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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea  CSPAN  September 12, 2017 4:14am-5:28am EDT

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members of the council on day representative is software called on the north korean government to halt its efforts to develop a long-range nuclear missile. the sanctions imposed will be in all natural gas imports and textile imports and cap north korea's annual oil and petroleum imports. this is 90 minutes. [indiscernible conversation] >> the 8,042 meeting of the security council is called to order.
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[gavel pound] >> the provisional agenda for this meeting is nonproliferation, democratic people's republic of korea. the agenda is adopted. [gavel pound] in accordance with rule 37 of the council's provision of rules of procedure, i invite the representative for the republic of korea to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. [gavel pound] >> the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. members of the council have before them document s/2017/769. that takes of the draft resolution submitted by the united states of america. the council is ready to proceed
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to the vote on the draft resolution before it. i shall put the draft resolution to the vote now. will those in favor of the draft resolution contained in document s/2017/769 please raise their hand. the result of the voting is as follows. the draft resolution received 15 votes in favor. the draft resolution has been adopted unanimously. as resolution 2375 of 2017. i now give the floor to those
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members of the council who want to make statements after the vote. i give the floor to the representative of the u.s. >> thank you, mr. president. and thank you for calling this meeting and allowing us to have this vote. the images from space of northeast asia at night show brightness and prosperity. surrounding a dark, lonely space that is north korea. those images are a good illustration of where the north korean regime is today. it is alone. it is dark. and it's getting darker. north korea's neighbors, its trading partners and the entire international community are united against its dangerous and illegal actions. today's resolution builds on
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what were already the deepest-cutting sanctions ever leveled against north korea. we've been down this road before. the security council has expressed its condemnation. we've leveled sanctions. but today is different. we are acting in response to a dangerous new development. north korea's september 3 test of acclaimed hydrogen bombs. today we are saying the world will never accept a nuclear-armed north korea and today the security council is saying that if the north korean regime does not halt its nuclear program, we will act to stop it ourselves. over the years, we have learned many things about the north korean regime. we have learned that it does not care about being a part of the community of decent, law-abiding nations. it has violated every united nations resolution against it. we have learned that the north korean regime doesn't care about its own people. it has denied them the most
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basic necessities, to finance its weapons program. and we have learned that half-measures against the regime have not worked. previous efforts to bring north korea to the negotiating table have failed. they have repeatedly walked back every commitment they have made. today the security council has acted in a different way. today we are attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime. we are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing. we are now acting to stop it from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing. we are doing that by hitting north korea's ability to fuel and fund its weapons program. oil is the life blood of north korea's effort to build and deliver a nuclear weapon. today's resolution reduces
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almost 30% of oil provided to north korea, by cutting off over 55% of its gas, diesel and heavy fuel oil. further, today's resolution completely bans natural gas and other oil by-products that could be used as substitutes for the reduced petroleum. this will cut deep. further, a large portion of north korea's revenues come from exports. revenues they use to fund their nuclear program. last month we passed a resolution banning its coal and iron exports. today's resolution bans all textile exports. that's a hit to its revenue with these new stronger sanctions are added to those passed last month, over 90% of north korea's publicly reported exports are now fully banned.
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moreover, this resolution also puts an end to the regime making money from the 93,000 north korean citizens it sends overseas to work and heavily taxes. this ban will eventually starve the regime of an additional $500 million or more in annual revenues. beyond the $1.3 billion in annual revenues we will cut from north korea, new maritime authorities will help us stop them from obtaining funds by smuggling coal and other prohibited materials around the world by ship. furthermore, this resolution prohibits all joint ventures with the regime. resulting in significantly -- in a significant amount of lost revenue. but more importantly, the regime can no longer obtain critically needed foreign investments, technology and know-how needed for its commercial industries. finally, this resolution imposes asset freezes on the most central north korean regime entities affecting both the military and the government itself. in short, these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed
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on north korea. they give us a much better chance to halt the regime's ability to fuel and finance its nuclear and missile programs. but we all know these steps only work if all nations implement them completely and aggressively. today's resolution would not have happened without the strong relationship that has developed between president trump and chinese president xi and we greatly appreciate both teams working with us. we have seen additional encouraging signs that other nations in asia have stepped up to the plate. the philippines has cut off all trade with pyongyang. thailand has drastically cut its economic ties with north korea. and states much farther away are also doing their part. mexico recently declared the north korean ambassador to its country persona nongrata. along with strictly enforcing sanctions, these are important steps toward complete
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international unity. they make clear that all nations can act to deny north korea the funds to build its nuclear arsenal. today is a solemn day in the united states. it is the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that is killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. most of them in this very city. it hurts as much today as it did 16 years ago. we will never forget the victims of september 11. and we will never forget the lesson that those who have evil intentions must be confronted. that day the united states saw that mass murder can come from a clear blue sky. on a beautiful tuesday morning. but today the threat to the united states and the world is not coming out of the blue. the north korean regime has demonstrated that it will not act on its own to end its nuclear program. the civilized world must do what
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the regime refuses to do. we must stop its march toward a nuclear arsenal with the ability to deliver it anywhere in the world. we must do that by cutting off the fuel and the funding that supports it. we don't take pleasure in further strengthening sanctions today. we are not looking for war. the north korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return. if it agrees to stop its nuclear program, it can reclaim its future. if it proves it can live in peace, the world will live in peace with it. on the other hand, if north korea continues its dangerous path, we will continue with further pressure. the choice is theirs. thank you.
