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tv   Washington Journal Bob Cusack Discusses the Week Ahead in Washington  CSPAN  September 5, 2017 1:15pm-2:00pm EDT

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today. this panel, even myself, this is the powerpoint today. we are the powerpoint. we are what recovery looks like. we are what a returning citizen looks like. [applause] mr. taylor: let's give somebody a chance in oxford house. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] i don't believe we have time for any questions so now we will have lunch on our own. enjoy. >> the congressional summer recess is over today, and members will be returning to a pretty busy agenda which will include debate over nearly $8
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billion for hurricane harvey relief. a vote on that could come as soon as tomorrow. also, current federal funding expires on september 30, so the house will have to work on a spending package on eight of the remaining appropriations bills for the next fiscal year. and we're hearing it might begin as a short-term three-month agreement. the house set to award senator bob dole a congressional gold medal and urging the building and purchase of self-driving cars. the house is back today live at 2:00 p.m. eastern live on c-span. also, the senate returns today and lawmakers will be considering a judicial -- judicial nomination and hurricane harvey. up next, a look at the week ahead in congress from today's "washington journal." this is about an hour. continue. host: any day is a good day to but bob cusack with us,
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especially as congress returns from its august recess for its busy fall agenda. the announcement today on deferred action for childhood arrivals, expecting the announcement at 11:00, expecting the president to say he will end the program with a six month delay. how do you expect that to go over on capitol hill? guest: it will be difficult to pass any type of dream act, even a conservative dream act. john boehner years ago, then speaker, had a secret group of bipartisan members trying to get some type of deal. for wellon and off over one year and could not come up with a solution of that could pass the house. the dream act, when president obama passed the house, but fewer than 10 republicans supported it, they could not get the 60 votes in the senate which led to the daca program. some members -- you were talking
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-- some members said this is the opportunity and we can do it. maybe there is a big deal, a dreamers plus the wall that could pass. the odds are against it. host: talk us through that, what is possible going to be tied together in the next few weeks, a lot of big issues and funding deadlines. is this one of the things that could be part of some sort of big deal? ,> there could be a big deal but the fiscal issues will have to come first. possibly, harder belief with raising the debt ceiling. funding the government. you have other deadlines on defense and children's health care. this is something that congress does a lot, but a lot of members, including paul ryan, has said they did not want to do , having one big bill where you do not have a lot of hearings and do not see the bill until the last second. and then it is passed quickly.
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this is something congress has not been able to get its act together, the democrats or republicans come on single appropriations bills and they usually at the end of the fiscal year lump them together. that is what we're looking at as early as this week. conservatives do not want to raise the debt limit as part of a government funding bill, mark meadows, the chairman of the conservative freedom caucus, said let's not do that. that looks like it is an easier way for republican leaders, including mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, to get a bill passed. his hurricane harvey relief, expecting a vote tomorrow in the house of 11:00. one of the concerns about hurricane sandy funding was that it became one of the vehicles that a lot of other things were thaton, the relief package was eventually passed was the reason why a lot of conservatives that they did not want to vote for the city package. -- sandy package. will that happen with harvey relief?
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billion, one is $7.85 possibly moving this week? be one of, this will many bills, there will be estimates of over $100 billion lee wasl need, jackson talking over 150 billion dollars, this is just the beginning of the relief or harvey and there will be other ones as early as this month. after this passes. the difference between back then and now, we are now not seeing a lot of conservative saying we need to offset the cost of party relief. -- harvey relief with other cuts. .his has been more bipartisan before the house acted on superstorm sandy, governor christie called out speaker boehner for not acting. that was an embarrassment to the speaker. they subsequently did pass a bill. right now, we are not seeing the type of partisanship on disaster relief.
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there will be fights over this, especially because it is just one of many bills that will probably pass on harvey. host: president trump tweaking late last night, big week coming up and less than a minute ago, congress, get ready to do your job, daca. the relationship between president trump and congressional leaders on daca. walk us through what we expect to see and some of the history. guest: for most of the august recess, donald trump was going after members of his own party, including, most notably, mitch mcconnell, not getting health care done and blaming him for that. is donaldnnell's wife trump's secretary of transportation, also a high priority administration that probably will get kicked into next year, a transportation bill. this will be awkward.
