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tv   Marc Short Discusses President Trumps Legislative Priorities  CSPAN  September 13, 2017 5:56am-6:45am EDT

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4:30, a conversation on the aftermath of hurricane irma. mbassadors from the etherlands, antigua, and speak.a are scheduled to now, white house legislative affairs director mark short talks about the president's -- action for childhood daca.als or yesterday's christian science monitor breakfast is about an hour. good morning, i'm dave cook. thanks for coming. short.est today is mark assistant to the president and assistant to the office of affairs.ive to our his first visit
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low cal breakfast club. graduated from washington and lee university. politics serving as finance director for oliver went's senate campaign and on to become executive director of the young americas foundation where his role included steward ranch.f ronald reagan's he earned an mba from the of virginia. now on to breakfast mechanics. we're on the record here. lease no live blogging or tweeting or filing of any time to give us time to actually says.n to what our guest
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there's no embargo when the session is over. at 9:00 nd promptly a.m. to help curve that urge we'll several sessions of this here as e reporters the breakfast please try to confine yourself others uestion until have had a chance. we'll give our guest the opening ty to make comments. thank you for doing this. the floor is yours. thank you for having me. i'm anxious to get to your questions. but thank you for hosting me. a special thanks to david and linda for your hospitality this morning. i know the considering science monitor has been a leader in helping to not just cover the drive the news and we appreciate you. we appreciate that. honored that you included
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me. >> thank you. >> the trump administration has and remains very focused on jump starting the american economy. private sector to create jobs. what we've seen already is the unprecedented steps in cutting unnecessary regulations. basically getting government out way of our economy. the trump administration has regulatory actions to date and we work with ongress to pass 14 pieces of legislation under the congressional review act. the executive actions and save our n combine to economy an estimated $18 billion annually. these actions are having a real in the lives of
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the american people. since april, the white house is met with over 250 people to discuss tax reform. soon we will release a unifying outline what congress and we will work on a bill. reached theek, we legislative space we need to get the work done this year. but we know the process is slow. in this new season, we hope senate democrats will end their unprecedented obstruction against our nominees. theave sent 385 nominees to senate. only 35% have been confirmed. 75% have been confirmed by the same date in the obama
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residency. 385 nominees confirmed compared to 133 for this administration. with the emergencies we're facing in texas and florida, the importance of getting these nominees into their jobs is hard to understate. blocking these nominees during a national emergency is dangerous and irresponsible. we call on democrats to stop playing politics and help fill our department. i am encouraged that last night we spoke to chief of staff about it and today there will be eight confirmation vote on the council of economic advisers. believe it turns to a housing issue. particularly in texas but likely in florida as well. today the deputy press secretary has yet to be confirmed.
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we hope they will allow her a vote this week. i am encouraged by my conversations last week that that will happen. we obviously have other important priorities. we are long overdue to secure our borders. we hope congress will create a legislative fix for daca. we are still dedicated to america's infrastructure. deserve americans break from the spiral created by obamacare. there is a lot to be done. what we've seen so far particularly at the executive is making a difference. we will continue to work with congress to fulfill the promises made to the american people. with that, i look forward to your questions.
