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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 21, 2017 9:06am-10:01am EDT

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happened in the -- n the london area and was to produce bright aurora and the thera extended down towards quator and in london it melted telegraph wires, it shocked the the telegraph operators and it put sparks flying off metal rods, so it was significant effect. host: c-span is located at the goddard visit's center in maryland. focused on the total solar eclipse today. we are taking calls on if you watch it and what you plan to do today. 202-748-8000 for eastern and time 202-748-8001 for the mountain and pacific time zones. don't forget c-span coverage of
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the eclipse taking place at noon today. will simumcast what is going on with nasa and you will have a call in and talk about the experience with the very e, that is part of a busy day. go to for everything we are doing today with this for the rest of the programming day, as well. we'll start with susan in plant florida. susan, thank you for calling. tell us about your plans for today. well, we're going to try to see what we can from the tampa bay area. i have a dumb question, but i can't seem to find the answer on google. is the sun any stronger today than it would be any other day, were looking directly at it? of course they are warning that, but i was just wondering -- i know the covering the to be oon in a total eclipse and they're telling people not to look directly at the sun, which
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understand, but is it any stronger any other day that you wouldn't look at it sdchlt that make any sense? good question. if it is more intense today than other days? i don't know the answer, maybe can find out from one of the scientists who will join later give insight to into that. aside from that, how much of it chance-- will you have a to see in tampa? they say about host: so what are your plans? are you going out? classes, that kind of thing? caller: no, there were no glasses. going to iginally north carolina, which is our home state, but we've been in time, but we g weren't able to leave because i was in a car accident tuesday, was just wondering about the sun. we live on a ranch, we're going to be here, we have a great view of the sky. host: yes, yes, of course. okay, susan, thank you for
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better., hope you feel andrew from maryland, you're next up. caller: good morning. morning. host: good morning. caller: can you hear me? host: i can, thank you. go ahead. caller: question. what i would like to ask is i've heard people talking about how this eclipse relates to and i was wondering, this pointever or at spoken to you or have you heard anything such as this? out, you to find know, all angles about what i've greater i can get a understanding of what is going on. ost: nobody has said anything to that effect this morning. caller: okay, i guess i'll have -- eep host: are you planning on today?ng the eclipse calle caller: -- i just think that people were saying about the scripture made so much sense
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from a anted to hear scientific perspective. gone for scientist is now, and so he can't answer that we can go rectly, next to tempe, arizona, mark, hello. hey, how you doing this morning? host: great, thanks. go ahead. i saw on the map the wath of the zone of where the total, okay, arizona is a large state. in that ern half is zone, the southern half is not. in the eventerence in the two areas? host: don't know the exact but to the at one, degree you can see a total not, depending what you see, are you planning ongoing out there? but i didn't yeah, know if there was going to be as difference between the
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barely s, you know, having it or being inside the part of the thern state, where it would be dark during the event. i would invite tou go to the nasa website and they information, not only for the event, the paths will see your total eclipse and partial eclipse, a lot of information on the you want to check out for yourself. cleveland, ohio. kevin. caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. calling from cleveland. couple weeks ago i bought the solar eclipse glasses and since then they sold you been hearing everything in the news and to rip-offre they are not a and make sure they are iso certified, they don't have the number.ification i went to look up the website
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the glassespeared. seem legit, i can't see any ight unless i'm looking at the sun. i know i shouldn't do that, i'm had thoughts on that. host: so these are the glasses nasa gave demonstration to us, i know the iso-number on 123123-2. theseer that means, i put on, inside i'm looking at light, ot the sun mind you, but i can't see a thing, but i wouldn't take that risk with the ones you have. pay for them, u if i may ask? for 10 it was about $10 of them. about a buck each. library e local actually had a recall, told people to -- they were handing them out. know if they're doing that at any local places today everywhere? host: from what i've read so far
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have told me as far as trying to get them, the run hard on them.y they are out. at that i can't find them, least from what i read and people said, it will be pretty hard to get one. that, you still plan to watch it, even with what you got? i do, actually. yeah. i do. going to stare at it for the entire time and we don't totality, but i mean, it's dangerous obviously, but i don't know, i'm not going to -- i to say, i hate to miss it, you know what i mean? yeah, definitely. check that out. plenty information, websites hat can help you with the safety of your glasses and the protection it will offer from the sun. silver spring, maryland, susan,
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go ahead, you are on. taking my nk you for call. i experienced a partial eclipse in massachusetts a few years was accidental, but an amazing experience. to of the scientists eluded this, leaves have thousands of tiny hole necessary them, if you correctly so you are between the tree, a tree and the path of the sun's light and the sun comes holes and the e leaves of the tree to dark surface like pavement, you won't see one tiny pin hole projection, you will see thousands. thing. an amazing the winds came up, there were thousands of bright crescents all over the ground. you have time between now and hen the eclipse happens and millions of us are in the partial -- in the path of the was al eclipse, that something i'll never forget. i've lost my vision, i won't be i will never at, forget that site.
