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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 28, 2017 8:57am-10:01am EDT

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of government affairs at chandrat and randhbeer share their thoughts. >> we want to provide useful services and what services we provide. somewhat position maps and we work with each one of them. atwatch "the communicators" 8:00 p.m. tonight on c-span two. "washington journal" continues. last hour of our program, we want to hear from you, our viewers, about the impact of hurricane harvey and the resulting flooding and devastation. your thoughts on the response on the federal level, the state level and the response from civilians who have chipped in as well. we split up our phone lines regionally.
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so much focus on texas. here are some of the headlines and front pages of texas newspapers this morning. swampedston chronicle" by harvey is the headline. you can see the images of the rescue effort that continue to be underway. the front page of "the daily --s" out of galveston county every story on the front pages focusing on harvey. is right there in the heart of the storm. from "the beaumont enterprise " -
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five died from the storm and we'll see if that number rises. about thealking forecast of the storm. it's set to hit bio city again -- bayou city again. we want to hear from you this morning. your thoughts on what you are seeing on your television and your thoughts on what you have read when it comes to the response to this disaster. john is up first, gold beach, oregon. caller: good morning. i am so sorry about the hurricane damage down there. there is a major fire going on and they are dragging their feet
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on the fire. we are getting a lot of help and a lot of firefighters out here. there are some assets that we really mean. we really need airplane tanker assets and there are some available that secretary of the interior is not using. caller: well, i don't know. is it federal government or with ability to deal nature, you know, this is what we're up against. i'm sure everybody is trying we have a lot of brave people on the ground here and i'm sure they do, too. comes a time when it's -- where we have to help ourselves
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best we can for ourselves. kay, kay is in missouri, good morning. caller: hello. host: go ahead, kay. caller: i am -- have to say, i thesee blame for a lot of isasters on capitalism and the concentration of wealth and the creation of millions and of poor people, who no power and part of the problem in the united believe, is the whole center of the country is unconnected and has no public transportation. towns have been destroyed by lack of services, including transportation and i have the idea of private and ownership, which is just
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gotten out of hand. i believe that the population of world of the united states population, r, the would redistribute itself if transportation, access to education, access to land. what zimbabwe did several years ago and confiscate in the name of the people all of the farmland and make people of the from the people united states. host: that is kay in missouri this morning. much of this story of the hurricane and impact playing out twitter. the u.s. coast guard yesterday video of the ome scene in texas. fly-over of the houston area. ou can see the flooding damage
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there. that's from about 12 to 15 hours ago, one of the flights they did, coast guard, one of the agencies whose been responding down there. as we said, so much of the story twitter.ut on we're looking for your twitter you ion at c-span wj, if have comments. matt writes: asking people not like elop on the coast is asking people to walk away from pile of money, it's never going to happen. maybe the texan leaders are speaking positively about the to the hurricane because the response from the right.nt was swift and thomas shipman asks, relating to for relief, after hurricane harvey, asking is the to make relief revenue neutral like the it came ns wanted when to sandy relief?
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we'll look for your comments and you, want to hear from your thoughts, especially if you are in texas. 202-748-8002 is that number for texas residents. hurst, texas. what part of the state is that in? 17 miles from dallas and 50 miles from fort worth. houston for 10 years and went through alecia when she came through. comes to evacuation, people forget rita occurred we dumped a go and million people on the roads get to san antonio, to it didn't work. a bus 45 people die in explosion because the bus 100 heated, in total over people died. the mayor of houston, darn if he doesn't.darn if he they tried that and a million
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people evacuated at that time. imagine? 2.3 million people in houston, hat is not true, probably 4 million people, we have a heck of a lot of folks who aren't ocumented there, so my area where i used to live both times flooded. people, sorry for those i am in tears, but evacuation, just not an option. it wouldn't have worked unless e did it two or three weeks before because 40,000 net coming day.llas just on a normal host: walter, you think the mayor made the right call? he er: i think the mayor, didn't have much choice, next step between him and the is just foolishness. rick perry tried it and it did not work. host: robert is in aurora, indiana, good morning. ma'am, you know, most people, i don't know what e got in this world today, but people will not take warning, they want to do things their
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way. rebel against everything and blame everybody. this is an act of god. trying to wake people up to show him what he can do and what do.y can't this is disaster, i feel sorry for these people. in god's hands. if people don't wake up, onbelievers out here that want to rebel and blame everybody, this country went through hell. we need people to wake up and realize this is catastrophe, help, eople need blaming off their mind and help these people. aurora,hat can you do in indiana? caller: they have to be crazy, don't believe in god is a fool.
