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tv   Vice President Speaks at Flight 93 National Memorial 911 Remembrance...  CSPAN  September 11, 2017 3:56pm-5:28pm EDT

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>> a look now at today's 9/11 commemoration in shanksville, pennsylvania, honoringhe 40 passengers and crew who died on united airlines 93 and was lily bound tthe capitol that day. vice president pence on your
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screen and interior secretary ryan zin speak on the program. > ♪
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>> good morning andelcome. my name is steven clark and i have the honor of serving as the superintendent of the five national park seice units located he in beautiful western pennsylvania, inclung flight 93 national memorial. we comeogethethis day to honor the heroes of flight 93 who, in the skies over thi field, gave their lives in order to thwart an attack on our nation's capitol. i'd like to take a moment to
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acknowledgthe ma dignitarie and representatives in attendance toda first, i like to recognize the president of the families of flight 93, gordon felt. and all of the family members in attendance this morning. the united states vice esident mi pence andis wifeecond lady karen pence, pesylvania governor tom wolf, secretary of the interior rn zinke and his wife, lola. congressman bill shuster, representing pennsylvania's ninth district. and representing pennsylvania's 12th district, kongman keith rothfus. and acting director ofhe national park service, mr. mike reynolds. and finally, to our many federal, state and local representatives and partns, thank you for your continuous contributions in keeping ali the mory of the passengers
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and crew of flight 93. at this time, will you please se for the singing of our national anthem performed by the unitestates air force's celtic air.
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>> the russian writer and mystic whei lay there in the rotting prison straw that sent within myself the first rings of the good. the lines sepating the good
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from the evil passes not through parties, states or betwe classes, nor betweenolitical parties either but right through all human hearts. and so he wrote in the great strangeness for many of us, some bless you, pron, to having been in my life. with the writer, l us take a moment to find a gift of one diffult thing we have faced and to give thanksgivings for his teachings, the mutual gift of t memory of this day most
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especially. when the 40 faced their more diffict moments with boldness, with courage and with strength thatder tfollow the good was within the and to express a common good for all. ande remember their actions eir character, who are we to ink less of ourselves in our suffering and in our hurt and in our pain. when evichallenges the good in , inwe can with their memory
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their memory and through their . mory rise as thedid rise please join in a moment of quiet nd meditation. amen and amen. lea be seated.
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>> thankou, reverend briton. at this time, park ranger robert will lead the reading of the names of the pasngers and crew of flight 93. he will be joined by family members reading the names of eir loved ones. for each name, uted airlines captain dosh and flight attend anjudy beyer will ring the bells. captain dosh was a close friend of the captain and and flew with many members of the crew aboard flight 93.
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chstn adams. [bell lls] >> lorraine grace day. [bells toll] .> todd m. beamer
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>> patricia curbing. . ushing [bells toll] >> beloved cousin and dearest dahl., captain jas m. [bells toll] > joseph deluca.
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[bells toll] dscoll. joseph [bells tl] > my cousin, edward porter felt. [bells toll]
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>> jane c. folger. [bells toll] anita loved sister green. [bells toll] >ndrew sonny garcia.
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glazier. [bes toll] oerholm white- gould. [bells toll] glencos and uzzi d unborn chi. [bells tol
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>> donald freeman green. belltoll] land. da grund [bells toll] gwadagno j.
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[bel tl] . christopher leroy homer [bells toll] t grieo [bell tolls] >> with all our family's love,
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les.ross bells toll] marsan. [bells toll] martinez. [bells toll]
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>> nicole car mler. [bls toll] naggi brother louis joey ii. [bells toll] >> donald arthur peterson.
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[bells toll] >> and my beloved sister deborah welsh. bs [bells toll]
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>> the national park service is honored to be the trusted stewards of flight 93 national memorial. national memorial,mon youments and battlefields throughout the country honor and remember the sacrifices of those who in an hour of need rose to heights that defy all expectations. so why do people come here? what inspires them to travel -- we are going to have to bake you away and take you to the floor of the house.
