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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2017 7:00pm-7:12pm EDT

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on the 2016 presidential transition team. thank you for being our guest. >> c-span, or history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. it is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> in the last hour, florida gov. rick scott briefed reporters on the expected landfall of hurricane irma. he spoke in tallahassee, this is courtesy of wp lg tv in miami, where lauderdale. this portion is 10 minutes. south florida has already experienced tropical force winds dangerous seas. hurricane irma has battered
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south florida and the keys with winds and is a catastrophic category three storm with winds of 125 miles per hour. the center is getting better organized, and will intensify as it approaches toward us. it will move across the keys tomorrow morning and grow across state on sunday. it will impact northwest florida on monday. the keys will see direct impact of the eye of the storm. there will be 18-15 inches of rain across the state, up to 25 inches in the keys. tornadoes are possible in software to this evening and introverted tomorrow. hurricane conditions will be across west coast beginning sunday morning. tropical storm conditions will continue to be felt across the warning area. millions of floridians will see impact of light burning wins tonight. this is a serious threat of siificance -- significant
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storm surge across the entire west coast of frida. 15 feet of impact above ground level in southwestlorida. tempo will see a surge of 5-8 th we also see an incase in flooding in rivers throughout the peninsula. this is clearly a life-threatening situation. remember, southwest florida the storm surge comes after the strongest wds. do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down. local officials will let you knowhen it is safe. the storm surge will rush in and it could kill you. when it happens, watch just rush in and rushes out. families need to be on high alert for severe weather, including hurricane force winds tallahassee will likely perience hurricane force winds
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and families need to start preparing now. didaw what hurricane irvine to this area last year, we could see similar and more severe birth from irma -- from ia. you need to leave now if you have been avoided -- told to evacuate. evacuations are in place in various areas across the state. more than 5 million have been told to evacuate. do not put yourself or you family at risk. now is the time to do the right thing for your family. scho buses are aiding in evacuations. please take advantage of that service. if you need to leave, and are unable to do so for any reason, call 1-800-3-3557. we will do anything we can to get you out. protecting life is our absolute p priority. no resource or expense will be spared to protect families.
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i urge everyone to check on their neighbors, family, and friends. if you know someone was not evacuating and should, please contact them and make sure they have a plan to get out now. we have been very aggressive in our preparation for this storm. now it's upon us. every floridian should take this seriouy and be aggressive to protect their fily. can be replaced, your life, family cannot be replaced. shelters. we have been working around the clock with counties to maksure there are enou shelters. thanntly, there are more 385 shelters open across every county in the past of the storm. more opening tonight. more than 70,000 floridians have taken shelter, there is room for more. emergency officials ask you to open a shelter, please comply. this is important to families safety.
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everyone needs to find a safe way to go. evacuation routes are moving, we have implemented emergency shoulder used on i-4 from tampa, east of state road 429 in orlando. our 1700 state troopers remain on the roads to assist evacuations and traffic. they will remain on the roads until it is safe. check real-time traffic information and evacuation routes at fl we are still aggressively working to keep gas stations open and filled along evacuation routes. i waved florida's motor vehicle fuel import tax to brg more fuel to our state for storm response and recovery. this will make our efforts to bring in fuel from neighboring states after the storm easier. we absolutely no fuel is important, we're doing -- we are
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every state resource we can to ensure we have fuel immedtely we wantedody, but immediately for first responders and rescue efforts. we have so many members of our law-enforcement community that lets the lives at risk. they will not stop until it is no longer safe. we cannot thank them enoug utilities. more than 76 thousand people are without wer. it's going to get worse. utility providers have been positioned resources drop the state and neighboring states. we know how important power is. we will work with utilities to make sure gets back on. we covered. search and rescue staged and rea once this storm passes and is safe for first responders. i met with an arrow today, they are here and have asked us to
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help in this process. we have food and water to be dispersed to impacted areas. we will do all we can to get to the south quickly. department of transportation, national guard, official wildlife, will work as fast as they can to clear roads so we can get food and water to shelters and impacted areas. we also have guardsmen ready to come in and help with this. disaster response takes time. we will last as fast as we can once the weather is safe. we are also working with fema on temporary housing solutions are displayed sidents. i have been talking with president trump and oer members of the white house a the cabinet. they're committedo provide whatever resource they can to help us live through this storm in our recovery efforts. we are under a state of emergency. those who perform bile services
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including health care staff, we need you to be there to help your community. we have more than 2500 will have already responded. responded our heroes to our neighbors with special needs, we are grateful to them. can still use mark hurd florida needs volunteer nurses to help that special needs shelters. nurse.d still use more dpr chdalso email preparedness at fl across theple country and across the world offer their support. i'd like to thank everyone was provided the resoues we left for. i know the entire country is with us. we have first responders ready to help us. florida,e will get through this. floridians have demonstrated that we know what it is to get prepared. neighbors are helping neibors.
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and strange are coming together to pull together. let's get together and hold through this. we will come back even stronger. you can follow my twitter account at fl governor scott for this life-saving messaging. tonight, remarks fronbn director christopher wray and nsa director at tomorrow mike rogers on intelligence gathering and sharing. they expressed the need for congress to renew fisa section 702, which authorizes the intelligence communityo access communications of not ericans outside the u.s.. it is hosted by the intelligence and national security alliance, and the armed forces communications and electronics association. see tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. right after that, texas congressman michael mccaul discusses terrorism and its revolution since 9/11. he serves as the chairman of the house homeland security
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committee, and looked at the challenges the intelligence community currently faces. he spoke in front of the bipartisan policy center, and will show you his comments 50 --t at 950:00 -- mina 9:50 p.m. >> c-span's washington journal, live everyay with news and policy issues that impact you. on sunday morning, cns news editor and chief will join us to discuss. mick troiano, executive director of the project will be on, he will talk about the group's efforts to support centrist candidates in 2018. be sure to watch live at seven eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. a, adamight on q and and gst, founder and ceo of open the book talked about tax dolls spent and transparency. >> veterans affairs, we audit
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the checkbook for the last four years. during a. where up to 1006 veterans died while waiting to see a doctor, the v.a. spent $20 million on on our portfolio. 27 foot christmas tree costing the amount price like cars. poachers priced like five-bedroom homes. culturesters -- huge like five bedroom homes. for $2 million. this is the type of waste in o government. >> suny night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. yesterday, national education association president discussed education policy,


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