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>> i thank the representative of the united states for her statement. i give the floor to the representative of japan. >> thank you, mr. president. japan welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2375. we would like to he can press our great appreciation to the leadership of the united states, which has made it possible for us to adopt this resolution today. we also thank all other members of the council for their support. by swiftly adopting resolution 2375 today, after north korea's ballistic missile launch on the 29th of august that flew over japan, as well as six nuclear tests on the third of september, the security council sends a clear signal to north korea and the international community as a whole that north korea's continuation of their nuclear and missile development can never be accepted.
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him and we recently adopted resolution 2371 unanimously on august 5 in response to the two ballistic missile launches of international intercontinental range in july. the resolution was intended to be very impactful, with the expected effect of reducing the revenue of north korean regime by approximately $1 billion a year. the resolution we just adopted today will strengthen sanctions against north korea to an unprecedented level. further reducing the resources that north korean regime uses to continue its illicit programs. the ban on textile exports from north korea is expected to reduce its revenue by around $800 million. the resolution also requires countries not to provide work authorizations for north korean workers who have been an important source of revenue for
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the north korean regime. in addition, the oil supply that flows into north korea is expected to be cut by approximately 30%. this is intended to make great impact on north korea's continuation of its w.m.d. programs. today's resolution is an urgent call for the north korean regime to change its behavior. the security council will not back off in the face of north korea's persistent provocations, which challenge its repeated resolutions.
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it is the collective will on the international community that we will continue to put maximum pressure against north korea so that it shows seriousness and takes concrete action toward the goal of denuclearization. we should bear in mind that the security council has repeatedly expressed its determination to take further significant measures in the event of a further launch or nuclear test by north korea. this is again clearly stated in paragraph 31 of this resolution. a peaceful diplomatic solution, which we all want, is in the hands of the north korean regime. if north korea wants peace and security, it needs to demonstrate concrete measures for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, comply fully with the relevant security council resolutions, and joint statement of the six-party talks and thus come back to the dialogue table. in the meantime, all members of the united nations must show their renewed commitment to
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rigorously and thoroughly implement the existing security council resolutions, including 2371 and 2375 that we just adopted. japan will continue to work very closely with the security council members and all other member states to reach a comprehensive solution to the problems related to north korea. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of japan for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of france. >> [speaking foreign language] translator: unanimous adoption of resolution 2375. which strengthens the united nations' sanctions on north korea. i would like to thank the permanent representative of the united states, nikki haley, and her team. i would like to also thank every single member of the council,
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thank them for their determined commitment to this. mr. president, the tragic anniversary of the 11th of september that we commemorate today leads me to he can press once again our profound sympathy towards our american friends and to all of the countries who have been hit by terrorism. this commemoration and the gravity surrounding it invites us also to rise collectively to the height of the collective responsibility on the council on the most crucial issue of all, the issue of war and peace and the conditions of peace. and it is this question that brings us together today. on the topic of north korea. and that is why on behalf of france, i would like to send today three messages of political nature and express
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them in the form of three requirements. the first one, the first demand, is the need to be lucid when it comes to the development of the threats we're facing. let's make no mistake. after the intercontinental ballistic missile launches this summer, or after the nuclear test, unprecedented scope on the third of september, the threat changed in regional, it became global, from virtual, it became immediate. and from being serious, it became existential. and this is illustration of how this threat places demands on us. it brings us together. it also shows us how we need to have a strong and united reaction of the security council, something that france called for from the beginning, and without reservation. the first demand placed on us, a central nature, is the need to be firm. give them the-long rush forward of the irresponsible measure of the regime and the contempt for its international obligation, it is necessary now more than ever to work in unison with
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determination and end quickly. we need to react to this attack against peace and security and the legal system on which it is based. the resolution that we have just adopted is an important and necessary step in this direction. in order to put maximum pressure on the north korean regime. this robust resolution strengthens and indeed widens and does this in a way which is very significant and targeted. it widens the sanctions regime in several areas. i'm referring to unprecedented constraints on the sectors of the economy which directly feed the north korean regime, such as, for example, the textile sector and north korean workers. i am referring also to the
