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tv   Marc Short Discusses President Trumps Legislative Priorities  CSPAN  September 13, 2017 12:29am-1:33am EDT

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program. ow white house legislative affairs director talks about president trump's priorities for congress, including tax reform and the deferred d child interaction sportaca legislative fix. about onefast is hour. friend the raconteur. i'm from the christian science monitor. our guest is assistant to the president and director of the office of legislative affairs. this is his first visit with our breakfast club, home to what steve bannon called the pearl clutching mainstream media. thanks for making time for us in your busy schedules. the virginia native graduated from washington. he got his start in politics serving as finance director for oliver north's senate campaign.
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he went on to become the executive director of young america foundation, including stewardship of ronald reagan's ranch. we are on the record. please note tweeting and filing of any kind while the breakfast is underway to give us time to listen to what our guest says. it will end promptly at 9:00. curb the selfie urge we will you not several pictures to all of the reporters here as soon as the breakfast ends.
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if you like to ask a question please do the traditional thing and send me eight nonthreatening signal. please try to confine yourself to one question until others have had a chance. we start off by offering the guest to make opening comments. for doing this. the floor is yours. >> i will be brief because i'm anxious to get to your questions. thank you for hosting. i know that christian science monitor has been a leader in helping to not just cover the news but drive the news and we appreciate it. i am honored that you included me. the trump administration has been remained focused on trying to jumpstart the american economy and create jobs. what we have seen is the
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president take unprecedented steps in cutting unnecessary regulation. getting government out of the way of the economy. the trump administration has withdrawn 860 actions to date and we work with congress to pass 14 pieces of legislation under the congressional review act. the executive actions and legislation combined will save our economy $18 million account -- annually. these are having a real impacts on the lives of the american people. since inauguration we have created 1.2 million jobs, 125,000 of those in the manufacturing sector. wages are up. small business optimism is up. 20% and thes is up s&p just reached a record high. dore a lot more that we can to return jobs to american shores. that is why the president is focused on providing tax relief this year. we have been working with congress to get unified tax
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relief to the president desk. this april the white house has met with over 250 members of both parties of congress to discuss tax reform. the committees will get to the spendingl. deal we reached with congress last week provides the space we needed to get this done this calendar year. thee have all learned legislative process is slow and in this new season of bipartisanship we hope the democrats will end their unprecedented campaign of of obstruction against some of our nominees. 385otal we have set nominees to the senate. 35% have been confirmed. by contrast, 70% of the obama administration was confirmed by the same date in obama's presidency. at the -- at this point obama at 385 nominees confirmed compared
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to 133 for this administration. with the emergencies we are theng in texas and florida importance of getting these nominees into their jobs is hard to understand. aocking these nominees during national emergency is dangerous and irresponsible. to stopon democrats playing politics and help us fill our department. i will say i am encouraged that last night i spoke with the chief of staff about a path forward and in particular today a confirmation vote. we also believe much of the recovery this point is turning into a housing issue in texas and florida as well. our decorative secretary has yet to be confirmed despite three months ago.
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her ae they will allow vote this week and encourage conversations last night because that will happen. willp of tax reform nominations, and hurricane relief we also have other important priorities to the american people. we are long overdue to secure our borders and we hope congress can provide a fix to daca. the president is still committed to rebuilding the american infrastructure in this congress. lack of options are caused by obamacare. these are some priorities and there is more to be done. fortunately what we have seen so far is our policy particularly the executive branch is making a difference. work withe to congress to fill the promises the president's made it to the american people. i look forward to your question. >> my job is to throw out the softball and then we joe -- we go to caitlin mcneil.
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gizzi, dimitri, george condon and tara mckelvey. that should give us going. the fiscal deal that was done that is a sign that president trump is the first independent president to hold that office. not loyalty on either party. is that an assessment you agree with? >> i think the president first and foremost rather than party affiliation goes to what you can do best for the american people. the fill the promises he made on the campaign trail. i think the deal he struck last week enabled us to focus on tax reform. the president has made getting jobs back to our economy the number one priority and tax reform is what we think is necessary to get the economy going again.
