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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 10, 2017 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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legislated by republican congress. guest: ryan is a diminished figure because of the way trump has treated him, but you can't beat someone with no one in the alternative suggested to replace paul to replace paul ryan is weaker. think those are very unlikely alternatives. host: elinor fritz of the daily beast and terry jeffrey, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. it is the largest, or one of the largest evacuations in america's history, and we have been monitoring the devastation into the u.s. virgin islands and we will listen it for a moment and come back and open our phone lines. these are live pictures courtesy of noaa, looking at hurricane
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irma as it exits wave along the gulf coast, living from the florida keys, hitting tampa, naples, near fort myer, and making its way to the center part of the state. live pictures courtesy of noaa, and a simulcast in miami. >> i had 200 mile an hour rains winds tested in my house and every went out. by 20 home was used people for shelter and the people taking shelter were able to stay sits in a closet and were not hurt. they tell him it was one of the scariest things they have experienced, and you can only imagine why by looking at the pictures. >> right now, we are joined in southwest miami-dade to get a sense of what they are experiencing there.
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>> we were just in our state house a little while ago because we were experiencing heavy rain and rain. we went over there and we just came out, and we are standing right near this power plant. .ou can see the flashing light it is almost like little sparks, like a firework. we will see a spark every now and then, so it is going crazy in the corner. as you look to the left, there is a church and y c gge wtrg e nds. take a look at the palm tree it is gusting ha in this coer. if you take a look at the water in this parking t area, we are standing in front of a carpet tile would and we lost a part of the sign, a piece of the sign here, and we also had downed trees of the blog, so this is what we have been dealing with, and more so where we are right
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now, a little bit away from u.s. one. those are the conditions we are dealing with in this area. your family is in the kindle southwest area, have you been able to communicate? .> i have i have been in contact with my parents and my family lives west of here, they have not lost power and they are dealing with heavy rain, strong wind, but they still have power, but in the house we were just income if they had no power, that whole neighborhood with no power at all. when you talk about no power, explain about traffic lights, as well, it is going to be a while before the slides are up again. and in some cases, some people may to want to get out to drive. what do you say to those people? >> you know, earlier this
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morning, my partners and i were overpass of the turnpike, and if you were watching earlier, you saw the transformer first and go in and out, so traffic lights started flickering. they went out, came back in, and we drove a few blocks. a lot of the traffic lights are fact, weas a matter of have seen one or two cars on the streets, so we would hope people are watching this and seeing the conditions. we are trying to alert you not to get on the roads. if you happen to be at the traffic light that is out, the most important thing to know is to treat it as a four way stop sign. we saw a couple of cars driving in opposite direction. wpog, a livenks to simulcast of their coverage of the hurricane and miami-dade county is getting the effects of
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the storm but the ball is hitting the gulf coast, including the everglades -- but the bulk of it is hitting the gulf coast, including the everglades. they have not had a direct hurricane hit in nearly a century. some of the headlines from florida newspapers, from the naples daily news, brace for impact, category 4 irma smashing southwest florida sunday. the rest of the state, brace for a monitor storm. tampa bay times -- ready or not, irma projected to hit tampa today. irma is coming, from the herald tribune. finally, the orlando sentinel times, time for irma. our phone lines are open, and we are dividing them regionally, (202)-748-8000 for those in the eastern and central time zones. for those of you out west,
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(202)-748-8001. we do have a line for florida residents, if you are in florida or you evacuated to a neighboring state, many of those meridians, 6.5 million people who have fled the curse of the evacuation order. it first began into our date county and moved in there is this tweet from the national oceanic -- actually, miami-dade officials saying "stay indoors. we are still under a tornado watch." this is for miami-dade county with wind gusts approaching 70 miles per hour. our phone lines are open. we will go to richard for maryland. good morning. >> good morning. host: go ahead, sir. grandparents lived in