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host: and so when it comes to thers maybe viewing it today, are you telling them maybe that the best way to view it, if they makingave glasses or not a pin hole camera? caller: yes, if you don't have glasses or if you have the pin hole camera, take the time broad-leafed tree, oak or maple would be best, to so the light elf will come down through the tree to dark pavement and you'll be see the bright little fingernail sized bright white all over the ground. there will be hundreds and thousands of them, if the wind comes up, they will dance, like mirror ball at a disco but a thousand times cooler. host: susan telling us about a yourself.erve it for oregon is next, one of the first the s to experience eclipse, this is lloyd from
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hi.d rondey, caller: hi. it i would like to know, looks like the path, according directly ., coming here.e i am west grand ron and lincoln city, halfway between it. is that close? host: i don't have a map in me, but what -- if that is the case, do you know if people ll be a lot more joining you today in grand ron than normal? just wanted to know if see. going to in a housing district ight here and it might get pretty crowded around my little house. host: there is a lot of --
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caller: coming -- people ere is a lot of already, is that what you are saying? well, they started gathering here yesterday and the ay before around spirit mountain. host: they are just camping out, to happen? it caller: uh-huh. around here, i was wondering, the first people that will see it is naturally from the west and that is going to go what, astoria, all the way the waying to cover all -- he like host: 14 states starting in oregon and finishing in the what i s, from understand. tennessee, wob of the other
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states that is in the path. from franklin, tennessee. debra, from where you are, how uch of the eclipse will you see? caller: well, we should be able drivingike 90%, but i'm to nashville to meet my husband for lunch and then we're going eclipse together. i'm calling about these bad glasses. iso ey don't have the number on them, i bought two set, irregardless. is only like four things you can see through the glasses and one is the sun, another blow torch, of all yours, good flashlight off camera and incandescent bulb is unfrosted, you will see the filament, i want to let know about that so you can check and see if your glasses are good. use a collander, makes a lot of pin holes on the ground. host: when you drive to nashville, how much more company
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normalu expect more than there? caller: they are expecting a lot of people, i will probably get okay, i traffic, it's will head out early. rom what i understand, the hotels are booked up and it's okay. waiting toan airport fly somewhere. host: next from sierra vista, arizona. you?, how are caller: yes. these people can't find glasses, they can go buy welding helmets from the store, use that and take them back. host: okay. ohio, in ritman, ohio. hi, chris, good morning. hi, good morning. okay. my one question was, since i'm time to what is a good eclipse? see the my other question was, since i
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do not have glasses, i was unable to obtain glasses and i other people talking about it, but since i do not way glasses, what is a safe to see the eclipse? ost: so, let's start with the second one first. they recommend glasses, obviously. the best s probably way from our guests and pecialists this morning, there are two other ways you can do it. website, on the nasa cameracreating a pinhole rom shoe box or pizza box, and and if you go online, a lot of youerent websites will show how to do that. other people have said, you ould take a collander, spaghetti strainer and use that way in of make your pfshing it today. a lot of ways aside from glasses are probably the best way to observe it.
