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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 14, 2017 8:36am-9:00am EDT

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state university is now a center for cyber security. million of state funds in, and $30 million in private funds for a total of $40 million to dakota state university, and we are bringing in more opportunities for cyber security, both for the nsa and the department of defense. will bring additional federal dollars to a special program, beneficial not just of the nation, but to the folks who live in the madison, south dakota area. >> washington journal continues. host: welcome back. for then open phones remainder of today's washington journal, which will end at the top of the hour because the house is coming in early. we want to get your opinions on
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public policy issues and debates . we will begin with the undocumented youth. action childhood arrivals program, daca, so-called dreamers. the president had dinner with pelosichumer and nancy at the white house last night. the democratic leaders said they had a deal with daca. the president agreed to quickly bring it to the floor to protect those so-called dreamers. the white house said that was not exactly the case. the president tweeted out there is no deal, but why would you deport these so-called dreamers, and that the wall is already being built., which steve bannon is running again, with : --headline, amnesty
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confusion, trump denies deal with daems. about any sort of potential deal on daca. think the president should agree to protect so-called dreamers? those undocumented youth that came here with their parents and have been living here illegally but have gotten permission to state under daca. can talk tax reform. the new york times front page, president trump hurries attacks overhaul not yet written. willlican leaders say they release a draft of their planned the week of september 25. also, the washington times with their headline, senators -- sanders and a handful of
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democrats got together to push for senator sanders's proposal for a single player health care system -- a single-payer health care system. athens, georgia, independent. good morning. caller: good morning. so much do i love c-span. first, daca. you can't allow a person to break the law and then reward them. second, health care. , itth care is not a right is a responsibility. over the last 2000 years of the understanding of the human body and medicine, you have a responsibility to yourself to take care of yourself. one truth about this life here is that we are born to die. we are not going to live forever, so we have to make the most of this wonderful experience.
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i had something else to say, i lost my train of thought. keep up the great work. any questions for me? host: not this morning, thanks for calling. tim in pennsylvania. caller: good morning. during the vietnam war, we equipmentd tons of and gear to the troops in the field, dropping it by parachute, wondering why they can't do the same in the u.s. virgin islands. host: why you say that? -- why do you say that? caller: it would help the virgin islands to see airplanes dropping tons of supplies in areas that they wouldn't ordinarily get to. or it would be hard to get to.
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host: lucy is a democrat in philadelphia. doing, iow are you love you. they need to send those backup babies back. when their parents brought them here as children -- host: ok? caller: they should have become american citizens. schoolnt through the system and got their education, why didn't they fill out the paperwork to become american citizens. your we are getting thoughts this morning on open phones. lots of debates happening in washington. one of them is about the so-called dreamers, the daca program, the deferred action childhood arrivals program. politico did a poll the other day that shows the majority wants congress to establish a path to citizenship for these daca recipients.
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apparently, the president and democrat leaders over dinner last night agreed. the president said there is no deal. tweeting this out right now that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi agreed that no final deal was made if no wall and daca protections -- just no wall and daca protections was border security together. it seems like a framework on moving forward to address the daca situation. ellen and nights town, indiana. two things about health care that nobody is addressing. , it is -- natural health care which the doctors have. about three quarters of our problems would go way. we do not get minerals and our food anymore.
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supplements and eating healthy makes all the difference in the world. number two, something that should be considered better than national single-payer health care, and that is that there are two countries. are, a called medish christian organization that costs very little because there is no profit. there is another one, i think it .s called liberty health share it's not necessarily christian but it works the same way. those two things need to be talked about. reaction to a possible deal with the president and democrats over daca. chuck grassley, the senator from iowa, said he made a deal with schumer on daca. i know you undercut the judiciary committee with
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bipartisan agreement -- -- ieward of the objective missed the last part. the objective of their crime. correct, trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable and disillusioned the on repair. no promise is credible. jeff flake saying kudos to the president for pursuing an agreement that will protect from deportation. james and fort belfour, virginia. independent. caller: thank you for taking my call and all that you do on c-span. i have a quick comment. speakers,you
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listeners, what have we done? we have lost our compassion for people. was founded on immigrants. unless you are a native american, you are an immigrant. those children had no choice, they had to follow their parents. "broken laws," but we made an agreement in daca with these individuals. if you come out and do what you need to do, we will keep you here. now, as we always do, we are going back on our agreement. those children had no choice. let's think about that for a moment. you are condemning them. let me say this real quick and i'll let you go. let's say that those parents or whatever went into a bank and had the children with them and robbed the bank. are you going to put the kids in jail? i don't think so. that's what we have to look at. the compassionate heart.
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i think we've all lost that. i think they should become american citizens. we have to have a comprehensive way for a path to people to become citizens. more of your thoughts on public policy coming up on washington journal, but first, c-span is launching a brand-new tos the launch -- a new bus coincide with our state capital to her. -- capital tour. -- tell us, how did this tour come together? >> good morning, greta. around three or four months ago when we made a decision to build howw bus, we thought about to launch this vehicle as it was being built.