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>> my job is to throw out the ceremonial softball and then we will go to caitlin mcneil. john gizzi, dimitri, george condon and tara mckelvey. that should give us going. the fiscal deal that was done last week, that is a sign that president trump is the first independent president to hold that office. not loyalty on either party. is that an assessment you agree with? how does it affect your job is legislative director? marc: i think the president first and foremost rather than party affiliation goes to what you can do best for the american people. the fill the promises he made on the campaign trail. i think the deal he struck last week enabled us to focus on tax reform. the president has made getting jobs back to our economy the number one priority and tax
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reform is what we think is necessary to get the economy going again. i do find some of the coverage interesting. i mentioned in my opening remarks we have been eating on tax reform. the president has fought for cooperation from democrats. i think some of the coverage in the initial few months was -- i'm painting with a rod brush. some of the commentary is the president is just relying on his faith and he cannot accomplish a lot if he continues to rely on his base. how in the world is he going to accomplish anything if he is going to discard their leadership of his own already. workingon the base or with schumer and bluesy and not working with your own. i think the president's focus is what he can do on the american people and he is less worried
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about his relationship sort coverage and goings-on with mcconnell, ryan, pelosi, or schumer. commentsee with the that the senate majority leader made to the new york times that the deal last week was not as good as it looks for democrats because of the extraordinary measures being employed so that the debt ceiling does not happen until 2018? marc: i look at it as a good deal for the american people. the people are tired of washington. trump wasy president elected. there was a lot of frustration about the way washington, d.c., work. as we came into september with a lot of commentary about how the world we would ever get through september, there was a roadblock . too much the congress had to do. i think the president cleared the decks effectively and the american people are happy they are not having a crisis
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conversation about a government resolution or debt ceiling. i think he was looking out for the best interest of the nation. >> you mentioned speaker ryan and taxes. speaker ryan has talked about a corporate rate somewhere maybe around 20. the president rompuy said 15%. saide president firmly 15%. is there any wiggle room on the 15 to bring this deal together or is 15% nonnegotiable? marc: the president wants 15. it does not help us to negotiate against ourselves. we should aim for what we think is best and i think we all understand that ultimately there is compromise to get to the best deal. we think what is best is a 15% corporate rate. more competitive on the international stage. this is not just about corporate rates it is about jobs. what we have seen is because of
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the unfair tax code that many companies have decided to leave america and taking jobs with them. we believe it is important to reduce those rates to be more competitive. >> thank you for being here. i'm wondering if you can outline what the administration will be looking for in a bill in congress. something that restores funding to the wall. other border security measures. are you willing to go for more of the dream act is an area rather than get legal status as opposed to something like that. marc: i think the white house will be laying out legislative priorities and we like to see any part of a daca package within the next couple of weeks. i will say that there are several things we think are important. we think it is important to
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secure the border. we do think interior enforcement is critical and moving to a merit-based immigration system. to what extent that can be, we don't know. i would ask you that this week on the house floor there will be a vote on ms 13 legislation. we work with house leadership to get that on the calendar. the house has been moving forward on several pieces of legislation that we think are critical to our country and we are hopeful the senate will be picking up those bills at some point. >> justin from bloomberg. texas. let's go back to you met with mark meadows last week. i am wondering how that conversation went and if you guys were able to reach areas of
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agreement on tax reform and if yournticipate them helping porsche. to just kind of follow on the earlier question, you want to get the corporate rate down as low as possible. [indiscernible] marc: i will take the second one first of that is ok. we do not think that expensing should be your ties to at the expense of rates. we are more interested in prioritizing lower rates. we think that is what is important to get the economy growing. expensingon was about lower rates. the administration believes it is more important to get rates the and while we will value conversation on expensing, we want to try your ties getting rates down. regarding the conversation with mark meadows and the freedom
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caucus, that has been an ongoing conversation. i think we partnered well with him. i think we partnered wealth is conference. they were very supportive with our efforts on repeal and replace. so that is not as unusual occurrence. i talked to work this morning before coming over here. we value the partnership and i think a particular cases in order to get tax reform done you have to pass the budget first. their position is that we want to know what is in the tax reform package before we vote on the budget. i think their viewpoints are understood, and they will get details well before the budget comes. david: a john from new jersey star-ledger. >> according to the tax foundation, texas or more than [indiscernible] --
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how can you describe -- nobody making $200,000 a year when deputy state tax pays the top tax rate for -- rate. animate the estate tax, lower the cap rate, and illuminate the tax reduction. marc: many of the most wealthy in the country take advantage more deductions than anybody else and i think making the tax code simpler and fairer you will see that we are looking to get rid of the deductions and make it easier to comply with fairly difficult tax policy america has. additionally, we would be lowering individual rates on middle incomes. so, we do want to prioritize middle-income tax relief. despite the analysis that you cite, think we've seen and what analysis we have done is that particularly in those six states suffer from a high tax burden and that is a state
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deduction that is probably best dealt with that we will be the team of donald trump, the first independent resident. that has been a lot of speculation on whether he is remaking the republican party or perhaps fomenting a schism within the party. what kind of impact might be president have on the midterms next year? merck:i do not think -- i do not think the president is fomenting a schism in the party. look at what they've done so far. i think in many cases, he is helping to build the party and get the party grounded. i think he has been an asset in helping us to strengthen the party. again, i think the president looks at what is best for the
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american people. he is not looking at what benefits which local party more. david: huffington post, down at the end of the table. >> thank you. i guess, is the administrative -- administration committed? if so, are they prepared to explain how the president pushed when it comes to that change? -- marc: iink we are think we are committed. i am going to ask a question about the president benefit. i think that is the conversation that has been discussed throughout the campaign. i think you will be happy to see it completed. david: usa today. -- on daca, does a
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continuous wall along the southern border have to do with whatever decision is reached by the end of the year? marc: i think we're most interested in getting border security. the president has made a commitment to the american people that he wants, he believes a physical barrier is important. whether or not that is part of a it is aation or whether different legislative vehicle, i do not want to bind ourselves into a construct that makes reaching a conclusion impossible. i think the president is also believing this is an issue that congress has failed on. i think what you saw from the department of justice was an explanation that the order given by obama was unlawful and would not be supported.
