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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 11, 2017 6:59am-7:58am EDT

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mrs. clinton: i think my general election prospects were so badly damaged because of that, that even though i was starting to come back, it was not enough tim tos to b looked at in context with the russians weaponizing information, negative stories
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about me, this whole wikileaks beginning to leak in early october of john podesta's emailswhich, if you read them ll,
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host: it's open phones. lines wille there on topics.
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troy, michigan, republic line. go ahead. you're next. caller: goodorning. today we're celebrating 9/11, or not celebrating, because i was a horrible thing. y nce died inower one. and we have hrd that most of the people were from saudi arabia or had saudi arabian connections am for a number of years, we have entertained that president bush was one of the top officials in the government, and, of course, the saudis are intelligent, when trump went to europe the first time, they wined and dined him and gave him a gold necklace and things of that nature. the saudi arabians, most people don't pay attention, are emeni that are
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below them on the map, if you look at the map. i strongly object to our american government giving so and ttention and fawning whatever words you want use to that government, because they are responsible for one of e worst tragedies in our united states history, in addition to the fact, most people don't realize that the saudi form of religion teaches hate for our country. think people should pay more attentioand pay more attention tohe good things that we do for that government, good question mark. host: before you go, tell us about your niece. caller: lisa marie terry, 42 years old, vice president, one of theany vice presidents of
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man mclennan, who is a worldwide insurance ancy in new york city. lisa lived in michigan. she went to nework to deliver a paper and was planning on leaving to go to hawaii for ree months, pt her job. she had a very specialized expertise in insurance, a so -- we're going to mi her immensely. and she was a very ambitious, ery brightoung lady. and it's just a tragedy,nd just one thing if you allow notice mention, it's very distasteful to families of 9/11 for them to be showing these
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towers witheople jumpg out of the i can't tell you how many people asked me, was your nce one of those, do you think that she might have mped out of the tower? hatifference does it make? insensitive to the feelings of the families, because we mourn hem forever. host: laura, i want to thank you for telling aboutour niece. i'm sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing thawi us. we'll go next to andy. andy in new york, democrats ine, go ahead. you're on, go ahead. caller: i think there's no doubt that president trump is
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the worst president in the u.s. history. we have to impeach him as soon as possible. as he become president, we face aatural dister ever day. in a we lost in a fire miami flood, as you see today. we lost every people. it's because i think it's a natural disaster becausef the trump and disaster decision. this is because his company to plead innocent in yemen, in afghanistan, in syria, in every hospal, ok? i think we have to impeach him as sooas possible. thank you very much. ho: off of twitter, give it 10 years and miami will be a lost cause dueo sea level rise from man made climate kevif dome spi and
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:er ok, that's alan in new
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rk. he'lmeet with senator tim scott on wednesday and notes that the senator who said th prident trump's "moral authority" was compromised by his respse to the white supremacist fueled violence in charlottesville last month is set to meet wednesday to discs issues of race and race relations, said two people familiar with the meeting --
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host: his mother raised him as a single paren working long hours at a nursing home, senator scott and the predent are also expected to discuss poverty among black americans and issues facing historically black universities. that meeting set to take place on wednesday. michigan, democrats line. caller: hi, pedro, and good orning, america. i don't want anyone that's listening to take this the wrong way. of course my heart goes out for the hurricane victims in harvey and irma, but i really do feel at the med, the news, this was overkill regarding these incidents with the hricanes. now, i live in michigan. they don't cover the snowstorm an all the, yoknow, what happens re. but i in michigan.
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i don't have to live that, what the people in florida and texans live on a day-to-day basis. i mean, the mode ian't and the atr, it was overkill. the last seven days, 24 hours as though there's no other news to report. it's like you report about the equifa credit card stuff, credit scores. that's important. we haven't heard anything about that. this was overkill. now, my heart goes out for all of my fellow citizens that's going thugh these hurricanes. however, when it comes to my taxpayer dollars, if the rich peopleant to keep building and live and businesses on t coast line, next to the beach, i don'want my tax money going towards paying for them to build another high rise and live on the ocean. we know it's climate change. so that's one point. let's talk about the forest
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firesut west. our firefighters e dying, just because rich ople want to live up in the mountains, and they're fighting firesor four or five ricpele home. they shodn't be living ther and i mean it, america, our taxpayers should not be paying rich people to live like that. host: ok, tt's michigan. let'go to dan next. he's in missouri, republican line. caller: wow, pedro. kind of stirred the pot up here this morning about 90 some percent is reality, and the other is just confusion. host: dan, i apologize.
