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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 4, 2017 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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caller: right now i have one full-time employee. host: what's the right now i only have one full-time employee. minimum wage the out in oregon right now, nathan? $10ler: i think right around or $9.75, i think. business owner, do you think you can do more than that? aller: with the type of individual that i'm hiring, i'm going to have to do more than i'm hiring just somebody to answer the phones nly, then maybe start them at $9.75 and but i wouldn't want to long.omebody there very you know, ultimately, my goal is to get my business stronger and, you know, i want people who are there on the with me to be able to benefit from that, as well.
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ideally i'm raising their wages. go, what kind u of business is it? practice.have a law host: ben zipperer. uest: nathan raises a lot of points that resonate with me. one, i think there are two out of t points coming what nathan is saying, one is that when you raise the minimum its more expensive to hire people. however, it is easier to recruit higher in workers the wages that you pay and that is one reason why businesses have adjust to higher minimum wages. second important point is sometimes that businesses do have a hard time oping with minimum wage increases or wage increases generally. factorsre two offsetting to that. one is that when a business because of ages
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minimum wage increase, all usinesses have to raise their minimum wages and so there is less of a competitive business ge for raising wage. in addition to that, some hard time may have a with minimum wage increases, research shows that even if some businesses shrink in response to inimum wage increases, other businesses enter the market or expand in response to minimum increase. other businesses cope with the minimum wage increase better, is not employment changed that much. host: trenton, new jersey, john, good morning. good morning, thanks for taking my call, c-span. my comment in the era where you and a bagpotato chips pay tato chip bag and you cost usted per inflation
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of living, that you should go give a minimum wage of the top of because the tier is getting more money always raise the price of their goods on us and got to pay that and the cover room, doesn't lectric, and all the rest of the stuff you need for basic living, you know. should that minimum wage be $15 an hour because the common ordinary man in the making that much money because of the adjusted inflation cost of living. the comment.for running out of time, want to get deerborne nothing heights, michigan. thank you for calling in. ahead.
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caller: if you raise the minimum wage, what will happen, windfall for the government. of the more taxes they will bring in from higher wage or all these people getting, federal, state and local taxes will be paid and city of detroit if you work in the city of detroit, they all get raises and pay more taxes. have you taken that into consideration? might cost $5izza this year, next year they will raise the price of pizza up to where it is all headed. the price of everything will go notnot only that, they will hire the minimum wage worker, they will hire someone smarter, hour, they want someone with more skill than the person they might have hired. ben zipperer in the last minute. guest: i do think those are important considerations. actually when you raise the minimum wage, you see reduction benefits that low income workers receive because they are earning more money. see reduction in food stamps
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assistance programs and that actually helps government's bottom line. you do see that low wage businesses such as restaurants, or example, when they have to pay higher wages due to minimum wage increase, raise prices somewhat. price increase is really small and the reason why it is labor, s that low wage even in a restaurant is one component of their business and you raise minimum wage by 10%, for example, the price that restaurants may enact will be smaller than that. host: ben zipperer is an with the economic policy institute. his work o check out there. thank you for the time. come back again. program today, we'll focus on a couple of labor ocused issues on this labor day, the first is for unemployed
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viewer, americans, we want to hear about your job search. e'll set up lines for those looking for work, 202-748-8000. these who have given up, 202-748-8001. want to hear about your process, what you are going through. we'll bel nothing now, right back. >> today, labor day, on c-span, eastern, former president obama accepted j.f.k. award.e in courage at 8, columnist senior editor goldburg. >> conservatives should not place all of their hope in any politician. and read the federalist paper. they say this over and over and have a in, you should healthy distrust of any political leader. sometimes particularly the ones to be speaking for you. >> ooin p.m. eastern, university
