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tv   Washington Journal Niall Stanage Discusses President Trumps Handling of...  CSPAN  August 31, 2017 12:35pm-1:03pm EDT

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>> vice president pence and entering air force 2. this picture is the contingent headed to d.c. -- from d.c. to texas, holding a meeting along the way. vice president pence tweeted this picture. governor john bel edwards holds a briefing. and --sarah huckabee sarah huckabee sanders well hold everything.
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>>eastern on c-span two. >> washington journal continues. ge, the hill'sana white house columnist, here to talk about the tropical and hurricane storm harvey. >> we love you! are here toial, we take care of you, it is going well and i want to thank you for coming out! we're going to get you back and operating immediately! thank you everybody, what a crowd, water turnout! governor,thank your he has done a fantastic job, governor abbott, thank you very much! he is right here, someplace. we just want to thank your governor, senator cruz come a
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senator cornyn, everybody! this has been a total cooperative effort, again, we will see you soon. i will tell you, this is historic, it is epic, what happened! but you know what, it happened in texas and texas can handle anything! ! thank you all folks, thank you [applause] >> melt damage, the president was there in corpus christi on tuesday. i he meeting the moment >> think he is. this was the moment as the president, where he cut up or behavior,idential portraying himself as a unifying force. he has been seen as a divisive figure. but in saying that, there's obviously a huge test to come here, we are only really
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becoming dust beginning to come to terms with the damage caused by the storm. so there will clearly be pressure on the president and on congress, to step up to the mark amount ofilitate the aid that will be necessary to the people of texas and louisiana. presidents get blamed when things do not go well, and politicians. niall stanage debts rise, people -- people expect things obamawell, and president during the gulf oil spill, would hee argued that their little wasn't anything that could be done for. there, but he clearly took some of the blame for that. days andk, if in the weeks to come, things begin to go badly wrong, or the economic effects of this begin to be felt
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in certain regions of the country, for example in gas prices, all of those kinds of things could have a negative political impact. >> warren buffett said that the impact on louisiana, we are looking at 2% economic growth. >> yes, things on that scale, are really difficult to grapple with. it will be a big test, as he mentioned, for congress, and can the president and congress come together to at least ameliorate some of the worst effects. we have a line for texas and louisiana residents, we would like to hear from you. do you think that federal government is doing a good job, and also the president, and your state and local officials? that was one of the lessons, after hurricane katrina, that it would be the lessons -- the people on the ground that would help, not just the federal government. niall stanage: yes, i was
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speaking to someone who was in the bush administration at that time, who was talking about the importance of cooperation between the federal and date and local levels, and they feel that that really work down in the case of hurricane katrina. the relevant authorities in this case will be making they can make those efforts mash in a more effective fashion. host: does this change the agenda for the president? he was in missouri talking about tax reform yesterday. how does impact and recovery of tropical storm harvey, -- things here in washington, lawmakers are returning next week? how one gets: funds legislatures bleed -- legislatively after the hurricane, it could have some politically advantageous effect, and that there have been some suggestions that aid for texas and louisiana, could be wrapped into a package to maintain
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funding for the federal government, and possibly to raise the debt ceiling. those issues have been politically vexing in recent is if i think the theory ap 84 hurricane harvey in those, it becomes harder to propose politically -- to oppose politically. >> there are reports of the impact of the hurricane being at over $160 billion? >> yes, we have people still working out those estimates. we know there was a phone call between the white house and congress last night where there were talking about this, but it is too early to put a price tag. that price tag will evidently be huge. host: before the tropical storm rolled in, what was the agenda? what needed to get done, and what was the president asking lawmakers to do? -- itll stanage: well, it
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depends on the reform, one of the things that has certainly world washington in recent weeks was the idea that the president might try to force a government shutdown in order to get funding for the border wall. that is in a state of flux right now. of theative member freedom caucus, mark meadows has come out and said that his numbers would not support or sing a shutdown in order to get well funding right now. examples --n of the would not support a shutdown in order to get funding for the wall right now. >> it can find that report on the about mark meadows, they have the story. tony, and hyattsville, maryland am a democrat. caller: good morning, everybody. of apeech was kind campaign speech, thanking everybody for the turnout, when
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they did not have a choice to be there. and at the end, is that of saying, something like god bless you, he is saying thank you, thank you. this was not a campaign thing. i think what the guys just said about the wall, this is going to put the wall way back on the back burner. we have to take care of these people, and you can see that that is a lot more important. one other thing, all of the subjects, if we really want change, people say call your congressman, right to your congressman, but you should actually petition, that means everybody gets together, right to petition, sent it to the congressman who takes it to whoever, and it says what we the american people actually want to do. you can change the agenda. mcconnell, he set the agenda, but that is what i really had to say. host: some critics agree with
