop being so public by doubling down on the go stories, said one national committee member." politico reports that he is again on the defense after anusing to explain what -- i.t. staff are under federal investigation for allegedly scam in the house in february.
7:50 am
he finally fired him on july 20 5, 1 day after he was arrested on a seemingly unrelated charge. he was at the airport leaving for pakistan after wiring $283,000 there. the firing came six months after house democrats dismissed him and a friend. she broke public silence last week, for turning herself as a victim of right-wing media bigotry aimed at the i.t. group. they are asmocrat -- disbelieved as ever for making political missteps. we wish you would go away, said nicky barnes, a progressive member from florida. she said that schulz left the shambles with the release of embarrassing internal humans by wikileaks and the 2016 case. she said, that the problem with the case is and is not just
7:51 am
hurting the congresswoman, it is drawing negative attention to a party that is still healing after shocking losses an. she favored hillary clinton over bernie sanders. we want to go back to our conversation about north korea and your confidence level in the president and his national security team. henry in new york, a democrat, hi. caller: good morning. host: good morning. iller: three words, i believe should not even consider this rationally. it is reckless and ignorant. people who think in terms of nuclear war have absolutely no .dea of what is involved i i will pick a number. you have no idea what you are dealing with. my point is, it is reckless and ignorant. do not plan for a long future. that is it. host: ok, sherry, an
7:52 am
independent. caller: yes. sayan did not actually those words first, easy keel -- ezekiel did. if you cannot read the bible -- uh. host: we are listening. caller: hello? "pulpu can watch samuel jackson said those words before he shot that young man in the head. i do not know why america is walking in so much fear, but if our president we have right now cannot handle this mess in this world, then god is going to come handle it. host: ok.
7:53 am
robert in louisiana, democrat. caller: how are you doing? host: good morning. caller: good morning to you. i want to say one thing. donald trump is doing a fantastic job. i think everybody in the united states should leave the man to do his job. and also, i have to say, i want to say this -- i have heard they are starting to insert chips in employees in different companies. i want to know what he will do about that. host: we are going to tom in denver, good morning, thank you for watching. what are your comments? caller: my comments are related to, i feel like this is another version of george bush circa 1999, when we wanted to be the world police, but we found ourselves in iraq before the end
7:54 am
of his first term. what happened to donald trump's statement when he said the south koreans anti-japanese should be paying for their own defense. now he is orchestrating a war that they do not necessarily feel comfortable with. in my personal opinion, this is the last hurrah of the dying american empire. sort of soviet union style. and more along the lines when people talk about the chinese military, they do not even need to get to that level. it is more concerning, how many people have samsung products in your home right now and how important south korea is to the world economy. if china needs to do anything dynamicat to ruled the in east asia, they do not need a response and some of these comments show the lack of understanding of the american public. they are dumping treasuries on it. that is why they are doing so much business with africa and those nations.
7:55 am
it is the last hurrah of the dying american empire. you can see it, we have an opioid crisis in this country, the equivalent of 9/11 going on every three weeks. i have had multiple friends and their families destroyed by this command is called national security. we cannot even address that problem without deviating to the north korea issue. we call it national security. we are really going to take a number on the global economy if it upsets the dynamic between us, china and korea -- and south korea. look at your commentators. the conservatives and republicans and what have you, what economic sense is a fiscally responsible and what good could come of it? host: ok. we are approaching the top of the hour. some other headlines. the washington post, "an fbi raid at paul manafort's residence conducted last month,
7:56 am
signaling an aggressive approach by robert mueller." men aboard has been under increasing pressure as they have looked into his personal finances and professional career, highly paid foreign consulted and the governor seeks subsidies to save coal. jim justice asking the president to extend his support for the coal industry by providing some $4.5 billion a year in federal funding for eastern cold. -- coal. they say it goes against free-market principles. the governor that switched from a republican to democrat, saying the president has been helpful with getting the coal industry back on its feet. but he says coal mines in appalachia specifically into the job they provided remain at risk because of opposition from natural gas and the labor-intensive mines in wyoming. the nation's leader in coal producing.
