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tv   Interview with Representative Neal Dunn  CSPAN  September 4, 2017 4:45pm-4:56pm EDT

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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] the sergeant talks about his medical career in the military while he decided to run for congress and in of his legislative priorities. dunn represents florida's second district. , what are you doing before you joined the house of representatives? fax i was a surgeon in panama city. i had been doing it for 25 years. >> what was your practice and why did you decide to go to panama city to open it? afterwife and i chose it careful thought after i got out of the army in 1990. we want to -- we wanted to go to a place that was from the to the military. the country has not has been -- has been as from me to veterans
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as it is now. the coast of florida has always been very friendly. at home inediately panama city. ,> before he left the military you were a doctor in the military. tell us about your military career. i went ton dunn: medical school and served in a number of different places around the world and had a chance to do a lot of different types of surgery. urological surgery, letters, prostate. kidney stones, prostate cancer. that became my specialty. fell, theyrlin wall called all of the surgeons and and said it, go home, the war is over. and it was for six months, only. then, i was in panama city
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and had a lot of new friends. we had a great time raising our sons. they are all gone now. we have grandchildren. moderator: you moved in the ranks. congressman dunn: served in the medical corps. started out as a captain out of and they give a bonus to doctors instead of promoting them rapidly. i got out as a major. moderator: you saw time in washington before coming here as a freshman in the house of representatives. congressman dunn: i was studying urology at the medical center. met my wife while doing my residency and she was working as a contractor for the government. she had a very military background as well. we clicked. one thing led to another. here we are, 35 years later. three children and three grandchildren. moderator: you are from a
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military family? did your mom served? congressman dunn: my father did, her father did. military. children of moderator: what was your life like with a father that served in the military? congressman dunn: we thought everybody did it. footlockers- we had back then. we knew where everything went. pack them up, and take them to the next station. it was fine. it was a very outgoing community. we had to be. you people every year. -- new people every year. we were stationed in asia, southeast asia. during the war. my wife was, too.
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she did three years in bangkok. moderator: your life and the military, you serving in the think that isou what inspired you to run for the house? congressman dunn: certainly. it wasn't because i have been in the military, but because i understood what was happening to our military. it has been gutted by the sequester. the sequester is really hurting the military. we have hollowed out the military to an incredible degree. iq people who don't really appreciate that sometimes. -- i hear people who don't really appreciate that sometimes. i believe in peace through strength. we need to do work there. moderator: your legislative priorities? congressman dunn: everybody wants to see the military were
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built. there are things i heard on the consistently,was we need to appeal and replaced obamacare. it is breaking the backs of every business. we're covering 7% of the population with this insurance but you are pushing the cost to everybody. that was something i felt in medicine. we try to solve those problems in my practice, but we couldn't do it. the problems are in washington. the thing we hear is the regulations. we have got to get this economy going, get the regulations off my back. " everything you've got in washington, i want less of it." we can make the economy grow. the economy when
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was growing by 8%. i told that to my children and they don't believe me. it was that good. we are retiring the debt. we took in more money than we spent as a government. we can get there again. moderator: what surprised you about washington? congressman dunn: it was jarring to see some of the negotiations take place. you andle as closes a as not a room might communicate but can go out and give a press conference about each other. the city is full of a lot of good people. that is evident when you are 1000 miles away from washington or rome as we call it. there are is a one of great lot ofwho are very -- a great people who were very well-meaning, intelligent. .t is disconcerting moderator: what committees are
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you serving on? this works out well for my district. rural population -- a opulation. agriculture is perfect for that. a huge number of veterans of the district. 7500 veterans in the district. we get a chance to work with the military as well. both for veterans and on the science committee. moderator: why is it that this area of florida has active veterans? congressman dunn: it has always been friendly to the military. will sendhe farmers
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there daughters and sons off to the military. they come back,. -- come back home. it is a great culture, supporting our troops out there. every corner. moderator: explain what the second district of florida is. congressman dunn: panama city beach and the extreme west, all the way around the bend of florida to ocala. and all those 19 counties along the water. are up against the georgia-alabama border. moderator: i ask you what surprised you about washington. what is your least favorite part of this new job? congressman dunn: the enormous amount of travel. orlando,ually fly to which is closer to my district
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and where i live. fly to orlando or temple or jacksonville. and then work on that east end of the district. moderator: hours? congressman dunn: amazingly long. i thought as a busy surgeon you could not be any busier. i was wrong. moderator: how many hours? congressman dunn: i have not added them up. my wife works harder than i worked as a surgeon. there is more things you can do and at some point you have to say, there are only 24 hours in a day. moderator: congressman, thank you for talking to us and telling our viewers a little bit about yourself. congressman dunn: thank you. >> congress returns with a busy month ahead, with current federal funder and expiring on september 30th. this week, the house works on a spending package containing
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eight of the appropriation bills for the next fiscal year. also, the president's $8 billion aid request for hurricane harvey is expected wednesday. at 2 begins the senate is working on judicial nominations for the district of columbia. watch the senate, live on c-span2. >> united nations security council met to talk about yesterday's missile launch by north korea. some of the key debate involved the u.n. ambassador. the meeting of the security council is called to order. as this is the first public meg


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