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consideration of h.r. 3732 and ask for its immediate consideration in the house. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 3732, a bill to amend section social security act to provide authority for increased fiscal year 2017 and 2018 payments for temporary assistance to united states citizens returned from foreign countries. the speaker pro tempore: is there objection to the consideration of the bill? without objection, the bill is engrossed, read a third time and passed and the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the chair lays before the house the following message. the clerk: to the congress of
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the united states, section 202-d of the national emergencies act provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless within 90 days of the anniversary date of its declaration the president publishes in the federal register and transmits to the congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date. consistent with this provision, i have sent to the federal register the enclosed notice stating that the emergency declared in proclamation 7463 of september 14, 2001, national emergency by reason of certain terrorist attacks, is to continue in effect beyond september 14, 2017. the threat of terrorism that resulted in the declaration of a national emergency on september 14, swun, continues. the authorities that have been invoked under that declaration of a national emergency continue to be critical to the ability of the armed forces of the united states to perform essential missions in the united states and around the
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world to address the continuing threat of terrorism. for these reasons i have determined that it is necessary to continue in effect the national emergency declared on september 14, 2001 in response to certain terrorist attacks. signed, donald j. trump, the white house, september 11, 2017. the speaker pro tempore: referred to the committee on foreign affairs and ordered printed. for what purpose does the gentleman from washington seek recognition? mr. reichert: mr. speaker, i move that the house do now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for morning hour debate.
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>> from the federal investigation to the completion of a permanent national memorial. the governor's office has continued that relationship over the past 16 years. ladies and gentlemen please help me in welcoming governor tom wolf. [applause] >> thank you very much for that flukes and mr. vice president, welcome to pennsylvania. thank you for being here today and help us remember those we lost 16 years ago today. every year on this day, we come together here in shanksville to remember to never forget what
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true sacrifice looks like. when i come here, i'm overwhelmed by the story of bravery and heroism that took place in the skies above our commonwealth and i'm continually overwhelmed by the strength of the loved ones i see here, because every year from the ashes of a tragedy rises a new kind of family, all of us. we come together, rethink, we pray, we hold each other and we build bonds that give us the strength to return so we can honor the passengers and the crew of flight 93. we gather here to remember a group of ordinary citizens, ordinary citizens who did not know they would become a werful symbol of what true patriotism means. they lost their lives protecting their fellow americans and performed heroic acts in the face of unthinkable circumstances. and after reportedly finding out
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about the tragedy occurring in the rest of the nation, they stood up and they said enough. we cannot calculate the number of lives that they saved that day. we cannot know the true impact of their heroism, but we do know they have given all americans an example to live by. the bible says that there is no gritter love than lay down one's life for friends. if tested someday, we would all have the strength, the courage, the resolve to make the ultimate sacrifice they made to protect others. some of us never see that test. some of us never will. but those that we remember here today met that test face-to-face on an ordinary tuesday, just like tuesday. not only did they find themselves equal to an unthinkable task, they found
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themselves better than that test. and they laid down their lives to protect us. they did not know who they were saving but stood up to evil. what can you say about courage like that? how can you commemorate selflessness like that? how can you repay a debt so large? we cannot adequately thank those brave passengers and those crew members enough for the actions they took on that ordinary tuesday, but we come together to show them and their families that while we know we can never repay the debt we owe them, we will try and will show them that we remember. we will never forget what they have done for us and we will strive to live by the values that they exemplified on that day and will hope that their hope gives us strength so if we face one day what they did, we can have some fraction of the courage they showed all of us.