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important restrictions placed on the exports of oil to north korea. and this resolution also strengthens the tools we have at our disposal in order to prevent the avoidance of sanctions, in particular in the maritime area. the last report of our exports confirmed this, the north korean regime is becoming increasingly creative when it comes to avoiding sanctions that have been placed on it. well, let's react to it by also being very creative. mr. president, this is not just simply being determined and resolute in words. the sanctions are not a leitmotif without a goal. they're not an end in themselves. area united reaction, a firm and unequivocal response today meets
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an objective. on the one hand we're reacting to the unjustifiable attitude by pyongyang and also avoiding sending any signal of impunity given violations of our own resolutions. but also, and as i said, it also maximizes the pressure on the north korean regime and does this in order to bring them back to honoring their obligations and to reason. in this context, the third demand logically and chronologically is the requirement for diplomacy. and the determination that we've expressed today, hopefully that will open the way to diplomacy. the conviction of my country, france, mr. president, is that maximum determination today in the form of strengthening sanctions, it is our best tool in order to promote a political settlement tomorrow. and the opposite is also true. everything that will be perceived by the north korean regime as a sign of weakness, a division amongst us, will encourage them to continue with provocations and objectively will heighten the risk of
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extreme escalation. to put it simply, the firmness that we display today is the best antidote we have, given the risk of confrontation. and is also our best opportunity to open the way to a political solution. which needs to be based, we think, on the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we therefore are not closing the door to dialogue. we have never closed the door to dialogue. it's a north korean regime which persists through its irresponsible attitude and unacceptable attitude to reject dialogue. for as long as they will remain deaf to our injunctions, for as long as they will continue from provocation to provocation and will heighten their threats, we will have no other choice but to heighten our response through pressure. it's the only solution to bring north korea back to the negotiating table and open the
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way to the needed political and diplomatic resolution of this issue. mr. president, for france, these are the three complementary requirements that need to be guiding us. lucidity, when it comes to the existential nature of the threat, being as firm as possible whilst reacting to it, and diplomacy as our horizon. in the service we hope of a political solution in order to resolve the nuclear crisis in north korea. our security of everyone is at stake. and together with a nonproliferation regime, which is its backbone, we need to react and we invite all of the parties to continue together down this demanding path. i thank you. >> i thank you the representative of france for his statement.
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i give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. president. just over a week ago, north korea sent a brazen message of provocation. a message of belligerence. a six-nuclear test carried out once again in clear contempt for the security council, the region and the international community. today through the unanimous adoption of the resolution, we have sent a message of our own in response. through this vote we have made clear that we will not stand idly by in the face of such aggression. that we will not be intimidated or cowed. that we will match north korean provocations with clear, targeted consequences. today we have enacted strategic measures that together with existing obligations add up to
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the most stringent united nations sanctions regime placed on any nation in the 21st century. we have enacted measures today that show our determination to act. this resolution does three big things. first, it will curtail gas, pet roll and oil imports. second, it will ban all textile exports. taking hundreds of millions of dollars from the revenues that the north korean regime uses to fund its nuclear and missile programs. and third, it will end future work authorizations of north korean overseas laborers, stopping a sickening industry built on modern slavery and used to divert funds to the regime. so make no mistake, we're tightening the screw and we
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stand ready to tighten it further. until the regime sees diplomacy, not duplicity, is the way forward, we must use all of our diplomatic tools to bring pressure to bear on pyongyang. some have doubted that this council would be willing or able to react speedily or in unison or even at all to this new provocation. but with this resolution, we have shown that we are united in condemning this illegal and reckless act. and that we are determined that the north korean regime change course. the unanimous agreement today of the states around this table is a powerful step, that we now call on all states to redouble their sanctions implementation, taking note that the decisions we have made today under international law. mr. president, north korea is engaged in a dangerous policy of provocation. our role as a council and as an international community is to constrain them so that they change course.