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congressional leaders are meeting with donald trump today, including mcconnell and we have not seen a lot of love between mitch mcconnell and donald trump, it could get awkward. mcconnell tried to downplay it and said we have our priorities and we will get them done. the pressure is on congress to get a lot done. host: we will watch it the president twitter page, a day he often tweets join the conversation and we can any about your priorities, of these upcoming deadlines that congress is facing in the coming weeks and months. bob cusack in the 8:00 hour. democrats, call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. bob cusack is a good guy to ask the questions do. don from -- a republican. caller: how are you doing? host: go ahead?
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caller: years ago, when president bush was in there, the money for the wall was already granted. where did that money go? was it used for something else? how many times was the money granted for the wall but not used for the wall? i do not understand that part at all. why didn't they use the money granted for it for the wall> can you? can you answer me that? guest: congress passed the secure offense act of 2006, a border security bill, not a wall, they call that a fence. it was supported by a lot of democrats, including hillary clinton and charles schumer at the time. there was funding put into the secure fence wasted pass and bush signed it into law.
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critics said the job was not finished and that is what the now president trump is saying, that was not enough. they did not complete the project. issueve looked at this and spelled it out. they have a full report and you can find it online, all the money that has been appropriated. there was a fair amount of money spent on a secure fence act. critics say it did not finish the job. host: something like $2.3 billion according to the gao report. jim in florida, independent line. good morning. caller: first, i would like to reference to earlier callers, one was from the left and one from the right, one complaining about $11 per hour wage and the man from the right, a business owner i believe, complaining his brick cost and labor cost went from $.50 a brick to $.70 a
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brick. i would like to see the brick cost cut and immigration and bring the brick cost up so people in the city sent out in the countries that need money are getting paid more. just for athis reference, obviously, it could be done across the board with wages. once they've rick gives to one dollar, that is good and once it gets to $1.10, open up the stick it and let more immigration and companies to be regulated. chip,s a gbig -- big give it to the left and get something back for it. we have 5% of the world's population and 20% of the world's immigrants. 48% of immigrants wind up on welfare. we take in more legal immigrants than any other country. we need to do something about this. i appreciate your comment. and that is the difficult getting the bill done, he
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mentioned wages, democrats said the minimum weights need to be increased, whether $15, someone said $20, some say $12. that legislation has been stalled on capitol hill. that is the big question, can there be a big deal? we have not seen any massive sweeping bipartisan deals in recent years, unless you're talking about something like funding the government. that goes to the political will. do the parties want a deal? do democrats want to give president trump a victory on something, especially closer to the midterm elections where political handicappers looking at the president's approval rating are saying that democrats should pick up seats in the next election. host: is a lack of big deals a sign of the partisan times? did we have more big deals back in the day? guest: yes, go back to present
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clinton, 1997 the balanced budget act, it made sweeping reforms to medicare and balance the budget. we have even seen no child left behind with bush. we did not see that a lot in the obama administration. you saw big bills passed, dodd frank, affordable care act, those long muscled through undemocratic votes but as far as bipartisan bills that were big, not big ones, we have not seen it. that is a sign the right and left are very strong. that is what you have seen already jockeying in the 2020 democratic race but also republican members, like jeff flake, of next year, being primary. program, a letter can kicking that happens with deadline set for congress. we will see what jeff sessions has to say at 11:00 and show it on c-span.