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i thank you again for being here today and i thank the families of the passengers and the crew of flight 93 for their bravery, for their sacrifice and letting us mourn with them, because your family members are our heroes. let us continue to live lives that would make them proud. let us live by the example of selflessness that they set for all of us and let us never forget what they did here. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, governor wolf. while serving as the superintendent over the past several years, i have come to know the president of the families of flight 93, mr. gordon felt quite well. gordie on a o know
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personal level and have admired his unwavering and steadfast dedication to this sacred place. his brother edward was a passenger aboard flight 93. gordon was a member of the federal advisory commission which guided the development of this national memorial. he now leads the families of flight 93, which is dedicated to memorializing the 40 passengers d crew of flight 93 in partnership with the national park service, the friends of flight 93 and to the national park foundation. he and his wife donna live in central new york where they own and operate camp northwood, a socially therapeutic residential summer camp for ought particularic spectrum and
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challenged learning children. following his remarks, there will be a moving tribute titled "one voice." lease join me in welcoming mr. gordie felt. [applause] >> i would like to take a moment to acknowledge the pain and suffering that is currently taking place in place in florida, texas, louisiana and across the southeastern part of our country. those folks are struggling and our thoughts and hearts are with you as you go through this journey that you are on. vice president pence, secretary zinke, governor wolf, families and friends of flight 93, members of the national park service charged with the care of this beautiful memorial,
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ambassadors, volunteers and advice tors, i welcome you to the commemorative services honoring those that were taken from us on this field 16 years ago today. it is always good to return to the sacred ground in order to honor those individuals and to be inspired by the actions that they took fighting that first battle against the terrorist threat to our country on september 11, 2001. september 11 marked a drastic pivot for us all. most especially to those of us here today that felt the personal loss of a family member, to the thousands of those personally affected by september 11, today marks yet another anniversary of loss, ain, anger and hope. we chose to come to this site today, just as thousands of others made the conscious effort
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to attend ceremonies in new york and at the pentagon in order to honor those that perished, to honor those that were not given a choice, but instead were taken from their families and communities in such a violent manner. the trajectories of their limbs were extinguished far too soon ap the ripple effect has altered the course of our lives and that of generations to come. we are gathered here to remember 40 extraordinary individuals at were lost to a brand of personalized violence that has moved toward the norm rn any other period of time in our life times. the progression of violence directed at governments but victimizing individual beings is and hornt and affects the innocent with little regard to the sanctity of life. because of this, it is critical
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that we not allow the world to forget the actions taken by our heroes, the innocents that said no more. 40 citizens, a spectrum of nationalities, races, religions, political leanings, strangers to one another that morning forged a bond that recognized evil and chose to fight. they didn't fight for their religion, their ethnicity, their nationality or their political ideology. they fought for what was important, to get home to their loved ones and just as important, they fought because giving in to evil should never be an option. when faced with the horrific reality of this new paradigm forced upon the world that day, their quick and deliberate
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response was such that their actions set a standard to which future generations will and already do aspire. while they lost their lives, they won the battle and for that, we are forever in their debt. 16 years from the day, we are still here. our nation's memorial to the heroes of flight 93 stands proudly on the site of their final battle. and in september of next year, we will be complete with the dedication of the tower of voices, a 93-foot tall tower standing did he fipetly at the entrance of this magnificent memorial. 40 wind chimes representing the oices of our heroes, powerful, peaceful, eternal. because of the actions of our loved ones, the capitol building stands as a beacon of hope for our democracy and millions of
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visitors found their way to rural southwestern pennsylvania to pay their respects and to remember, to remember those 40 heroes that represent us all, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children, grarned parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, friends and neighbors. it could have been you. it could have been me. our loved ones never gave up and neither should we, the people. we must remember that by standing together as individuals, just as our loved ones did, we become stronger, more focused on our objectives, less likely to be driven by depersonalized eyedology and do what is right in the face of evil and uncertainty. let us pledge to remember this day, our heroes and their collective actions throughout
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the year. september 11 must continue to be more than just a day in history, but rather a call to action, a all to our conscience, so we never forget who we are and who we aspire to be. thank you. [applause]
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this is the sound of one
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people, one voice gone forever every one of us
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this is the sound of one voice is is the sound of one voice ♪ [applause] >> thank you to all of you. hat was beautiful. an zinke was sworn in as the 52nd secretary of the interior in march of this year. fifth generation from montana and former united states navy seal commander, secretary zinke has conservation, forest management, responsible energy development and smart management
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of federal lands, growing up in a logging and rail town near glacier national park, he has had a lifelong appreciation for conserving america's natural beauty and public spaces. secretary zinke enlisted in the navy in 1985 and was soon selected to join the elite force, where he would build an honorable career until his retirement in 2008. he retired with the rank of commander after leading seal operations across the globe including several as the deputy and acting commander of joint special forces in iraq and two tours at seal team six. he was the first navy seal elected to the united states house of representatives and is the first seal to serve as a cabinet secretary. secretary zinke leads an agency
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with more than 70,000 employees, who are the stewards for 20% of our nation's lands including wildlife refuges, public lands, national parks, monuments, national memorials, such as this one. please welcome the united states secretary of the interior, ryan zinke. [applause] >> thanks, mike. and what a beautiful day, as it as that fateful morning. we all remember 9/11 somewhat differently. for me, i was a seal instructor in coronado and on that fateful morning i knew that our country would be forever changed.