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the connection that you'r giving us is not that strong of one. can we see if maybe you can get a better line on that, and let's see if we can give you another try once you get that better connection established. in the meantime, let's try patty. patty is in sterling, virginia. patty, good morning to you. go ahead. ou are on. caller: first thing, on the anniversary of 9/11, i'd like to extend the deepest sympathies and blessings to the families of the lost loved ones from 9/11. i think the one guy that called in that was full of coniracy theories, includinabout 9/11, just totally dishonor t families, the people that wer lo. i lived outside washington, you know, that plane that went into
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thpentagon that killed some people i know in theentagon and also some people i knew on the ane, you know, that actually happened. it just kind of makes me sick when i hear that. but it does go to this central problem we seem to be hang politically and socially garding people understanding or perceiving a truth based on such a diverse set of news sources, that really, lot of know just don't really that there is some truth, d the comments from alan from new yo on clima change, for example, there are many, many people in this country who listen to news sources that tell them esbout climate change. meaning that they deny the science. they come up with all sorts of other explanations, and, you
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know, i think that is a vy deep threat to our country, and i guess i wanted to just stress on thenniversary of 9/11, you , ow, knowledge, education rd science knowledge and soft ience knowledge, including about extremism and how it can affect us and how we need to he contribute to productive solutionsurrounding that, and the causes of violence extremism, just wish people would just read some good books instead of listening to weird conspiracy news sources. host: ok, let's go to washington, d.c., independent line. caer: good morning. how you doing, pedro? it's always a pleasure hearing your voice. unfortunate about/11, things happen on that particular day. t my issue is that why is this country constantly policing everyone else in
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reference to having a nuclear program wn this country and russia have the largest nuclear programs in the world? so why do ople constantly judging other folks dealing with their issues with a nuclear program when this country is the largest, and like i said, rusa. thank you for taking my call. host: jim comey, the topic of hillary clinton from her interview with pbs -- i'm sorry, with cbs. jim comey also the topic of steve bannon, former whe house strategist for president trump, who conducted an interview with "60 minutes." one of the tngs that came out that interview, which you can see online, particularly deals with jim comey. mr. comey -- i'm sorry,r. bannon saying the firing of jim comey by the president was the biggest mistake maybe in modern political history. wide ranging topics, here's a bit that have interview from steve bannon yesterday. >> it is also true, many say,
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and you're a smart guy, that if james comey had not been fired, you would not have the mueller investigation. true? >> i don't think there's any ubt that if mes comeyad muelest? >> we would not have the mueller investigation, the mueller investigation in the breadth that clearly mr. mueller is going. because i think it's a very directional -- i think direction aly -- >> do you believe mr. mueller should be fired? >> no, i do not. >> has there been discussions in the white house about firing him? >> i would nl you t >> that would b-- that's probably would be too bombastic
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even for me, but maybe modern political histor host: mr. bannon also commented on leadership in the house and senate and other topics. those available courtesy of cb if you want to check that out yourself, in "the wall street journal" this morning, whent comes to efforts on capitol hill, takes a look at the spending bill that's currently being debated a what it might do for campaign finance riders, as they're known. it says --
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host: you can see it on the front pagof the "new york times" this morning. it also takes a look at the trump administration, particularly when it comes to social issues. this is ben and others writing that the trump administration opened the door to allowing more firearms on federal ld, lgbtq references to youth, and on the advice of regious leaders, it eliminated funding to international groups th provide abortions. while these nearby tives lack some of the president's high-profile proclamations, they point to a fundamental repurposing of the federal bureaucracy to promote conservative and social prioties. the aggressive regulatory
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effort, whh runs counter to the trump admintration's less is more credit, has gun ownership, reproductive choices, immigration and other divisive political issues. according to a revieof documents and court records, inclingnterviews with more than four doz people involved who are in or briefed on the effos. that's at the "new york times." we'll go next to al. al is in rhode island, republican line. go ahead. caller: i'm glad i following the girl from washington talking about climate change. the biggest thing that cses climate change, and it's fact, and none of the scientists talk about it, isverpopulation. your poor countries continually have children. in africa, the average family has 11 children. you see it on tv, they can't ed one person, the poor baby, the stomach is blown up, tears