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the caller, that the president was not acting presidential when he was thanking people for the turnout in the crowds, and not talking about those who have suffered loss, lives, property, etc.. yes, i think the comment he made is reflective of many critics. " inay, "what are turnout the middle of a disaster area, was certainly a discordant note. i think it came in the middle of a trip that was broadly speaking more conventional, and more politically successful, if we can call it that. but certainly, that moment threatened to overwhelm the rest of it. it certainly got a lot of pickup and social media as well. host: ralph, democrat? the was thinking about larger issue of repeated hurricanes. this, apparently is the worst hurricane as far as rainfall in the history of the country, is
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that correct? 55 inches of rainfall, larger than any hurricane on record. have to say, this might be related, i hate to bring this up, it might be related to the fact that global warming, we have warm water temperatures, in the gulf, higher sea levels, and they continue to rise. we will get more flooding in low-lying areas that just in florida or new orleans. -- iybe there should be have to bring this up, the national policy on sealevel rise and flooding in hurricanes related to global warming, is that too much to ask? harveyk, to your point, dropped record levels in houston of rainfall according to the washington post. houston has artie received
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nearly as much rainfall as it did in 1900, its rainiest year on record. there is a side discussion happening, about climate change. is what we saw in houston the fallout from climate change? where does the president stand on this issue? now it is difficult to say. clearly the person the president picked to lead the epa has a record of being skeptical about climate change, to put it mildly. he has been a very vehement opponent of climate change, causes. and the president has in the past expressed skepticism himself. clearly the overall complexion of this administration is not so focused on climate change, or it does not prioritize it in the same way as certain past administrations might have done. fairness, myk in
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understanding, i'm not a scientist, is that it is hard to say that one particular event was a consequence of climate change. more, moreear to be of these extreme weather occurrences happening, but my understanding is that it is really difficult to say that this storm or that storm was due to climate change. host: the new york times, on that topic, houston, a world awash. morer, flooding is killed than 1000 people in nepal, india, and bangladesh. haveast 41 million people been directly affected by flooding and lance rides -- landslides in southeast asia. on august 14, torrents of water swept through the streets of sierra leone's capital, freetown, and a massive mudslide left with than 1000 people dead and more missing. you can read more about that in the new york times.
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good morning, from texas, what do you think of other president has responded? caller: i think the president and the administration, and of the people of texas have responded outstandingly. i could not be more proud to be a texan, or american. but there is a group of people in this country, that despise what is going on in this country, and are always looking for hate. to your question, what has gone wrong? what has he done wrong? is facing some pretty stiff headwinds in that party,ia, the republican in the democratic party, they are all fighting him. but you know what? the people of this country, the people of texas appreciate his efforts.
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you can hear their appreciation in the crowd. rally,s not a campaign he went to where the first responders were, and he was thanking them for the turnout of people, that turned out to help. not to come and see him, give have -- not to come see him give a campaign speech. somebody said, i could go on and on, i would just like to say that the turnout was first responders, and he was thanking them for that. host: ok, randy in texas, believes the president has done a good job here. the president also saying that he might go back to the area on saturday, what is next? niall stanage: yes, i believe it could be a trip encompassing parts of louisiana as well as texas. secretary, be are hearing that there might be meetings with a vacuum these in
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the second trip -- beatings with -- meetings with people who have been evacuated in the next trip. some concern on tuesday, that if he wants to those areas that were anabaptist center of the damage, that that could distract -- the epicenter of the damage, that it could distract them. democrat,ssissippi, a cecelia? biggerave to look at the picture, it is not what the president said, it is what are we doing for our country? he is willing to build a wall at which basically will not work, because they will either blow through it, come across it or over it. our tax dollars are just being misused, basically. he is proposing to give tax
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top,s to the 1% at the taxes are not the issue, what we are doing with taxes is the issue. single a -- if we had or health care who would mind paying taxes? we have all religions from every country, from kristi is buddhists, muslims, everything. -- christie and's. christians.s -- these people should be paying taxes as well, and if we give a tax break to the higher top if you cuttop 1%, taxes, you are getting paid. there should be a guarantee. we should not just give them money, and they do not guarantee
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what they're going to do, as far as the individual taxes, no one would mind paying taxes if he had something that you would get out of it. so far, the middle class is not getting anything out of it. host: ok, cecelia. what about the tax agenda the president was pushing yesterday? niall stanage: it is another example of this administration leaving it up to congress to really fill in the details. the most specific thing the president talked about was a fairly substantial reduction in the corporate tax rate. so we will see how that works as a goes through congress. one other point, not to go off on a tangent, the point that cecelia mentioned about single-payer health care, it has been interesting to me about how much closer to the mainstream the idea has become, at least in democratic circles. it used to be seen as at least
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somewhat eccentric idea, and now it has become more did -- more mainstream at least, in the democratic party. in the air?u're iller: i am a republican, live here in london county, virginia, the wealthiest county in this country, by the way. -american, and i believe the president is doing a fantastic job. he tells it the way it is, and people do not like that. people get angry when trump tells the truth, and i think he is coming in with a business mentality, not coming in with a political career, spending 30 years or 40 years. business experience counts more than political experience, in my opinion. i think business experience as an example of the real world, political experience is just theatrics.