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-- [audio difficulty] -- a lot attention on social media. social media, one way a lot of storm, ae viewing this lot of people are viewing of this on and impacts storm. we're also looking to social comments to get your about what has happened, your thoughts on where to go from here. couple comments. hero writes, texas is a rich
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tate, it should use its own funding first, when talking about recovery. tate's rights is what hero writes in. one from john, small government regulation that prevent development in flood planes that talk, the discussion about whether rebuilding should happen in certain areas that of flooded as a result hurricane harvey and aftermath. arbana, good morning. caller: yes. my thoughts go out to all the i'm wondering, you know, nobody talking about what is -- g to happen from all the
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major hit on people for be ution and going to terrible because probably going a chance to have dump some waste chemicals and you y will be watching, know. anyhow, that is all i have to say. of refineries, the "wall street journal" focusing on impact on the energy industry. knocked 15% of u.s. refinery capacity out of which suddens boost fuel prices after slamming into causing massive flood nothing houston over the weekend. moving east sunday, that could shut down
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energy the u.s. infrastructure, gasoline futures jumped on sunday eaching, rising 10 and a quarter since on the new york america tile exchange. u.s. crude futures slid from ains to slight losses, trading down 10%. that in the "wall street journal." lufkin, texas,in good morning. caller: good morning. would like to ask everyone to intinue to pray for texas and would like to say, i'm proud of everyone pulling together and helping one another. from texas. e ost: lisa, do you have relatives or friends in the houston area? caller: yes, sir, i do. i do. they able to get out? how are they doing? sir, there are some hat is not and we're just prayi
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praying. not yet, hasn't been a rescue we are praying, god is still on the throne. host: one of the callers, i texas earlier said that the, they didn't think the president should come down, they get in the way. what are your thoughts on the president traveling to texas think he should say when he's there? will spend money he to come to texas and talk, take tot money and send down here the people that need food and shelter shelter, that would be nice. im coming will not help anything. his money will help a lot. lufkin, texas. the line is 202-748-8002, in the eastern or central time zone. 202-748-8000. mountain or the pacific time zone, 202-748-8001. e'll be with you until 10:00 this morning, taking your calls, r thoughts on the impact
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-- federal emergency officials noted they were braced to help with recovery efforts years to come in texas and the other states that were hit harvey, this ane disaster is going to be a landmark event. chief brock lane said, we're setting up and gearing up years. next couple of john, trenton, new jersey, good morning. my phone call. i think the first thing of usiness when the congress gets back in session, they should forget about the millionaires on parade for the tax break and hen use that money for funneling for relief for the
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need it.o we ar as the oil industry, can recover from the oil industry. we can't recover from human lives. black, white, all the same people. pitch in and help everybody down there. thank you. host: what is the best way to pitch in from trenton, new jersey, john?
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host: finish your thought. my thought is quality of newer houses built with poor those to terial, damage and i'm concerned about government regulation in regard ensure that builders use high quality material. houses, a lot of hem stood with minimum, less minimum damage and that is a concern. notice in even i texas, houses seem to -- poor uality material you see the houses was smashed because they group -- where
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are you and what are you seeing right now? houston and own i've been at the largest shelter that callers, listen to the we are working with the texas guard, coast guard to rescue people. that is the in be one issue. the water continues to rise in some places and recedes in others. have a catastrophic and
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we can't compare this to anything because goes ane harvey stops and and stops. when it hit with 12 inches of night, we were completely under siege and under water. the important point is right now number one priority rescue the d enfermed, bedridden people. mothers with babies, last night was there with a baby n a breathing machine that was trying to find another place to be. people are coming in soaking wet rain continues. i can tell you my message now is constantly working with those coming in, i'm going out to try to get the areas where no one has gone. houston.ortheast i say that it hasn't gone to the
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are in need, ople there is a lot of seniors in that direction. listen to oint, i your listeners, we've got to weigh some regulations on insurance. is a state law that is coming in on friday, september of he governor of the state texas needs to weigh. it will harm individuals for the home insurance coverage of their home. to pass a we've got supplemental, unlike the fight for hurricane sandy and i standing with those folks when we had a political fight. i will count on my colleagues, republicans and democrats, and goodwill to not do this to texas a ause this is a storm, hurricane, a ocean of water that ever seen before. we need the money now. do us well andan do well by us, to lead the
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that funding, to stay n washington and to focus on not shutting down the government and making sure we get moneys. we're desperate for those moneys called in just a minute ago saying they need to be rescued, that means their to be fixed and i want to have the houses fixed all over the state. congresswoman, you mentioned stay in washington. do you want to see the president stay in washington? he's expected to come down to texas this week, if he does, to hear from nt him? caller: if he does come, you a fewi believe we're just days away from the starting know, the fiscal year ends iscal september 30, we do not have funding for the government. need real leadership. i've been called by the democratic leadership to get to be leading on what kind of supplemental there is.