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sanctions are a vital part of this effort. it is the regime that bears full responsibility for the measures that we have enacted today. it is their continued illegal and aggressive actions that have brought us here. such actions are in no way a proportionate response to the legitimate defensive military exercises of south korea and the united states. there is a way out. diplomacy can end this crisis. first, north korea must change its reckless course. there must be an end to the tests and an end to the provocations. until north korea changes
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course, we must maintain the maximum pressure possible. through this resolution today, we have done just that. falls on pyongyang to do the right thing. to step back from confrontation and to step towards de-escalation. thank you. >> i thank the representative of the united kingdom for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> thank you, mr. president. ukraine welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2375 in response to the six nuclear tests conducted by the republic of north korea. i commend the strong u.s. leadership that made this happen. i want to use his opportunity to express our ukraine solidarity with the people of the united states as they commemorate the 16th anniversary of 9/11. i am proud ukraine was able to the council's
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reaction to this horrible terrorist act back in 2001 and including providing our mission's premise for the council's urgent consultations. north korea's advance in nuclear and ballistic missile programs still remains the most significant proliferation challenge on the global scale. moreover, the increasing militarization has already severely impacted and continues to threaten the livelihoods of the dprk population. besides diverting resources from the acute human needs, to feeding its nuclear arsenal, dprk succeeded in sanctions aversion. our decision proves that the council remains united in its response to the growing nuclear threat on the korean peninsula. as well as in its intention to the people of north korea.
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i wish to reiterate the key importance of full and comprehensive implementation of all council resolutions related to the dprk by all member states of the united nations. to exclude the risk of further provocations. ukraine voted for the resolution that any responsibility member of the international community must spare no effort in restoring the respect for international law and finding solutions to counter the greatest threats to global peace and security. thank you. >> i thank the representative of ukraine for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of uruguay. >> [speaking foreign language]
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translator: thank you, mr. president. uruguay welcomes an commends the unanimous adoption of resolution 2375. in the 21 months that have elapsed since we began to participate in these security council, mr. president, this is the fifth resolution that we are voting on imposing sanctions on north korea. this is also the fifth time that my delegation affirms that the action of these security council and the -- all of its members is crucial to counteract the seriousness constituted by the violations of north korea, of the resolutions of the security council threat that is to international peace and security. this is also the fifth time that my country maintains that the nuclear tests and the launches of ballistic missiles step up an increase on the instability of the korean peninsula and exacerbate tensions in the region and are continued provocation of the international community. mr. president, it is also the
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time that uruguay reaffirms the urgent need for the government of the dprk to respect the security council resolutions and to cease to perform its ballistic and nuclear program. uruguay is urging this country to abandon its nuclear program. in a complete, verifiable and irreversible fashion, putting an immediate end to all related activities, including the launch of ballistic missiles and other acts of provocation. mr. president, the sanctions are simply a means to an end. a means to bring the government of north korea back to the negotiating table. it is necessary to work to achieve a sustainable results-focused dialogue as soon as possible. emerging from the north korean conflict can only be succeeded
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with dialogue and diplomacy and within the framework of an international strategy which is firmly backed by all countries. a commitment that is to ensure the effect and comprehensive implementation of sanctions provided for by this security council. to conclude, mr. president, it is the fifth time that we must reaffirm our unwavering commitment to continue working toward the peaceful, diplomatic and political solution of the north korean conflict. for they also achieve the ultimate end of the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. thank you. >> i thank the representative of uruguay for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of italy. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, italy welcomes the unanimous adoption of this resolution. we thank the united states for leading this process. with the appropriate sense of urgency, and for conducting this negotiation in a spirit of transparency. that we appreciate in light of
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the constraints, that the grave situation provoked by north korea has determined. in fact, this resolution comes at a moment of unique threat to international peace and security and of a very serious challenge to regional stability. just one week ago, this council met to condemn the six nuclear tests carried out by the dprk regime. following a series increasingly reckless missile launches, we affirm our strong condemnation of these irresponsible acts. all these actions taken together reveal a cycle of unprecedented deliberate and escalatory provocations by north korea. erected against the international community as a whole, and aimed at undermining the foundations of the global nonproliferation regime as well as the authority of the council.