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far what you understand so of what is expected to be announced, is there a possible can kicking that can happen after six months? dynamicn interesting the front administration is setting up, setting of a deadline kind of like the sequester were congress itself its own deadline and said, nobody wants a sequester which would cut spending with a meat cleaver. it was thought to be an incentive to get a deal but it did not come and the sequester kicked in. it is similar that the president , who has been conflicted over what to do with dreamers. went hardimary, he right on immigration, a big reason he led wire-to-wire in the 16 -- any candidate field. after the primary, he softened his position and said, kids are very important to him and he is conflicted. this is a compromise like, we will and the program as he promised to do as a candidate. but congress and he said
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congress should act, you have six months. host: i would be remiss not to mention jordan karney story in the hill, trump congress faces packed september agenda, she puts it together, all of the deadlines we are talking about. read through her story in the hill newspaper. to cusack with us until 9:00 take your questions about any and all of the deadlines. stephen missouri, line four democrat -- steve in missouri, line for democrats. aller: i hope you allow me minute or two, i will go real fast. does, thecongress better it is for the middle class because everything they do is against does. on the infrastructure, they will build toll roads, i was a truck driver for 30 years and it will jam of the side roads. as far as immigration, just go
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after corporations and companies that hire them. you will see the immigration problem disappear. with all of these problems and all of this money they need, i will bet you 100-1, they will still get a massive task set for the rich -- tax cut for the rich and forget the poor, donald trump is the biggest liar we have ever had and congress is and there is nobody to vote for. thank you john and becky c-span. -- thank you c-span. guest: congressional approval rating is lower than donald trump's. not a lot of action on infrastructure, they say he's they sayransportation, he should have started with transportation and what of attracted bipartisan support. can you do anything that big in an election year? if it is good for the districts. how are you going to pay for it? he mentioned tolls which is part of the equation, how much is the package going to be? will it be paid for?
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some people thought they would do tax reform and transportation. host: one of the big deals they thought would come together. guest: that is not happening, steve mnuchin was interviewed by us as they were releasing the tax reform bill, and he said, this would just be a tax reform bill. congress can do whatever it wants. they are looking like they would just do taxes. whether they can reform the entire tax code, which is difficult and has not been done since 1986 and a sweeping revamp of taxco because there is winners and losers and lobbying battles and closing loopholes. but, they could maybe cut taxes. if republicans cannot have some type of tax cut measure, it will be a big embarrassment for the gop, which has not gotten a lot of its agenda through, legislatively. they need to get something done. before they do that, they have
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to pass a budget, if they want to use reconciliation and, like health care, not need democrats, they have to first pass a budget for the new fiscal year which was supposed to be passed by now and as not been past. host: when this tax reform start getting closer to the 2018 election to do that, the hard deadline, what are the leaders of the house and senate looking at? guest: most republicans say it has to be done this year and cannot bleed into next year. that means moving it, the ways and means committee moving it sometime this fall and the senate finance committee can moving it -- moving it subsequently and passing a bill. you have to have the republican party united and they were not united enough to pass health the dramaticion in vote that john mccain voted no and took down the so-called skinny health care bill. and have to be more united that remains to be seen,
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especially when donald trump is going after his own party. host: want to read on the screen, the september deadlines, september 29, government hits the debt ceiling, september 30, government funding runs up, september 30, chip funding ends. september 30th as well, national flood insurance program expires and also on that day, faa authorization expires, a short list of some of the biggest deadlines in congress. talking about any and all of them this morning. richard, butler, kentucky, line for republicans. caller: thank you for c-span. i am 70 years old and was here for john f. kennedy, how he would help the middle class. it president, all say they will help the middle-class class but what happens is, just like reagan, 3 million people were 12 amnesty which is about
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million, 59 people which change the culture of america -- 15 million people, which changed the culture of america, i used to be of legal hitchhike and carry a gun on a bus, now my children are killing each other on the street. right now, immigration is the most important thing to me. send them back. the federal government is responsible of taking care of these people, not my responsibility, my responsibility is to things, to take care of my wife, and to take care of my children. not to take care of every mexican or cuban or whoever wants to come across our borders. you have stacked the deck across americans and most of the people on the news are political hacks, put there by administrations. , we have no, joe voice. host: we read a tweet earlier from alayna ross like them, saying that congress should use