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i think we look forward to providing some guidelines in seeing how they work. david: newsmax. of the things that has come up recently, the president in the campaign said that he was fully committed to maintaining entitlements and said this over and over. the republican study committee as well as a congressman participated in a recent tax conference. he said the only way to achieve true tax reform is to put medicare and medicaid on the table for reform. the president's campaign statements notwithstanding, are entitlements on the table? >> i think the president remains committed to keeping the promise he made to the american people andnot having medicare
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social security cup. as you know, john, the repeal and replace legislation was i think our best opportunity for real entitlement reform in medicaid. is something the president supported and unfortunately despite campaigning on it since 2010, republicans would given the opportunity were not willing to follow through. i think the president has been willing to make necessary cuts into that program to make sure it is sustainable for the future. on the broader issue of entitlements, the president put forward a very fiscally responsible and should without making those cuts. as you know, that will be voted on soon and congress. he is keeping his promise to the american people. toid: we're going to go next national times. >> 250 million members of congress.
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some tax reform, where do you think they might be willing to work with democrats. marc: sure. let me be clear. not50 members, there were 250 meetings. sometimes individual, sometimes group settings. i think the feedback we've received from many democrats is -- they recognize the corporate rates are too high. they recognize the corporate tax system is unfair and it is causing companies to leave our shores. think there is opportunity to partner there. i think typically they have expressed a willingness to lower individual rates on the lower income, middle income. well that they have also expressed a desire in some cases to marry tax reform
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with infrastructure. i think that is conversation for them to continue to happen within their conference and i don't need to add much to that. that is just commentary we've received back from them. david: a little time check here. brian,o to cheryl bolin, tara, todd, and also i am caught just of the fact we've not gone to any of the tables in the back and i'm feeling guilty. so bloomberg bna. since you opened with regulations, does the administration have any new initiatives planned to cut or nexton this winter year? also, do you support senator portman's regulatory accountability act? not: forgive me, but i am the milieu as i should be with portman's bill. theill continue to review
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legislation. in many cases, there are reviews underway. i would anticipate we will continue to look for waves to roll back what we thought was a regulatory burden when the administration came into office. >> are there any new executive orders? marc: not any to announce this morning. david: will go next to alexis. >> the president not only tweeted, but spoke over the tax reform and he would like to speed things up. i wanted to ask your question related to his impression. as you said, that congress is slow in the would like to move it faster. can you describe what he means by speeding up? he mentioned the hurricane in his remarks so i'm not sure what he meant by speeding it up. you were describing a sequence of what the caucus wants.
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they want to see tax reform. you said there will be an outline. can you help us understand what the timing is and are you saying the president is going to tell the committee here is what i want before they actually begin to draft anything in the committees themselves? it sounds like he is going to stick his addition of telling him to draft something and drop that. marc: i think the president has laid out on the campaign what he was going to do to get elected. he is still pushing for those realizes itles he is a process. he will alter that. we have been working with leader mcconnell, brady and others to try to reach consensus. i think the president is our window to get this done. so yes, i think you will be seeing a matter of days, the administration pushing out more detail on what we believe should be needed and tax reform.
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>> you could have done that once it up. the summer has been about it? marc: well, i think it was , there were awe few key issues between the senate and the white house that needed resolution. we are close to finalizing that at this point. just the mechanics of getting through september, i think the white house is anxious to do it now. so i think you will see the white house get that laid out sooner. david: george kotten, international journal. everybodyd understands how slow the legislative processes. i not sure that is true of some of you and your colleagues on the white house staff. you have to go back to jimmy carter to see. that frustration that clearly the president feels is made part of your job getting
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across to your colleagues and the president how the process works. that it is slow. i sayi guess when "everyone" my view is everyone here in this audience. the president's frustration is born out of what he has articulated several times, which is that republicans that have kept promises since 2010, given that opportunity to replace and repeal obamacare, that is something that was promised an expeditious fashion. not just that we would get at them but we would get it done very quickly and so i think there's been some commentary about the president's false expectations. but leadership laid out for us the repeal and replacement of obamacare before the easter recess. when they give up that expectation, the president is frustrated that not only did we miss that timeline but we did not get it done.
