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Mike Pence
  Vice President Pence Visits FEMA Headquarters  CSPAN  September 10, 2017 2:49pm-3:04pm EDT

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[captions coright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, whicis responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> monday march the 16 anniversary of september 11. a ceremony at the national september 11 memorial. live coveragespan for the septemr 11 ceremony. at 9:45 a.m. eastern, live from shanksville pennsylvania, the 9/11 commemoration at the flight 93 national memorial. online at and lten with the free c-span radio app. vice presidentence was at fema headquarters in washington dc a short time ago. remarks on the federal response to hurricane irmand its impact on florida. this is about 15 minutes.
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if you want a camera forward we can that.
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>> we have a long way to go. we are going to be there first. >> not as much as i do. >> mr. vice president, any aners or thoughts for the peoplef florida watching liv right now?
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any thing you would like to say to people in hurricane ph? the peoplef south florida and people of the tire state should know we are with you. o supportt to bear the efforts of vernorcott and state and cal officials across florida, we will continue to do that. this conties to be a very dangerous storm. we urge everyone within the sound of our voice to heed the warnings olocal officials whether that be shelteri in place or the northern rtof the state, there is still opportunity according to local officials to movout of the way and evacuate to a safe shelter. people need to take the storm
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with great seriousness. and t efforts of every level of our federal government ar here to stand alongside state and local officialsndhe lifesaving missi and very soon recovery mission and very soon in the rebuilding mission. who spoke tomp governor scott spoke to neighboring states and said to very simple messages, number one we areityou in the prayers of the american people are with the people of florida. as the presint said, our mission here in supporof local efforts is very simple. wherever hurcane irma goes we will be there fst we will be there with reurces and support both to save lives and to recover and rebud the ates and communities.
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thank you. a very dangerous storm, this ia life-threatening storm and it is enormously important that every american in the path of the storm take the warnings oftate and local officials to heart. cities, we can rebuild building we cannot rebuild lives. ofing lives is the prrity all of us from the preside to governor scott on down and will save -- and will stay foced on life-saving missions begs with americans in harm's way listeng to state and local official wth that be to shelter in place or of local official stay there, still time to evacuate aafe shelter, tdohat. warnings,n the putousafety and family safety and the safety of those
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boehner will citizens that you know around you fst. we will get through this. clearly the briefing we received at cp vithis morning caused the president to ha great concern. and the potential through heavy winds. ives we havese the all seen the experts speak about that part of the storm th will be strikg. >> people in harm's y in just a few hours at marco island and naples and north to tampa.
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they need to take these warning seriously. we know thatve american and every resource from the federal government is being brought to bear to support state and local effort , theall i've hrd american people can be proud of the efforts underway. we need to remn vigilant. ople need to take the warning seriously. of flora need to know that our hearts and prayers are with them and will be with them until the storm passes.
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>> c-span's waington journal. live eve day with news of licy issues that impact you. of the center for
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strategic and inteational studies wi join us to talk about the state of homeland securityince 9/11. aboutm fraser will talk issues related to hurricanes irma and harvey. live at seven eastern monday morning. join the discussion. a bipartisan group of governors were on capitol hill this past week to testify on ways to lower health care premium costs and stabilize the indidual insurance mark. some of those ggestions includedlans for open enllment and an extension of cautionary reduction substances -- reduction subsidies. this portion comes with statements from ea governor. it is just under three hours. >> thank you and good morning to members of the committee. chairman alexander. it is an honor to be here with this group of gornors