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tv   Washington Journal Paul Brandus Discusses White House Renovations  CSPAN  August 14, 2017 2:06pm-2:27pm EDT

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>> because of the president's comments earlier, we came to this just a bit late. you can see all of our programs online. thepresident is back at
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white house for a few hours today, despite the west wing renovations and he is talking about china and intellectual property. we will have live coverage of the president's remarks. like coverage expected at about 3:00 p.m. eastern. fourg up tonight at 8:00, former national security advisers will be talking about form -- foreign policy. that panel includes condoleezza rice. like the 8:00 p.m. eastern. t --ll take you live now at at a live panel discussion for daca. the department of homeland security announced certain people who came to the u.s. as children and me several
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guidelines may request deferred action subject to renewal. they are also eligible for work authorization. should get -- it underway and a few minutes. >> we take a look at how your money is at work. this week, we will talk about an ongoing multimillion dollar renovation that is taking place at the white house. founder ofed by the west wing report. first, give us an overview of what is being renovated at the white house right now and why it is needed. project,a pretty big probably about $3.5 million that has been budgeted for this. it always wind up costing more than they originally said.
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it is an encompassing project. wing haveof the west been completely ripped up. seen a picture of the oval office. it has been stripped completely bare down to the floors. carpeting gone, all the furniture gone, and all the relocated to been the eisenhower executive office building. that is the building right next door to the executive mansion. they are working there for the duration of the president's working vacation. although he will be in the white house a little later today, the east wing is also undergoing
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renovation, as well. it everything from fixing leaks leaks the kind of human we have been hearing about, but literal leaks. the heating and air-conditioning systems are worn out. a long list of things that have to be done and are overdue to be done. this is more than general upkeep. can you give us some comparison of when the last time a renovation of this magnitude took place at the white house? it is probably the biggest renovation since harry truman moved out for more than four 1952,between 1948 and because the white house was literally on the verge of collapse. that is not an exaggeration. it had a rickety frame. 1920's, calvin coolidge added the third floor to the building, and it was made of steel.
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that itht was so much nearly cost the building to collapse in 1948. the trumans gave their daughter a piano and at one point, the lake of the panel crash through throughing -- crashed the ceiling of the second floor. the trumans were told right after the election of 19 ba, you 48, youve to leave -- 19 will have to leave. they moved across the street at the blair house. most of his presidency living there. they were there for around 4.5 years. this appears to be the biggest project since then, about 75 years ago. john: a couple question if viewers have it on the enovationion -- r project.
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reminder of what is happening at newwhite house, a air-conditioning and heating system. a four-pointhere is an upgrade g on with the steps, new cables and wiring, new carpet and paint. here's a picture you don't see very often. without carpet on the floor anything on the walls. a picture from jeff mason of reuters with what that looks like. trump -- or atnt least it was reported -- that he called the white house a dump. the president since denied he used that term. much was president trump involved in these most recent renovations? is this some thing he specifically requested? this is something that takes
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back to the obama air a. it shows you how slowly things move in the federal government. the obama administration requested these upgrades. a lot of people joked about how goldplated ine a chrome. nothing like that will happen. they will keep the original charm such as it is in the west wing. this is not a trump issue, it's a back to the obama era. the west wing is not as old as the white house itself. to the early back 20th century, when theodore roosevelt built the west wing in and the oval office.
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listening is not as old as the mansion, which dates back to 1800. john: what does a new president get when they come in in terms of a redecorating budget? how much change can they make to the white house complex? >> within reason they can do whatever once they get a certain budget from congress for redecorating. for the personal quarters of the first family, on the second floor of the white house. not a lot of money given the amount of space we're talking about. about $100,000. many first families pay for it themselves or use private funds. there is a famous story about all the money nancy reagan spent . for example, she wanted new china. got they was taxpayers
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bill for that. that is not true. paid for all of that privately. the trumps also have a certain amount of money. we have not seen photographs of their personal quarters. you can presume they put their own furniture and in their own personal touches. they are entitled to it. that is the first family. you ran theffice, picture from reuters a couple minutes ago showing the oval b presidentare. oval office bare. obama's stuff was taken out of there before. "under this of roof."