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i do find some of the coverage interesting. i mentioned in my opening remarks we have been eating on tax reform. the president has fought for cooperation from democrats. i think some of the coverage in the initial few months was -- i'm painting with a rod brush. the of the commentary is president is relying on faith in he can't accomplish a lot if he continues to rely on his base. i think the president's focus is what he can do on the american people. less worried about the relationships, the coverage. the goings-on with mcconnell,
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ryan, schumer. >> do you agree with the comments that the senate majority leader made to the new york times that the deal last week was not as good as it looks for democrats because of the extraordinary measures being employed so that the debt ceiling does not happen until 2018? >> a good deal for the american people. the american people are tiled -- tired in washington. many reasons, that is why president trump was elected. there was a lot of frustration septemberatter -- with a lot of commentary about how in the world we ever get to september, there is a roadblock, too much that congress has to do. the president cleared the decks and the american people are not having quite this conversation about the debt ceiling. out forhe was looking
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the best interest of the nation. >> thank you for being here. you mentioned speaker ryan and taxes. speaker ryan talked about a corporate rate somewhere around 20. the president firmly said 15%. is there any wiggle room on the 15 to bring this deal together or is 15% nonnegotiable? >> the president wants 15. it does not help us to negotiate against ourselves. we should aim for what we think is best and i think we all understand that ultimately there is compromised to get to and we think what is best is a 15% corporate rate. more competitive on the international stage. this is not just about corporate rates it is about jobs. what we have seen is because of the unfair tax code that many companies have decided to leave
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america and taking jobs with them. we believe it is important to reduce those rates to be more competitive. >> thank you for being here. i'm wondering if you can outline what the administration will be looking for in a bill in congress. fundingg that restores to the wall. other border security measures. are you willing to go for more of the dream act is an area rather than get legal status as opposed to something like that. >> i think the white house will be laying out legislative priorities and we like to see any part of a daca package within the next couple of weeks. i will say that there are several things we think are important. we think it is important to secure the border. we do think interior enforcement is critical and moving to a
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merit-based immigration system. , wehat extent that can be don't know. that this week on the house floor there will be a vote on ms 13 legislation. we work with house leadership to get that on the calendar. the house has been moving forward on several pieces of legislation that we think are critical to our country and we are hopeful the senate will be picking up those bills at some point. you met with mark meadows last week. i'm wondering how the conversation went and if you guys were able to reach areas of agreement about tax reform and if you anticipate them helping your push.
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you want the corporate rate as low as possible. is that going to be limiting expensing -- expense? >> we do not think that expensing should be prioritized. we're more interested in prioritizing lower rates. the question was about my viewpoint that the ministers who believes it is more important to while we down and that value the discussion on expensing we want to prioritize getting rates down. regarding the conversation with has beenows, that ongoing conversation. i think we partnered well with him, his conference. they were very supportive with
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our efforts on repeal and replace so that is not an unusual occurrence. i talked to mark this morning before coming over here. we value that partnership and i case says incular order to get tax reform done you first. pass the budget their position is we want to know what is in the package before we vote on the budget. i think their viewpoints are understood and they will get details before it comes. >> new jersey star-ledger. how can you describe -- nobody making $200,000 a year when deputy state tax pays the top tax rate for -- rate.
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animate the estate tax, lower the cap rate, and illuminate the tax reduction. wealthy inthe most the country take advantage more than anybody else and i think making the tax code simpler and fairer you will see that we are looking to get rid of the deductions and make it easier to difficult taxirly policy america has. we will be lowering individual rates on middle incomes. we do want to prioritize middle income. despite the analysis that you cite i think what we have seen in what we have done is those six states suffer from high tax deductionthat is a that is better does with at the state level than the federal
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level. >> donald trump is the first independent president. of whethereculation he is remaking the republican party or a schism within the party. i'm interested in your take and what kind of impact the president might have on the midterms this year. president think the is forming a schism. you look at the special elections conducted so far and so i think he is helping build the party and get the party grounded. i think he has been an asset and helping us to strengthen the party. again, i think the president is doing what is best for the american people. he is not looking at a prism of what benefits which party more.