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the six-month time to make the daca program permanent. talk about this debate inside the republican party, how much pushback will there be to ending this program? guest: she is retiring. she comes from a district that hillary clinton won by i think 20 points. she is one i would bet that voted for the dream act. i would think she is one of the few. you have a friction, you have a lot of hardliners who want to build a wall. they have pushed their leaders to say you need to get behind donald trump. some said mexico will pay for it , but he did campaign on this as his number one issue. others say, we cannot end this program and we need to continue it. people do believe that congress is and should, there have been lawsuits about it, whether obama
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had the authority to do it. whatever happens there will be lawsuits. states were challenging president obama. that is why this decision was made, there was a deadline on that. this month. i think it was today, which is why you see the announcement where the cup administration decided whether it would appeal -- the trump administration would decide whether it would appeal. if a in the program -- end the program, blue states will challenge it in court. host: the governor of new york said new york would not demonize immigrantsnd 40,000 will be deported if he ends da ca, we will soon -- sue. guest: this will be decided by the courts. , americansne right elected crop to make -- trump to
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make the daca this vision, not punt tocision, not to congress. guest: when you have a lot of legislative things you need to do, maybe you can trade, give me this and i will give you that. we have not seen that horsetrading in recent years that has been successful. they have tried it. you will see some trout supporters-- trump asking why he is backing down and yielding to congress, he should just end it. host: is that why jeff sessions is making that announcement? guest: it is within his jurisdiction and the president was asked about it late last week and said an announcement was worth coming. -- forthcoming. the relationship between jeff sessions and trump has been strained over his decision to
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recuse himself over the russian investigation. it is a normal thing you yield to the cabinet. the secretary who has jurisdiction. host: the attorney general will not take questions following his briefing today at 11:00. guest: they want to control the message and say what they want to say and the rationale. -- and their rationale. i think they should all take questions. i understand they want to control the message and do not want to answer what would be some difficult questions. host: happening at 11:00 and we will show it on c-span. gaithersburg maryland, life for independents, -- line for independents, sue. caller: i have been a trout supporters since day 1 --trump supporters since day one. ,f he does not in this program this program he said wasn't you
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legally, unconstitutionally -- was an illegal, unconstitutional program and does not send people out of the country and make me responsible for them, i am done with him. if you have this program that is unconstitutional and illegal, you do not give the united states another six months to operate under a nether -- and you legal program. parents is a frozen lake brought -- parents who brought them in, when do they get fined and deported and criminally incarcerated for doing what they have done? this program is destroying this country. our problems, educational, economic, criminal, health care, are related to this illegal immigration. this congress will tell me i have to continue to suffer under obamacare because they could not get their act together but we will have a top priority for people who came into this country illegally? continue to stay here illegally?
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continue to commit crimes and caused me as a taxpayer my future and my children's future? i will not tolerate it, the democrats will not get seats back, it will be these republicans in name only that get beat in the primary by true conservatives because we will not put up with this illegal stuff anymore and the president, you better be listening to us citizens because we stood out at these rallies for you. if you continue this illegal program, we are done with you. host: speaking to what you were just talking about. guest: david reason trump on the primary -- a big reason trump won the primary. go hard right on immigration, that is what mitt romney did in 2012 and trump went further with the wall and it resonated with republican voters. they elected him and now they want to see results. some of them, clearly that color
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does not like the punting to congress. of the hill,ack all of their great reporting on what takes place in the building behind me and in washington and on capitol hill. tony, washington, d.c., republican. caller: good morning. am i on? host: go ahead. caller: what better way to weaken a country than to bring foreign nationals into the country. kings, theyecond land the foreigners out of their country because the idols they were worshiping. the love they did not have for the country. they did not have the heart for the country. the great wall of china was built to keep the foreigners out of the country.
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look at china now. now areere americans eking out of china's hands. out of china's host: does it matter to you if the united states pays for the wall or if mexico pays for the wall? or do you just want to see it built? caller: i just want to see it built and the legal people out of this country -- illegal people out of this country. where they get a foothold as to where they will roll, they will do it and take over this country. host: i will let you respond. guest: critics of immigration reform, the kind president obama was pushing, say democrats just want more votes. the caller makes the point about foreign nationals, they cannot donate to politicians. citizens can.