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california professor diane winston. much of rporations own the american news media. revolution has meanwhile transformed the economy. daily newspapers no longer set national agenda, of us find information niches that reinforce our opinions. going polarization has seemed to nations.into two >> watch today on c-span and and listen on the radio app. host: as of last month, 4.4%.loyment rate was next half-hour on "washington journal," we want to focus on 4.4%, want to hear stories about your job search. lines for those looking for work and those who
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have give up work. if you are looking for employment, 202-748-8000. if you have given up looking, 202-748-8001. start calling in, tell us about your job search, what would help at how long you have been that job search. get to your stories in just a moment. phone, bring in over the carlon bowman, author of a new looking into whether the economy is working for u.s. workers. bowman, americans are feeling better than they have in a long time about their jobs and economy. what indicators tell you that? > i've been looking at public opinion polls, particularly those that are questions asked ver and over again by major pollsters such as gallup and don't take any polls of ur own, i look in the public domain. a number of indicators suggest people aren't feeling much jobs, the t their
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economy and their futures. back een a very long road from that deep and painful crash followed.ion that at that point americans weren't onfident our system would stabilize and they were truly afraid and many at that time were laid off, their hours were back. we're finally seeing americans being more confident about those indicators. host: what are americans' biggest worries when it comes to and their jobs? >> they feel better about their security. they're still worried about the fragility of the financial system. pollsters have explored that since the crash, but i think americans aren't the financial system is secure, they are feeling andty good about themselves on virtually all the indicators we look at, the satisfaction co-workers, satisfaction with vacation time, with lexibility, with the amount of on the job stress, people are finally feeling better.
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people who are employed, that obviously recessions are uneven and some people you'll be hearing from are still after a very long time. for most americans, the job arket seems better than it has in a long time. host: what do americans need to see to feel good about looking right now to give them confidence there is a good time a job? for >> well, again, it is uneach, and ll communities employers are hiring in the way point.e at this what they want to hear are continued good numbers we are hearing in monthly economic think that will give people more confidence that this recovery is real. americans don't think the business cycle has been repealed, they know the ups and lways has downs, clearly they think some point we'll be worried. any new polls on let's say the spike in gas hafr and ce hurricane he that might have a damper on
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people's levels of optimism now, but at this point, most people say it is a good find a quality job in their area and there are plenty of jobs in their communities, is nearly 60%, in one of the polls and it came from low about 20%. you see that enormous change over time. lot about ar a outsourcing and the trump administration effort to keep overseas, how g worried are americans their job might be sent oversea? gallup has asked for a 12% are ever to worried their job will be sent overseas. concerned about fellow workers and more worried that might happen to fellow workers. they don't worry personally in terms of their own jobs. true about robots and artificial intelligence, worried that
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technology will have a bad effect on workers, they don't way about their own jobs, they think they will be fine. ost: unemployment rate in august 4.4%, 156,000 jobs added month. what is a good number for in the months to come, what will you be for?ng guest: to have that number continue to go up. i think it was disappointing time. i'm not a economist by training, but americans want to see the particularly i hink what they want to see is long-term unemployed coming back into the work force and finding concerned about fellow workers. ost: karlyn bowman, with the american enterprise institute, thank you for taking time to walk us through some of your report. you.t: thank happy labor day to you. host: thank you., ilable at headline is economy working for workers. talking to unemployed
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americans for the next 20 so.tes or want to hear your stories about your job search. looking? have you given up. phone lines for each. let us know about your story and what would help you. dave in irvine, california, still looking. you been long have look something caller: i've been looking for a long time. i'm sort of picky. want to question about, first of all, if you're a senior, i'm 50, it is hard to find work. second of all, there is less and technology.cause of i'd like to make a comment about minimum wage. poverty, since 1965, the minimum wage should be an hour and $15 with productivity and inflation, $21 an so all the businesses saying if they can't pay it, not talking mom and pop businesses, but minimum wage should be $15 $21 with productivity.
