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tv   President Trump Speaks at Pentagon 911 Remembrance Ceremony  CSPAN  September 11, 2017 8:32pm-9:47pm EDT

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one hour and 10 minutes. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, on the half of the united states defense, we welcome you to the memorial to recognize the 180tored 84 lives lost -- -- the lives lost. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the director of administration, mr. michael l rhodes. [applause]
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ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us today. all the members of the greater pentagon community, all those who are observing elsewhere through the broadcast. we welcome you to today's 9/11 observance created we are here ofether, family and friends those we lost here. first responders from the department of defense and other agencies have stood with us side-by-side. everyilding survivors and -- we are here together as a pentagon family and always will be. we are bonded as the nation is by that tragic day and by our continued presence here today. we come together, all of us, united at this site. to remember those we lost. mothers and fathers, husbands
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and wives, brothers and sisters, friends and coworkers. here, the purpose of this , and we, we remember also reflect upon and renew our faith and our commitment to all that is good in this nation. thank you very much for joining us today. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, please remain silent as those who were lost are remembered. paul w ambrose. petty officer third class melissa rose barnes, united
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states navy. petty officer second class. colonel boone, united states army. mary jane booth. donna bowen. alan p doyle. bernard c brown the second. petty officer third class, christopher, united states navy. captain charles f early can the
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the third.rlingham sergeant first class united states army. angeline c carter. sharon a carter. william e kaslow. rosa maria chapa. sarah in the clark. m. clark.
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lieutenant commander eric cranford, united states navy. captain gerald coming united states navy. gerald, united states navy. lieutenant dickerson coming united states military. petty officer first class johnny dr. junior, united states navy. e, united states navy. commander william h donovan coming united states navy.
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charles theommander third, united states navy, retired. done.der patrick petty officer first class, edward t air heart -- ehrhardt. barbara g edwards. robertant commander coming united states navy reserve. leslie whittington. --a falcon board class, jamie third l fallon, united states navy.
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j joseph ferguson. amelia fields. gerald p fisher. darlene flag. wilsonband, rear admiral flag. petty officer second class, matthew m flacco, united states navy. sondra foster. first lieutenant richard gabriel, united states marine corps, retired. lawrence, united states navy. brenda gibson.
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to ronald galinsky -- colonel ronald galinsky. gray. diane hill mckenzie. hall.y r carolyn b. m-berger. sheila hine. petty officer first class, ronald j hemingway, united states navy. juniorallace: hogan coming united states army. staff sergeant jimmy holly, united rates army, retired.
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brady howell. peggy kurt. lieutenant colonel stephen hyland junior, united states army. the tunic caramel -- sergeant major lacey ivory, united states army. jack.c stephan jacoby. dennisic colonel johnson. colonel dennis john -- lieutenant colonel dennis johnson.
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brendan kegler. keller. ivanka e kennedy. yvonne e kennedy. carol and kincaid. ann kincaid. check. lay jennifer lewis. her husband, kenneth e lewis. samantha allen. major stephen long, united states army.
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james lynch junior. terrence lynch. classofficer second medium the fourth, united states navy. shelley marshall. teresa and martin -- teresa marin. lieutenant general timothy. united states army. robert j maxwell. renee may.
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molly l mckenzie. marie menchaka. mickley. gerard p moran junior. the -- v. morris. lieutenant commander patrick day murphy, united states navy reserve. christopher c newton.
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petty officer second class michael a, united states navy. barbara k olson. -- s. panic, unitedas m states navy reserve. major clifford l patterson junior, united rates army. -- states army. lieutenant darren h, united date navy reserve.
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-- united states navy reserves. scott powell. punches.ack d petty officer first class, statesj junior, united navy. raines. a ramser. petty officer first class, marshall d rochford. martha m resky. todd h rubin. cecilia e watson richard.