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for years andnty every time there was a hurricane, they would get out of there. they were scared to death of being trapped. the houses were not built as well as now. they did not have real steel in them, but now they are being built not like they were. host: are they there now? caller: what? host: are your parents still down there? caller: no, actually they moved back and passed away. i had another comment to make. i have been a registered democrat and lived in maryland my whole life, but i actually back when ronald reagan got elected, and i grandstand for him and i was working for ups as a delivery driver and
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being treated back in that era of time has gotten better, i think, but [indiscernible] strike, thereon was a tough time going through that. host: thanks for the call. the miami herald has a look at hurricane andrew, which took place in 1992. this headline from an earlier from irmadamage could surpass andrew's aftermath. storm is making its way up the coast. it is larger than the state of florida. expectations it is as large as the state of texas or france. you can see a map the size of the storm and the winds that follows. flooding is a big concern, especially with wind gusts and flooding in the florida keys, as
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much as 25 inches of rain expected in the aftermath of hurricane irma. we will go to wisconsin. james is next. good morning. caller: i have not heard about the dali museum in st. petersburg. cap of the works of salvador dali are there, and they have had to build a hurricane proof building to get those works put into st. petersburg. we are going to find out if it is hurricane proof. host: thanks. disney world closed today for the fifth time in its history because of hurricane winds. florida has also canceled classes for friday and monday as the state of emergency continues. recovery efforts continuing houston with the flooding that took place after hurricane harvey. and then there is hurricane jose, expected to skirt the caribbean. so far, it is a category 4 storm. you can see it potentially, according to the national weather service, could make its
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way into the atlantic without making significant landfall. again, that storm is early. we will go to david in los angeles. good morning. caller: good morning. quicp on freele speech --quip on free speech tv and it went something like, it is easier to fool someone then it is to convince them that they have been fooled. the reason why i cite that is because i was listening to your two guests, particularly the one that seems to be right wing, if you will, these failed talking points and policies they have been pushing -- i think what we are experiencing with texas and florida and throughout the
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united states, all of these talking points that have been masqueraded around have some kind of legitimate policy to governing a country are coming home to roost. are going toe experience something in the aftermath of all of these things to which only government can address, right? if we do not come to our senses, then the aftermath will be twice as worse than calamity itself. so it is very instructive, we talk about global warming, trying to employ intelligent policies to govern a nation that is met with these republican talking points about a portion -- abortion and frivolous, nonsensical stuff like tax cuts, and a place of crumbling infrastructures throughout the united states. for the callthanks
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from los angeles. with wind gusts in excess of 100 miles per hour in miami, we are keeping track of hurricane irma. this tweet -- i wonder how many people stayed in florida because rush limbaugh said it was a hoax. i heard he ran for cover. -- testing building codes? hurricane irma will test them soundly. good morning from florida, where is that located? caller: we are north of ft. myers but south of dennis. host: you are in that i later -- eye later today. caller: we have shutters up, well protected, but this is no joke. sts and how things are moving, the trees, what have you, so those who went to the shelter, the politicians and first responders did an
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outstanding job telling people this is no joke and that this is what they are going to get into tampa. it is coming really heavy. host: why did you stay? our homeirst of all, is above ground and we are shutters,d we had provisions, what have you. i think we did a good move with that, but we've got -- we thought it would go east but it didn't, so this is a really heavy storm. we have been here 21 years and this is about the roughest i have seen, so i cannot wait until it moves on. my office -- i had to put shutters on the whole building. this iseed to know that not a joke. now it is really quiet and dos file -- docile.