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as i was with the cabinet members on saturday looking at hurricane irma and playing the recovery of harvey and looking at the forest fires in the west, the vice president and i had ar conversation about his experience as he was standing on the steps of our nation's capitol. d so the heroism and courage of the 40 passengers and crew is special, because it was their protected our nation. i have fought in a lot of battles in my life and truly their fight was worth fighting
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for. i'm grateful for this vice president because he has continued the fight against evil. his family has continued the fight against evil. as a son, as a first marine, our first lieutenant in the marine corps trained to be a pilot, his korea as a ought in second lieutenant in the united states army, earned a bronze star. and i'm convinced it was from his father that the vice president learned that not only must you fight, but you must win . this morning, it's my high honor to introduce a man that i have gotten to know as a great man of
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conviction, of character of faith, a man who loves his country, loves the people that understands also hat evil cannot win. evil cannot break the spirit of our great nation. so with that, it is my high honor to introduce the vice president of the united states of america, mike pence. [applause] vice-president pence: governor wolf, secretary zinke, congressman shuster and congressman rothfus and superintendent clark, distinguished guests, but most of the family members
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heroes who perished in this very field. felt andbriton, gordie all of us who join us and look on today. we are deeply humbled to join ou on this most solemn of days at this flight 93 memorial annual remembrance ceremony at this common field, one day, that became a field of honor forever. president trump asked me to be here, to pay a debt of honor to the 40 heroes of flight 93. to all the fallen and their families. and to the generation of heroes
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they inspired. and to tell you that his heart is here in pennsylvania especially with all of you who lost loved ones 16 years ago. our president observed this day of remembrance at the pentagon memorial, where moments ago, he paid tribute to the 184 men and women who lost their lives there. all of our hearts as well are 753 the families of the 2, men and women, their families who lost their lives at the world trade center in new york city. as the president said just moments ago, we grieve with every family of the innocent souls who were murdered by terrorists that day and we will
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never forget what happened on september 11, 2001. today, we pause as a nation not so much to remember tragedy, as to celebrate heroism and patriotism. but permit me to say on this day, as gordie said before, our hearts and prayers are also with our fellow americans in florida and throughout the region who suffered loss in winds and waters of hurrican irma. at this very hour, first responders and new citizen heroes are being forged among the people of florida. and as the president has said, i say again, to those affected by hurrican irma, we are with you. we will stay with you and we will be with you every day after his passes to restore, recover
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and rebuild. [applause] vice-president pence: everyone remembers where they were on this day 16 years ago. a mom rousing her children to get ready for school, a farmer wrapping up the morning chores, a coal miner finishing a third shift and heading home. as a new member of congress, i was going through my normal work day routine at the united states capitol when i learned of the attacks in new york city and at the pentagon. i will always remember the scenes of that day, watching the capitol complex being evacuated. it was as though the building was hemorrhaging with hem running in every direction. found myself just across from
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the u.s. capitol eventually on the top floor of the headquarters of the capitol police chief. i was there with leaders of the house and senate. shortly after i arrived, the chief of police set the phone back down and informed the leaders gathered there there was a plane inbound to the capitol and he said it was 12 minutes out. in that moment, the room became silent and as people began to make plans, i found myself looking out the window where just across the street was the capitol dome with that majestic statue of freedom standing atop it, a dome that's a symbol of the ideals of this nation, freedom and democracy for all
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the world. so we waited. it was the longest 12 minutes of my life. then it turned to 13 minutes, were 4, and then we informed that the plane had gone down in a field in pennsylvania. in the days ahead like every american, we would learn the story of the heroes of flight 93, men and women who looked evil squarely in the eye and without hard to their personal safety, they rushed forward to save lives. they were mothers and fathers, your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters from every walk of life, of every background, mark
4:55 pm
bingham was -- going to be in a friend's wedding. lauren co lmp is carried the spark in her with her baby three months along. and a former army paratrooper had actually helped to build the world trade center with his own two hands and there were so many others whose names we just heard echo into the wind this morning. they were ordinary people but on that day they became extraordinary. we all know the story. flight 93 took off at 8:45 departing newark to san francisco. 46 minutes later terrorists seized control. at 9:35, the plane diverted