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>> from the health post -- huffington post. committedinistration to making sure that the corporate rate is extended to escorts and partnerships and etc.. if the white house is prepared to explain how much the president can benefit from that change. >> i think we are committed to extending it to small businesses and the details of that will becoming forward and i am going question aboutnd the president's benefits. a conversation that has been discussed throughout the campaign and i think he will be happy to share his tax returns. laying out the priorities on daca. i'm wondering does a wall along the southern border have to be
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part of whatever compromise is reached? >> i think we are most interested in getting border security and the president has made a commitment to the american people that he wants -- he believes a physical barrier is important to that equation for security. whether or not that is part of a daca equation or another don't want vehicle i to confine ourselves to a anstruct that makes reaching conclusion on daca impossible. the president is interested in solving the issue of daca and believes this is an issue that congress can start on. an explanation -- the order obama given was unlawful and could not be supported. he has asked congress to fix it and i think we look forward to providing some guidelines and seeing how they work through the
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process to put in a solution they think works. >> thank you. one of the things that has come up recently, the president in the campaign said he was fully committed to maintaining entitlements. he said this over and over. the chairman of the republican study committee as well as a congressman who participated in a recent tax reform conference said the only way to achieve tax reform is to put medicare and medicaid on the table for reform. the president campaign statements notwithstanding, are entitlements on the table? i think the president remains committed to keeping the promise he made the american people and not cutting medicare or social security. the repeal and replace legislation was our best
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opportunity for real for reform and medicaid. that was something the president supported and unfortunately despite campaigning on that were not0, republicans willing to follow through on that. i think the president has been willing to make necessary cuts in that program to make sure it is sustainable for the future. is abouter issue balancing the budget you the president put forward a fiscally responsible budget that balances in 10 years without making those cuts. it will be voted on soon in congress. he looks to continue to make his promise -- keeping promise to the american people. >> next to the financial times. tax reform, where do you think they're making room to make -- work with democrats.
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>> to be clear on nuance, 250 numbers. 250 individual meetings, there were 250 sometimes in group settings. the feedback we have received from many democrats is in the interest -- they recognize the corporate rates are too high. they recognize the corporate tax system is unfair. they recognize it is causing companies to leave our shores and so i think there is opportunity there. i think typically they have expressed a willingness as well to lower individual rates. on the lower income, middle income, i think they're reluctant to lower rates on higher income. i think they have also expressed reforme to marry tax with infrastructure. forink that is conversation
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them to the need to have within their conference and don't have much to add to that you that is commentary we have received from them. >> we're going to go to cheryl , brian, talk,. also conscious of the fact that we have not gone to any of the tables in the back and i am >> does thety to administration had any new initiatives planned to cut more regulations this winter or next the and do you support regulatory accountability act? >> forgive me but i am not familiar with his bill. think first question i the administration will continue to review legislation -- regulation. in many cases there are reviews underway.
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i would anticipate we will continue to look for waves to roll back what we thought was a regulatory burden when the administration came into office. >> not a to announce this morning. >> the president spoke of the weekend about getting to tax reform and speeds things up. a question related to his impression as you said that congress is slow. can you describe what he means by speeding up? i'm not sure what he means. you were describing a sequence of what the caucus once. they want to see tax reform. you said there will be an outline. can you help us understand what are you sayingnd
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the president is going to tell the committee here is what i want before they actually begin to draft anything in the committees themselves? it sound like he is going to stick to his position of having to drop something from that. >> i think the president has laid out on the campaign a tax reform package. he is still pushing for the same principles. he recognizes it is a process and it will alter that. we have been working with leader mcconnell, brady, to try to reach consensus. i think the president is our window to get this done. i think he will be seeing a matter of days, the administration pushing out more detail on what we believe should be needed in tax reform. >> you could have done that a month ago. the summer has been about what?
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sure -- there were a few issues between the senate and white house and i think we are close to finalizing that. there is some preference on the mechanics of getting through the month of september. the white house is anxious to do its now. the white house is pushing to get that out sooner. said everybody understands how slow the legislative process is. i'm not sure that is true in some of your colleagues on the white house. you have to go back to jimmy carter to find a staff that had fewer people who had passed a bill. you conceived the only ones on the original step ahead of her done that. how much has that led to the frustration that the clearly the president feels and how much has that made part of your job getting across to your colleagues and the president how the process works?
