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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 9, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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fischler on infrastructure reform. then we'll talk to our guest federal wildfire management ceo tom martin. ♪ good morning. on this saturday, september 9, 2017 and it is the end of the week that saw congress return. president donald trump cut a deal with congressional democrats that funded the debt limit until december that angered republican lawmakers. the bill also included emergency funding for hurricane rv -- hurricane harvey as well as hurricane irma which is now bearing down on florida with tens of millions of americans in its path. there was also news about robert mueller's russian investigation and one of the largest financial
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breaches in u.s. history. on today's washington journal we are asking viewers, what was your story of the week? democrats can call (202) 748-8000, republicans (202) (202)01, and independents 748-8002. the front of today's you new york times -- the front of today's new york times talks about hurricane damage from beginningin which is to last from the florida coast to the wildfires on the west coast, including this one in oregon that is raging and also an earthquake hit mexico causing .assive damage and casualties we will have more later on in the show about those wildfires
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on the west coast, but a little more today from usa today about hurricane irma and how the .resident is preparing president trump headed to camp david on friday where he will spend a week huddling with his and monitoring the federal response to hurricane harvey and irma. it is a really bad one, but we are prepared at the highest -- it was shouted over the whirr of a helicopter. fundingllion disaster bill -- he also said those preparations are getting complicated as the government fights a war. the governor of texas, louisiana , life-giving efforts in havana and puerto rico. we must take a look at more of
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what's president trump said about hurricane irma and its preparatn. prestrump:- [vidli estrp:y admistration isorngloselyith our state and cal paners toelp veives, lpamilie and asstho ine. iss stm aolel hist destrucve pottial. evernen eto' pas be gintnde'wain. nothing is mor impornt tha the saty and secity ofur peop. we are doingvethg c to help wi disasr preparatio, and we will restore, recer, andebld geers e ericans. tesuch as thes we se thstng a rol oth amics. . weee that- eehe strethndesvef e eran srit.
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erica stands united, and i mean it. tollunited. from texas to lisnafr flidtouerto ro, and always the u.s. virgin islands and evywren twn tt s enfftebyhe teib srm wwi ioo anco bk roerhaev bere ho: othfrt gef d's al see ttl i shs wl re jrn, enngurca tt hanorern ta ve cago 5nds peedo hi t fri ks. huice maheos perl .rtas a a fri sdaesheta thatinmiio ohos d siss. mamaivtoerg
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fil cionn ngss i inthpridt a geus th g ive srt d t rhthi. a t pplwe sinth heas n gngo athg outhreernoheut ckheesnsily t -wh o w su tma taw ho:ete k u is ato u incore shldo? ll: iou le ngsso tir js std pyi potiooalitth imgrt ger. amnmmrabui el d r ellaler thdecrs t rca ar authe mian, atheca aut e e ves. thdecrs deoba d an tfith iue
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amha b h d nhi. : dyo tnkol tt men cldn,hod ey aow t sy? wh dyothk cgrs ou d caerf ur. shldelledota beusits the flt- eiau arinsava odea, wer,haisicsoti ifmmraons ho ino tangarf. inoakarof wldavthsaroem inones ho ineyo tesitay thdrme pnn cat i ofhe pplsug tmpo ve i. ne nolancrteac
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an aow iignttoor lellinhenid at. psintru t sa i itano andl students filed a lawsuit friday accusing trump officials of violating administrative and congressional requirements. he harms thousands of undocumented students that were made possible by the permit of daca. up next we have patrick. he is calling in from florida. how are you doing there? .aller: we are hanging in here the hurricane moved all the way west. i think the story of the week
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everybody'sletting identity be stolen and apparently, they have very little firewalls. target, someone else that had identity -- that had identity theft. the story -- c-span has not budget up your balance would reduce the federal deficit for the last several months. it is kind of pathetic of c-span not to do that. host: more about that equifax cyber attack. it has today report says already triggered a class action lawsuit. this ask -- after
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after disclosing that a cyber attack left vulnerable hundred 40 million u.s. users -- 140 million u.s. users. it says that the complaint seeks compensation and cost will be decided by a federal jury. we have franks calling in from reading, pennsylvania. what was the biggest story this week? caller: mainly i pray for the people in florida and the people in texas -- that they get through this and i will continue to pray. is other thing i pray for that they stop being democrats and republicans after they get elected. i think it is pathetic that they cannot get together.
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work, ihen i went to always had to do a job. it is really simple. in 1998, they did a study, and 2% transaction taxes -- they tax everything, even churches, wall street, everything. it showed it would have paid the $10 trillion down in 1998, what was interesting to me, it also paid down the hundred 10 -- $110 trillion in pensions. they have to stop it. government workers have to do the same as we do. churches, they did the 2%. there is no income tax taken out. get rid of the pages of what ever it is supposed to be -- i was an accounting for four years. gears.y
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-- it issomeone make ridiculous. they can lower to 4%, and look at how much money people would take home. -- have been getting 55 miles per gallon since the 1950's. host: again, democrats can call (202) 748-8000, republicans (202) 748-8001, and independents (202) 748-8002. let's take a look at the democratic house leader nancy pelosi said following her meeting at the white house with president trump about his support for the dream act. [video clip] >> daca made it very clear that priority was to pass between that. obviously, it has to be bipartisan.
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the president said he supports that. he would sign it. but we have to get it passed. that as our high priority. is one of the items still on the agenda for congress. roger is on the line from virginia. the democratic line. caller: good morning. good morning america. i am a little bit nervous, but here we go. [laughter] caller: i know one story not reported was how congress has not had investigations into the russian investigation publicly. my cover story of the week. host: there are several house and senate committees that are investigating the russia investigation. caller: they are not public. they are not in your face like the obama administration.
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every time somebody turn around, someone is going before congress. they could not find nothing wrong with hillary clinton. she was not guilty of anything. now, everything has went dark and silent. --hink the republican party they have stolen a supreme court justice see. .- justice seat i do not think there is hope for america anymore. host: on the front of the washington post, it has the latest of robert mueller's investigation. robert mueller has alerted the
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white house that his team will interview six top advisers the president trump who were incidentsto several -- mueller's iert t bes rles w e arng tpetre to a os cclof aesrod e psint tt s aw inre o mll' instatn. de icaininro losvle wh ionoumi? vy nfedro so othe op cli i rawaedgow op ithemra a pele ithreblanar
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7:41 am
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7:46 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
pelen filth a noinutllal aen- ha ppliny mi tt eotnguteg aen yo tm pk a lee? its t intoor i: y bsare flid he ullentllg in fm nad caer ireree da, thk a blsow t wn op cme ianbrk e la y he w eorme. th ls ndetoe foed lo te o d eyer n. t e ruliseoe o meerbrghthridnd w eiki he pbl. dootla tseeoe r ntg bte le. i amthgornntorot foin ls athese,
7:56 am
ichabacay cat ts tuiono aofhe tng--hi da ndd tusd,s t a ndd tusd -thac 0,heargog b drme a 10 yrs - 120 ar th a gngo veo t u a mera fm enhe invial css t bde wi tiridndstli a to pnt 00thit00 in a y aowheto ay atbo t dams at meexr? t oeros atrede omautn acpua t o o e
7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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