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he believes the american people are suffering under a obamacare. that we continue to see the rates skyrocket. we continue to see people leave entrance. we see communities being completely bare of any options on the market. rates in arizona has gone up 116%. alaska 200%. so yes, i would imagine the president is frustrated that the promises they would get it done did not happen. i think that is a natural reaction and i think right now back to the other question, he is anxious to say, ok now we are moving on to tax reform. how quickly can we get this done? bbc.: >> i hoping you can tell us koch brothers and how you have acted as an emissary between the two.
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marc: i do not view my role as an emissary. my role is to advance the president's calls. i think charles and david are very independent, as you know. they will express disagreement when they have disagreements. i think that right now they are very supportive of helping to we have tax reform. of making sure the positions in the administration are laid out. not just the simple negation beginning that of the deductions of the government chooses winners and losers. making sure individual rights are lowered and corporate rates are lower. we look forward to partnering with them on that. i know there will be plenty of fish is where we do not partner with them and we will go our separate ways. david: dallas morning news. >> at which the president has had on a bipartisan basis on tax reform, we all know the main work is being done by six people from the two committees and the two leaders.
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is there any thought to broadening that group and to bringing in congressman neal, senator warren, the ranking democrats on the committees? as part of that, are you still planning on getting a budget resolution which we still have not gotten and doing this basically threw republicans recognizing that the last time tax reform was done in congress it took two years with the president can both parties involved. marc: carl, i think the president has been clear that his priority is to get tax reform done on a bipartisan basis and that is why is due trips went to missouri and north dakota. it has been well reported. heidi heitkamp joined us on that trip. at the dinner, it was specifically a tax reform conversation, bipartisan. as well, secretary mnuchin and gary cohen met with the entire finance committee, not just the
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republicans to lay out our plans. we are hope you will get partnership there. the message they sent was, if you go on reconciliation you will not get our cooperation. i am not sure that threat enables us to find a pathway forward. i hope people will see the benefits of bipartisan tax reform. >> he could not meet with the committee. we know how that works. the fact is, there are ranking members who in the past on this kind of thing would've been brought in from both parties. there has been a conscious effort not to do that. marc: i know there has been a sure --s effort to make i think there is full recognition a markup process has begun and it will go through committee passes. there's plenty of opportunity for us to work with ranking members on the finance committee.
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ryan: we're going to go to bennett, paul, and betty davis. mara from npr. >> i have a question about relationships between the president and his own party going forward into 2018. he has already inserted himself into a possible primary challenge for jeff flake. he has yet to schedule a trip to alabama for a candidate to be indoors. i am wondering if he can say now that he will support every republican incumbent in 2018, or will he involved himself in the primary process? work: i do not know that the president has a commitment to avoid primary processes. i think each one will play out by itself. you know, as far as the relationships with members and with leadership, i think that the president maintains a strong relationship with mitch mcconnell and with speaker ryan right now. and, you think that despite some of the news of the last week, i
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do not know that we think anything is wrong. he is a good relationship with jeff new -- jeff shimmering and nancy pelosi. i think other administrations have failed to have those kind of relationships across the isle are probably hurt the country for not getting more done. so i think the president will continue to not look at it as, what do i need to do to stand good graces of mitch mcconnell and paul ryan? is going to say, what is in the best interest of the american people? >> so you are saying there is no follow from how the deal was made? healthyllow out from deal was made? marc: i think there is a a big deal made of how the republican leadership is not supported. it at the same time, the president was on the phone with speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell within 24 hours. he was at dinner with speaker
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ryan the next night. i think the relationship remains strong. a the president campaigned on unique platform of economic nationalism and trade protectionism. there are a lot of members of the caucus that have that mix in their platform and have campaigned on that in the past. something the white house is doing to structurally change the types of people or the positions the republicans hold when it comes to trade protectionism and economic nationalism? marc: no, there's not. i think how the conference is made up its a member for the conference and leadership. we view it as diversity of opinions inside the republican conference and it benefits. i think there are many factions within the republican party that sometimes make it more difficult for us legislatively. i cedar is a lot of viewpoints but i think sometimes having those competing viewpoints can be healthy as opposed to a party being monolithic.