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judy rabbit -- rowlet. william r ruth, united states army reserve. marjorie c salamony. colonel david in scales, united states army. slagle comingrt robert slagle,-
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united states army. commander dan, united states navy. antoinette m sherman. simmons -- m. simmons. her husband george simmons. chief greg h smallwood coming united states navy. -- tunic colonel gary smith lieutenant colonel smith. iesman.sp stotts. j
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brenda l stevens. lang.laying -- tilde taylor. colonel -- lieutenant colonel kip taylor. sondra c taylor. sondra dt. carl, united states army, retired. sergeant tomorrow, united states army. otis --c commander lieutenant commander otis. troy.sergeant willie
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commander bok. karen,ant commander united states army. specialists chin pack wells. sondra l white. wilshire. -- m. wilshire. major dwayne williams, united states army. chief roger was coming united woods navy -- chief roger
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, united states navy. vicki yancey. petty officer second class kevin w yokum. chief donald m young. v young junior. lisa l young.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the
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chairman of the joint chief of staff. ladies and gentlemen, the secretary of defense, james m matus. -- mattis. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and the first lady.
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please flag for our national anthem. -- face the flag for our national anthem. see by the can you dawn's early light. what's it probably we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming. whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight. over the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
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star-spangledat over the land of home of the the brave. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the united eighth air force chief of chaplins. >> let us pray together. father, we bow our heads this morning with our feet fixed onto greater soil, consecrated on september 11, , who cares innocence in an instant, but whose legacies will never die.
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whereas moses was committed by a burning bush on holy ground to rescue his countrymen from their oppressors, our generation was commissioned from a burning building on this site to do the same. .e remember for family members who deal with their loss to this day, we pray. -- first responders who helped others to live another day, we rejoice. for those who witnessed this shot heard round the world, we thank you on this patriot day. they give forgiving our freedom fighters enough grace to stand firm. enough grit to stand tall and enough guts to stand up anyone gullible enough to assume america would ever stand down. standing in the shadow of their sacrifices, please transform the raw emotion of this ceremony into righteous action, worthy of their service.
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descriptors tell us that one day we will turn our swords into plowshares. until that prophesied piece persists, help us demonstrate due diligence in the quantity of our vigils and in the quality of our vigilance in keeping bad guys on the run. when complacency creeps in, give us a skill to succeed. give us the will to win. unite us in a common cause. in closing, lord, we pause now
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for a moment of silent reflection. >> in your holy name we pray, amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general joseph dunford, jr. >> mr. president, mrs. trump, secretary mattis, member of the cabinet, distinguished guests, and most importantly, to the family and friends of the fallen and those gathered here who survived the attack on the pentagon, good morning. it is an honor to join you as we reflect on those who lost their lives on september 11, 2001. at this ceremony, we're mindful of the 184 who died here in the halls of the pentagon and aboard flight 77. 16 years ago, when terrorists attacked the pentagon, the world trade center and they attempted other attacks in washington, d.c., they did so with sense of purpose.
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they were attacking symbols that reflect our way of life and our values. terrorists believe these attacks would shake our commitment to those values. as president bush said hours after the attacks, the terrorists thought they could frighten us into chaos and retreat. but they were wrong. instead of retreat, the tragedy of 9/11 produced unyielding resolve, instead of hopelessness, mourning turned into action and strengthened our commitment to the idea freedom of many should never be endangered by hatred of a few. this morning, as we recall the events of 9/11, it is appropriate for those of us still serving to remember and honor those who died, those who continue suffering from injuries and those left behind. if we truly want to honor those remembered today, each of us will walk away from this ceremony with a renewed sense of commitment to our values and the cause of freedom. each of us will walk away from this simple ceremony reminded the war is not over and further sacrifice will be required.
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in each of us will walk away with resolve to strengthen our personal commitment to protect our family, friends and fellow citizens from another 9/11. it is now my privilege to introduce someone who spent his life demonstrating personal commitment to protecting our values and our way of life, our secretary of defense, the honorable james mattis. [applause] >> thank you, general dunford. mr. president, mrs. trump, our first lady, fellow secretaries of the president's cabinet, distinguished guest, first responders, ladies and gentlemen, special heart-felt welcome to the 306 family members gathered to remember their loved ones lost 16 years ago today. we are here to honor those 2977 lives claimed by the brutal attacks of september 11, 2001.