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in his eyes. south america, six to seven childr peramily. o de janeiro, the mobs are tang over the cities and towns, robbing and stealing everybody. so overpopulation. indonesia, eight kids per family. taiwan, same thing. you're overfishing our oceans. you're overhunting everything hat's on land to kill. they have to get more wood to burn fires. host: ok, al, let mleaf it there, only because i want to point our viewers to the vice president mike pence, as he is on his way to events of 9/11, particularly he is headed to shanksville, pennsylvania, to participate in those events there. that's one of the three ceremonies we will show on you c-span today. you go to our website, you can find out more about when, not only in shanksvie, pennsylvania, where the vice president will participate, but
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new york city and the pentagon, too. so as we show you that, we will go to o next call. this is mary jane. she's in massachusetts, ndependent line. caller: i am really concerned abt the attitude of the woman fr michigan, here on the day , 9/11 and the horror, storms storms in florida and texas. she has no feeling in her hea affe thishe's just going on who's rich and who's not rich. when i was a child, i heard a story about a group of people with extra long arms that couldn't feed themselves, and they were all upset. and in the other room, it was the same thingexcept thefed each other. and they were happy. we need to take care of each other in order for our country tourvive, thank you. host: richard in connecticut,
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ndependent line, hi. caller: than for c-span. as far as climate change is concerned, i totally agree with climate change, but i think that there are a few causes of that, and that's within the core of the earth itself and from the sun. the people who say that man can cause most of it, i would like, because thesay it's strictly a science, d is, what percentage of climate change is caused -- what percentage is caused by human beings, by the people who deliver the carbons in the atmosphe. what percentage of it is -- is it like 10%5%, 3%? they say there's scientists, so they should come up with a figure. 20%, i'll believe that when i so it, 10%, 15%, 20%, and
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forth. but come up with a figure. as far as 9/11 is concerned, you kn, there were many signs before 9/11. we had the garage in 1993. we had the destroyer that was i and i think it was 1998. had the -our diplomats were hit in sudan, here and there, and during that time, we could have hit oma bin laden two, and possibly three tis, and it was turned down by the administration in the 1990's at that particular time. wead him in our sights, and we let him go. unfortunate. thank you very much, pedro. host: that's rich in order connecticut. don't have time to read it, but "usa today" has a story about the town of gander, new found land, in canada. on 9/11, several planes were stuck in the air, several planes landed in the town, took
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in a tal of 6,700 strangers, fed them, took care of them, clothed them in some cases, and it goes to kind ofighlight what the folks in this tow of the small canadian town on the island -- in an island of the north leark oceanid when it comes to people who were stuck flying as the events of 9/11 happened. you can read that in the pages of "usa today" this morning. the white house, as is custom on this day, puts the flag at half-mast, half-staff, and the that was also part ofhe other activitieshat we going on there. there's the white house flag as it flies. let's go to kim in iowa, democrs line. kim, good morning. caller: good morning. i was wondering about -- i live in a rural area. and a lot of my peop and friends believe in this fake news stuff.
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i justeard a gentleman earlier, i think he was om missouri, said north korea set off an atomic bombnd that started the hurricane. this fake news has to stop. 9/11 is real. climate change is real. e can see with our own eyes. these are good people. just stop believing everything they see on the internet. it's democracy. that's all i have to say. host: so as far as people who -- y talk about the people who listen to this. as far as your newsources, where do you go as far as getting information? caller: by to c-span. i go to msnbc, and by to cnn. i listen to abc and watch abc. i love abc, cbs, all the local news. they've been around for over 50 yes. ese other news cycles, on my
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facebook, i've seen some relic that i never heard of, and i just don't look at that. ho: let's hear from keith. keith is in warren, massachusetts, republican line good morning. how are you? caller: hi, pedro. first of all, prayers toot all 9/11 people, climate cnge i think we're still doing a part. i thin the only thing trump really stopped was payg other countries to do somethi which do nothing we're doing the same thin we've been doing all along. the only question i had over and above that was, i called you a while back, you pet me on hold, and i hung up. i didn't know if you -- and you asked for me again. i was referring back to the ird and fourth day of august in the boston ar.
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there were aide group of motor vehicle employees that re caught selling. it was on the news, only once, though. it just flashed on for one morning a couple of times, and it was gone. but there was a lot of people that were actual employees of the motor vehicles selling i.'s to illegals that the were able to vote, licenses, benefits,verything. and it just disappeared. i'm just wondering -- and i keep calling. i don't have access, because i'm disabled, but i've been calling everybody i can think of. but there was the third and fourth of august, and they actually wer selling i.d.'s, $2,000 to $3,00a pop, and i haven'heard anything else about i i wish somebody would bring it up. alix: ok, that's keith in waen, massachusetts. we've shown you pictures this morning of the effects of hurricane irma, particularly as it goes throug florida, one of those areff


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