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we reiterate our deepest concern for the advancement of the north korean nuclear and missile program which constitutes an unacceptable threat of global nature. today we are standing united once again by taking action in order to protect our collective security and to ensure that the north korean regime threats do not go unanswered. the resolution adopted today is a balance act that provides for a strong, comprehensive package of restrictive measures, while taking into account the humanitarian concerns and the need to achieve the denuclearization of the korean peninsula through a negotiated process. these measures are a reflection of the gravity of the current situation and they constitute a proportional and appropriate response.
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this resolution however is not only about stronger sanctions. it also sets the political path for which, if it so chooses, north korea can revert to a different pattern of relations with the international community in order to reach a peaceful solution to the situation. we fully share the call of this resolution on the dprk to immediately cease all nuclear and missile-related activities, and to make credible progress on its obligations to denuclearize, and opening the way to a peaceful solution through meaningful negotiations. we also fully share the concerns about the humanitarian situation in the country and the need to ensure that these new sanctions do not have an adverse impact. we must not forget that the people of north korea are first and foremost victims of the
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regime's self-isolating ambitions. the international community must therefore continue to provide assistance for those in need. finally, mr. president, as chair of the 2017-2008 committee, 2017-2018 committee, we'll continue to maintain a sharp focus on full and effective implementation of the sanction regime by the whole membership of the united nations. i thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of italy for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of china. [speaking chinese]
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translator: september this year, dprk, in defines of the general opposition of the international community, conducted yet another nuclear test. the chinese government firmly opposes and strongly condemns such an act. china is consistently committed to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. to the peace and stability of the peninsula. and to the solution of the issue through dialogue and consultation. the resolutions adopted by the council today reflects this principle of three commitments and demonstrates the unanimous position of the international community of opposing dprk's development of its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities and preserving the international nonproliferation regime. china urges dprk to take seriously the expectations and will of the international community to halt dprk's nuclear and missile development, effectively abide by the council's resolutions, not conduct any more nuclear and missile tests, and return to the track of denuclearization. the resolution simultaneously reiterates the maintenance of peace and stability of the
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peninsula and commits to resolve the issue through peaceful, diplomatic and political means. supports the resumption of the six-party talks, as well as the commitment contained in the statement and emphasizes the importance of de-escalation on the peninsula. all parties should effectively and comprehensively implement provisions contained in the resolution. the nuclear issue of the korean peninsula must be resolved peacefully. integrated measures must be taken to balance the legitimate security concerns for all parties. china has been making unremedied efforts for the denuclearization and for maintaining peace and stability of the peninsula. on july 4 this year, china and russia issued a joint statement on the korean peninsula.
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based on china's proposals of a dual track approach to promote denuclearization of the peninsula in parallel with the establishment of a peace mechanism on the peninsula and all suspension initiatives of dprk's nuclear activities. and a suspension of the large scale military exercises and based upon russia's proposal of a step by step approach, both parties formulated a road map for the solution of the korean peninsula issue. the chinese and russian initiative is as realistic as it is feasible. it is tackling both the symptoms to advance the peaceful settlement of the korean peninsula negotiation and to maintain peace and stability of the peninsula. we hope that pyongyang will incorporate nights specific policies regarding dprk.
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not thinking that regime change in dprk, not seeking a collapse of the regime and dprk, not reunification of the [inaudiblechinese is ] -- >> we've been consistently committed to the denuclearization. the goal of denuclearization of peace and stability. the deployment severely undermines the strategic security interests of countries, china included. china strongly urges relevant parties to halt its deployment and remove related equipment. at present, the situation on the peninsula is sensitive, complex and grave. at present, the situation that it is sensitive, complex and grave. relevant parties should remain
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wholehearted and avoid any action that would aggravate tension. the priority at present is to comprehensively and strictly this and relevant parties should resume talks and negotiations sooner than later to advanced denuclearization and maintain peace and ability and the nasa left. itshould undertake responsibility and this regard. host will continue to dialogue and consultations, work together with all relevant parties, and make a positive and asset for the appropriate settlement at an early date of the current nuclear issue. we are working for attaining denuclearization and for the long-term peace and stability of
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the peninsula. thank you. >> i thank the representative of china for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of sweden. >> thank you very much, mr. president. the persistent disregard for global norms and consistent defying of u.n. security council resolutions by north korea put millions of people at risk. its actions represent a threat not only to the region, but to all of us. this is indeed a clear threat to international peace and security. for this reason, sweden welcomes the adoption of today's resolution, in the face of north korea's destabilizing actions, it is important that the council once again stands united and determined to address the most dangerous crisis we are facing today. mr. president, sweden reiterates its condemnation of north korea's recent nuclear test. we once again urge north korea to heed this council's decisions and the call of the entire international community, that it cease provocation, fulfill its
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international obligations, engage in meaningful dialogue and abandon its nuclear weapons and missile programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner. ened sanctions adopted today aims to add further pressure on the north korean jet stream and to contribute to a change of behavior. to achieve this end, the sanctions must be implemented in full. efforts are needed in this regard. recommendations by the panel of experts to the sanctions committee must be implemented. all u.n. member states have a responsibility to do their utmost to ensure the sanctions regime works. mr. president, sanctions alone, though, will not resolve the situation on the korean peninsula. nor is there a feasible military option to end the crisis.