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david: we go next to todd gillman of the dallas morning news. >> in terms of the factions of the republican party, i am wondering about long-term recoveryor relief and from the storms and how the pushback against the rather large price tag this will entail. i mean, there are some people within the republican party who want to see budget offsets. an impediment is a going to be? marc: i think the vote last week is a good indicator. 300 and some to 90. i think there will be some of the republican party will ask for offsets. i would imagine it will depend on how large the numbers get, it will be a growing number. i think the president is committed to making sure the relief is provided to those who need it. that will be the driving factor. i think it will and of getting
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through congress to support the victims of the flats. i think you know the texas delegation's better than anybody else here and i know there are several members of the delegation to oppose it. by and large, members who are specifically for the conservative voting record were supportive and providing that eight. i imagine they will meet whatever aid package comes through for florida as well. >> daca follow-up. the president is offering citizenship for these dreamers? marc: i am not going to state at this point. we will wait and see how the process plays out. david: politico. >> you have talked a lot about some of the bipartisan outreach the present and you have been doing on tax reform. i am curious to hear your thoughts on what the outreach has been to conservatives. i talked to several house members and also conservative groups and the last few days who
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have always been skeptical of secretary midocean hand gary cohen because they were largely viewed as democrats. with the deal that the president cut on the debt ceiling, which also made a lot of conservatives wary of tax reform. what kind of outreach are you doing to these conservatives to make them feel like tax reform is going to go in a way that will make them feel comfortable? marc: i think one thing that the liberalrs from side, the conservative side, the moderate side, is they all feel like they are not getting enough attention to matter what. so i think that yes, if we focus simply on republicans, then i think there is criticism as well. you guys are not being bipartisan enough. if you are bipartisan, then it is, well you are alienating a republican base. that comes with the territory but i do not think we are ignoring the conservative base of the party that helped propel
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the president into his election where the conservative base in congress who i think has been most loyal and supportive of the president's agenda. as i mentioned before, we met chairmandom caucus mark meadows and with jim jordan just last week. with secretary mnuchin and gary and myself to talk to the plans on tax reform and i talked to marked as this morning before coming over here. so i think we are pretty well in touch with that caucus in making sure we continue to work with them closely. i do not think there is a question for them. i do not sense that there is a worry that we're leaving them behind. david: mcclatchy. meetings next week. can you talk about what the most pressing matters are and what you hope to accomplish? any chance you will meet with the that is wayland president?
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the donald trump will meet with the is waylon president? has either side reached out for a possible meeting? open to it? be of anynot going to help whatsoever this year. unfortunately, i do not have enough time. i do not know about the plans. steve mnuchin can probably get back to on that later. >> upper deck, baby. two things. what is the relationship with schumer and policy? does he make a lot of uncles? do a lot of schmoozing? ?oes he send pelosi chocolate is he going to campaign for strange? isc: the president and doors luther strange and he continues to stand by that endorsement.
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with regard to the others, paul, i do not know if i need to say this a different way or i'm not getting through but i think the president looks at it and says, i am going to do what is in the best interest of the american people and the concept might be partnering with nancy pelosi or chuck schumer. i do not think that is bad if he is a positive relationship with them. i think the last administration did not have a positive relationship across the aisle, so i think the president has spoken to nancy pelosi, has spoken to chuck schumer on occasion. there is not know that a roadmap to say this is how we're going to navigate the relationship. i think it is more about what at the time, what can he get done that is going to benefit most american people. david: any from the boston globe -- boston globe. >> can you talk about how you have change things at the white house? how the style might be different from reince priebus?
6:36 am
and would you credit him with any of the things that have happened in the last month or so? marc: i feel like we very privileged to have the chance to work for an american hero like john kelly. i think it is done a terrific job in providing structure to the white house in ways that i think mpower staff to do their jobs more effectively. and, i think that we are very excited to have him inside the building and i think he has been a great asset to many of us. what else to offer you on that. i think the structure that he has provided has been obviously something that was needed in side building, but also something that -- more than the drama of covering the white house, think he just enables people to do their job more effectively. he have established
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relationships? he came from the outside and had not been in the building deviously. marc: i guess that i think he views his role, as he said, to help serve the staff and help serve the resident. what i mean by that is that he is not in this to draw attention to himself. he is in this to try to help make sure that people get their jobs on. and, if they are not, they will be held accountable. i think that is the way it should be run. david: will go to tim davis from cnn. >> i want to follow-up on the interview with 60 minutes. david: that took a lot of time to get to. [laughter] >> do you agree or disagree with steve bannon net paul ryan and mitch mcconnell do not want the president's populist economic agenda to be implemented? marc: i think paul ryan and mr.