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host: john, what do you think when the president puts pressure on members of congress, democrats and republicans alike, to say you need to get this done. whether it was health care, yesterday in missouri he said that senator mccaskill from missouri needs to support the idea of tax reform or the voters should get her out of office? caller: i think he is absolutely right. he needs to at exposing people of obstruction his that she needs to expose the people who are obstructing his agenda to make america great again. have less regulations, more taxes to make america great again, to be more comparative to the rest of the world. host: i will have my guest jump in, what do you think, do those tactics work? >> niall stanage: the tactics of trashing opponents? i think one of the difficult -- one of the difficulties we have seen is that people are becoming
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less timid about opposing the president. approval ratings are historically low for a president at this point in his tenure. will have to see him that remains the case, his approval ratings could arise, at least among republicans, people could decide that they are better off with him than against him. honestly, the pressure on democrats, someone like senator mccaskill would expect the president to be opposed to her, to voice that disapproval, so i am not sure that does much, one way or another. host:, suzanne from kansas city, republican? >> i just wanted to say that hurricane harvey. is not a mistake any other people of, we of the america, we have forgotten that we are a part of the four elements. if we do not obey the powers of
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nature, the powers of that nature and forces, there will be consequences. i feelution to this, but so deeply in my heart about, we must go back to the original constitution. the intentions of our fourth furthers -- forefathers who gave their lives for this country. we willto do that or have destruction in our world, and i have been involved here in kansas city, missouri, for over five years with an education dedicated to protecting our cities, our states and our country. 152, you are134930 welcome to listen to our weekly broadcast from 10:00 to 11:00 everyone say morning central time, and i want to thank you for listening. host: thank you, suzanne.
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gary, democrat, from indiana? caller: good morning to you sir, good morning greta, you are my favorite moderator. one color struck a chord a moment ago, he mentioned that part of trump's speech was more political than aesthetic -- empathetic towards the people affected by the hurricane. i will take up the slack here, to all of you people there, my condolences to everyone of you, my heart goes out to you. i plead with supporters of their, please pledge whatever you can, got help them all. one more thing i want to say, i don't believe there will be a , it sounds like a pink floyd album, that is how i see it! host: what do you think about
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the prospects of a wall being put into funding next week? i think thee: overall fate of the wall continues to be uncertain. obviously, it was a signature promise of the president during the campaign, perhaps the single most memorable campaign pledge. it is something that was backed very mentally by his supporters, and it still gets huge cheers at trump rallies. so he will be pulling out all of the stops to get something built. but i am just not persuaded as yet that there is the will in congress or among the broader spend a colossal amount of money on that project. host: date from north carolina, independent. faith andhave full all of the first responders at all levels, federal, state, city and volunteers.
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i have seen them in action all across the country, and we are second to none, as far as that goes. volunteers have stepped off, the american public, fantastic. number three, i think he showed with the speech that he gave that he is definitely a social path. he'd -- a sociopath. , as a zero empathy clinical psychologist, i doubt that any clinical psychologist around the world listening to his speeches and rallies would not come up with that diagnosis. host: what are your comments this morning, independent line? --ler: i wanted to answer the guy who called saying that he is a very well-educated republican, any time that there is any talk of russia, he goes
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and provokes other nations like north korea, north korea has been doing the same thing for the longest over and over again, but there is no apps that they're weird but a time something goes on, donald trump tries to cause some kind of distraction, and we fall into it. thing, yes, it is very important that we go out and support, but we also need to stay focused on what is going on. coast been let's take your point about north korea, the president meeting yesterday morning that the time for talk is over. and then the defense secretary comes out and says there are always more diplomatic options. niall stanage: yes, and i think we're seeing the pattern more, people coming up within the trump administration and at least expressing some sort of gentle descent against a number .f -- gentle dissent north korea is obviously a
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complex problem that many presidents have struggled with and president trump came some weeks ago with the "fire and fury" comment, striking a very hard line. there were suggestions that it might have worked in the short term, north korea backed off the threat had made to guam, but this rhetoric that the president uses is praised by some people. when of your callers was talking about "telling it like it is." some think it also causes degree of concern among the foreign policy establishment in both parties. host: marcia, a democrat? ok, first, i feel that i want to say thank you for c-span. i follow it, thank you so much. change has climate
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to be addressed strongly. payident trump has to attention, and listen to the people. people there are under such stress, that they need clothes, food, shelter. they do not have homes, some have left without their medications, gas prices may go -- ind i just feel that feel very badly for the people. if we do not address climate change, we may have more of this. so, please mother's is a crisis. the president withdrawing from the paris climate accords, and then you have governors around the country saying, we are going to abide by that climate agreement. l


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