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f the president does come, i believe it is important to come , one message, a message of unity, all areas my friends in rockport, beaumont getting ready to get hit tonight. we may be hit again tuesday or wednesday. there will not be an obstacle to the resources needed for the to come, the months to come, the years to come. fema st heard from the director, who said that it may .e years if that is the message from the is important it the president comes with the take money, supplemental and spend the money on these people. seeking a ot people handout, simply seeking a hand
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survive if we not do not have federal funding. the other point he can make is work with us, fund the army corps of engineers for languishing for ears which create this kind of ocean water, where there are neighborhoods we cannot get in a boat. my neighborhood is one of those. we cannot n locked, move. out by a to be brought large one, large vehicle to be work o come down here to with these folks and shelters soaking in , it ed a message of action needs to be to the point, short, washington that we're going to hit the pavement for our esources down infrastructure underwater,
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water.g stock is under we don't know what level of housing will be remaining for in, dy to go back especially our seniors who are housing. very old their houses may be gone. e need the secretary down here immediately with what we call payments tos and/or get people in what is existing decent housing. it may be apartments. he only way they can get in, they wave section 8 requirement and put more people on and give money. that is the point we need, that is what we need the president to do. know you are very busy. can you let us know how spirits there at the shelter you are talking to this morning? glad you asked that question. senior citizens, families with resillient, sad, a little bit for where they are,
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next d about where their house or home will be, but the people of texas have been other, they f each are supportive in this shelter, they are so grateful to be out of the wet and out and they just waiting here to do for themselves also get resources, they can do for themselves. they are resillient and have been kind to each other and the volunteers. volunteers, thee police and fire department of all levels and of course guard, coastguard, all of these folks are out starting early this morning. i've been on the phone with them and they're out. we're out and it is going to it until we rescue and help people get back their lives. host: congresswoman, thank you taking time to be on the phone today. stay safe down there. caller: thank you. people want to help, send resources to the red cross. need towels lter nd baby food and clothing, dry
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clothing, if anyone is in the sound of our voice, please help us out. congressman, do appreciate it. back to your phone calls this 40 minutes left on our program today. we're letting you have the this morning to talk about the impacts of hurricane about the response you are seeing from federal officials, state officials, from citizens, as well. jackson oman shirley lee talking about efforts to get donations and support to the red cross. one of the organizations that is getting a lot of attention today, the american red cross encouraging people to donate texting,the website or the to donate $10 to organization. also asking for volunteers and congresswoman lee say what their needs are in houston.