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men and women who woke that day never anticipating an attack on their place of work or against this country. innocents who hailed from 90 nations and all walks of life, attackers perpetrating murder that fateful day. heroism is compassion were boundless on 9/11, patriots from all backgrounds and all walks of life responded with speed, with courage and with compassion. in the aftermath of the attack our service members, our nation, rallied together as one, for while we had never asked for this fight, we are steadfastly committed to seeing it through as president trump has made abundantly clear. with no more temporizing, as our example of leadership, galvanizes other nations to stand united against this threat
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to all humankind. maniacs disguised in false religious garb thought by hurting us, they could scare us that day, but we americans are not made of cotton candy, we are not seaweed drifting in the current, we are not intimidated by our enemies and mr. president, your military does not scare. our nation's troops today are worth the successors of revolutionary army at valley forge, worthy successors of valiant sailors at midway and marines at iwo jima. men and women of your armed forces, america, having signed a blank check to the protection of the american people and to the defense of our constitution, a check payable with their very lives, your military stand ready
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and confident to defend this country, this experiment in democracy. we will continue doing so using all means necessary and as long as necessary. so today, we remember the loss of so many in new york city, in a somber field in pennsylvania and here in this very building behind me and many battles since and some of those battles are still raging. as former secretary of defense rumsfeld observed on 9/11 every year we again are mindful and resolute that their deaths, like their lives, shall have meaning and that is in how we carry forward our responsibility to protect america. to the families of those who perished, the loss you have endured drives us in our mission today and everyday. and it is in that spirit, ladies
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and gentlemen, that it is my honor to introduce our commander in chief, the president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] pres. trump: thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. i want to thank you, secretary mattis, general dunford, members of the cabinet, members of the armed forces, first responders and most importantly to the families and to the survivors, it is an honor to join you on this very, very solemn location. this is an occasion that is extraordinary and it will always be extraordinary. before we begin, i would like to send our nation's prayers to everyone in the path of hurricane irma and everyone suffering through the devastation of hurricane harvey.
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these are storms of catastrophic severity and we're the full resources of the federal government to help our fellow americans in florida, alabama, georgia, texas, louisiana, tennessee and all of those wonderful places and states in harm's way. when americans are in need, americans pull together and we are one country and when we face hardship, we emerge closer, stronger and more determined than ever. we're gathered here today to remember a morning that started very much like this one, parents dropped off their children at school, travelers stood in line at airports and getting ready to board flights. here at the pentagon, and at offices across the country, people began their early meetings. then our whole world changed. america was under attack. first at the world trade center, then here at the pentagon, and then in pennsylvania. the horror and anguish of that
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dark day were seared into our national memory forever. it was the worst attack on our country since pearl harbor and even worse because this was an attack on civilians. innocent men, women and children, whose lives were taken so needlessly. for the families with us on this anniversary, we know that not a single day goes by, when you don't think about the loved ones stolen from your life. today our entire nation grieves with you and with every family of those 2977 innocent souls murdered by terrorists 16 years ago.
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each family here today represents a son or daughter, a sister or brother, a mother or father, who was taken from you on that terrible, terrible day. but no force on earth can ever take away your memories, diminish your love or break your will to endure and carry on and go forward. we can never erase your pain or bring back those you lost, we can honor their sacrifice by pledging our resolve to do whatever we must to keep our people safe. [applause]
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pres. trump: on that day, not only did the world change, but we all changed. our eyes were opened to the depths of the evil we face. put in that hour of darkness, we also came together with renewed purpose. our differences never looked so small, our common bonds never felt so strong. the sacrifice grounds on which we stand today are a monument to our national unity and to our strength. more than seven decades, the pentagon has stood as a global symbol of american might, not only because of the great power it contained within these walls, but because of the incredible character of the people who fill them.
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they secure our freedom, they defend our flag and they support our courageous troops around the world, among the 184 brave americans who perished on these grounds were young enlisted service members dedicated civil servants who had worked here for decades and veterans who served our nation in korea, in vietnam and in the middle east. all of them loved this country and pledged their very lives to protect it, that september morning, each of those brave americans died as they had lived, as heroes, doing their duty and protecting us and our
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country. we mourn them, we honor them and we pledge to never ever forget them. [applause] pres. trump: we also remember and cherish the lives of the beloved americans who boarded flight 77 that morning. every one of them had a family, a story and beautiful dreams. each of them had people they loved and who loved them back. and they all left behind a deep emptiness that their warmth and grace once filled so fully and so beautifully. the living, breathing soul of america wept with grief for every life taken on that day. we shed our tears in their memory, pledged our devotion in their honor and turned our sorrow into an unstoppable resolve to achieve justice in their name. terrorists who attacked us
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thought they could incite fear and weaken our spirit, but america cannot be intimidated and those who try will soon join the long list of vanquished enemies who dare to test our mettle. in the years after september 11th, more than five million young men and women have joined the ranks of our great military to defend our country against barbaric forces of evil and destruction. american forces are relentlessly pursuing and destroying the enemies all civilized people ensuring and these are horrible, horrible enemies, enemies like we've never seen before, but we're ensuring that they never again have a safe haven to
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launch attacks against our country. we are making plain to these savage killers that there is no dark corner beyond our reach, no sanctuary beyond our grasp and nowhere to hide anywhere on this very large earth. since 9/11, nearly 7000 service members have given their lives fighting terrorists around the globe. some of them rest just beyond this fence, in the shrine to our nation's heroes, on the grounds of arlington national cemetery. they came from all backgrounds, all races, all faiths, but they were all there to dedicate their lives and they defend our one great american flag.