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the solution must be a peaceful, diplomatic and diplomatic and political one. we welcome the demall this resolution for further work to reduce tensions, so as to advance the prosperities for a comprehensive settlement. therefore in parallel to the tightened sanctions adopted today, we must urgently put in place intensified and creative diplomatic efforts to decrease tensions, increase confidence, and prevent escalation. paving the way for dialogue on peaceful and comprehensive resolutions. it is clear that in order to achieve the longer term objective, there is a pressing need for a regional security arrangement. the united nations should provide additional support, especially with regard to confidence building activities in the region, and we should explore how the good offices of the secretary general can contribute. the continued provocations by north korea, as well as the current confrontational rhetoric are dangerous and risk leading to unintended consequences. in the immediate term, while tensions are running high, lines for direct inter-korean
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communication are critical to avoid misunderstanding and miscalculations. as a member of the neutral states' supervisory commission, we call on north korea to assume contact at the border station. mr. president, while the north korean regime invests in expensive weapons programs, it shows an utter disregard for the well-being of its own people. who continue to suffer from serious human rights violations and a grave humanitarian situation. it is important to underline that none of these measures adopted today or in previous resolutions should prevent or make more difficult the ongoing efforts by the united nations and its partners to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance. it is also important to note that as the harsh north korean winter approaches, more support for efforts are likely to be needed. i thank you very much, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of
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>> i thank the representative of sweden for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. russia does not accept the claims of dprk to become a nuclear state. and has supported all of the security council resolutions demanding an end to the nuclear and missile programs of pyongyang in the interest of denuclearizing of the korean peninsula. therefore we supported it and are supporting the sanctions contained in the resolutions aimed at compelling the dprk to meet the demands of the security council. this fully applies also to the demands of the resolution, 2371, even though when it was being adopted we underscored that the
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measure of financial and economic pressure exerted at the leadership of dprk have been basically exhausted and any further restrictions could be tantamount to the attempts to suffocating its economy. including the total embargo of the country and provoking a deep humanitarian crisis. in order, we're talking about not just cutting the channels of feeding the banned nuclear and missile activity, but rather inflicting unacceptable damage on innocent civilians. at the same time, we proposed a reasonable and realistic alternative to the ultimatum logic of the sanctions which have proven that it's unworkable time and again. the alternative consisted of the following. starting implementing not just a sanction parts of the aforementioned decisions of the security council but also those of the provisions which called for a peaceful political and diplomatic settlement of the
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nuclear issue on the korean peninsula through dialogue and negotiations. and such provisions are contained in all of the security council resolutions. ignoring them means a direct violation of consensus agreements reached in the council. furthermore, the unwillingness of the authors to include into the resolution the idea of using the good offices and mediation potential of the secretary general, as well as the denial to reaffirm the statement made by tillerson, the lack of plans to start the war, regime change, the forced reunification of the two koreas in violation of the third parallels, all of this gives rise to very serious questions in our minds, we have not yet received answers to those. russia, as was underscored by
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president putin on the fifth of december in china, firmly denounces the recent provocation step by pyongyang. the test on the third of september. but we're convinced that diverting the gathering menace from the korean peninsula could be done not through newer sanctions but exclusively through political means. that is the approach, it is exactly the approach which was proposed by russia and china in the joint statement on the fourth of july. the joint road map that is on accept by step moving to the settlements, starting with de-escalation steps and bilateral lowering tensions and implementing confidence building measures and creating conditions for resumption of negotiations. we think it's a big mistake to
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underestimate this russia-china initiative. it remains on the table at the security council and we will insist on it being considered. we did support the resolution, 2375, today. because while we remain convinced there is no future for us if we only try to compel the leadership or move away from the dialogue, while we agree with that, we think that leaving nuclear tests without a firm reaction would be wrong. but at the same time we underscored immediately that the reaction of the security council needed to be thought through and needs to take into account the humanitarian aspects of the situation in north korea, the legitimate interests of the civilians, and the specific measures of bilateral relationship between pyongyang and foreign partners, which have nothing to do with nuclear missile tests, but which meet the interests of the civilians. in the course of working on the resolution, many of our colleagues stated this is a prologue for work on political