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say --ge, i guess when i i should mention everyone here understands the biggest best basis of congress. the first -- the frustration is born of what he has said several times. republicans promised 2010 that when given the opportunity to appeal obamacare, the restoration -- frustration was that we would get it done very quickly. i think there's been some commentary about the president's expectations. repeating --on of before the recess. when they give us that expectation i think the president is frustrated that not only did we miss the timeline but we did get it done. heis a frustration that believes the american people are suffering under obamacare. that we continue to see rates skyrocket.
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we continue to see people lose insurance. counties bear of any insurance. terms in a couple of particular where arizona has gone up 116%. alaska 200%. i would imagine the president is frustrated that the promises they would get it done did not happen. i think that is a natural reaction and i think right now we're moving on to tax reform until we get this done. i'm hoping can tell us about your former employees koch brothers and the admission -- how your affected as an emissary between the two. >> i don't know as i view my role as an emissary. advance theo president's goals. my sense is that charles and
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david are independent and they will express their disagreement when they have disagreements. they areight now supportive of helping to make sure the positions the administration laid out, the simplification and getting rid of the deductions that the government chooses winners and losers with. the individual rates are lowered and the corporate rates are lower. we look forward to partnering with them on that. i know we have issues where we do not partner with them and go separate ways. >> the outreach the president has had on a bipartisan basis on tax reform. we all know the main work is being done by six people from the committees and leaders from the administration. is there any thought to broadening that group and bringing in congressman neil,
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senator warren, the ranking democrats on the committee's, and are you still planning on getting a budget resolution through republicans? recognizing the last time tax reform was done in congress it the president, and both parties involved. >> i think the president has been clear that his preference is to get tax reform done on a bipartisan basis. that is why his first two trips to give national speeches were to misery and north dakota. heidi joined us on that trip. many of you have been reporting that specifically a tax reform conversation in a bipartisan fashion. mission and cohen met with the entire finance committee. to lay out our plans. we are hopeful we will get partnership there.
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the message they sent is if you went on reconciliation you will not get our cooperation. i'm not sure that enabled us to find a pathway for but i hope people will see the benefits of overall tax reform. >> outreach to the key democrats. the fact is there are ranking beenrs who would have wrought in from both parties and there has been a conscious effort not to do that. >> i think there is been a conscious effort to make up -- make sure that we are on the same page. the full recognition is the process will begin and go through a committee process. there's plenty of opportunity to us to work with ranking members on the finance committee. >> bright -- nancy cook.
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>> i have a question about relationships between the president and his party going 40 -- going forward to 2018. he has inserted himself into primary challenges for jeff flake. he has yet to schedule a trip to alabama. i'm wondering if he can say he will support every republican or will he involved himself in the primary process? >> i don't know the president has the commitment to avoid primary process. i think each one will play out by itself. as far as the relationships with members and with leadership i aink the president maintains strong relationship right now. i think despite some of the news of the last week i don't know -- he has a good legendship with nancy pelosi.
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-- would argue the palme obama administration failed to have those relationships and it probably hurt them, probably hurt the country for not getting more done. the president continues to look at it what can i do to stay in the good graces of mitch mcconnell or paul ryan. he says what is in the interest of the american people. he will have the same folder for making decisions on elections. >> you are saying no fallout on -- the way >> there is a lot of coverage about the fact that republican leadership was not supportive of that deal. at the same time the president was on the phone with speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell within 24 hours. he had dinner with ryan the next night. their relationship remains strong. the president campaigned on
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economic nationalism and trade protectionism. members have that mix in their platform and have campaigned on that in the past. there is something the white house is doing to structurally forge the types of people the positions the republicans hold when it comes to trade protectionism and economic nationalism. >> know there is lot. -- no there is not. i think we view it as the diversity of the republican conference benefit. there are many factions within the republican party and sometimes make it more difficult for us. i certainly can see there is a lot. sometimes having those viewpoints can be healthy as opposed to a party being monolithic. >> dallas morning news.
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in terms of the factions of the republican party. i'm wondering about long-term funding for relief and recovery from the storms. how the pushback against the large price tags this would have helped. there are some people within the republican party who want to see budget offsets. how much of an impediment is that going to be? lastthink that the vote week is a good indicator, 300-90. certainly there will be some in the republican party, i would imagine how large the numbers get will be a growing number. i think the president is committed to making sure to release is reluctant provided to those who need it. that will be the driving factor. this will get through congress with support needed for the victims.