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[applause] pres. trump: they and every person who puts on the uniform, has the love and gratitude of our entire nation. today as we stand on this hallowed ground, we're reminded of the timeless truth that when america is united, no force on earth can break us apart, no force. on the morning of 9/11, pentagon police officer isaac hoopell, and a special person, was one of the many heroes whose love for his fellow americans knew no bounds. he was a mile away when he got the call over his radio that a plane had crashed into the
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pentagon. he sped to the scene and raced into smoke and fire, few people would have done it. he ducked under live electrical wires and trudged through puddles of jet fuel, steps away from sparks and from vicious flame. in the pitch black, he began calling out people in need of help. isaac heard faint voices and he wanted to answer those faint voices. one by one, he carried people out of the burning rubble, he kept going back into the smoldering darkness, calling out to anyone who could hear, anyone who was alive, he saved as many as 20 people, who had followed his voice.
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he carried eight himself. for nearly 36 hours, isaac kept on saving lives, serving our nation and protecting our safety in our honor and our hour of need. and today isaac continues to do exactly that, isaac still works at the pentagon, now as a sergeant. he's on duty right now and he's joined us here today for the ceremony. this morning all of us and all of america thank isaac for his service. where is isaac? [applause] pres. trump: thank you. thank you, isaac, thank you. [applause]
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pres. trump: to isaac and to every first responder and the legacy of the friends you lost, you keep alive the memory of those who a perished and you make america proud. very, very proud. to the family members with us today, i know that it's with a pained and heavy heart that you come back to this place but by doing so and by choosing to persevere through the grief and the sorrow you honor your heroes. you renew our courage and you strengthen all of us. you really do. you strengthen all of us. here on the west side of the pentagon, terrorists tried to
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break our resolve. it's not going to happen but where they left a marc with fire and rubble americans finally raise the stars and stripes are beautiful flag that for more than two centuries has graced our ships and flown in our skies and led our brave heros to victory after victory in battle. allflag that binds us americans who cherish our values and protect our way of life the flag that reminds us of who we are, what we fight.or and why
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woven in is the story of our resolve. we have overcome every single challenge. every one of them. we've triumphed over every evil and remain united as one nation under god. america does not bend. we do not waiver. we will never ever yield so here at this memorial with hearts both sad and determined we honor every hero that keeps us safe and free and we pledge to work together. to fight together, and to every enemy and obstacle that's ever in our path. our values will endure. our people will thrive. our nation will prevail and the memory of our loved ones will never ever die. thank you and may god bless you. may god forever bless the great united states of america.
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thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [applause] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please remain in place as the official party departs. ♪
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>> the chapel will remain open. the chaplains will remain for your assistance. this concludes today's observance. thank you for joining us. ♪
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>> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, documentary filmmakers can burns and lynn novak will join us to
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discuss their latest film for pbs called "the vietnam war." will huntsman pete aguilar talk about the future of the daca immigration program jury joining us, louisiana republican congressman garrett great on how vulnerable coastal areas need to prepare for storms like hurricane harvey and irma. be sure to watch c-span's at 7:00on journal, live eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. voted un security council to impose additional sanctions on north korea today. tuesday, the house foreign affairs committee holds a hearing on sanctions and -- watch at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. vice president mike pence march the 16th anniversary of the september 11 attacks with the families and friends of victims
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at the flight 93 national memorial in pushing snow pennsylvania. united 93 crash in a yield at eastern time on 9/11, killing the onboard. this ceremony is about 90 minutes. ♪


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