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i can see the birds, but that is just those bands going to the eye and they have something coming to the north of us, so they better stay in place wherever they are. colin joining us from northport, florida. thank you. there is a tweet, disney world will be closed additional days depending on where irma goes in the damage it causes. joining us on the phone is congressman dennis ross, a republican from florida, thank you are being with us. and what of damage cost estimate do you think we could proceed for the federal government? guest: very significant, probably the most significant damage this country has ever seen sustained by hurricane. storms, we had three
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crisscross florida and that was a record. then katrina came, that was a record. massive, that the likely have seen in my lifetime. i would anticipate this would probably stretched even more so the relief dollars and resources to appropriate. but we will have to. i am hopeful that since 2004, the building codes, the resiliency we had been preaching about and modifying existing structures to make them stronger, i am hoping we see a great benefit from that. we have learned from our history that we need to build stronger structures. flooding will be a big issue. wind will be a significant issue for the state. host: congressman, we have never had back-to-back storms like this, hurricane harvey, now hurricane irma, is global warming a fact or? guest: there has been global warming since the beginning of
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time. a lot of -- if you look at the history of florida, we had tremendous storms in the first of the 20th century that we had not seen the magnitude of until now. that really is not an issue of mine at this point. my issue is to make people are safe, we restore them back to their homes, their livelihood. we can have that debate after and we will continue to have that no matter what. my focus now is on how we take care of those in harm's way in the eye of the storm. mind, it willt in come at the price terry. how will congress pay? ofst: we do have the benefit being probably the wealthiest nation out there. resources in many ways. one thing that impressed me is after the hurricanes in 2004, or $39 billion was paid in private insurance claims, there are resources and private capital,
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and while there will be a tremendous burden on fema and the national flood insurance program, everybody in the state of florida will have to have wind insurance and a lot will come from target capital as a result of private insurance. granted, they will not cover all, but it is more than saying the federal government has to pay the full bill. if you live in florida, you have to have windstorm insurance, which is part of your homeowners policy. if you do not have your homeowners policy, you have to avail yourself to the federal programs, but i would say a large part because of mortgages after that require insurance, homeowners insurance, and because you live in florida with a windstorm policy, a lot of capital will come to private insurance companies. as it should, instead of relying on the total government. the federal government will be there, as we were in harvey, we will be there. that is our foremost sponsor
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ability, but it will not be all at the expense of the federal government. host: we are talking with congressman dennis ross. he is joining us on the phone this sunday. on friday, you have the chance to fight over hurricane irma, a massive storm, how did that come about and what did you see? guest: john, i actually flew through hurricane irma four times and spent four hours at 10,000 feet and it doesn't be inside the storm with hurricane hunters, who are exceptional individuals. .hey invited me to fly out we left at 3:00 in the morning. wewas an eight hour flights, spent four hours inside the storm. it is like a horror movie and the roller coaster altogether but it is amazing the data they can obtain and how they do it. it showed me from a birdseye view how bad and wicked the
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storm is. we would go from 90 miles out of the center, fly through it at 8000 feet, drop sensors, stay in an eyewall out, kate -- hit an eyewall and go right back. it was amazing but it show me the magnitude of the devastation this hurricane is packing. host: what did that feel like in the plane? guest: you know -- [laughter] it strengthened my faith because theare at the mercy of powers of god and these incredible pilots. asy would ride turbulence though on a surfboard. one person operating the hitch, the other the acceleration, the other wind instruments to make sure was handled, and they do this as another day in the office for them. it was an experience of a lifetime. host: tell us about your district in your biggest
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concerns with the wind, the rain and the tornadoes. guest: yeah, my district goes from about five miles from downtown tampa down the i-four corridor to disney world. we are going to be hit significantly by the storm. nowill have flooding, question, especially in a storm surge from the tampa bay area. the biggest issue will be the wind that we expect, sustained winds of 75 to 80 miles-per-hour . for several hours it will happen at night. there is a lot of brain happening here -- rain happening here, so they are not as stable as they should be. we expect there will be a lot of trees that will fall, hopefully little on the structures, but that is our biggest concern. power outages will ensue. i am hoping those who taken to hand using generators will do it safely. do not make buyers indoors, stay
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away from windows. tornadoes will be big in the district over the next 24 hours. host: congressman dennis ross from central florida, hopefully we can check in with you in the next 48 hours. we thank you for your time. guest: thank you, john. appreciate it very -- appreciate it. host: jim says rush limbaugh this wasd that a hope -- irma was a hoax. he said that global warming caused it was a hoax. good morning. caller: i am in east kendall, here sincehave lived 1961. i have experienced all the hurricanes, including andrew. andrew was a lot worse than this storm. storm, andry wide this may be damaging to the
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southwest coast and tampa because an expert was explaining that the tampa bay water could come out and come back in and rush in and have tremendous sea level rising, but the main thing is to stay in your house or wherever you are and do not be going out and do not be there cables that are loose on the road or anything like that area and host: jose -- like that. host: jose in miami. here is live coverage at this hour. [video clip] >> this has been an issue since last night but getting worse. now, the strength of the wind and water has knocked over a fence. that is not the way the fence is, that was holding up and barricading the parking lot yesterday afternoon. nowadays down and look at the there, water rips along forming waves basically on the water.