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know the texas allegations better than anybody else and i know there were members of delegations who opposed it. arend large members who conservative supporting that aid. they will meet whatever package for florida as well. if theyou clarify president is open to citizenship for these? >> at this point i am not going to state on that. we'll wait and see how the process. you talked about bipartisan president and have been giving tax reform. i'm curious to hear the outreach to conservatives. i talked to several house members and also conservative groups in the last two days who have always been skeptical of mnuchin and gary cohn because
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they were originally democrats. that coupled with the deal that the president cut on the debt ceiling which made a lot of conservatives wary of tax form. what kind of outreach are you doing to these conservatives to make them feel like tax form is going to go in a way that will make them feel comfortable? >> i think one thing that unites members from the liberal side, the conservative, the moderate side is they are not getting enough attention no matter what. -- if we focus simply on republicans i think the criticism as well. you're not being bipartisan enough. youou are bipartisan then are alienating the republican base. that comes with the territory but i think -- i don't think we are ignoring the conservative base of the party.
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or the conservative base in congress which has been loyal and supportive of the agenda. met mentioned before, we with mark and jim jordan last week, secretary mnuchin and myself. talked through the plans on tax reform and just this morning. i think we are pretty well in touch with that caucus and making sure that we continue to work with them closely. there is aink question for them. i don't sense that there is a worry that we are leaving them behind. about thed to ask u.n. meetings next week. the mostlk about what pressing matters are, what you hope to accomplish. any chance you will meet with the venezuelan president?
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has either side reached out for a possible meeting? >> i'm going to be no help whatsoever two-year. i don't have enough with -- not having to worry about the u.n. delegation. i apologize. i don't know the plans and can get back to you later. >> upper deck, baby. what is the relationship with schumer and policy? does he make a lot of phone calls, does he sent chocolate? campaign foro strange? the president has endorsed him and continues to stand by that endorsement. regarding the relationship with i did know if i need to say this a different way that
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i am not getting through but i think the president says i'm going to do what is in the best interest of the american people and sometimes that may be partnering with pelosi or schumer. i don't think is bad. i don't think it is bad is if he has a positive relationship. i think the last the ministration did not and so i spokenhe president has to nancy pelosi, has spoken to chuck schumer. know that there is a roadmap that says this is how we're going to navigate that relationship area it is more about what at the time can he get done that is going to benefit the american people. >> the boston globe. >> i want to ask you about john kelly. talk about how he has change things at the white house, how his style might be different, and whether you would credit him with things that have happened
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in the last month or so since he has been chief of staff. >> i feel like we are very privileged to have the chance to work for him american hero like john kelly. i think he has done a terrific job in providing structured to the white house in ways that empowers staff to do their jobs more effectively. i think we are very excited to have him inside the building and he has been a great asset to many of us. the structure he has thatded has been something was needed inside our building but also something that -- more than the drama, enables people to do their job more effectively. >> establish relationships from the outside of this.
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>> i guess that i think he views his role as he said to help to serve the staff and the president. het a mean by that is that is not in this to draw attention to himself. he is in this to try to help make sure that people get their jobs done. if they are not they will be held accountable. that is the way should be run. follow-up onted to the interview with 60 minutes. >> that took a long time. >> do you and the president agree or disagree with steve bannon that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell do not want the president's populist economic agenda to be of limited? -- implemented? >> paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have been terrific allies with the tax reform package.
