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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 16, 2017 8:39am-9:01am EDT

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research waste scientist, and a chief scientist. at noon eastern, we joined nasa views ofy provide live the eclipse shadow passing over north america. at 4:00 p.m. eastern, viewer reaction to the rare solar eclipse over the united states. live all-day coverage on monday starting at 7:00 eastern on c-span and free on the c-span radio app. host: again the numbers -- president trump talking about both sides being responsible for charlottesville violence. president trump: what about the all that came charging at the old right?
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do they have any semblance of guilt? you this, what about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands and swinging with clubs? do they have any problem? i think they do. that was a horrible day. wait a minute, i am not finished, fake news. day.was a horrible iwill tell you something to watch those very closely, more closely than you people watched it. sideave a group on one that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent and no one wants to say that but i will say it right now. you had a group on the other side that came charging and without a permit, and they were very violent. >> do you think what you call
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the all left is the same as neo-nazis? president trump: all of those people, i condemned neo-nazis. i've condemned many different groups europe at not all of those people were neo-nazis, believe me. not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch. those people were there because they wanted to protest the taking down of the statue of robert ely -- robert e. lee. host: democrats line, anthony. caller: i was hoping to get in to speak with the lady on earlier. it just seemed like she is totally out of touch. you cannot blame everything on not being married. i am sorry. that is not going to work. but the thing i want to make sure i say first is pager and the people out here, we do not seem to understand -- i'm sorry,
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a lot of people do not understand why blacks are unhappy about this. i'm a black man and i've never enough my relatives have ever owned anybody. for people to be upset that we do not want this type of regression in our country, you 3% caucasians, to be honest with you, i do not feel safe. it all started when obama got in and it has gotten worse and worse. there is no place where you can go without angry trump backers and there will be a civil war because these people want to regress back to when people were property and no one's property. it is ridiculous and they cost of the scream about jesus and
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god and all of this. aboutd jesus was not enslaving people and making them do what you want to. have a good day. independent line. caller: thank you for the time on c-span. i am disappointed. president trump had an to call the stuff for what it was a is a muslim prison had german car through a crowd of protesters and there were some anti-protesters there who were fighting the radical muslims, this would be a very different conversation with president trump. the fact that he is not putting the blame -- a person died and people were killed and he wants to mince words with who was fighting who. far as the prior guest, i was really disappointed to hear her right-wing talking points. it sounded like she was
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promoting privatizing social security, all of the republican talking points, he sounded like she is someone out of the ben carson kind of fold. talking about marriage like your previous caller said. there are plenty of single parents out here that have raised wonderful children, divorced parents have raised wonderful children and graduated from college. the notion that you have to be married to be successful in , we have an opiate problem in this country. poor people of all races and lift ourselves out of poverty. obama did a lot to bring -- bring the country back up to where we needed it to be. unfortunately, people were left behind. until we started working together those people will still be left behind. let's go to west virginia, republican line, this is carl. caller: good morning.
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i'm 80 years old. i can remember when -- were respected. when i joined the marine corps, and i had to live around my brothers, i learned to respect them because they are just like me. i think the military is a good role model as far as integration. i do believe what happened down think theirginia, i mayor of the town and the governor both have blood on their hands. i believe they should have seen and they could have called out the national guard and prevented this. so i absolutely believe they are responsible. what about the president
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and the white house's's response to the issue? how would you care is a -- characterize that? caller: according to our constitution, they have the right to march in protest. but then these people come in there with clubs and attack them and the mayor and the governor stood by and the police evacuated and let them have at it, that is anarchy. seelook at venezuela and what has happened down there, it is total anarchy and that is what will happen in this country if we do not get it together. host: those are pictures you have seen of rallies that took place leading up to the events that occurred on saturday. if you go to the website, they have video posted of some of the events that took place of people the universityh of virginia. we will let you listen to a little bit of it.
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if you want to see more of that footage captured by them, go to that website. we have shown you pictures of only taking not place in the university of virginia, charlottesville virginia overs on saturday, and we talk about the president's on it. the last one made yesterday. you can see the complete statement and his thoughts on our website at from virginia, democrats line, hello. >> thank you for taking my call. i'm 72 years old, a senior citizen and a veteran. i cannot believe -- the greatest evidence against anyone in a court love law or whatever, out of his own mouth, trump has
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confirmed he is a racist. he has given credibility to the clan and neo-nazis. how can he say there were some decent people amongst them when they are running around spitting on people talking about jews and the nazi flag. it is total disgrace. lost all credit odie. i'm a resident from new york and he is talking about the inner city. you never did anything in the inner city when he was in new york. he discriminated against black people in the housing. this is not new to me. as far as talking about the lack of funds, many dynamics were going on in places in the inner city. economics have a lot to do if it. poverty breeds contempt. it does not take a college graduate to figure that out. >> from florida, independent line. you are on, go ahead.