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it is just way too low. in : david, at this point your job search, would you take a minimum wage job? not.r: no, i would not unless i was desperate and out on the street. in ink i would rather be jail, people in jail get health enefits, they get everything supplied to them n. california, it cost when a person is in it cost $50,000 per year to keep them there. you u are a senior, when hit 60, it costs $100,000 a year. spend money to put peep nel jail, they need to raise minimum wage. why do people in congress make year?00 per i don't know what you work i'm $10 it is more than $7 or an hour. minimum wage could easily be $15 an hour. will be doingbots our job, weville flying cars in years, i don't know
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what people are going to do. host: dave, what would it take you to that point where you'd be willing to take a minimum wage job? how much esperate, longer do you think you'll need to search for? caller: okay. -- you know, it's like what would it take? i would have to really like the job, you know what i mean? ost jobs people take and work, off, i wouldallits have to like the job, to work at that. i don't have to work. i'm married, my wife has a job, i'm making it okay. 'm not homeless or anything, but if i was and i didn't have any kind of income, i would ather be in jail because jail take care of you. host: dave, thanks for the call from irvine, california. to you. want to hear our stories, phone lines for those looking for work and those who have stopped looking for work. california.h hills, john, go ahead.
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caller: yeah, good morning. labor day. host: turn your t.v. down for me so we can hear your story. speak through the phone. caller: sure. yeah. stopped working after the union insurance from kaiser coma, nte stuck me in a i've never been able to get a job because of this. to talk to mr. mix, but i appreciate what is going on right now. raising the minimum wage, you're just going to make mcdonald's cheeseburger cost $10 to $15. so you and your wage increase is totally wrong and what are you do when someone from another country comes and says, i will do your job, you have to $7 an hour. pay you how do you feel about that? thank you. you john, before you go,
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want to talk to mr. mix, mark mix of national right to work oundation, who was on the program earlier. what did you want to tell him? aller: i want to tell him that the union, teamsters, they stuck back. the my corporation literally lied off and i'm very serious multi million dollar lawsuit and now bud budweiser and the system, i gave up the system totally. thank you, john. unions, one ofof he op ed pieces in today's "washington post" by larry summers, treasury secretary from also economic advisor to president obama from 2009 his column today on why we need unions. in ou want to read that today's "washington post." steve in medville, pennsylvania, for a steve, how long you been
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looking? caller: i got laid off from transportation in pennsylvania in march of last year. funny because they moved to texas to right to work to cut wages in half. and mr. mix's information is not 100% accurate. you need to fact check some things. three different union necessary my lifetime, never been forced to join the union. thing they ever said about money that went to dues, is if for union dues, i had to give up $25, it went to of my ble contribution choice, not to the union. one washe three unions, steel workers, machinists and and the ue.orkers as far as looking for work, i've to i qualified for reeducation, unny, i'm 59 and i would not live in prison like the
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gentleman in california, i think would live in the woods somewhere first. host: what skills are you trying to learn, steve? now?do you want to do caller: let me tell you, i have cnc ls, i can program equipment, 3d work until i die, back in 't get a job there. one, i'm 59. two, my skill level is high they know that i would like a decent wage coming in and younger person for half and work with them to bring them up. pushed out of that. i've been going to school for ccounting and business administration and it is just when i get done with that, there are no jobs out there. and finish with associates degree, i got another two semesters, doing fine in that. when i get done, i'm entry level employee. entry-level employer, start at a
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job making a third of what i made before. there's just, it's just a big spin game. i mean -- reeducation s of that you are going back, the program you are going back for, you end up paying out of your own pocket? caller: they paid for the said that.i host: when you say they, state or federal program? federal program. host: got you. caller: because once they tarted shipping jobs overseas back in the late '90s, early 2000s, they had to do something, had too many people losing their job necessary manufacturing, came up with readjustment -- trade reeducation program. host: if you think there are not to be jobs available in the accounting sector you are why back for education, did you pick that one? caller: there's jobs, but coming associates degree, everything you see is entry level and starting wage, salary is like $25,000