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to your calls. john, hallsville, texas. good morning, john. close is hallsville to the coast? caller: yes, good morning. out to all these people just south of us, it's on g to come over our area thursday. but one thing i do not want to profit off this storm because i remember katrina, and rita, people lining cards, it he credit is not fair to the taxpayer. some will try to profit off something. don't want to see that. i want to see help go in to help people and rebuild and do it the right way. biggest concern, i don't want to see looters, i people come together and be prayerful and let god good work to help these people, that is what i
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want to see. john, the storm is heading toward hallsville, texas, how are you prepare something yes, i've already got my generator and gas, i'm loaded case we and water in get flooded. host: john, thanks for call thanksgiving morning, hallsville, texas, on the to ern edge of texas, close the louisiana border. the storm expected to eventually off to the north and east, perhaps towards arkansas later week. but somewhere between 15, 25 nches of rain could hit the southeast coast of texas and residents bracing for flooding, more impact from the storm. this morning.lls 202-748-8000 in eastern or time zone. 202-748-8001 if you're in the mountain or pacific time zones. you're a texas resident,
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202-748-8002. james, san bernardino, california, go ahead. caller: good morning. morning.d caller: i'm calling to let you i'm anirst and foremost, fnp, family nurse practitioner, 10 years, nurse for from the health standpoint, it to see the resting public health experience subsequent to floods because now we're dealing with the breaking ground everyday. it will be interesting to see the subsequent result and public potential onse to infectious disease in the area and surrounding locale, that is what i think is interesting to thereafter. host: have you worked in a issue?er area with this caller: i worked in the emergency department, not in a area, many colleagues have. host: james, thanks for bringing
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up the topic for us to think about. david, nashville, tennessee. go ahead. listening to was the end of sheila jackson lee's everybodynd certainly wants to support the red cross things in. she's saying she wants money to be poured in. it will take billions of one of these t is where you -- this idea, never opportunity go to waste f. that's what she's saying, no way. you know, the army corps of wonderful job and they always seem to take the
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-- e for these things and i some things i don't think are anybody's fault. get 't want to see this political. this is a massive storm, these have been going on for centuries i think it would be really nfortunate if people try to become opportunistic from a political sense. david, in terms of fema latest on what they deployed to help support process.very 1800 fema staff have been sent ed, a million meals down to the texas/louisiana leaders of lion water. 20,000 tarps secht plus enerator, 14 urban search and rescue teams with swift water mobile ities, 65 emergency response support staff, 10 mobile communication, office vehicle and that was just as of yesterday, another fema
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briefing took place this well, fema saying they expect to be in the texas the for a very long time in wake of the storm. christine , sun cook, new hampshire. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. inant to wish all the people texas through this hard time the best of luck. just hope it doesn't turn into like the last caller said, a political issue. choose where we want to live and that is something that oes with the territory, they should prepare every year. they should have somewhere to the rules like fire escape, i wish them the pest and hope they can all they have lost. and not use taxpayers to do it for them. the time.for host: christine, when you say for se taxpayers to use it them, are you referring to the to separate recovery aid bill?
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aller: that's just it, we have recovery aid, i don't think people say we should send more money, it is already there. same thing as when you buy insurance, you get in an accident, they make you pay more. it.have already paid my gosh, how many times do you pay for the same thing? be hey are earning money to in their spot, do what they are doing, should be prepared for only the horrible weather going to have from time to time, pay for it already nd not go to taxpayers to put more monneand make us feel guilty to help one state out of the other 49. people with troubles all over. this happens to be one of god's it, gs, okay, we can't stop but we can certainly pray for them and certainly hope the are already in place are taking a stand to do to do ey are supposed without asking for more. host: christine, in terms of a relief funding bill, new aid in the wake of hurricane
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arvey, a lot of discussion right now among, especially some comparing wspapers specific aid bill and those who are asking for aid for harvey to those who oppose super storm sandy relief funding, this story news noting the texas senators who want opposed harvey, who that sandy funding. matt fuller is with the huffington post, went back and found the boat for the sandy aid of 180 no votes were republican when is it came funding. matt fuller counting 20 texas voted no and o tweeted out a picture of that vote matt fuller with the huffington post, check out his very active page.r david is in silsby, texas. morning, david. caller: good morning.