5:05 am
settlement. we would like in the very near future see proof of that and call on members of the u.n. security council to undertake specific efforts not in words but in deeds for political settlement of the issue of the korean peninsula. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank you. i give it to the president of senegal. >> we commend the adoption by the 15 members of the security council of resolution 2375 on nonproliferation in the d bmp rk
5:06 am
-- the dprk and we commend the constructive spirit which has prevailed in these negotiations and we hail the adoption of this resolution of the pen of the u.s. delegation. its primary responsibility is to maintain peace and security. this has been many resolutions adopted on this issue. therefore, the security council has to take action and take actions that bolster the regimes in force. and it's logical. there needs to be -- as the regime of the dprk -- regime of the dprk continue to pursue an illegal military regime in violation of security council resolutions as well as nonproliferation. this is a direct threat to the security and safety of millions of people that live, work and move through the region. therefore, well, the dprk did
5:07 am
not give prior the eight-bomb and which was felt in neighboring countries. mr. president, my delegation wishes to underscore that this set of targeted measures taken quite rightly to respond to the missile challenge must be pursued globally and efforts must be accompanied to engage in dialogue and the denuclearization of the korean peninsula in the global community needs to support to that region and i reiterate my
5:08 am
country's peaceful negotiation of this region and we continue to work to ensure that people go -- go back to the negotiating table so it is denuclearize and countries and people of the region. very fortunately indeed and this is the asset of this resolution, paragraphs 28, 29 and 30 of the resolution pave the way for a commendable political solution. now we must rise to the challenge of implementing this resolution. this was stated in consultations by representatives of italy as the chair of the 1718 sanctions committee, implementation is yet -- leaves room to be desired. thank you.
5:09 am
>> i thank the president of senegal. i give the floor to the representative of egypt. >> mr. president, egypt voted in favor of the resolution adopted today out of our unwavering principles and commitment to the credibility of the nuclear npt regime. and the credibility and rule of the security council towards the maintenance of the national security. egypt seeks to set an example of how to seriously deal with any threat to the nuclear npt egime without double standards. egypt once again calls upon the dprk to end its violations of
5:10 am
the u.n. security resolution and return as a nonnuclear seat. we call upon to heed the calls to return to dialogue and negotiations towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and peace between the two crease. egypt urges the dprk to cease any action that would undermine regional security in northeast asia or international peace and security. we do so out of our
5:11 am
understanding of the nature of the violations by north korea of the security council resolution as it threatens international peace and security and regional peace and security as well. it is a threat to regional security in northeast asia. egypt reaffirms the condemnation of these violations by north korea. we set forth a continued role for the security council. ladies and gentlemen, once again, egypt calls upon all stakeholders to seek a peaceful supplement of the situation in the korean peninsula in accordance with the u.n. security council resolutions including six-party talks. this would have the current impasse that fuels more escalations. egypt reaffirms the need not to
5:12 am
lose sight as we implement the stringent measures adopted today. in conclusion, egypt welcomes all constructive ideas that would resolve this crisis a crisis with far-reaching repercussions beyond northeast asia. and to do so through negotiations. egypt sets forth a key role for the u.n. in these efforts to promote diplomacy and political track while maintaining the unity of the international community and the security council as we address this. i thank you. >> i thank the president of egypt for his statement.
5:13 am
i give the floor to the representative of kazakhstan. >> mr. president, kazakhstan urges north korea to stop its nuclear program by adopting today's resolution which is tougher and wider in its sanctions. we deplore the fact that dprk continues to violate resolutions that inest apply leads to vital consequences. despite the urgent appeals and rejection by the world community of its actions, the dprk is continuing to develop its nuclear weapons that destabilizes the situation. and we are not talking here about a virtual threat, but about the real threat to the
5:14 am
neighboring countries and beyond. after a series of launches the dprk showed the planet of its horrible nuclear tests. it negatively affects of nonproliferation and undermines collective efforts to ensure a nuclear-free planet. we are strongly opposed to these violations. we are strongly convinced in the 21st century there is no place for nuclear tests. we support the new resolution holding that it will send a very clear and strong message to pyongyang that the world does not accept the nuclear policy of north korea. we hope they will act accordingly. the resolution has tough sanctions as a means to persuade its course of a nuclear-free weapons.