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a year. make came off a job, ki $75 to $80,000 a year. $25,000 a year n in the late '80s, early '90s. know, it's like one step forward and six steps back. retired.she's o it's just no-win situation here. only thing, mr. mix, he is a of globalization. a product of the global economy. using companies are right-to-work states to control wages kers, to keep the down so the united states, this is my opinion, can be of thetive with the rest world. it's not a matter of wasn't a matter of getting the rest of the world involved, matter of bringing us to their level and getting even playing field, so to speak globe.all around the so --
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host: good luck with your search in pennsylvania. oklahoma, broken arrow, oklahoma, looking for a job. good morning. hi, folks. happy labor day. rough ride for me since like i go from a job in my 50s and i'm now 59. host: what kind of job? engineering. there fore's -- i've been looking 3-1/2 months, what i'm finding, as soon as they figure out how i am, it is the end of the that particular job thing. jobs.ut in for over 100 it's through resumes and also to do networking and trying to get something like a contract job. whole issue for me, though, the only -- i've got or ira, but need
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to get through to the end and medical benefits until it's very are and difficu difficult. thing.ust a difficult i kept my skills up to speed. i tried to maintain computer 30 year f the average old. i have been in oil and gas and does influence that and does cause some issues. it's very difficult and it seems, just seems as soon as my age is, that is the havef the discussion and i a little plan for the next five, i'm income to staygh below threshold of the ffordable care act and get off health insurance that way. therwise, i'm left with not a lot of options there and it's --
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i think there are a lot of boat. in this don't know nd 65, i what to say as far as employers are concerned, but i had one employer turn me down four times and encourage me to apply for jobs and i do and resumes for weeks and months and nothing happens. frustrating very right now. keep going to keep going, trying, but at some point, run out and will then we'll start looking at different options. are different options, richard? different career? caller: different careers. fairly short term. there are people that do work things and 0s and probably more accounting thing or finance type
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maybe -- but i think it is going to e combination of jobs come up to reasonable wage what at.going to be looking it's extremely frustrating, i'm at maybe have a lot of people saying i don't -- they don't think i do that. host: why is that, richard? aller: ability to handle the students. they're perceived ability on my part to handle the students. so that is family members. frustrating thing and or us, those of us late 50s, early 60s tis more frustrating. host: richard, thank you for sharing your story. unemployment rate in august, jobs add. here are places jobs were added according to bureau of labor report from last month. manufacturing up 36,000 jobs in august. 28,000.tion up
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professional and technical 22,000 jobs. the health care industry, up jobs in august and mining sector up 7000 jobs in august. we are focusing on those who are jobless and looking for a job now. to hear your stories, a line for those looking for a job and a special line for those who stopped looking for a job. give us a call this morning, we'll be talking for the next 10 minutes before we switch our topics on this labor day and in s on products made america. that is the question for the the 25 minutes or so on program. looking for a job in conroe, stopped looking for a job. linda, tell us your story. hi, i'm 66 years old. i first -- are in and for about roughly nine years, no me. has hired my husband died in '98 and so
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done little part-time work, moved from california to florida but still i've been licensed in good standing in been in te that i have and the last roughly two years find ried desperately to rn work and no one is hiring. whenthe prior caller said, you do online applications, you graduated ate you from college and it doesn't -- call t obvious they don't back because the year that you went to college. last six months or $8 anworked at walmart for hour. i worked 32 hours per kweek the month or two months and then they cut my hours down to week saying that they pretty much hire anybody and make sure that everybody was getting their