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mcconnell are terrific allies with the tax reform package. i think they have been terrific allies on the regulatory want. i do not think anybody could have done that better than mitch o'connell. i think he and his team were helping us to say, ok, here are the pieces of legislation that we can target to begin to roll out the regulatory -- rollback the regulatory boards. i think the leaders have been strong partners helping us to advance our economic agenda. so i would disagree with steve. david: we're going to go to the ap. >> they're worth a lot of interest around labor day about the interest in the trade agreement with south korea. is the president considering pulling out? what kind of pushback have you received from members of the automotive industry? is there a lot of concern that if the u.s. did pull out of that agreement that might hurt the economy or heard certain sectors?
6:39 am
presidentthink the has stated many times his displeasure with many of our trade dealers and believes they could be more strongly negotiated in ways that benefit the american worker. we certainly, when there was press coverage, there is no doubt that some of the constituencies from the midwest reached out to the white house to express their concern. but i also think that the throught is going review process on that. i do not have any news to make on a policy one way or the other right now. and i do not expect any sort of announcement soon that would affect our policy there. >> the foreign policy element right now, is there one we would discuss? marc: no doubt. i think that is certainly a conversation that nsc has engage with the president to talk about. yes. david: all the way in the back to jeff mason from reuters. ofmar, there has been a lot
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coverage about gary comes relationship with the president after charlottesville. he is a big player in tax reform. what hewalk us through is doing? how he. role with congress and in the white house? and more broadly on the relationships with the white house, do jerrod end of al qaeda help you on the hill? do they reach out to congressman and congresswoman as well? not really going to talk about relationships in the white house. as far as partnerships on the hill, in many cases the way we look at it is that each of the principal engagement with the hell only helps us. with the caveat that it has to be coordinated. seeing that is coordinated, it helps to advance interests that are part of the presidential agenda. with gary cohen, look, we all serve at the pleasure of the
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president. right now, gary is first and foremost on point with tax reform. he was at all meetings. he met with speaker ryan last night. he will be part of a big six meeting on capitol hill today. gary is essential to us right now in our efforts to provide tax relief to the american people. david: the monitor. reportedly tim scott will meet with the president on issues of race. you might recall after charlottesville, senator scott was on television and talking about the president's comments undermining his moral authority on the subject. apparently, what he wants to talk about what the president is sharing some of his own personal stories and also talking policy points like black colleges and poverty. my question for you is, do see the president changing or modifying either his tone on the subject to deal with this
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overall moral authority question on issues of race? and, do see him dealing specifically with policy points question marks of things senator scott ones to talk to them about? marc: you may know more than i do as to what senator scott's plans are for the meeting. i think the president has condemned the violence in charlottesville and i think you is clear and outspoken. regarding this meeting was senator scott, senator scott asked for an opportunity to sit down with the president and share his personal expense. the president is happy to do that and i'm sure will walmart learn from that conversation and that is a good thing. as to what will come of that, there's no way for me to prejudge right now. cnn.: jim from >> thank you. the president of course has deployment inary afghanistan, and giving broad
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authority. it does not look like the condition will be stable enough to allow u.s. troops to leave anytime soon. there is a lot of argument we might be there for a long extended time. break and ended -- for a candidate who talked a lot during the campaign and criticized extended military diplomats abroad, the sea and 10 to seek a new authorization from congress for u.s. military operations? at times they have said it looks like we have enough in briefings to senators on held that they were going to ask for new authorization. where does the resident stand? marc: the current force is sufficient for our needs now. we are not looking to change it. the administration submitted a letter to congress stating that from secretary tillerson last week. andtand by the 2001 a umf
6:44 am
we provide the need to execute on foreign policy. >> his own criticism extended to deployments abroad. how does he and his mind justify a post-9/11 authorization against al qaeda for battles against isis on the ground in syria, even at times regime-backed forces. how does he rectify that with marc: gym,sitions? there's a fair question but i think the president laid it out pretty specifically in his speech at fort meyer when he talked about what changed when he walked into the oval office. his position on this in particular was wanting to make sure there was not continued unrest in ways that create threats to the american people. his policy is one to try to fromct american citizens attack. i think he laid out his viewpoints in that speech


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