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terrific allies as i mentioned on the regulatory front. i don't know anybody who could of done that better than mitch mcconnell. sayteam was helping us to here are the pieces of legislation that we can target and begin to roll back regulatory burdens. i would disagree with steve. i think the leaders have been strong partners helping us to advance the economic agenda. aroundt of interest labor day about the interest -- the trade agreement with south korea. is the president considering going out? what kind of pushed back have you received from members representing the auto industry? is that a lot of concern that if the u.s. did pullout that that might hurt the economy or certain sectors? >> the president has stated many
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times his displeasure with many trade deals and believes they can be more strongly negotiated in ways that benefit the american worker. when there was press coverage there was no doubt that some of the constituencies from the midwest reached out to the white house to express their concern. i also think the president is going through a review process on that and i don't have any news to make on that policy right now. i don't expect any sort of announcements soon that would change our policy. >> i think that that certainly nsc hasversation that engaged with president to talk about that. >> there has been a lot of coverage with gary cohn's
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relationship. he is a big player in tax reform. can you walk us through what he is doing on tax reform, how he fulfills that role with congress and the white house? more broadly on relationships in the white house. to generate and ivanka help you with things on the hill? to they reach out to men and women or are they focused on other issues? >> i'm not going to talk about relationships inside the white house. partnership on the hill, i think in many cases the way we have addressed their perspective is the engagement only helps us. the caveat is that it is coordinated. it is productive for them to be helping to advance interest that are part of the president's agenda. we all serve at the pleasure of the president and gary is first and foremost on our .4 tax reform.
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us -- meeting with speaker ryan last light. he will be part of the big six on capitol hill today. essential to our efforts to provide action for the american people. wednesday senator tim scott will be meeting with the president on issues of race. you might recall that after charlottesville senator scott was on television and talking about the president's comments undermining his moral authority on the subject. apparently what he wants to talk about is sharing his own personal stories and talking policy points like black colleges and party. my question for you is do you see the president changing or modifying either his tone on the subject to deal with this
1:15 am
overall moral authority question on issues of race, and to see him dealing specifically with allison points? -- policy points? doyou may know more than i as to what his plans are. i think the president has condemned the violence in charlottesville and he was clear and outspoken. senator scott asked for an opportunity to sit down with the president and share his personal experiences. the president is happy to do that. i'd sure we will all learn from that conversation and that is good thing. what comes from that, there is no way for me to prejudge. >> the present is of course an extent of -- extending afghanistan troop levels. the military presence certainly
1:16 am
does not like -- look like they will allow u.s. troops to leave anytime soon. there is arguments there might be there for an extended time. who often during the campaign and before the campaign criticized extended military diplomat abroad, does he intend to seek a new authorization from congress for u.s. military operations? at times they said it looks like we have enough in briefings to senators on the hill they said they were like new authorization. where does the president said? >> the current force is sufficient for our needs now. we're not looking to change it. the administration submitted a letter to congress stating that from secretary tillerson last week. the 2001 a umf and we provide the need to execute
1:17 am
on foreign policy. >> deposition with his own criticism, extending deponents abroad. how does he in his mind justify a post-9/11 authorization against al qaeda for battles against isis on the ground and syria, even at times regime forces. how does he rectify that with his past positions? >> i think the president laid that out pretty specifically at fort myer when he talks about what changed when he walked into the oval office. how his position on this in particular was wanting to make sure that there was not continued unrest in ways that created threats to the american people. to protectts to try the american citizens from attack. i think he laid out his viewpoints in that speech clearly to the american people and as far as the use of military force we believe fortis
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on the the books provides flexibility to execute on policy. quickly -- on, the border wall. are you saying the president will not insist on that as part of a daca fix? from theer came up security folks yesterday. they want to see a hill without removing the sunset position. will the president stand by that and is that something he will back up with a veto that seven at two has to make permanent or will you all except 702 that has a sunset? >> i believe we are working through the position on the 702. this should be coming for the next couple of days. it is going through a process at the moment. i don't want to get ahead of that. i'm sorry. question, i'm
1:19 am
cautious of having steve dinan right that the present backs off the border wall. that is not the position i'm trying to convey. the president is committed to sticking by his commitment with a physical structure as what is needed to protect the american people. whether or not that is specifically part of a daca package or in a different package i am not going to prejudge today. but he is committed to making sure the that the wall is built. >> something i did not hear in exactly you how plan to pass tax reform. can you walk us through that? >> i understand they think they can use recommend us -- reconciliation but you would have to get a democrats and the
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president says he is having a couple of democratic senators over this evening but not quite eight. can you walk me through how you plan to get the tax reform passed? a great question. i think we would love to have enough bipartisan support to get 60 votes. that ensures permanent tax form. far, what we have faced is unfortunately resistance to that. rather thans looking up for the interest of the american people many people in the other party are looking to try to deny victories to the administration. getting to 60 votes will be a challenge. it is one we would like to see happen. i think it will be a challenge. thoseer a process to
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leaders we have, their guidance has been the reconciliation will be the most likely path forward. the reason we are having this engagement is even if we go the reconciliation process we still believe it better on a bipartisan basis. we have also learned this summer republicans is not something that is reliable. despite promises of commitments that they have made to voters since 2010 we do not feel like we can assume we can get tax reform done on a partisan basis. not just from a policy perspective but from a perspective to try to reach out in support of democrats as well. noted in 1986 when present reagan passed it was on a bipartisan basis.