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caller: sure. and one -- does that help? caller: yes. what about, i'm in 50%, i heard i could see but what time? host: that's a good question. i don't have a map in front of me, i'm not able to help you. or your ve a computer is the, website to get more information that should be able to show the various paths and what you will be able to see from them. okay, happy eclipse watching today, everybody, thank you. focus of our the program. for this final hour, all three hours of the program today, solar a look at the total eclipse. we are at the goddard visitor to you and to get your calls on this topic frchlt california, this is sandra next. hi, sandra. i just was going on say i'm from
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outhern california, but i been in northern california for 40 we've got high oregon nd spoke from flowers. i'm looking forward to putting my maple owel under tree and i'm going to, i may not i'm going t it, but o check out the birds and the bugs. host: so you're going to -- let go back, not planning on looking at it directly? plans, or in your how does that work. caller: i don't think we'll get don't want here, i to hurt my retina. and -- host: sure. had a chance to look at these things before?
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have.r: yes, i and in coronado, california, of theuth, the other end state. directly at it. aybe that is why i have eye problems. ost: they say plenty of people this morning that say that is one thing you shouldn't do. caller: i know, you are not do it and i did. -- -- but host: the one you had a chance 1979?e before, was that caller: no, no, much earlier, earlier or -- rs it was partial eclipse and i new i wasn't -- you know what, i did, i got out the old black and rom the used those. and i
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yeah. yeah. that's what i did. front of put those in your eyes. got you. bartholemue, les, hi there. caller: how you doing? my question is what is actually going on with the sun during the eclipse that i can't look at it day?posed to a regular host: only thing is moon is going to be between us and the is causing the ebbs lips today, are you making plans to observe it today? caller: i didn't purchase the it can i'm hearing cause damage to the eyes. host: that is true. several people this morning have said that and again, cugive your comments on your plans today, to observe it, do you have the glasses, are you
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pin hole camera, where you are going to see a it is clipse and what the to who is coming in for event. hotel rooms, that kind of thing. give us nt to perspective on that, 202-748-8000 for those in time zone. central 202-748-8001 for the mountain and pacific time zone. hear r we had a chance to from the chair of the science space and technology look at tee taking a issues and talking about them, epresentative eddie bernice johnson, ranking member, joining us to talk about issues, thanks today.ining us guest: thank you very much. host: so tell us first of all, plan to follow the eclipse today? uest: i plan to observe it, i have my glasses and my staff is
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excited. hope that the nation is excited. i hope that our young people are so excited that it would to be ge them researchers. host: representative, are you surprised by the amount of interest in this event? well, i am delighted. whether it would -- and the people are reacting and showing interest, it makes me very excited. host: and do you think that events like today will expand especially amongst young people, science or issues?gy guest: well, i really hope so. interest.t, we need my concern is whether or not it will stimulate us as a member of ongress, to make sure that we continue to show our own interest in the research and the exploration of our sun has hadause the
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a great, great impression on our i hope we will learn more about that impression and we can't do that without good research. host: and so what do you think about the u.s. commitment to that research? is there?nk it caller: i hope it is. the budget that i've seen coming the president, it does not indicate that interest is there, nor the knowledge of what about.ll , as 'm hoping that we legislators, will be able to how nce our colleagues worthy and important it is to continue to learn more about our universe. has great impact on how we earth.ur lives here on host: how much from the trump administration are you seeing as specifically nd money for science research and those things? well, they recommended great cuts in the national
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science foundation and nasa. nas is doing a little better than we expected, but that is agency, esearch national science foundation. nora funding need and really the last three or tack onrs it's been ark on the areas that are very important to all the research. all we have to do is review what has brought us from the research invested in and he fact that we are not nearly complete in our research. and we've got to get to mars and traveling e are through the universe and the effects. we know the sun has great effect our existence on earth, we need to know more about that. making interested in sure and i'm pleased with the media because i'm hoping that it members of ge at ress to take a good look
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what is happening today and listen to the excitement of the that we can le so do inouraged that what we the future affects all of our lives and therefore, we should on that.attention host: we previously were talking baben of the committee and asked him about this idea when you talk to money we invest in science and research and people ask you why should we be investment, money to those things, what would you that people who ask question? guest: well, this is a faction, what i offer, let's review what achieved. the people before us had the primarily starting with president kennedy and have been able -- look where we
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gadgets withctronic all kind of modalities for health care. we have gone all of the electronics and the automation basically achieved is nasa leadership and us to where we are. we cannot stand here in one and think that everything will replace in place. got to continue to major this universe and little we ing how know yet. i'm hoping this will encourage nterest in young researchers and not be discouraged because of current attitudes and express the public to their interest and express their support for continuing to open doors to the future.