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the thing we cap in mind was that in november 2018, we will be celebrating 25 years. we will be launching today, 14 months, what we can do. someone recommended the 50 capitals to her. -- the 50 capitals tour. we realized we could do the capital tors in addition to visiting -- and schools and universities as well. we given the green light. once we made that decision, we talked to our programming department, and they loved the idea. addition to communities, we will be integrating elected officials aboard the bus. host: elected officials, that begins tomorrow. tell your viewers who they will be hearing from, and what the rest of the tour will look like. -- itypical stop will be will use annapolis, maryland,
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because i'm from that area. we will be there for two days. we will visit a high school with the bus, with students and educators aboard to teach them about our programs and resources through interactive capabilities. we will take them to the state capitol building, where it will be open to employees and the public. an elected official on board as part of the washington journal. we will interview him or her and take questions from you as well. in addition, we will be talking to the public about what issues are important to them. seconds, and we will post their responses on social media. it is a great way for us to interact and hear from others getting viewpoints throughout the country. be done over,ll delaware tomorrow, where john carney, democrat, will be joining us. be sure to tune in.
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you are going to go to all 50 states. there might be some folks at home saying how will you get to alaska and hawaii? >> good question. the bus program has been to all 50 state capitals back in 96 and 97. we have never done it in a coordinated effort like in the last 14 months. alaska, we put the bus on a barge, take it three days to eau. at the jun hawaii takes a little bit longer. we put it on a barge and it takes five or six days to flow to hawaii. when we tell people we are doing a state capitals tour, they ask, even hawaii and alaska? we will be doing those in june and july next year.
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host: how can folks follow along at home? >> you can follow us @ cspancommunity if you go to our website, cs you can find our schedule. -- more information about our two or. to a the c-span bus coming state capital near you. caller: thank you for taking my call. here is a problem. i think there is significant problems between the democrats and -- to be wantingseem
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illegals to come here, probably for votes. i know that is exactly what they want to do. illegals that are here, they are sending their own money back to mexico. nobody seems to be wanting to talk about that. i work with a man that was there for 20 years at a company, and he was sending his money back so more people would come here. that is a problem, because you , a continuous cycle, of illegals coming here, already being funded by this guy. probably by a lot of others who believe, in their own history, that we stole california from them. that's messed up history, and because that is not what legal americans want to be here believe. they believe that california was
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a state bought by gold from the 40 irons. host: larry, tampa florida, democrat. going to be ais lot of spending in texas, let's say $10 billion, and in florida, at least $5 billion. at the same time, there is an attempt to rewrite the tax code and cut taxes. i hear callers call in and say the rich should be taxed more. here is why it is ok to spend the 10 million in texas and 5 billion in florida. we are not on a real money system today. we are on a bookkeeping monetary passive system. -- taxing system. before 1980, he will would be taxed and the money would go to run the government and military.
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debt, the reason we have a is because it's not real money. and goey could be spent up to 25,000,000,000,010 years -- now, president met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, some of them calling themselves the problem solver caucus. two democrats came to the microphone in the driveway of the white house yesterday, a democrat from new york and democrat from vermont. a big day from d.c., could it be that people are trying to work across party lines to get things done. the president this morning tweeting that there wasn't a deal, but leaving it open to a security for border
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and protecting the undocumented youth. he has gotten pushed back from conservatives in congress who disagree with him. , saying that iowa , georgeed with amnesty led led with amnesty, obama with amnesty. trump leads with daca amnesty. colleen in pottsville, pennsylvania, republican. caller: hello. the calling about daca with dreamers and illegal parents and stuff. i believe they should be sent back. go on,let the dreamers you are showing our laws don't mean nothing. you have people that came over here legal, and they call in and say i didn't have to do it, why don't they? it is not fair, we have to stick to our laws.
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kids' fault, but it was the parents' fault. you have to show the kids that you cannot break the law. host: california, republican, hi ann. good morning. caller: to those people saying that those kids have to be sent back because their parents broke the law, i am part cherokee. ,et's send your kids back because you were never invited here. there is restitution to the native americans the way there .hould be, then you can also be until then, those daca kids have no right to be here than most of the people who were calling in saying to send them back. barry is an independent in pennsylvania. you are next. caller: good morning, thank you
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for taking my call. i was listening to tom hartman a couple days ago on free speech tv. regarding the axuifer fax -- the equif hacking situation, there was a one month time span between when the hacking occurred and when told -- gave the media the information, that they had been breached or hack. in the meantime, during that time, some of the top executives were selling their shares. seeould be interesting to the outcome, or whether they would investigate. host: do you think congress
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should? congress may try to protect the company, but the states attorneys generals will probably have to take it over. tweeting out the white house pool report, in which -- president trump all but confirms pelosi/schumer's account. as the president is leaving to go to florida, we are working on a plan for daca. close to aress are deal, ryan and mcconnell are very much on board with the deal that will address daca. the wall will come later, he told hans nichols of nbc. told by nancy pelosi, coming up here around 10:45 a.m.. she will be holding her news
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conference. then paul ryan will be holding his weekly news conference. go to for more details. the two of them will inevitably face questions. william in bedford, ohio. democrat. comments have a couple . first about daca, then the hack, and the racism in the country. daca is a good thing. this country had ellis island , for whene day european immigrants were fleeing from europe for whatever reason. they were able to come here with , go throughsions been expedient process with their immigration, and europeans flooded new york city, and that's how we got the diverse and beautiful mix we have now. people have forgotten about that.
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in los angeles, on the flip side, with the spanish cultures that, from mexico. daca is a good thing. as far as the hack, your information will be on the darknet for 10 or 15 years. you will beat socially reengineered. you will have a sign of credit and life outside of your own that you have no idea about because your information has been out there for so long. they probably want to remember they were hacked five years ago. president trump will likely waive sanctions against iran. president trump must decide today whether to once again waved economic sanctions on iran -- appears to be preparing to ditch. that doesn't for today's washington journal. the house gaveling in -- we will bring you there now.


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