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towards washington, d.c., and the passengers called their loved ones only to find out what was happening across the country. they learned what the rest of america knew, the world trade center had been struck, the pentagon had been hit only a few moments after they were hijacked. they figured out that the terrorists intended to use their plane for the same purpose. but as tom burnett told his wife on the phone, we're going to do something. and they did. the men and women of flight 93 began to join together and devised a plan in those short moments. they knew their objective. not only planned but history records and they prayed. together with lisa jefferson a
4:57 pm
phone operator on the ground below, we are told they prayed the lord's prayer and recited those words, thow i walk through fear dow of death i nothing. at 9:57, after only 29 minutes, todd beamer spoke those words that the world will never forget. let's roll. they charged the congresspit and took hold of their faith and six minutes later at 10:03, flight 93 plummeted here to the earth with brave men and women aboard who sack cryfiesed their lives -- sacrificed their lives for
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the country we call home. we gather here today because the men and women of flight 93 are heroes. and this beautiful memorial stands as a testament to the american people's undieing reference to their service and sacrifice. each of their 40 names are carved into the memory of the american people as well as well as seared into the hearts of you who are left behind. the bible tells us that the lord is close to the broken hearted and to the families of the fallen here, that will be our prayer for you today. you honor us by your presence. and as the president said this morning, you honor our heroes. you renew our courage and you
4:59 pm
strengthen us all. today as a nation, we mourn with .ou, we remember with you d we look forward to the day when we will hear the chimes in this place and the tower of voices will turn the whisper of the wind into a heroic call to action. it will remember them and echo across this field and across america for generations to come. at 93, that tour of feet of voices that will be completed by this time next year, will honor the heroes of flight 93 with a chime and different musical note to memorialize the 40 men and
5:00 pm
women. the notes when play together will form a perfect harmony, just as in their final moments, the men and women of flight 93 worked together to defend freedom. the american people will forever be inspired by their courage and resolve. we honor them by remembering them. and we honor them by ensuring that we do all in our power as a nation to prevent such ever reaching our shores again. as president trump has reminded us, we are -- [applause] the president has reminded us, we are in the midst of a war between good and evil.
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the first battle in that war took place in the skies above us. and ended in this grassy meadow. we cannot hallow this place beyond what the heroes of flight 93 have already done. when the plane went down, the heroes aboard it were the first of a new generation of americans to rise up as citizen soldiers in what would come to be known as the global war on terror. it is remarkable to think that in the wake of their service and sacrifice, america itself experienced a rebirth, a rebirth of unity, of purpose, and a rededication to our most sacred ideal of freedom. and every day for 16 years, their actions have inspired many more of our fellow citizens to stand up, to step forward. and to follow in their heroic service. the president said today, america cannot be intimidated and in the aftermath of
5:02 pm
september 11, we've seen tens of thousands of americans step forward. to serve their communities and protect our families and defend our freedom. they've donned the uniform of first responders, firefighters, police officers. and more than five million americans have stepped forward to serve in the armed forces of the united states of america ince september 11. these men and women turned what was a day of tragedy into a triumph of freedom. as our nation rallied together and charged forward to meet the enemy on our terms, on their soil. and we will always cherish the memory of the nearly ,000 americans who have given their lives on the field of battle.
5:03 pm
since that day 16 years ago today. like the heroes of flight 93, we will never forget their service, their sacrifice, or the families they left behind. but we must remind ourselveses on this solemn day of remembrance that the threat remains and even now, the me nass of global terrorism brings violence across the wider world to places like london and paris and barcelona. in iraq and sir ark the barbarians known as isis continue to plot attacks against america, against our allies and owl who cherish freedom but under the leadership of president donald trump as our command for the chief, our armed forces have isis on the run in iraq and syria and we will not rest or relent until we hunt down and destroy them at their ource.
5:04 pm
and we also do well to remember that the perpetrators of 9/11 organized, then orchestrated, their attacks from a safe haven of afghanistan. just a few short weeks ago, president trump renewed our commitment to see the fight in afghanistan through to an honorable and enduring outcome that will be worthy of the tremendous sacrifices that have been made. [applause] some four weeks ago, pd trump expressed the full commit ofment the united states to, in his words derek stroy terrorist organizations and the radical ideology that drives them. and so we will. america will remain engaged in afghanistan until we eliminate the terrorist threat to our homeland and our people once and for all. we've made great gains.