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host: talking about the events the total solar eclipse, representative eddie ranking member of science, space and technology subcommittee. mrs. johnson, thank you for your time and thank you for joining us. guest: thank you very much. day.a great host: back to your calls, town, in elizabeth tennessee. yes. hello? host: you're on, go ahead. you're on. hear : i couldn't anything. i have it may seem like a silly question, but i'm not exactly in and i was, chad pergram, if there is some way to pe-- percentage out from dark it will look on earth? i plan to watch it, even if i
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can't look ere, i up, i will make a pin hole thing. i don't know the exact figure for that, but there are starting with nasa's, that could give that information. is it just you watching today? will you have family members with you? what?: do i don't -- host: just you watching? yes.r: nobody else to watch it with me. and -- host: got you. smok, pennsylvania, randy, go ahead. caller: good morning, pedro. tell me, since the yes. sunrises in to watch it with me. the east and sets in the west, why is eclipse going from west to east? that's a good question and in fact, if you were in the previous hour, it was actually garvin, the chief scientist here. i don't remember enough to tell accurately andsunrises in the probably
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anymores the attempt. you to go back to our -- watch the interview on our website at c-span. the nasa website offers information about the science behind today's eclipse, that you at frchltsite is michigan, larry, go ahead, you are next. caller: yes. thanks for answering my call. '60s and back in the '70s and come up with a couple ones, but i can see through them. i was wondering if i put two together, i can totally see nothing, like the side of my ouse, perfectly light from the sunshine here and on the indiana border in michigan. i hold them up at some distance, i can see the sun, is through two of them, tape two together and
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-- , is that acceptable host: i missed the first part, talking things are you about? caller: slides, negative slides, i looked through old negatives and they are slides '60s.the host: got you. caller: a couple are totally i can almost see something through them, but when i put together together, i can totally see nothing. holding them up, i can see just the sun, early-morning sun here, it is 9:30 in michigan. host: i don't know the exact i could probably safely say it may not, i'm not the erson who manufacturing the glasses or scientists, i don't you.what to tell wh -- similar to what i'm
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i ding here, the filtering, put these on before, you can't really see anything, besides, the studio lights and they are pretty bright. 12312-2, iso number, s the one back on these glasses. these were the ones available i'm sure the nasa folks would tell you as far as your plan is concerned, they may that, that's about about as far as we'll go. host: caroline in california, hi there. caller: hi. makes me think about ur place as humans in the universe. -- i don't know that people think that, but i about think that is part of why people
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excited and when you think about the ancient people, makes me feel -- well, humble. and what i'm going to do today and in the past, partial eclipse, i get excited about the shadows and what the creatures are doing. and i take pictures of them and the lights ares -- little realized later, as previous caller said, that's the images of the eclipse happening. so i'm setting up a whole series as ittle experiments for -- photos.s and taking
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exciting. host: so tell us about some to plan caller: well, i painted like a this one, one is a sun, and i have white boards and going to use ferns and other of greenery and have the sun starts, what different objects and the colander, thank ou, one of the callers that project the o different images on there. exciting to really me. host: carolyn, one more question. you talked about this idea, our place in the universe because of what do you place about our place in the universe?