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host: go ahead, sir. morning.good host: good morning, go ahead, you're on the "washington journal." good morning. i agree with the gentleman -- ier host: which gentleman is that, david? aller: i agree with the gentleman earlier about the everything. he was talking about the price less.g more or it is ridiculous. try -- down here, people -- host: david, we're having trouble with your line, apologize for that. again.lling in we're showing viewers some of released so far when it comes to the disaster of in the southeast coast texas. we'll continue taking your calls ntil 10:00 this morning, getting your thoughts on that from er on the response
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federal officials, also showing eadlines from different newspapers around texas, corpus christi caller times this orning going with headline, survivors ponder their future and the close calls. there of philip stevens looking back at his home on sunday after part of his destroyed. harvey was of course category 4 urricane when it landed on the gulf coast. front page of the austin american statesman this morning, headline, beyond anything xperienced before and showing that picture that made it on the front page of several newspapers. wat officer daryl herdeck, carrying catherine and her son get away from flood waters. ne more from the front page of the tlas morning news, close-up picture of that same scene there devastating deluge is the headline they went with this
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morning. blane, in michigan. go ahead. caller: yeah, good morning. to go to houston constantly when i drove a truck down there. big canal ng but a when it rains. the thing i'm wondering about, caller about the zeka thing is not a problem immediately tis infectious disease from the water and contaminants in the following all the sewer lines and everything backing up into the streets. similar to what happened with katrina, after the storms, lesions and stuff, choice but to walk in the water. a caller from connecticut, they of peopleready, a lot are ready for that, it is an ing -- you can't ng have
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area that has been affected by this. of several state, rhode island, for example, almost the lookof connecticut, if you at the region affected by this. wrongay be a smaller, the comparison, but people need to the ze, texas is part of united states. if you can lend a hand, you know.similar, you arendy, in indiana, on the "washington journal." caller: good morning. other rs occur in countries, we're one of the irst to send financial aid and supplies. i'll be anxiously awaiting to see if another country offers to help us in our emergency. we focus a bit over the course two hours on president trump.
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his response, his tweets over weekend about the storm, about a dozen tweets when it ame to hurricane harvey over the weekend. former president barack obama also tweeting out his thoughts. he said in a tweet, thank you to ll the first responders and people helping each other out, that is what we do as americans, here is one way to help now. a link to the american red cross, american red cross the organization sheila jackson lee was directing people o in our phone call just a minute ago. host: xavie r, go ahead. caller: i hate to po liticize it. republicans shamelessly criticize these type of issues people ifically with like ted cruz who voted against sandy hook relief, i'm sure will the senate floor to ask for relief for texas. i was they ng fox news segment, were asking, people that had
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them, erything, asking not in specific words, but asically putting blame on the democratic -- there weren't evacuations, to get out. i want to throw my two cents in, how republicans will take any disaster and try to make it a instead of ssue, help the country come together together -- politics spo it.
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host: kathy, good morning. "washington e journal." caller: good morning to you. peopleam praying for the in texas. bolognaall the political to stop. not republican. it's not democrat, it's people homes, e lost their people are still in danger of lies. i just want to send love and texas.o -- seek disaster assistance due o flooding after harvey made
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landfall. taking your calls on "washington journal." the eastern se in r central united states, 202-748-8000. those in mountain and pacific egions of the united states 202-748-80 202-748-8001. those special line for 202-748-8002. one more headline to show you this morning from texas newspaper. advocate e victoria this morning. at least god let us live was the quote that they use as headline this morning. throwing pieces of ceiling out of the side of the home. head out in s his trivoli. her sister stayed in the floor of the bathroom. floor shaking, damage overwhelming there.