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hours in. i was a good employee, they cut 12 hours per week. i can't live on $8. i've taken allis my retirement and savings, all bought a money and house, cash. so i don't have to pay special i look out of the window in my community, a new build. that is building houses from the floor, the the roof, the wood, gardening, everything is on-english speaking, hispanic people. so i am here to say, i believe here is absolutely age discrimination going on and i really do believe that there is of english as a second people in the united states sucking up the jobs and the health care industry and kind of bad shape, they education orinuing
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in-services like they used to an rn.first became that is what i have. host: linda, is your concern let legal immigrants, we in too many legal immigrants or being immigrants are paid under the table and aren't e employers hiring american citizens or as much?rants caller: actually i don't know their status. almart, all the non-english speaking people that items n would pay with their 200 or more with cash, $100 bills. you know, as a nurse, as an rn, i was trained in my masters 1986, i had an ssociate degree, then baccalaureate degree, psyche and mental health. hrough the '80s and '90s, they were emptying out the sake trick know, acilities so, you there went my expertise, but i'm
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rn, proven ensed track record, but i think there are english as a second language rn's that are, you know, used to being those es jobs, now they want people that languagesish or other also. but in the construction field that i'm witnessing every single day, labor day today, i look out my front window and all these come in white work trucks to work and i tried to talk to them, i've been here months, none of them out of i'd say 80 that i have seen, speak english. so i don't know if they are legal or illegal, i can guess, you know, i think it is both. host: linda in texas. maryland, looking for a job. what kind of job are you looking for? morning.i, good i'm looking for pretty much any all, at this t
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point. i'm on unemployment currently company got sold and i've een out of work for about 10 weeks. how long do you expect this to take when you went into this? have a think you would job within 10 week? caller: you know what, i've been is ing all my life and this the first time i've ever filed for unemployment, i was a little hopeful and i hear a lot of tories of people my age, i'm 61, and probably some age discrimination. midge, what could help you in this process? is there a federal program? somebody speaking up for older unemployed people? think would help? caller: well, i'm not really sure. i just feel like in my position, going to stay positive. trying to stay
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connected and make sure i get exercise in between applying for jobs nonstop. know, network with my friends and people at work and attitude thatep a something is going to turn up. midge.good luck, time for one more call on this question of stories of unemployed americans on this labor day and then we'll switch he topic for the last 25 minutes on the "washington journal" today. james, unemployed in south bend, still looking. how long have you been looking for? caller: oh, i don't know, that offers job health benefits. national health program on the website that low, i s down to record think 54% of all american benefits offer health to employees, while every other planet,basically on the
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they don't go through their insurance, health they go through their country. here in america, we need to go goes h employer who through wall street and enriches the figure hink bernie mentioned in his of 1% wealthy 0 americans have more wealth than he bottom 300 million americans, so talked to a man last night, that said, if you work, you don't eat. well, i think you might want to rethink that theory. do you do for the least? get health cans insurance from their employer, where does everybody else go? $10 or $12 an t $600 a month 8 or on an insurance policy? 54%. you look, people, when for work, how do you -- make as you find one that is good mental health and dental
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and health insurance, good luck ponzi scheme. host: at what point would you onsider taking a job that doesn't offer health benefits? caller: it would have to be $20 so i could pay blue cross or anthem or aetna, on wall street that are gouging up. $25 to $30 an hour to pay the changers. so -- host: south bend, indiana, our that topic.on want to switch up our phone ines and question for our last 25 minutes for another question for you on this labor day. you if a tter to america?is made in made in america, president trump touched on this. phone lines, democrats, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002.
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this past week, traveling to missouri to talk about his tax little lan, here is a bit of what president trump had that pres. trump: if we reunite in the name of common sense and the good, then we will add millions and millions bring back trillions of dollars and we will competitive the advantage that it so desperately eeds and has been looking for, for so long. it's time. applause] pres. trump: products made with american labor and american grit will once be delivered throughout world.