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that is another political element that a lot of republicans -- if we pass something, we will be losing elections moving forward. that ine so many issues the business community, they wanted, they want the dreamers tuesday. a lot of different people are affected -- corporations, unions, affected by immigration reform. everyone has a stake in it. host: earlier in the summer we spent a good deal of time talking about legal immigration and changes that the trump administration are supporting, legislated by senator cotton and purdue. that they introduced in the beginning of this congress. where does that go? is it lost in this daca fight? guest: it will come up but at the same time democrats are very much opposed to the legislation. you need 60 votes on that kind
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of bill. that could be something for democrats say, we will walk away from the table if you put that in there. the ultimatums were democrats say they will not support a dime of funding. what if we extended this program, would you then support wall funding? the progressive left is not going to allow democrats to support a wall funding, no matter what. host: mike, woodstock, virginia, line for democrats. caller: thank you for taking my call and thank you for c-span. as a lifelong democrat, 62 years old, both my parents came from meager beginnings. did fairly well from themselves. s administrations, deportations were at a higher rate than they are currently. hasillegal immigration rate
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steadily decreased. the majority of the 9/11 hijackers came across canadian borders. did agree with president trump and his candidacy rhetoric, was term limits on congress. it has been commented on that congress, in 30 years, as you stated, 1986 was the last weeping immigration reform. term limits on congress, to terms for a senator, 12 years, eight more than any president and six terms for representatives, that is four more years than any president. howof this talk about immigrants, particularly daca people, have caused these problems. there are criminals in every demographic. we know that appeared there are
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many, many, persons, whether they immigrated legally or illegally, that embrace the opportunities in america. many are good neighbors and good taxpayers. this is a broad, complicated issue. congress, congress, congress, term limits and force the old adage of compromise. it makes me sick to hear left and right, we are americans, i'm a moderate, the majority of americans are in the middle and not on one floor and the other. host: stick around for our 9:00 hour when we will be getting into some of the issues you bring up, the economic impact of the dreamer population. how many there are and where they live. we will be joined by doris meissner of the migration policy institute to talk about a lot of those issues. bob cusack? guest: you mention deportation.
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at one point, groups on the left were criticizing president obama and called him the deep order in chief. deporter inr -- chielf. -- chief. democrats had control in 2009 and 2010 but they were afraid of pushing reform. host: michigan, an independent, sue. caller: my question is -- i have not heard much about the democratic, i think his name is menendez, his trial, harry reid is implicated. can you tell me how that will affect congress? guest: great question, the menendez trial i believe starts tomorrow. menendez, a democrat from new jersey, accused of corruption in getting gifts for exchange for legislative favors. he said he is completely not guilty.
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.e will have to be at the trial he requested, because he is a senator, to be in washington that he just shows you will be at the trial. that could factor in, if there are close votes this month. menendez is not going to be testing many votes. if any. this month. that will be one to watch and democrats are concerned about that stealing headlines this month, when republicans are trying to move a lot of stuff. that is something to watch over the next several weeks. the republican national committee has been putting out press releases saying, if menendez is convicted, he should step aside. chris christie what a point, if he does step aside, his replacement, a lot of politics possibly. we shall see if he is convicted or not. host: the hill newspaper covering that trial. max green -- max greenwood has
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been covering that from the hill. richard, wilmington, north carolina, a republican. caller: i am a combat disabled retired air force veteran. why are we continually going to go ahead and reword cash reward criminal, illegal's -- reward criminals, you legal's -- illegals. do for them and do not reward criminals -- deport them and do not reward criminals. i have to pay my own disabilities. we will keep paying criminals? guest: this is something that you hear a lot of this. that was why trump was elected, he said he would. host: callers say this is not obligated, if it is not a legal
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immigrant, it is not obligated. guest: can they say people going to legal immigration, those people are going ahead of them, another aspect you will hear from callers in the coming weeks and months. host: louisburg, north carolina, deborah am a democrat. -- deborah, democrat. go ahead. caller: this is deborah. i would like to say, criminals on the daca program should be deported. the biggest crook of them all is donald trump. thank you. host: paul and pennsylvania, a republican. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. trump shouldt mr. follow through on what he said he would do. ok?
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i do not know how it will happen. they are illegals, they have talked about the younger people under 16 but have not talked about the parents. the other thing is -- all this data spent on this program, a lot of time wasted. people are just going to write about it. this country is in a situation right now where, if we do not listen to what is going on as far as biblical, we are in trouble. just a minute. we are in the third earth age. all of the signs of the second coming of the lord have started. strife, fighting, brothers against brothers, sisters against brothers, families fighting, divorces.