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forher it is a 60 vote reconciliation vote we want to earn the micro support on the tax reform package. >> next to reuters. >> can you talk about the importance of this road campaign the president is embarking on in terms of tax reform and was that a recognition that the white house did not handle health care correctly and you are learning from your mistakes? the president has to go to the public to advocate for this. >> i think the president is our best salesman and he is our best spokesman. it is good to have him on the road making a case for the american people as to why we need tax reform now. i think that lessons learned from health-care, what i would say is a reminder that i have articulated one of the things
1:23 am
that we can learn from the last battle was that in many cases we did not get all of our allies on board with the path forward and therefore the republican base was splintered packages were tagged early on as obamacare light. i will say, this sounds like a copout, i will say that process began the first couple of days in january where we did not have arqule -- team on the field. we believe that was a process that we had we were attacking the house package before we were in office. it was a lesson learned in one of the reasons we spent a lot of time questioning what we are doing this summer. we were engaging outside groups from earlier questions about americans for prosperity. heritage to other organizations.
1:24 am
as well as engaging business groups downtown. because youupport will help us make this possible. that is a lesson learned. no doubt. >> to last questions. .uffington post and yourself --dent ed and you yourself have talked about revoking to in the third person. i think the president actually was a republican nominee. he did promise himself, not just to congress, to repeal and replace obamacare. his very first speech. blame orof the whatever falls to him? >> uart reading a lot more into my comments that i think are really intended. i think the president has said all along he is ready and
1:25 am
willing to sign repeal and replace when republicans replete -- complete that process. i also think we have not had any questions about senator graham efforts intended to be announced tomorrow about progress they are making on an effort to keep alive. so that we can complete the effort before the september 30 window closes. that is not looking to try to say we aren't republicans. that is a stretch interpreting my comments. the president continues to savor an effort to save -- repeal obamacare. that is a vehicle that will hopefully more attention in the coming days. i'm not familiar with public comments he has right now about it. >> without a replacement as many
1:26 am
would presume. >> i think the president stated that he preferred repeal and replace. he was recognizing that if repeal and replace at the time was too difficult we should at least repeal. >> quick one. >> if you're going to try to find reconciliation because you said you need to make sure your allies are with you. when does that decision have to be made? >> sometime in october. that is roughly the timeline. we hope we will learn the support necessary to get those resolutions passed in both chambers. >> i want to thank you for coming to one of the biggest breakfasts. thank you so much. >> thank you very much for doing this.
1:27 am
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1:29 am
>> is their concern about neutrality at all? >> yeah but our concern is members who -- our party is getting the vote. you only get my vote if it is revenue neutral, that is a presumption going in. yes that is our assumption. it is not something -- we want to do that gets the most --
1:30 am
>> revenue neutral means new -- real tax form. you think you can have that by then. despite the history of these kinds of things. within a year? >> yes. >> that the president once this -- is he willing to bow down to a tax reform? >> we're not going to fall back. the president wants tax reform. /cuts. >> we need to get territory. that requires tax reform.
1:31 am
that is how you get -- >> will pass this year? >> we want to get it done this year. >> does the president see other deals like that in the future? i also don't think that means -- >> you can decide in the moment. like you said. >> case-by-case. [laughter] creswell is going through your mind? >> like, no more deals today. itare they worried it will in the way?
1:32 am
>> thank you. [indiscernible conversation] >> if you missed any of mr. short's remarks, you can find them on our website. the type "bob short" in search bar. show you the briefing in its entirety. it runs about 25 minutes.


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