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caller: it's very small. and very small and hen i -- when i been what is -- all over, not just states. the united sometimes i -- well, you will .ant to cry what i think most of us are is that a lot of the stuff we are worrying about is an event like today ought to make us remember what i important things are and think they're all forgetting that. is caroline, talking about her experience, her day that the is total solar eclipse takes place. to he is in charlotte court.
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are on, good morning, how you? caller: good morning. thank you. like to comment, make comment about what the earlier about the welding glasses. they arein the lenses, was young , when i younger, we turned up a plane of paper and looked down. 'm not too sure, i wouldn't look up to the sun directly, even though i still got good eyesight. host: do you plan to observe today's event? sir, i'm -- i've amputated, i'm s in a rehab unit right now, but wheelchair t in my and try to observe myself.
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coline in chapel hill, tennessee. coline, where is chapel hill in relation to nashville? 30 miles 're about south of it, maybe 35. host: uh-huh. south of les nashville. between nashville and -- ought able to be getting almost total eclipse here. was, did mr. on garvin dhe mention whether or or this will affect tides anything? it.: he briefly eluded to didn't go into great detail about it. what is your interest? if er: i was just wondering it would, i know the moon, tides un with the moon, i was wondering how it would affect them. was out in grand iowa, louisiana, when a partial came over and the whole water, everything turned silver. i didn't know what was happening, we didn't have
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ews out there and until we called home to find out, it was beautiful. can't see how difficult from mexico, so -- just wondering. so where you are today, do you expect a lot of people to be town to take a look at this? caller: i hope not, we only have lights, that could be a really bad situation in this little place. most people are going to murphyboro, another 20 miles to be re, which is going ufries boro, ere, we will in the country, we will see what happens. you have glasss and all that to observe it? i'm cajun , sir, decent and monday is beans day, e have on a big old pot of fresh red beans and rice and
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have family members over and njoy with glasses and grandchildren and greatgandkids, ought to be a nice day. like a party. that is coline in tennessee. next, hi, john, how are you? good.r: hi, i'm well, i'm down in south carolina right now. visiting -- 'm south 'm visiting carolina and i was wondering because i heard that during i could take off my glasses for a moment, is think that is true? host: if there's -- if i correctly and i'll be corrected if i'm not, as long there and tality is none of the sun is showing that around the corona, is really only observable time,
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otherwise i think it is glasses or you wear some type of other protection. are you there? i think he's gone. hi.outh carolina, debra, good morning. caller: good morning. calling with a sincere people.for this is a serious situation, you ist have glasses, the damage -- with creations to do r devices, trying it a different way could suffer consequences. are trying e people welder helmets, some are taking slides and film or sandwich them together and
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protection, i guess your sister is totally against that? aller: yes, sir, she had people, we have been sharing or concerns on social media and to share what she has written and people have stuff like that and she welder's thing does nothing, you have to have means, , whatever that and welders helmet does not have power, so this is serious. host: so do you, are people listening to your sister, taking advice or trying to find another means if they don't have glasses? caller: i haven't checked all the postings this morning, seven i'm caring for my month old grandbaby and that busy, but i think some people really think it is a joke
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and it's not. during that home time. i plan to have my glasses on, i dark o have the baby in a bedroom, hopefully napping and needs son and al i'm probably going to do the him, because i glasses ill not keep on, he doesn't like sunglasses see him keeping glasses on. to : that is debra calling tell us about her experience on this day. oregon, one of the first areas united states to get a otality as the eclipse makes its way across the united states, here to tuck about his fellow ce and those salem, oregon. on the der joining phone. good morning, representative, how are you?
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pedro, good. host: tell us about today, what one of thein oregon, first states that will experience this today? guest: pretty exciting, the sun came up, got my official glasses checking it out making sure they work, seems like they work fine. together. gear i live in camby, oregon, beautiful spot. totality he edge of thing, i might mosey down the bit, looksn a little like traffic is not too bad to community, get a minute plus of complete be fun., host: what is the mood like and how much expectation that you're going to be surrounded by a lot of people coming to that area? yeah, there has been a huge influx of folks. well, to managed very be honest.