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some pictures emerging. we've been showing you getty images, as well. other front page is front page of "u.s.a. today." they simply went with the of line this morning inundated houston. full page headline there. residents here of fleeing the flood waters. good is in new orleans, morning. caller: hi. yes, this is david. in new orleans for atrina, and my message to my brethren in houston is that you the federal on government or fema, i applied fema for times to assistance and they never lifted a finger to help me. on the other hand, american to helps did everything me, i would encourage everyone
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n the country to contribute what you can to the american red cross cross. ncourage houston ians to apply to american red cross to help you. they will help you. is my comment.t later, this many years -- what were you thinking watch thanksgiving assive hurricane pound texas and seeing messages on twit sxer social media, do you think it this country y view third degree hurricane versus the experience with katrina? caller: well, not really. everything looks very similar in houston to what we had in new orleans, all the flooding was had here.oblem we and everybody is taking care of themselves. don't see any participation by the federal government, except
9:42 am
guard. coast and so my message is don't rely the federal government, they're not going to do anything for you. red cross andican they'll take care of you. host: david in new orleans. the coast guard. the united states coast guard videos of various the, some rescue efforts, some flyovers of houston. they have been sending it out on their twitter page. the videos of several different rescues that weekend.ce over the we'll let you continue to watch judy in o as we go to noseriver, north carolina. judy, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: yes, sir, i just want to sure, it is going to be a lot of scammers trying to get they are getting money for
9:43 am
hurricane victims and really hey are not, they are collecting money and saying they will send to hurricane victims. eople have to be real careful who they give money to for something like this, they come when the wood work catastrop catastrophes happen. e careful f. somebody is calling you on the phone or collect, make sure they are legitimate, if you can. bye-bye.u, host: gary in cresco, west virginia. good morning. caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call. just to -- the guy you had on a couple callers ago, he said about donating to the cross, i think that is 100% great idea. seems like the private sector better job than the government and 98% of the cases. of the cross is like one only organizations out there that you know will use the money really good use and really help people. the other comment i want to make that i think that trump really, president trump was on
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far as he game as getting fema out there and getting the ball rolling early the game. i wonder if the fake news will give him credit for that, that say.l i got to host: one of our callers a bit for comments or reaction from other countries to they're reacting to destruction in the united states the e if they will help united states. here is a treat from the mexico foreign minister from late last saying, i just spoke to of texas, eg abbott we will provide all the help we can, full solidarity is with the of texas. william, round rock, texas. how far is round rock from the coast? good morning. how you doing? host: doing well. william?round rock, caller: round rock is just north of austin. host: okay. was there for ike, it
9:45 am
ripped -- i'm a disabled been out of the hospital about a year when ike came through, i lived in pasadena, texas, at the time. i was living in a three bedroom and it flipped, just and you'd flip a ball over you know i look for after that? trailer.ut of the i wasn't looking for anybody's like to know, i don't have politics made out of this, but doesn't matter who the is, it doesn't matter, people helping people. neighbor got their place ansacked after hurricane ike, people came through and took whatever they wanted. off another bunch of people that were ransacking a and had had four kids lost her husband overseas, i chased them off her place. out on my porch and just
9:46 am
sweated it out. a electricity for almost month and a half after ike. that is all i have, half front trailer and a porch. that is enough, i'll get off my soap box v. a good day. sharing yourou for story. mag nekerrville, texas, good morning. caller: good morning to you. something i wanted to mention, not being hurt up here, i live in the hill country near the guadalupe iver, people further down will be hurt, we will not be hurt here. i am amazed at, i've heard a lot of mention, quite a bit of ention of god, but i've heard no mention of science. mutually e not exclusive, by any means. , the want to say
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climateologist, with climate change, texas was going to be one of the states, if not the going to be hurt most by weather changes. also, if anyone follows any kind of science magazines, which do and i like to read about area of the whole gulf has been sinking for years ecause of the pumping of -- water out of the aquifers down there. this is no surprise built on swamp and bayous, none of this has been coming. i just think about the climate texas sts, live in members ly, like senate nd so on, in congress, that have just not taken into
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don't want to listen to what people from noaa, these very all of reputable scientists have been sometime.r quite it is not assured, all they can ake are protections and protections have been that texas way by hurt in every climate change. i live up in the hills and i've last few years even with the changing plants, chiefanging prigragz, the changing. host: you talk about projections, the weather channel oting the projection is the rain isn't over yet for the houston area. their twitter page, what to expect next. you can see the estimated that hit that area in the past 24 hours, another 25 inches before the week is out.