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all kinds of stuff. the last line is the big one, wars and rumors of wars. host: surely, new castle, pennsylvania, republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. i could not agree with the last gentleman more. we wanted to get the republicans in charge. we thought we could get something done. when you have people like collins, murkowski, john mccain, i understand he deserves a lot of credit and a lot of respect. i know he is sick and needs our prayers. but, these three have really hurt the republican party. i really feel they need to be out and bring three new ones and that will work with the republicans to get something done. look where we are at.
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since january, what have they got done? guest: the republican party made big promises. this is the first time in over a decade they have controlled congress and the white house. they have been disappointed and not been able to get big things through. tax reform was supposed to have passed by now. this is a crucial stretch for the republican party, who did not succeed on health care. it looks like that will not pass because, under the rules, under the reconciliation rules where you can pass health care reform with a majority of senators, that expires at the end of this month. they are not talking up on health care. more talk of bipartisanship, the health committee is talking hearings this week about trying to fix it. the affordable care act is so polarizing, hard to see any type of bill passing congress on that
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issue. host: collins, murkowski, mccain , the leading players in the debate over the affordable care act. take us through your debatetions for the daca in the next six months, who will be the leading senators to watch? guest: collins may run for governor, which could open up the seat for democrats, it is a blue state and maine. something republicans want her to run for reelection, in washington they do, she usually easily when. the immigration debate, you will see members like luis gutierrez on the left, steve king, republican from iowa, he was tweaking over the weekend -- tweeting over the weekend, hardliners versus comprehensive reform people. chairman ofe, the the house judiciary committee and senator grassley, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, they will be the players to watch.
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grassley has struck deals with democrats throughout his career. will he be able to get some type of deal on this? a tough task. host: i wonder if jeff flake will be someone you are watching, someone the president has criticized this summer. back the -- all but one of the primary opponents of jeff flake who win against john mccain and lost badly to john mccain. trump has not backed flake and will not back flake. that will be a problem for his reelection in 2018 but flake -- president george w. bush pushed comprehensive reform for immigration and it got real close to passing but did not get over the health. -- hump. host: jeff flake on sunday was asked about the president going back on his promise among republicans.
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in places like arizona. here is the back-and-forth with jeff flake on sunday. >> the right thing to do to go back on a promise, you hope that president's keep some of their campaign promises and they ignore others. this is one he should ignore. whoe are 800,000 daca kids were brought across the border the median age six are sold -- six years old. they should not be punished for the sins of their parents. that is the basic principle we should follow. they are either in school or have graduated and are working, almost all of them, 90 something percent of them are in the workforce. to remove them from the country and split up families is not the way we should go. host: when the president says this morning, congress, get ready to do your jobs, daca. talking jeff flake?
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guest: yes. the other interesting issue about jeff flake, he is really close with the vice president. when they served together in the house before mike pence became governor, an awkward situation for mike pence. without a doubt, and watch flake, he is running for reelection, totally devoted for reelection but there has been speculation that he could run against donald trump in 2020 and he says it is likely trump will get some type of primary -- primary challenger and likely some republican. not to say that the candidate , but buchananmp ran against the first bush and weekend bush number one and someone say that cost them in the election. host: we have not talked about north korea in this segment,
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what the white house and congress is saying about north korea. here is the president within the last minute on his twitter page. i am allowing japan and south have military equipment from the united states. i am assuming congress would have a role in that purchasing agreement. guest: i think they would. this is a difficult situation for members and any administration. if it was an easy solution, it would have been thought about it while back. we have never seen this type of rhetoric get heated between north korea and the united states. the key player is china. that is what the president has been pushing. china to broker some type of deal. both trump and north korea are not backing down. there has been talk of some type of military response from the united states. it is hard to see how that does not devolve into complete chaos.
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and steve bannon said in an interview before he left the white house, there is no military solution that is feasible. host: yesterday, an emergency meeting of the united nations security council to talk about north korea and the nuclear test from sunday. watch it at it was a meeting in which u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, said the north koreans are begging for war with the u.s. little rock, arkansas, line four independents. caller: if this were required viewing for the folks in -ngress today, it would be >> see the rest of this "washington journal" conversation on our website at we will leave it here to go to the u.s. capitol as the house is returning for the first time since their summer break. we're expecting brief speeches and then recess until later this afternoon for debate and


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