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caller: the whole thingcaller -- caller: the whole thing be willed does me. the left and the right just want to fight against each other to it we will never get anything a, if we don't sit down and respect each other and realize that everybody has their own agenda. another guy's opinion does not take anything from me. that is his opinion. how does host: his opinion hurt me? --how does his opinion hurt me? host: what do you think of the president's opinion? caller: i think he was right and he condemned both sides and i'm sure people there protested and took down the statue, that that they were against. it were put there at the time
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for a reason because people thought so. host: we will leave it there because of your dog in the background. the president's's statement from yesterday, you probably heard this story is part of an advisory council of business leaders, being the latest to announce because of charlottesville, including kevin , the alliance for america manufacturing, cio of intel, kevin frazier of merck, and others as well. elon musk, issues concerning climate. these are some of the photos the new york times highlight on the issue. if you go to the washington post, taking a look at those leaving, jennifer writes" others saying a lot of them went to the panel thinking this was -- we have an opportunity to influence what is going on. the former chief executive and
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professor at harvard business school to for many of them, the actions trump is taking violates core principles not -- not only the companies but they themselves have. in other words, the story goes on to say, chief executives find themselves in an unusual situation of deciding what the remaining on a weight has advisory panel -- the point is that offer a direct line to the president, has also become a reputational risk. for a republican president to be in dispute the meat -- with the news media is one thing. he goes on to say for a republican president to be in dispute with the business community, it is not a happy place to be. georgia, thank you for holding on, republican line, go ahead. caller: the main thing we have to remember is we have to honor the constitution. it takes two to fight, basically. the bottom line is if you just read the constitution and you
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take in what it says, there is no fight. the bottom line is we have got to get together and both sides are to blame equally. the constitution protects both sides. is we have got to protect the constitution or we need to dissolve it, one of the two. who wouldar as those say there is no moral equivalence between those clashing in charles will on saturday, how to you respond? caller: when the country was founded, we were fighting great britain. which side was correct? the main thing we have to do is put all of this aside and move forward and not back and we have to respect each other. you are black, white, yellow, brown, it doesn't matter. line, if you respect
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the constitution, everything else will fall into place. in new jersey, democrats line. caller: michelle obama put it best when she said the presidency does not change who you are. it reveals who you are. yesterday, what this president did, i knew he was a begin -- a big it from the beginning, so he did not reveal anything to meet her and i watch the video closely. there were no mobs of left-wing people ganging up on the neo-nazis and the clans. the only people who had clubs and really people who came on and had shields or those people , now the newshirts hood and sheets. i'm not surprised to let me say something about this president. he likes to see things that other just debt others do not see. he said six months ago that he had a crowd bigger than anyone else. that was not true.
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ago thatd three weeks the leader of the boy scouts of america said he had given the greatest speech of the -- in the history of the boy scout jamboree. later on, the leader of the boy scouts said that was not true. this moral equivalency just shows the real character of what this president is. he is hands-down the most recent -- racist president since woodrow wilson had private screenings of birth of a nation in the white house. heard with've telephone calls this morning, he has got a lot of enablers out there. his enablers are just like him, cut from the same factor -- fabric, the same hood and sheet. thank you for entertaining me. we will leave it there. washington times, it will be familiar if you follow his work in arizona. the headline -- deathey seeks overturn of the former sheriff hasn't officially asked but he is
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seeking a trial to remove his -- thrown out by an arizona court. he said he was subject to double jeopardy and should have been allowed, the jury trial was not treated by judge who used this select -- selectively. he was convicted by a judge in contempt of court after finding he willfully ignored another judge's order and stopped using -- to sniff out a legal immigrants. filings, the sheriff argued the 2011 order was not clear and under state law, he felt compelled to hold -- the story goes on the sheriff has not filed an official request for a pardon with the justice department but the president's pardon power is absolute and does not require a request. a lengthy application with then trigger -- in silver spring, maryland,
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independent line. good morning. caller: hi, thanks. not think it was a far left organization. left, theycalled far were not in any of these organizations. there were people that for many years had been people who love the action and some of them had ideas about it but a lot of them just love the action. what we need went something like this is happening, anybody on the far left or the far right should get as many people taught nonviolence and then stand between their own people and whomever they are after, whether it be the far right people, our police, you stand between them and you face the people on your who might have educators in
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any of these groups, the people doing this agitation are not what the far left or the far right want to do. news, theconomic front page of the wall street journal this morning highlights consumer spending. writing that consumers ramped up spending last month, supported by low unemployment, and a sense that personal finances had been repaired after a decade after , u.s.using crisis retailers rose larger than expected 0.6% in july. that is the biggest monthly gain since september according to the commerce department. improvement supplies and more than anything, online goods, including purchases on , retail sales in june were far higher than previously reported. levittown, new york, republican line. caller: my name is phil.
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being torn down and everything else, people should realize since the beginning of the foundation of the country, we fought the british. the british were the ones that started slavery and the country to begin with and yet we still fly a british flag in the united states. call of aheed the world war i army four-star general who said to stop anarchy anywhere in this country, there should be no other flags flown in the country but the american flag. and people should realize their own heritage, if you are an american citizen, your heritage is american. americans are colorblind to each other and we have to live in to keep -- preciousness is the union and the constitution.
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host: philip in new york will finish out the round of calls. , virginia, aville vigil is held for the young woman who was killed p or that will take place it at -- at the paramount theater. you can see that live on c-span at 11:00. also, our website and c-span radio app. up, a discussion on the nuclear capability of north korea and the u.s. and lessons learned from the cuban missile crisis. author of one minute to midnight michael dobbs michael dobbs,, will join us. and executive director of a group known as love after hate, a former member of a hate group who now works against mpi we will see that story later on when we continue. ♪
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>> c-span has been on the road student ith winners of cam video documentary competition. t laramie high school in wyoming, the mayor gathered with family and school officials to first-place prize of $3000 for a documentary on fossil fuels. golden, colorado, ethan classical olden view academy accepted second-place prize of $1500 for documentary security. also in denver, the third-place $750's went to tenth graders of mullen high school or their documentary about digital theft and hacking. st. thomas moore high school in rapid


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