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tweetsng of tweets, a few have come in, we've been having this discussion, close down bases are the only solution for displaced disaster victims. fema, wake up, they are already there. urko says, many people lost and will never be able to move back because of the flood level. alfred said, washington should stop pickering for a few weeks by harvey e affected are taken care of and christy aid that there is support from north carolina and south carolina to donation drive being there.zed we have trucking company volunteering to deliver items, some response on local levels. we'd love to hear what you are community.ur we talked to congresswoman sheila jackson lee earlier in hour, she was encouraging donations to the american red cross. pointing people toward their website for
9:50 am
90999 to or texting donate $10 to that organization. that from a list from the "washington post" on places to elp out in the wake of hurricane harvey. ost: doug in michigan, marquette, good morning. caller: i would like to say that all needed help of the rest outhe world, we always help every other country that has a tsunami, like remember the fukushima reactor, and ebola virus sunami, in africa, the united states helps. help us. here are all our friends and allies when we need their help. national disaster for
9:51 am
and we need the help from our countries other because we always help them, now we need their help. host: jason, san diego, california, good morning. yes, hi, this is jason. i was trying to make a katrina, and tween harvey. if it wasn't for the levees new orleans, you wouldn't have had anybody on he -- wouldn't have the devastation, it was the levees that gave way. harvey, i mean the rain bombs were so intense and raining and it just raining and raining, just i mean -- everything is flooding, i think this has to do with
9:52 am
change. 140 twitters happening during the rainstorm, i don't know what is oing to happen with the rain, you know. that is all i got to say. host: you want to get to as many calls as we can today. arkadelph ia, arkansas. good morning. ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was wanting to speak about, i proud of the response that had been gotten in light of the storm. e didn't have a ton of notice to t, we had maybe a week prepare where in some cases we had a little bit more. still feel like we are
9:53 am
errible at responding and giving aid like water and things like that. those are things we need to be so much about, not politics and things, still got another few days of this going on. y biggest deal, though, we can g get -- somewhere overnight why we i don't see couldn't have response aid, especially with rescue attempts as a nation showing technical advance to make pretty products that would be useful in a situation with marking places -- rescues together, you can solve a lot more people's lives and then we can about the damage and fema, and all that stuff afterwards
9:54 am
some of that.elp et's -- that is my response today. host: we talked about fema responders, showed video from some of their , response, there is also some texas mbers of the national guard and texas state the that are deployed and governor greg abbott tweeting late last night he's adding a to sand more national guard the houston area today. the united t of states also retweeting some of the tweets from the governor ver the course of this response, expected to hear more from the president today in some expected to be asked about the harvey response and the president, white house f course saying the president plans to get to the area as soon manner that n a doesn't cause disruption. "u.s.a. he column in today," from a former cabinet mber and director of people
9:55 am
fema. hurricane harvey will test leadership. trump's trip will reassure texans resources of the federal will be there and stay there for as long as they are needed. critical to l be moral of relief workers who need to know washington has their as the long process unfolds. a presidential visit often officials who would not normally be communicating. resident trump can and must be a voice of calm and leading the recovery efforts, but to fully role, tomorrow president trump must lead his nation in preparing for new brought by climate change. witt's column. joe in summerfield, louisiana, go ahead. joe, you with us? go to robert, calling from
9:56 am
houston. what do you see in houston right now? caller: hello. my call. for taking make int i would like to s that the idea of trying to evacuate six million people from harris of houston and ounty is just unbelievably ignorant. evacuation attempt from rita, e storm impossible. the other comment i would like to make is this. of houston, the amount priority devoted to upwards of 80% of
9:57 am
prairie land and there's only 20% of the prairie that is that would soak up the rain that occurred. and so when we talk about the created by t are are opment, the problems enormous when developers are concerned about the development and not concerned the overall problems that take eated when you prairie grass and turn it spo concrete. houston ert, where in are you and how close are you to flooding we've seen on t.v.? i live in southwest houston ouston, off the -- i'm about of the a half north
9:58 am
enough, i luckily used to -- i've lived in houston years and i sold my house mid-rise and so i don't have the kind of problems that homeowners do, in, which isi live meierland, has suffered overflow from braised bayou this time and people who flooded before friends of ooded, ine and my wife's that we know and it's just been devastating to that area of the city and the only area in
9:59 am
harris county that is, you know, in suffering. host: robert, how concerned are you about the next couple of the additional rainfall, what are you doing to prepare? enough, being in midrise, i don't have the ifficulty that the homeowners o and what it worries me that we're going to get more rain and rapidly, s down here's going to be enormous problems yet, but if the rain omes down slowly, like only a ,uarter or half an inch an hour it won't get worse, but it won't better.
10:00 am
nd this is going to be an enormous amount of money that is needed to bring the and back to where it was i'm afraid that mr. trump thinks that we ought to spend all those billions of dollars on that wall wall, those billions will be people in harris county and that surrounding of this is, i don't know, i can't begin to guess. it's got to be in the hundreds of area. is -- i do nots know. i cannot even begin to guess. it has to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. host: robert, thank you for calling in and sharing your story with us.


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