7:57 am
and from the newer times, even on a break congress gets no respite from the president. they report, washington needs a vacation from itself. said nothing is exhausting the former republican congressman from utah. and for those that remain in congress and across the city's lobbyists and journalists, this recess has been as complicated as ever by president trump. and also this headline from the new york times, one that is in many of the papers, have transgender service members to the president of the military ban. five people serving in the united states military sued the president and top pentagon officials, asking that transgender troops be allowed to stay in the military. a lawsuit was filed in response to the ban announced last month on twitter. you can read more from the new york times and other newspapers. and in the washington post, russia planes flying near
7:58 am
the u.s. capitol yesterday. they soared through secure interface on washington, presumably collecting intelligence as it traveled near government buildings. the russian air force aircraft made the flight under the terms of a treaty on open skies with russia, the u.s. and other nations. the treaty established criteria under which countries can make observation flights over the other treaty members in an effort to promote transparency and arms-control efforts. the capitol police issued an alert on wednesday that warned a low altitude aircraft would enter the restricted airspace between 11 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., it did not say who owned the plane but said it would be large and would fly over the u.s. capitol. the same planes flew over with the president is staying in new jersey, according to the washington post. randy in wisconsin, good morning. what are your thoughts on the
7:59 am
president's national security team and the president himself when it comes to north korea? caller: two quick things. do you have any articles anyplace where president trump talked about a nuclear war? he did not say it, it is the news media talking about nuclear war. host: what about north korea and their comments? amler: north korea -- i talking about president trump. you know north korea is talking about it. the second thing, the path the ministration did nothing with this problem and i read an article from the new york times on what susan rice talks about with what should be done. you know, i do not think it is one bit what the past administration, the obama administration, did, because they passed every thing on the president trump.
8:00 am
host: ,ost: john in virginia democrat. caller: thanks for having me on here, c-span. in these uncertain and unstable times, we need stable leadership, and our president does not really exert much of that. he seems as much a lunatic as the gentleman in north korea. the main thing is we need to stay on topic and on point. the president will say one thing. the secretary of state will say another thing. says,attis comes on and you know, look out, we are going to come after you. it is just concerning what we hear out of the white house. this conversation continues after a short break. when we come back, we are going to talk to nuclear weapons expert david wright from the union of concerned scientists to
8:01 am
talk about north korea's nuclear capabilities and the u.s. nuclear arsenal. later on, the u.s. is reviewing a massive climate change report put together by u.s. scientists and officials from 13 federal agencies. we will talk to e&e news zack colman about what is in it. >> next week at 8:00 p.m. civil war c-span3, a special featuring american history tv highlights. on monday, we are at the emerging civil war symposium, looking at the great defenses of the civil war, including gettysburg, antietam, and vicksburg. tuesday, we focus on civil war leadership at the civil war seminar with talks on generals robert e. lee, ulysses s grant, and confederate colonel john mosby. wednesday through friday, the gettysburg college civil war
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institute conference, a lincoln scholar on wednesday. thursday.n and on friday, we conclude the conference. american history tv's civil war special next week ending at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. live coverage of the net roots nation 2017 conference today, friday, and saturday on c-span. today at 10:30 a.m. eastern, a q&a about elections happening this year and a look at the 2018 -- midterm landscape. on friday, discussion on standing up for working families and embracing progressive values. then a look at how to win back progress of power through organizing. then developing vision statements for the type of society progressives want to see. at 10: 30 a.m. eastern,
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senator elizabeth warren and the head of the naacp speak at the conference. later, former vice president al chomba join us for coverage of the conference on c-span. >> [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] "- >> "washington journal continues. host: david wright, senior scientist for the union of concerned scientists, joins us to talk about north korea's nuclear capability. the military said that within days, we could offer up a strike plan to kim jong in that could come close to the u.s. territory of guam. details you make of the that the north korean military put in this plan, what they released yesterday? guest: it seems


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