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it's true. true. [applause] pres. trump: it's time. instead of exploiting our jobs, will export our goods. [applause] jobs will both stay here in america and come to america. we'll have it both ways. illions of struggling citizens will be lifted from welfare to work. they will love getting up in the morning. they will love going to their job. a big ll love earning fat, beautiful paycheck. again.ll be proud host: president trump this past reform speech, made in america, certainly an talked about on the campaign trail. ad a made in america week back at the beginning of this summer
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focusing on american made products bringing them to the house. we're asking viewers, does it matter if a product is made in america. buy a u go out and product, is that something you consider? democrats, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002. we'll be talking about this until the end of our program we'll reminder at 10:00, take viewers on c-span to that u.n. ency meeting of the security council in the wake of the north korean nuclear test over the weekend. is happening at 10:00 this morning. until then, sara in tucker, an independent. sara, does it matter to you? caller: hello, how are you? well, sara, go ahead. caller: i think it is very important that we support america. i'm not a nationalist for the whole world, i believe in we icipating, but i think need to get together in washington and start supporting the president. doesn't matter who you voted
9:38 am
for, he is the president and the senate and congress need to do and we need to build america up to the point that everybody has a job. listening to this program and the people looking jobs and i work as a reporter, i know how hurting people are out there, people to get their act together and stop being such a divided country. sara, go out shopping, you look to see if a product is made it matter to es you when you decide between products of whether a product is not?in america or caller: to a certain extent, yes. host: what is the extent? i can find uch as clothes and things that i like for my age, i do. very difficult now, though, because as you get older, the clothes are more for people or other nationalities, which is fine. nationalities and ll people, but things have changed so drastically and
9:39 am
people's attitudes in the last ew year necessary my life, because i'm older. in yeah, i support made america and support american brands. host: sara in georgia. is in chicago, keith, good morning, does it matter to you? doing? how you three points. does it matter if things are made in america? no. four points. number one, if we continue to the products made in america, export those, make them and ogether here or there bring them back here at a fair america isse made in expensive, has been lower quality, in the '80s and '90s and now a little bit better. worked with auto manufacturers. quality, you know, and
9:40 am
that is my thought. here? no. ou don't hire everybody in america, so you can't do it here, and be fair with it some , then make place else. host: joe, pennsylvania, line for independents. matter if a product is made in america? caller: yes, good morning. does matter. i like to keep america strong by making stuff in america. and another thing about that healthcare, the healthcare for i don't want government choosing and picking dies, just like what happened in england with the child. hat is what happened with single payer f. they want to give single payer, they have to and we e of everybody need quality doctors. not of doctors today are that good. i go to the doctor and it takes 15 times to draw blood out of my is like they are using
9:41 am
me as a guinea pig, that is all i got to say. thank you. host: charles in st. cloud, florida, line for democrats. charles, good morning. caller: good morning. good morning. can you hear me? sir. yes, caller: yes. i care to a degree that the butuct was made in america, i got to be honest with you, some of the american products have purchased are pretty much junk. for some top dollar of these things. and one other comment to make. pro-trump crat, not a guy, but he talks a good game, stuff, is a lot of his his daughter's stuff and brother-in-law's and whoever in clan, they are made over in china, why is he counting goods when, you know, he's going the opposite? don't he lead by
9:42 am
example, that is all i have to say. that topic, , on chuck schumer, minority leader of enate, went to the floor the senate back in july when president trump had his made in challenge the president to follow his own advice. administration has turned this made in america week, so to use every american this opportunity to look at the administration's and this in america made record. president trump said in his naugural address his administration would follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. but president trump's own businesses don't even follow those rules. going to preach something, start at home. at home. trump shirts and ties, where are they made? china. trump furniture, where is it made? turkey. his president trump and
9:43 am
administration are importuning america, make it in maybe he should demand it of his businesses first. people should also take a hard look at the trump thenistration's policies on issues of trade and outsourcing. the , the words of president inauguration and his actions contradict each other, actions, the actions of his company. earlier this year, president refused to insist that pipelines and water made with ure be american steel. buy america, hire america ydid refuse to do that? we democrats wanted it done. wanted many republicans it done. president trump were serious week, he'd in america demand that senate republicans bill, nator baldwin's requiring infrastructure be made ith american steel, on the senate floor.