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just a couple calls. benny is in new york. line for independents. benny: good morning, america. it was three point $4 million to fix the white house. how does this compare to the $17.5 million from the 2009 stimulus package spends on roosevelt's house where they ran fiber-optic cables to his barn and did a whole bunch of different projects around there ? as an independent, if you're going to complain about the amount of money being spent, at least we have a current president living at the white house. know i don't know if you about that. was that something the park service requested? >> this is a really apples and
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oranges comparison. is something quite different. they are not administered by the national park service. i'm not familiar with the amount of money that was spent in 2009. i want to check that out because i am reluctant to comment. it is a totally separate issue and budgetary item. new jersey. david, democrat. david: what has been the balance, financially and in terms of time, with structural and cosmetic improvements? thank you. t: the white house gets a lot of wear and tear. if a lot of people are coming into the home, it will get worn out very quickly.
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reported president trump said the white house was a "dump." people going back to the mid-19th century complained about the white house being somewhat dingy. abraham lincoln complained the foundation wasn't enough it was nearly torn down after the civil war for security reasons they wanted to move the president's house. i mentioned the coolidge edition and the 20's and harry truman rebuilding. it was a massive inside out project. some of the things we're talking about. once a generation things have to be done because there is a lot of wear and tear. there are hundreds of people work within the complex. the heating and air-conditioning system was really only installed
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about 30 years ago, 27 years ago, i think. because it is used heavily it has beenlock -- used for almost 80 years. we're talking about a facility that gets a ton of around-the-clock use. a ton of visitors every day. of course the wear and tear will be acceleratedd. please revisit some of the touches jackie kennedy put on the white house when she was first lady. from a viewer. --h guest: guest: she thought the white house looked almost pedestrian.
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not content with what had been done. she formed a committee to restore the white house in her words, to its original authenticity. soot of the artwork and forth were actually scattered to the winds over the decades, and she went all-out to try to get as much of that the white house and she could. she formed what is today the white house the association, which oversees a lot of these projects. gets attentive credit for what she did. i am quick to remind folks other folks ladies -- other first mrs. nixon did a lot of work, as well. she never got a lot of credit for it.
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you see the flag flying over the white house 24/7, that is one thing she did. nixon made the white house wheelchair accessible. things you don't really notice. various have done a lot, but this two who did the most are jacqueline kennedy and mrs. nixon. two minutes left. caller: good morning. who select the contractor? does donald trump have his hand in any of that? can you tell me how long this might take before the president have to ber will we paying for extra time? guest: president trump had nothing to do with the contractor or this job. --s is usually done with the
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through the general services administration. is a federal government organization that handles these kinds of things. not just white house upkeep, but federal buildings everywhere. they are the ones that picked the contractor i think. know there are folks who do not like president trump and can read into this, but i am pretty sure he is absolutely nothing to do with the selection of the contractor or this. again, the approval of this job dates back to the obama era. president trump happens to be the president right now, but he had nothing to do with it. lee, republican. go ahead. many weeksre are so coming out of the white house that i am wondering whether anything anyone says has spyware connected to it.
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when they are stripping this down, do they sweep the area for bugs just in case? it may seem silly but who knows. that is certainly an interesting question. i suppose what security measures they may or may not have their, there, ihink -- have don't think they share with us. good question though. john: are the renovations again place in the press facilities? aest: it is actually -- it pretty new facility. it was done in 2007 during the george w. bush era. that is still in pretty good shape. a little more now, but nothing is being done to the press room. john: tom from illinois. go ahead. house,nce the white
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particularly the oval office, project so much power. maybet being shut down, your guests can speak of the past, how has meetings not taken not tkaing place in that setting, has it changed history somewhat? am.s subjective but i to see what your guest have to say. thank you so much. gett: i'm not quite sure i -- the oval office only dates back to 1909. most presidents have never had access to it. abraham lincoln met with his cabinet in what is today called the lincoln bedroom. it was actually his office in his era. he did everything there. richard nixon rarely worked in the oval office.
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it is used more by some presidents, left by others. and i think -- this is what the gentleman was talking about, the power and symbolism is nothing like it in the world. it is smaller than it looks on square feetout 700 awso, but you are just in e. awe-inspiring filling to be in that room. "under thisre, roof" is the name of his book. thank you for joining us of the essay. skype. representative hoyer will
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be talking about daca. this is a setup for people came to the uss children and met several guidelines for deferred action. event.n his way to the he should be here shortly. you on ourupdate live coverage plans. president trump is at the white earlier speaking to reporters in addressing the nation on violence in charlottesville, virginia. in about 30 five minutes, he is expected to sign a memorandum onh china's laws intellectual property and technology. that will be live at 3:00 on c-span 2. he will meet with his economic council before heading to new york and say at trump tower. live coverage here on c


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