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tv   Defense Secretary Mattis Makes Statement on North Koreas Latest Nuclear...  CSPAN  September 3, 2017 7:58pm-8:01pm EDT

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business, education. things like that where we are working in a bipartisan weight moving things forward to i don't think that always goes across and i'm not sure i expected that coming here. murphy fromtephanie florida joining us. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> president trump's met with advisers concerning north korea's nuclear test. following the meeting, james mattis made a brief statement to reporters, accompanied by general joseph dunford. [inaudible] >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. we had a small group national security meeting with the president and the vice president about the latest provocation on
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the korean peninsula. we have many military options and the president wanted to be briefed on each one of them. we made clear we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies, south korea, and japan. from any attack and our commitments among the allies are ironclad. any threat to the united states or its territories, including guam, will be met with a military response, both effective and overwhelming. kim jong-un should take heed of the united nations security council's unified voice, all members unanimously agreed on the threat north korea poses and they remain unanimous in their commitment to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. because we are not looking to the total annihilation of a
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country, namely north korea. that is, as i said, we have many options to do so. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. >> do you believe they have a nuclear warhead? >> was it a hydrogen bomb? is the president going to war, secretary mattis? >> united states security council will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss a response to north korea's latest nuclear test. we will have life coverage of the security council's meeting tomorrow on c-span. clark,&a with anthony author of the last campaign. talk high school teachers about using current events in a lesson plans. after


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