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another example, the upcoming authorization act prepared by the republican rollbacks, clude actual rollingbacks to the buy america rules. if president trump was serious made in america week, instead of a lot of show and a why doesn't he oppose those rollbacks and veto any bill that rules.s buy american north korea not long after those omments by chuck schumer, sean spicer was asked at a white about ress conference trump organization products being made in america. was the press secretary at the time. here is a little bit of what had to say. >> with respect to his own companies, it is inappropriate discuss how anything would affect their own companies. i can tell you that in some there are certain supply
9:45 am
chains or scaleability that may not be available in this country. i will not comment on specific products but overall arching to grow manufacturing, grow investment in the united states and grow u.s. workers here. remains the overall objective. >> obviously it might be a answer questions about going rates and stuff, but wouldn't it be a way to show to -- hip, >> again, it is not appropriate for me to stand up here and on a business, i believe that is a little out of bounds. i would go back to the broader goal, which is to create investment here, bring back the manufacturing you look think when at indexes, that measure terms of , both in c.e.o.'s, manufacturers and that highs.e all-time there is a lot of confidence the president's agenda will that.plish host: 15 minutes left in the program today. we're asking, does it matter to made in product is america?
9:46 am
is that a consideration you make hen you are shopping for a product? let us know. mike is in moore, oklahoma, line for republicans. ahead.o caller: yes, thank you very much. it does matter if clothes are america. for one reason, the quality and jeans, fore wrangler example, the jeans are made in mexico. buy a certain , size, put them on and wear out the door and i was good. back, ave to take them here the inseem was too short and the waist was not right. time, wrangler jeans were made in a small town in oklahoma, they moved the plant to mexico. 48 people lost their jobs in the small town. yes, it does make a difference, the quality of wrangler jeans as good as they used to be. host: tom in dayton, ohio, tom, morning. does it matter to you? caller: yes, it does. i look at price and stuff, but i try to get everything
9:47 am
american i can. amen to the guy right there wrangler jeans. and levis in there with them. levis stayed in america. hershey and candy plants candy backsending us up here. we have oreo cookies made in sent up here. i hope we have good f.d.a. fentanyl is coming from there, i hope crazy peep frel not throwing fentanyl in our food. look at food, ou how much more are you willing to america made in product? host: lost tom. line for n texas, democrats. go ahead, karen. caller: hi. host: hi. caller: well, i own two ford vehicles, two of them. two ford vehicles.
9:48 am
first time i ever bought made in america, always bought foreign cars and i love them. absolutely love the way they treat us when we bring them in. now, today, them in not labor day maybe, but good on the when i was out road on the highway, i got going too fast with a foreign sports me tell you, the policemen pulled him over, not me. it is because i'm made in america. host: side benefit of owning product?-made caller: it sure seems to be. i think we all appreciate our american-made products. to see the car companies treating us customers, as well i've e been treated. never been treated that good at foreign made car -- texas, from n louisiana, the newspaper network focusing on labor day. bserve the first monday of september, labor day, the
9:49 am
creation of labor movement, dedicated to social and economic achievements of american workers. 882, first labor day holiday celebrated tuesday, september 5 in new york city, in accordance labor ans of the central union o. june 28, of 1894, making firsted act monday of september of each year a legal holiday in district of the territories. some history of labor day on this labor day o. this labor day, asking you does it matter if a product is made in america? 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. ron is in pennsylvania. republicans, go ahead, ron. caller: good morning. i want to say, trump is trying to beey wanted everything done yesterday, before he was even elected. done. supposed to be
9:50 am
the thing is, all the democrats hat are crying about things made in america, that is when verything went to other countries. i mean, yeah, they are still doing that, you know, trump has have a chance to get things oing, you can't make steel without a steel mill. you can't do things without companies. hey got to get everything together and start doing it. to the r industry back united states. you know, everybody is crying, that.this, trump look what they do to him. he wears the wrong clothes, she wears high heels, blah, blah, blah. i mean, give the man a chance. the right thing. but, you know, this country is that's sinking. trump is bailing and the democrats and liberals are holes in the bottom of the boat to let the water out. work.esn't host: few tweetos this topic,