5:05 pm
our resolve is stronger than ever. and i promise you, together as one nation and one people, we will drive the cancer of terrorism from the face of the earth. we fight because our families deserve to live in safety and security. we fight because our fallen heroes demand justice. so long as we have strength, we will honor their memories and do right by the people and the nation they died to defend. so i'm here on behalf of our president and all the american .eople to pay a debt of honor a debt of honor to the heroes of flight 93. a debt of honor to a generation of heros that followed their
5:06 pm
inspiring example. in and out of uniform, at home and abroad. a debt also here to pay gratitude e to -- of to the heroes of flight 93 on a much more personal basis. for their actions on that day, in these skies, saved american lives. and as my wife karen, who joins me here today, knows, it's a debt i don't think i'll ever be able to repay. because among the many lives that were saved by their selfless courage, they might well have saved my own life that day. 16 years ago. you know this isn't our first time standing in this field.
5:07 pm
here in shanksville, pennsylvania. not more than a year after that fateful day, karen and i brought our three small children here to this hallowed ground. on a drive back from washington to indiana. that day, we did not find this extraordinary memorial. we found only a makeshift memorial. no more than a plywood wall. painted with the names of the fallen a timeline, and a wooden cross out in the field. it was that day with the help of a park ranger that i -- i learned personally of the sequence of events that day. i asked her if the u.s. capitol was in fact the target, what
5:08 pm
time would the plane have eached the capitol building? what she told me, i'll never forget. for the time she said, standing with hundreds of others, i was standing near the east front. of the house of representatives. i'll always believe that i and many others in our nation's capitol were able to go home at day to hug our families because of the courage and selflessness of the heroes of flight 93. or me it's personal. and i speak on behalf of a grateful nation.
5:09 pm
thank you for giving me the privilege of speaking on behalf of my little family as well. when heroes fall, the nation love has r no greater a man than this, that he should lay down his life for his friends. to the families of the fallen, as president trump promised this morning, i say now, the memory of your loved ones will never die. they will always be with us. their heroic story in our minds, our hearts. enshrined in the memory of this country. as long as america endures, we will tell their story. and generations of americans ll ever be inspired by the
5:10 pm
fateful and courageous words and deeds of the -- of the he rofse flight 93. -- of the heroes of flight 93. may god bless our beloved fallen. may god bless and comfort the families gathered here and all those who suffered loss on this ay 16 years ago. and may god continue to bless the united states of america. [applause]
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♪ ♪ there are no words here is in song is there a balm that can heal these wounds that last a lifetime long stars pass into
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dust hand in hand we still will stand because we must ♪ ♪ in one single hour in one single day we were changed forever something taken away can here is no fire that elt this heavy song that can bring back the voices nd spirits of our own there are no words
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here is no song is there a balm that can heal these wounds that last a lifetime long and when the stars have turned to dust hand in hand we still will stand ecause we must we were born in liberty stop the twisted arrows we won't bow down we are strong at heart we're all chained together
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hat won't be pulled apart there are no words here is no song is there a balm that can heal these wounds that will last a lifetime long and when the stars have turned to dust hand in hand we still will stand ♪cause we must
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♪ there are no words there is no song is there a balm that can heal these wounds that will last a lifetime long and when the stars have burned to dust hand in hand we still will stand because we must ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, celtic air has provided us with beautiful and touching music and for that we are grateful. please lead me in a round of applause, that's absolutely beautiful. thank you so much. [applause]
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god bless america. wow. before our observance concludes, please allow me a moment to recognize the many volunteers who serve at the national memorial today and every day. many of our volunteers began helping the families and passengers of flight -- the crew of flight 93 shortly after the crash in 2001. since that time, many have generously come to this site each and every day to help park staff and to welcome our visitors with the -- with a warm smile. i would also like to voice my sincere appreciation for the members of our local communities who came together in 2001 and continue to work in support of
5:18 pm
this national memorial. and finally, i would be remiss if i did not recognize three individuals who previously served in leadership roles here at flight 93. reinbold, ey, jeff and keith newland. thank you all. [applause] thank you all for your many years of service to this special place and to the national park service. and finally, and most importantly, i extend my sincere gratitude to the families of
5:19 pm
flight 93 for your unwavering strength and resolve, your kind words of encouragement, and your leadership as we continue our mission to remember and honor the heroes of flight 93. once again, all of us at flight 93 national memorial appreciate all of you for taking the time this day this morning, reflect and remember those affected by the events of september 11, one. -- september 11, 2001. together we continue to move forward, we continue to put these tragic events of our recent history behind us. and lean on the hope and strength of those whose actions changed a nation forever.