5:15 am
and there is dialogue if they want it. we call them to heed the message of humidity and i thank you. >> i thank the president for his statement. i give to the -- the floor to the representative of bolivia. >> we express our strongest condemnation of the nuclear tests and nuclear missiles undertaken by the dprk. we issue an appeal to abandon its nuclear program. we urge this question to comply the provisions.
5:16 am
bolivia as the region of the world. and violation of the right to life itself. mr. president, we believe that the sanctions must not be an end to themselves. sanctions must serve to bring parties to the negotiating table bearing always in mind the humanitarian situation as it revills. the people of the north korea. sanctions alone will not resolve the situation. and if there is a shortfall of political and diplomatic solutions we will see the
5:17 am
failure and as part of resolution 2371. pursuant to that, the security council to initiate where in order to bring parties to the negotiating table and to recommit six-party talks. we avoid unilateral action or action taken outside of international law. and we once again reiterate our support for the china initiatives which will make it possible to bring down tensions in the korean peninsula. we have the russian road map and that's the om tangible proposal we have on the table to resolve
5:18 am
the situation as it prevails. mr. president, bolivia issues an appeal to all parties to discard which is military in nature or threats the use of force. we ask people to achieve a peaceful and diplomatic solution. >> i thank the president of bolivia. i shall now make a statement. we welcome the unanimous endorsement of resolution 2375 we just adopted which we believe is an appropriate response for his counsel after these series of provocative actions by the dprk which is a dangerous situation on the korean peninsula. the latest move is more dangerous. it is absolutely vital that we
5:19 am
continue to maintain continuity on this very serious matter which has the potential to get easily out of hand, that possibility. the resolution just adopted is very much mindful of this and underscored. concern that developments on the korean peninsula could have dangerous and regional security implications. we are pleased that it is with this awareness which explains the unity in the council that we'll continue to see. this is demonstrated and the desire for negotiations which this resolution is an affirmation. we believe there is room for negotiation. and we hope this resolution and
5:20 am
the unity among council members will facilitate the diplomatic solutions which are stressed. all efforts should be made to ensure that this happens sooner rather than later because the tendency to a peaceful resolution is to put it mildly hardly a viable option. that concludes my brief remarks by expressing appreciation by all those who played an active part in the finalization of this resolution and for the wisdom which so manifested in the final product. i now will give the floor to the republic of korea.
5:21 am
>> mr. president. first of all, i would like to thank you for convening today's meeting to follow up on our discussion regarding north korea's nuclear test on the 3 of september. i appreciate the opportunity to participate in this important discussion. the republic of korea accepts resolution 2375 which introduces new measures on north korea in response to its most powerful nuclear test to date conducted in defiance of the international community. we appreciate the leadership of the united states, which has been crucial in bringing about
5:22 am
this resolution. we know how difficult it is to secure such a negotiated outcome. our petition goes to the other members of this council, especially china and russia without which the adoption of this resolution today would not have been possible. unanimous adoption of this resolution reflects not om the sense of urgency on the part of the security council in addressing north korean nuclear programs, but the true gravity of the situation on the korean peninsula caused by this in flagrant violation. the adopted resolution contains the strongest measures ever against north korea. not only substantially reduced but north korea will also lose two of its largest income sources, textile exports and
5:23 am
laborers. we believe these measures if fully implemented will undercut north korea's capability to pursue further nuclear weapons development. the resolution sends a clear message to pyongyang that enough is enough. continuing on the wrong path will be put in isolation and endanger its political stability and its political environment. this is not what they desire but will certainly face if it does not change its course immediately. mr. president, by introducing the most inviting measures in this resolution, the international community has reaffirmed its commitment to remain united in stopping north korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. our goal is not to bring north korea to its knees but achieve a peaceful solution. under the current circumstances where north korea has rejected any kind of dialogue with any country in the world, there are
5:24 am
no viable options other than sanctions to make pyongyang come back to the table. strong economic sanctions are undoubtedly the only diplomatic means available under the present circumstances. in order to make north korea awaken from its delusion. i call upon the members of the community to fully and thoroughly. including resolution 2375. adopted today. pyongyang would then feel the real pain this time around. thank you very much. >> that are no more names on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned.
5:25 am
5:26 am
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