9:51 am
discussion on whether it matters in america. is made j.d. says american made does matter to me. to purchase those versus others after doing research on it. label , don't trust the and c-span democrat says, i wager all made in america col r at walmart entitled to low prices no matter the cost. ed in anaheim, california, an independent. good morning. i'm very ross y, perot-ian in my politics and perot warned against this in 1992. question has been answered, has it been good for this country? 70,000 someodd factories are closing down. criticized trump's stuff made overseas don't understand business. is invested in publicly owned companies, the companies make that decision, not him. and if they don't make that
9:52 am
decision, they can be sued by shareholders, so don't dump it on trump, he doesn't make those independent decisions. and i was watching couple years on fox, some guy gets on fox business bragging, bragging that since the 1980s, american companies created 60 million around the world. overseas, all overseas. 60 million jobs were created here, and the company, people paying taxes, we wouldn't be in the shape we're in. again, trump facts results judge by results. my call. for taking host: decisions made by president trump one piece of we've been tracking this morning and expected to hear week is the is decision on the daca program. that program grants work permits undocumented immigrants who
9:53 am
arrived in the country as children. sources that politico has talked to, president trump has decided to program, but in a nod o reservations held by lawmakers will delay the enforcement by six months to to act.gress a window we are expecting an official programment on the daca that would affect so-called dreamers tomorrow. the white house promised a tomorrow, on that certainly a topic we'll be talking about later this week. time for a few more calls before you to the u.n. security council meeting. in phoenix city, line for democrats. go ahead. thank you., sir, i just want to say that walmart andbuilt on made in america when they switched to chien ai quick shopping there. sears roebuck in america. how do you eth,
9:54 am
ensure products are made in america? do you go off the label or online? caller: my tennis shoes, made in reebok,a lot of tennis hoes, one brand is made in the usa, some may not be. you may pay more. equal wage to d some of the undocumented people wouldn't take t american jobs. virginia, madison, line for republicans, go ahead. caller: hi. want to comment. a while back i was at a walmart in virginia. to buy some bird feed built made very well in america bird feeder thad polycarbonate stainless steel egs, dye cast top and bottom and made in america. i was impressed with it. was $30. so i bought it.
9:55 am
week later i went back and looked like that was had been but i bought mainly because it america, it was well built, heavy and i really but i'm afraid too many $4 or $5 ones that don't have the quality, for functionality. but anyway, that is what i will on.ments yeah, i look for it, i pay more of that , things nature, you know, if it says just, i america, i prefer to do that. and seems to be pretty good. products you don't worry about that, as much, paul? made?: about where it is oh, i don't know, i guess clothes. i know clothes probably aren't
9:56 am
made in america. host: big ticket items? like : well, tools, i tools made in america. , and i tra for those just keep an eye out for if i'm something, like i bought, ou know, some hardware for a ladder system that i spent like double because it was made in i just wanted to do it, i felt the quality would be made in this was country. and that, you know, i just kind keep an eye out for it. ir don't make it a number one priority, but if it costs a little extra and quality is pay extra.l
9:57 am
host: allen is in kansas city, independent. allen, go ahead. aller: good morning and happy labor day. my comment is basically when you any kind of a food item in walmart, target, even most stores, the labels say -- that doesn't mean it is made in america. think we're being fooled by those labels that say distributed by and so that is my comment. host: allen, do you think congress needs to pass some sort clear slation to make it where food comes from? caller: yeah. and it used to be that way. lmost all products and we're labeled, especially food you look ecause if back, almost 90% of our products
9:58 am
were, food products were made here in the united states. know where they come from, it just says distributed by. ap allen, thanks for the call from missouri this morning. calls this ll the morning. that will do it for the program today. we're going to be taking our viewers now live to the u.n. ecurity council where they're having an emergency meeting, the econd emergency meeting in a week over actions from north korea after north korean nuclear the weekend. viewer consist stay here. the see you back on "washington journal." >> a meeting requested by the u.s., japan, great britain and south korea in response to north korea's latest test. south korea believes the north is preparing more missile


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