5:20 pm
thank you very much. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, i ask that you please remain seated while family members make their way to shuttle buses for a private wreath laying ceremony at the memorial plaza located to my right. national park service rangers will be available for various programs in and around the visitors center and learning center complex which will start shortly. the visitors center and memorial plaza will reopen at approximately 1:00 p.m. and once again, ladies and gentlemen, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for coming to flight 93 and honoring the absolutely incredible
5:21 pm
courage and the patriots aboard that airplane. that morning. god bless you. thank you. [applause] ♪
5:22 pm
>> in about 35 minute, the u.n. security council meets to approve a new round of sangs against north korea in response to its most recent nuclear test. they'll gavel in at headquarters in new york and we'll have live coverage here on c-span. >> tonight on "the communicators," mark jamison a visiting scholar at a.e.i. on net neutrality, interviewed by reuters reporter david shepherdson. >> take for example what we call fifth generation wireless. 5g. it is a technology that will start being rolled out next year and it'll be in place for about
5:23 pm
a decade or so. it very specifically has built into it what they call slices. each slice can be customized to a particular service or customer or edge provider, whatever it might be, it is designed to do that. that violates that idea of same treatment. so that throws net neutrality out. >> watch "the communicators" tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. earlier this afternoon, florida governor rick scott held a briefing with reporters on hurricane irma recovery and response efforts he stressed that evacuees should not return home unless local officials give permission. the governor toured the florida keys and gave this briefing from opa-locka, north of miami. ere's a portion. governor scott: if you and your family evacuated, it's extremely
5:24 pm
important that you check with local officials before returning home before doing. so don't think just because it's past, you can run home. we've got downed power lines across the state. we've got roads that are impassable across the state. we've got debris all over the state. our goal again is don't put any more lives at risk. we went through this horrendous storm, don't put your life at risk because of downed power line, debris, and impassable roads. this morning i had the opportunity to travel with the coast forward to survey damage throughout the west coast of florida and through the keys. i want to thank the coast guard for this opportunity. here's what we saw. we saw the remnants of the storm surge along the west coast but we didn't see what we -- i didn't see the damage i thought i would see. we clearly saw homes that were messed up, we clearly saw roofs that were off. we clearly saw boats out of
5:25 pm
place and things like that. i thought we'd see more damage. there's still flooding, still sand on the roads and things like that. on the west coast, and this is confirmed by the mayors i've spoken to today, it's not as bad as we thought the storm surge would do. when you get to the keying we were able to fly into key west which as of just a few hours before we landed had significant water still on it. they worked to clear that, we went over all that area, we saw a lot of boats washed ashore. we saw any basically, almost every trailer park, they're overturned. i don't think i saw one trailer park that almost everything wasn't overturned. we still saw a lot of flood damage from talking to officials down in the keys, the water is not working, suer is not work -- sewer is not working and there's no electricity. so this is tough.
5:26 pm
the national guard, michael calhoun, they've already gone all the way down to the keys. all the bridges are passable this erodes are passable. however, there's clearly bridge damage and clearly road damage. you can get down there and traffic, there's not a lot of traffic which is good. it's moving. my heart goes out to the people in the keys. i mean, it's -- there's devastation. it's -- and you know, i just hope everybody, you know, survived. it's horrible what we saw. i know for our entire state, but especially the keys, it's going to be a long road. last lot of damage. -- there's a lot of damage. i know everybody wants to get back to normal. everybody wants to get started again, you got to be patient, got to give first responders in the key, got to get the water going again, get electricity going again, it's going to take a lot of time. >> c-span's "washington journal"
5:27 pm
live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. and coming up tuesday morning, documentary filmmakers ken burns and lin novak will join us to iscuss their latest film for bs called "the vietnam war." and louisiana republican congressman garrett fwraves on how as a rule national coastal areas need to prepare for storms like hurricane harvey and irma. be sure to watch washington journal life at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning, join the discussion. earlier today at the white house brief, homeland security adviseor to president trump tom bossert briefed reporters on hurricane irma response and current global terrorism threats to the u.s. this is 25 minutes.


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