9:47 am
the roads have been fairly lear, we'll see what happens today. i know a lot of people are camping out at salem fair overnight. some 800 families were down there. ready on the tty coast, hopefully the clouds hold off there. beautiful sunny morning in the valley and i think the anticipation is just higher than long, long time for any event here in oregon. host: so with the influx of like that, what are your concerns about safety and how managed and what has salem done to prepare for this event? guest: earlier last week, i met ith the emergency response folks and they're ready. whether it's detroit, whether it or salem, oregon responders first about as ready as they can be. they staffed up, people are on call and ready to go. made sure to the best
9:48 am
clear possible, there is making sure e people have access to toilet facilities along the road should stopped. thorough all-out emergency threat drill. are in the kascadia, a lot of mergency response people are excited about this event. this is a real-life opportunity skills they need to have if something terrible happened. far as the event itself, if i understand it was a total em eclipse locality in 1979. and o you think today interest in comparison to back then? bigger.oing to be much 1979, it was raining, it was in october. to be a rainygets month around here n. oregon, you august, september,
9:49 am
out. most beautiful months it is really a lifetime xperience and everyone is trying to get their kids and themselves to the extent totalityin the path of or near totality n. oregon, no matter where you are, pretty going to get 99 obstruction of the sun by the moon. pretty great viewing, no matter are.e you 60 mile swath is easy to get to, urban areas, good jacked up.eople are host: so the economics of this it been like for salem, as far as hotels and businesses? they have been preparing for this event, what re the expectations economically? guest: they were hoping it would influx of people. i continuing has been a fair
9:50 am
influx, it hasn't been as bad, depending how you look at it, as they originally anticipated. sunday, folks up started getting really ready to for a big hoping oost, everyone is prepared, merchants stocked up on food, been ges, and people have renting out their hotels -- excuse me, houses, been doing for the last year or year and a half. it should be good, good for everyone here. the economy at for and hopefully tuesday, people wander home, it won't be too bad either. host: representative kurt shraeder, representing one place will see the eclipse, one of the first places in the united states. thanks for your time and thank you for talking to us today. guest: thanks, looks beautiful there. host: back to your calls for a
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few minutes. assachusetts, norman, good morning, you are on, go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i can't help noticing how coverage of the eclipse is being used to promote global warming denial. denial. one of the lead -- production of nitric acid, nuclear fuel. had on earlierou and the caller who promoted, bring us to more space travel. until the problem of what the -- using for i'm sorry, caller, i think we lost your signal. you can, give us a call and call back in.
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michelle, hi, , go ahead. caller: yes, this is michelle crandall, texas, and i am actually listening here, trying out of he best we can not having totality, which will be about 76%? 86%? anyway, trying to find out, will broadcasting the event tself from different areas on your channel? missed the first part of the question. ask me again. sorry.: i'm we were hearing in crandall, 76% totality.l get we were wondering if your broadcasting the acrossy event as it goes the country on your channel or just be discussion of?
