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tv   Secretary Mattis Were Never Out of Diplomatic Solutions on North Korea  CSPAN  August 31, 2017 2:57am-3:14am EDT

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>> james mattis met with the south korean defense minister for bilateral discussions on how to respond to the threat posed by north korea. this event at the pentagon is 15 minutes. pentagon is 15 minutes. >> present present arms.
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[national anthem] ♪ >> right shoulder, arms. welcome, good to see you. and military officers, members of the delegation. welcome back to the pentagon. you are most welcome here. thank you for traveling to washington so soon after you were assigned to this post, it is good to meet you in person after we had already spoken earlier this month. [speaking foreign language]
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>> a great deal of the priority that you and your president would come so soon. [[speaking foreign language] the republic of korea united states alliance has played in enduring role in regaining and maintaining south korea's charity since 1950. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: as president mont remarked earlier this week,
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our alliance serves as the foundation of peace on the korean peninsula. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: you share a commitment of democratic values, we work together to maintain a stable environment with all of the nation's. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: for 64 years, our country's usual defense treaty has provided a rock solid basis for collaboration on defense measures. measures designed to keep that peace and to protect the south korean people, and to uphold vital american interests. >> [speaking foreign language]
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secretary mattis: as we have seen, the threat to the security in the northwest pacific has become more severe, and our nation's defense relationship thus becomes more important than ever and remaining the bedrock for international efforts to temper north korea's aggressive actions. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: the recent united nations security council and thes, communications demonstrate the international community's resolve against north koreans actions. >> [speaking foreign language]
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evening'smattis: last united nations security council actions shows the world is united and diplomatic efforts about north korea and their reckless behavior. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: here in washington, we are keenly aware that south korea is on the front lines and we are not complacent. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: we know with confidence that you have pledged to increase defense spending under president moon. >> >> >> >> >> >> >> [speaking foreign language] -- >>
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[speaking foreign language] in thery mattis: interest in keeping our alliance fit for these times, we must continue to deepen our military building on the high level of trust that exists between our two nations. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: as you say in korean, [speaking foreign language] or we go forward together. >> [speaking foreign language] secretary mattis: minister, i look forward to data the usual transparent dialogue on how we will work together in what you have called for an honest and candid conversation. >> [speaking foreign language]
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secretary mattis: again minister excellency and members of the delegation, welcome to the pentagon. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> in the interest of saving time i will keep my opening remarks brief. >> [speaking foreign language] first of all, i would like to extend my gratitude to you for hosting and excellent honor guard ceremony in front of the pentagon in this good weather. and because you yourself were
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marine generals, i fill his sense of camaraderie towards you as a naval officer. song young-moo: [speaking foreign language] i would like to extend my deepest condolences before people who were sacrifice in hurricane harvey, as well as service members sacrificed on the uss mccain. song young-moo: [speaking foreign language] currently the world is paying close attention to the alliance because of the nuclear and ballistic missile threats. [speaking foreign language] >>
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-- song young-moo: [speaking foreign language] i have no doubt in my mind that these issues will be resolved through the strength of the alliance, as we have done in the past. song young-moo: [speaking foreign language] interpreter: after world war ii, the alliance relationship that south korea and the united states share, and has been a key factor in terms of geoeconomics, geopolitics, history and military.
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this is an alliance that is exemplary and firm about other alliances in the world. song young-moo: [speaking foreign language] and i have a humble dream to add another storm on -- stone on top of this great alliance for this brick-and-mortar. song young-moo: [speaking foreign language] interpreter: starting now, i will engage in honest conversations with you in this dialogue, and as a military man, and as a navy/marine gentleman. i hope today's conference is
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well. thank you verys: much minister. thank you members of the press very much for coming. >> the president this morning tweeted that talking is not the answer. what solutions could be taken? what additional u.s. military might be able to increase pressure on north korea? secretary mattis: we are never out of diplomatic solutions, we continue to work together. the minister and i share responsibilities provided for the protection about nations, populations and our interests, which is what we are here to discuss today. we look at all the areas with
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where we can collaborate. we look for more collaborations and we are never complacent. interpreter: [speaking foreign language] >> book tv recently visited capitol hill task members of congress what they are reading this summer. >> tell us about the books you are reading this summer. >> i would be delighted to to you that. i am going to try to undertake something of great volume, and this is literally. the three books about eleanor roosevelt, written by blanche cook. the early years, the middle years and prewar and the postwar years. that is going to be my project.
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for the summer, try to read all three of these volumes. i think eleanor roosevelt had an extraordinary influence. policy and in her way, and what she espoused and the differences between herself and franklin roosevelt. there was another one i don't know i will get to, about the firebrand and the first lady. so, it is a big undertaking. i am excited to be able to do it and to learn from a great role model. announcer: book tv wants to know what you are reading. send us your summer reading list via twitter at book tv or instagram at book underscore tv. or posted to our facebook page, facebook/tv. -- book tv.
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next, a conversation about iran's nuclear program and the influence in iraq, syria and yemen. the expandingted influence in the region. the heritage foundation hosted the forum. >> good afternoon, welcome to >> welcome to the heritage foundation. guests in-house, we would ask that courtesy check that. off as we prepared to begin. for those watching online, you're welcome to spend -


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