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tv   Hurricane Irma Update by Governor Scott  CSPAN  September 9, 2017 6:06pm-6:19pm EDT

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afterwards, harvard university professor danielle allen examines the issue of mass incarceration in her book. she is interviewed by author wes moore. prison the world population is in our prisons, despite the fact that we have only 5% of the worlds population. there are a lot of stories out there that we are not telling. and yes, we are letting this thing live. we have to get the stories out, so that we can see the damage you are doing and fix it! >> for more of this weekend schedule, wrote to books announcer: tonight the director, mr. for rate and and is a director admal mike rogers on intelligence gathering and sharing. they express the neefor congress to run you section five -- fisa bill.
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see it tonight, at 8:00 eaern on cease in. right after that, texas congressman michael mcauliffe discusses terrorism and he serves as the chairman of the homeland security committee. we will look at the challenges that security committee currently changes. he will be speaking at the global terror threat bipartisan policy center, at 930 eastern, c-span.a spin -- on >> c-span washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up sunday morning, eleanor clift of the daily beast will join us to discuss the political news of the day. nick ferrier know, the director of the centrist project will
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discuss his efforts to support centrist candidates on 2018. be sure to watch, live at 7:00 eastern on sunday morning. join the discussn. ♪ theuncer: monday, marks 16th anniversary of september 11, and our live coverage of the remembrances begin at 8 a.m. eaern, on c-span two. letter from new york city. at 930 a.m., live coverage of the september 11 ceremony the pentagon. at 9:45 a.m. on c-span three, live from pennsylvania, the 9/11 commemoration of the national memorial of flight 93. watch it live on our networks, online at or listen live on the c-span radio app. >> hurricane irma continues its path towards the united states with an expected landfall in
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south florida sometime overnight. earlier today, florida governor rick scott faced reply -- reporters by saying that his state is under an emergency. he spoke at the orange cnty office of emergency management in winter park. the briefing took place around noon eastern, and it is courtesy miami -- in fort lauderdale. >> south florida is already experiencing tropical storm force winds and hurricane irma andattering south florida the flora keys with dangerous winds and continues to remain a catastrophic and life-threatening at a gory three storm -- category three storm. this is a deadly storm and our city h never seen anything like it. millions of buildings receive jor hurricane impacts with deadly, deadly storm surge and life-threatening wins.
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-- winds. there is a serious threat of flooding, of significant storm surge flooding across the entire west coast of florida, and this has increased to5 feet of impact above ground level. 15 feet of impact above ground level! think about that. 15 feet is devastating. it will cover yo house. in the tampa bay area, the search is forecasted to be five feet to eight feet! think abt that, the typical story is 7-10 feet. this is a life-threatening situation! remember, the storm surge comes in, comes after the wind, do not thk the storm surge is over when the wind slows down. we will let you know, the local
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forecasters will let you know when it is safe. the storm surge kill you. in orange county, you are under hurricane warning and you could be dangerous and life-threatening wind and rain fall of more than 12 inches. th rainfall has already started and the wind will begin tonight. we could also see tornadoes. plea take action to keep your family in safe and find shelter now! there is a mandatory evacuation order for mobile homes in orange county. if you have been ordered to evacuate anywhere in the state, you need to leave, right now! tonight, not in one hour, now! you are running out of time, to make a decision. evacuations are in place a cross the state, more than 6.3 million floridians have been ordered to evacuate. you need to listen to local evacuation orders.
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dad and grandfather, i love my family more than anything, and i cannot imagine life without them. do not put your life or your family's life at risk! right now, is the right time to do the right thing for your family. are aiding in evacuations, pase take advantage of the service. if you need to leave and are unable to do so, for any reason at all, call one 8003423 --18003423557. we will do everything possible to get you out. protecting your life is an absolute, top priority. there will be no resource or expense spared to protect lives i urge everyone to checkn neighbors, family and friends. if you know someone who has not a vacuum at it and shad, please contact them and make sure they have a plan to get to safety. out,ou cannot wait to get
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you cannot wait until thstorm is here, you have to do it now. replaced,s can be your house can be replaced, you and your family cannot. have been working with counties across the state to ensure that there are enough shelters. thanntly there are more 320 shelters open across every county in the path of the storm and more opening today. one and 54,0 floridians have taken shelter and there is room for more. if you have -- if you're how a building, and emergency officials ask you to open up, please comply, you will save someone's life! this is so important, to families seeking safety. traffic, evacuation routes are moving. we have stopped the shlder driving on i-75 all the way to the georgia line, because traffic is moving. if there is a need to reopen and highway safety
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will do so immedialy. evacuations are meant to keep you safe. check real-time traffic information and evacuation routes at. our website fuel. -- evacuation routes at our website. as for fuel, all of the fuel ports in florida are closed for safety, and following the storm, eight troopers will resume escorting fuel trucks directly to guess stations across the state -- directly to gas stations across the state. we are hoping to bring more fuel to the state for storm response and recovery making our efforts to bring more fuel from neighboring states from the storm. we know that it ismportant, and we are doing everything we can to get more fuel in the state. stay prepared.
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every single florida national guardsmen that has already been employed, has been employed. we have so many members of law enforcement putting their lives at risk to help floridians get to a safe place and they will not stop until it is no longer -- until it is safe. we cannot thank them engh, there are putting themselves at risk to take care of everyone else. utility providers are actively repositioning resources throughout the state and neighboring states. ofknow the importance getting power, and we are working aggressively to the utilities to get the power back on as quickly as we n. i want to be clear. we are under a state of emergency. vitalees who perform services like health care staff, we need you to help the community. right now, florida needs 1000 volunteer nurses to help with our special needs shelters. if you have a nurse or you know
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someone who can volunteer, please email us at f we are also using bprc as that you mail address. we continue to need volunteers, before and after the storm. so many people across the country and across the world have called to offer prayers and support. i think the governors from every other state who have provided the resources that we asked for. i know the country is behind us. we have been talking to e white house, fema, brock long
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this morning, the fema administrator, almost every cabinet member, and they are doing everything they can to provide every resource they can. we have the country's best first responders ready to help us and florida will get through this. if you are in and evacuation zone, you have to get out now. get to a safe place. this is a catastrophic storm, that the state has never seen. remember, when you get your house rebuilt, you can get europe is -- you can get your possessions again, but you cannot rebuild your family. you can follow my twitter cott, on at flgovs twitter, for life-saving information. i am so proud to be governor of this incredible state. beenesident trump has receiving updates about hurricane irma all d in camp david, where he is spending the weekend. earlier this afternoon he held a
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meeting with cabinet officials and vice president, mike pence. here is a picture relead by the president's soal media director. presidentw hear from trump as he spoke to the american people in his weekly address. he talked abt rricane irma's expected landfall and talked about tax reform. the president was followed by new mexico democratic congresswoman who spoke about recovery efforts in texas, following hurricane harvey, and immigration policy. my fellow americans, as hurricane irma approaches, my administration is working closely with our state and local partners to help save lives, protect families, and assist those in need. storm of absolutely historic, destructive potential. i ask everyone in the storm's path to be vigil, to


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