9:53 am
host: no, got your question. this is what we're going to do. ur plans starting around moon, we'll simullcast nasa's coverage as far as the eclipse totality various locations across the united states. we will give you the opportunity channel as we simulcast it. we will give you a chance to call in, if you observe it, what reaction and the mood, that will take place as part of the programming today. at,te for more information. from oklahoma, this is mike, norman, oklahoma, hi, mike. caller: hi. how you doing? having me. i have a question regarding the cycle. just eve we have solar maximum and solar minimum, how might that
9:54 am
ofect the general appearance this particular totality as we get into it? darker?be will we see more structure in the corona? anyone address that sort of thing? you're in luck, we'll be joined by a scientist who will finish up our program today, he that whole question, so i promise that will be the first question i ask him, how about that? caller: that will be fine. thank you very much. host: so stay with us, stay with us for a few more minutes. bebi, arkansas, hi. caller: hi. how you doing? that question's question, all ou got to do is enter solar eclipse usa and your zip code, you will know when totality will be. where i'm at, it will be 1:15, i believe. be the whole --
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some guy asked another dude like, cience, he was where is the science? well, einstein was stuck in couldn't get out, so his friend went south, took a icture of total solar eclipse and the point was, the mass of the sun bends scompliet gravity. to see a star at a time he shouldn't be able to see it, and he proved it. is your sign. host: why do you -- as far as what you are doing today, what plans?r caller: what are my plans? have a t all set up, i weather machine, i will monitor the temperature change when it my state and i don't have to write it down, it it, i'm going to put my outside, i can't decide, i don't think it will burn my i am probably going to put my galaxy 7.1, dual pixel, and aperture
9:56 am
f double aperture, i will set that outside and aim it toward the part where it is coming and then i'm going to wifi it to my house and then use my wifi it to my smart t.v. host: that's a set up. wow. cool?: is that host: you're all in, man. caller: i've got it all. place you ou any want, i went to berkeley. i was sitting here watching the sun s, where is going to be? i could answer every one of these. your scientist. host: you are putting that degree to good use. calling.u for chris from ohio. hi, chris, from ohio. hi. -- er: yeah, got a ost: actually let's -- go ahead. caller: i had a question. it has been told to me if you are taking a selfie with
9:57 am
eclipse e with the behind you, it will be able to record it and of course, not bem the lens, you will still able to get view of it, just didn't know if anybody had the nswer, that was something that was possible? host: okay. hat is some of the sampling of calls as people tell us about their experiences for today. guest we ed by the started with, john goldman, you [echoing] -- can you recap what he asked? talking about the solar psyche and he will asking, if the sun or eclipse will because of the position in the solar cycle. two things, one, i'm not that part expert in of astronomy, i study planets sun,nd other stars, not the i was trying to work out the physics in my head. you were to see something, you might be able to see it if you are in the path of that would be one. if during the total solar
9:58 am
eclipse, you might see different around that black disc during the moments of totality. the other thing you might look solar cycle, you can use the eclipse glasses as well. eclipse, the dash-2 standard, the ones are good for a little while, a long while, you don't have to throw them out, on to them until the next eclipse, hold on to them for go look for sunspots, that is a marker. of how keep a journal many you see over time. host: you probably heard every imagining of how to observe this it came especially when to eye wear, people talking bout welder helmets, old slide film, what is your recommendation? guest: we have a shortage of biggest question, can i get glasses, i gave out had,il be scrambling for some myself. ways. are other i made one of these with my
9:59 am
daughter yesterday morning, something you can do with your carbboard box from a cereal container, cut two holes empty, cover the other with tin foil and put a hole in it, put this against the sun, it will come through the pin hole and make a disc. paper on the white inside there and look through the other hole and you will see a disc of the sun when the happens, it will cover it up. if you don't want to do that, ou don't have solar eclipse glasses, make a pin hole with your hands like this or a web camera s, if you have a and you want to do photography, trees, wooded area with in the space between the shadows he leaves and twigs make, the trees make, you can see tiny eclipse on the ground, there is photography you can get if you look at something like that. host: the end of the day, what people to take away from the event? guest: have fun, enjoy how is.utiful this normally on a weekday morning,
10:00 am
you are taking calls that be contentious with debate, contiguousething the 48 tate consist enjoy, states will get a a plus even parts of alaska and hawaii are going to get at least a partial eclipse today. you can look up at that and matter what state you live in and realize you are sharing that experience with people across the country. host: you spoke about your daughter, how will you observe? i will be doing a couple interviews and i will my daughter out of school and we are going to put glasses on and enjoy it. i will be careful and it will cut out the eyepiece for the .olar glasses host: thank you for being part of our program and talking about it.
10:01 am
guest: i want to thank people across the country. i have lots of friends traveling across the country it is great that people have opened their towns for people who are traveling across the country. i am glad they are in safe hands with all the first responders out there. as we had this program, a special thanks to sean. that is it for our program today. a regular addition of "washington journal will be at 7:00. don't forget, starting at noon today, you can watch continued view of the clips later on you can call about it and that will start at him today. that is it for today. we will see you tomorrow.


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