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at this game boulevard -- at this boulevard, you see street flooding along the boulevard, all street flooding, and it would be silly to be out there driving. this come back around, billboard, if you joined us live last night, this billboard had a little rip on it that seem like it was starting to get. today, it has officially given, it is ripped apart. we have seen the strength of irma, the winds we are getting, and delta meteorologist will tell us we are -- all the meteorologists will tell us we are seeing hurricane gusts, and when we went out earlier, we had tropical storm force winds but we have got those gusts going to hurricane force range. this is the scene in downtown. one more look, look at the way
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ips that water along. we have to expect with all the wind and rain coming our way, it will only get worse. we will continue to follow the situation. that certainly goes along with the power outages we see right now. the effects you see match the fact that more than one million power,might have no reaching more than 650,000 hours without power, so we hate to reach that mark but we know today make it worse because of these intense, intense winds picking up. host: those intense winds, come with power outages, miami police saying a lot of power outages in this message, do not use gasoline generators indoors, not even the garage. that warning from the miami police department. susan joins us from georgia, as
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hurricane irma continues to hit florida. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking the call. i wanted to make a comment on your last guest. host: sure. caller: yes, the problem is they talkgetting on t.v. and about now is not the time to talk about mobile warming and how the planet is changing, we need to keep people safe, blah, blah, blah, but the point is now is the time to talk about it. there is a problem with the and nobody wants to address it -- with the planet and nobody wants to address it. i think the public is aware now is the time to talk about it. the other comment i picked up on was he was also -- and i have heard this from others -- that we need to somehow get away from fema. i believe as they passed this tax bill, which everybody should really be again, is when --
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against, is when the cut taxes for the top resume and corporation, that many has to be made up somehow. the burden of these storms are going to be put on people, ourselves, and getting more insurance policies that people cannot pay for it as it is. i believe when they do these tax cuts to make up the dollars, there to cut fema and other programs like. counties are the going to have to pick up that -- so that state and counties are going to have to pick up that tax revenue, which means taxes will go up as far as property and food and everything else, so the the lines. now is the time to global warming. it is -- now is the time to talk -- aboutis happening
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global warming. it is happening, and do not let them do those tax cut because those will be particularly fema and other services like that. host: from virginia, good morning. from the spiritual perspective, it is the word of god and we need to open our ears to the force of the word that is coming in from [indiscernible] america wills in be destroyed and the inside from the forces of nature. weapons, arms, this is an area of destruction because of the mistreatment of the black men in america and indigenous people. host: in kingston, pennsylvania, you are next. caller: hey, i am here!
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i want to speak about may be our president does not really understand what is going on in this country. needs to have a little bit more clarity about what we are dealing with. i am upset that we voted for him. i am upset that this country voted for this man, even though we know that 3 million people did not vote for this man. it is confusing to me. tlso, i think that the pac they made with the democratic party, so what? for what? to raise the debt to what? we need to do better in this country for the people in this country. daca is good for the people in this country. we need these people here. man that spoke earlier about the jobs in vermont, you think mexicans are going to vermont to get jobs?
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that is a joke. host: thank you. from the national weather service in miami, a warning tweet about high-rise building experiencing with us -- experiencing wind gusts close to 100 miles per hour, able to stay away from windows. rush limbaugh statement's regarding hurricane irma responsible and he knows it, another tweak. this tweet from a viewer, trump's president! get over it you obama liberals who hate a real leader. we do not care what you say. way, weginia -- by the have a line set aside for those who live in florida -- (202)-748-8002. go ahead, ron. caller: good morning, america. i went to comment on climate change. [indiscernible]
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especially people who called themselves conservatives, he says it is easier to be fooled, then to fool somebody then to convince them they have been fooled. these people have been fools to the point that we ended up with donald trump as president. conservatives have nobody else to worship. they have to hope he does what they told him to do. illegal immigration should be becausethat immediately this is taking jobs from american people in the country. i am sick and tired of people talking about what are you going to do if you do not have a legal people to do work? all of a suddre


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