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tv   House Speaker Ryan There is No Agreement on DACA  CSPAN  September 14, 2017 1:58pm-2:09pm EDT

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and i'm telling you about where we are. the issue of citizenship is not just about these young people which would be justification enough or other undocumented that nts in our country comprehensive immigration reform should be on an earned path. this is an earned path to citizenship whether it's military service or education. it's not just about them, though. it's about who we are as a country and not having two different kinds of people living here. it is about having the opportunities to earn the path to citizenship. that's what the bill does. it's an earned path to citizenship. reporter: well the democratic caucus include a path to citizenship?
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit mr. ryan: you know what, this is a big day. this is a big day in the house of representatives. today the people's house passed all 12 funding bills on time. let me say that again. the reason you see these men and women up here is we passed all 12 of our appropriation bills on time. this is the first time the house has done that since 2009. we've done our job for the people, but more importantly we did our job the right way. we did it through regular order. we moved these bills through
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subcommittee. we moved these bills through full committee. we had an enormous amendment process on the floor. and we achieved conservative victories for the president's agenda, for our agenda. we raised the pay for the service men and women. we strengthened our border protections. we defunded planned parenthood. and we used our majority to get this done. we set out to see if we can get all 12 bill through the house, taking a conservative approach. and we succeeded. of course we've got still a lot of work to do. and we need the senate to work with us to get these bills on the president's desk. but this is a proud day for our majority. because this is what the people sent us here to do. i want to thank chairman frelinghuysen and want to thank all of our subcommittee chairs here. these men and women have done a tremendous job getting the work done of the people's business, making the house work the way it was intended to work, getting our bills done, doing it on time, it's been a long time in coming. and i'm just so proud of these men and women for all the hard work that they have done and for
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the great victories that this majority has been able to produce by passing all 12 bills ahead of schedule. with that, i'd like to introduce chairman frelinghuysen. mr. frelinghuysen: thank you, mr. speaker. for your leadership. you've empowered the appropriations committee to continue its historical work as per regular order. i want to credit those who provided the deliverables today. it's a 12-bill package but we did it in two parts. four bills and then eight bills. my committee chair, most of whom are behind me, did an incredible job delivering on defense, delivering on homeland security, making sure that we have the necessary means to do good things with the department of health and human services. the n.i.h. we have an incredible group of committed individuals, i'm very proud to represent them and speak highly of them. without your leadership, mr.
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speaker, in support of our committee, our work, we were able to get done and through the caucus. thank you very much. mr. ryan: does anyone have any questions? [laughter] reporter: mr. speaker, have you asked the president to at least check with you before he makes an agreement with democrats? mr. ryan: first off, there's no agreement. the president and the chief of staff call me from air force one today to discuss what was discussed. and it was a discussion, not an agreement or a negotiation. let me say a couple of thing. and i'll say the same thing i've been saying for weeks. the president and i have been talking about this for weeks. you cannot fix daca without fixing the root cause of our problem. we do not have control of our borders. so we need border security and enforcement as part of any
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agreement. i think that's something the democrats are beginning to understand. i think that's something that they're beginning to agree with. i said as much to our democratic colleagues here in the house just yesterday. but we have not begun negotiations. what we're doing is talking with ourselves here and our majority to make sure that we're on the same page ourselves before we proceed on all of these things. and it's right and proper that the president talks with the other party. these were discussions, not negotiations. there isn't an agreement. and it's very clear, and i want to make this clear over and over again, if we don't fix the problems we have with border security and enforcement, and we would only fix daca, we're going to have another daca problem a decade from now. that's the symptom of the problem. so let's fix both. and i think people are beginning tond that our position has not -- to understand that our position has not changed. and more importantly, i think people understand this. it's totally common sense. it makes perfect sense. fix the root cause of the problem while you're addressing the symptom of the problem, and i believe that democrats are understanding that as well.
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reporter: mr. speaker, both leader pelosi and leader schumer came away thinking that the dream act was the baseline for the daca protection part of the bill. then the president said that there would be no citizenship. so we're all a little bit confused here. mr. ryan: that's why had this was not a negotiation, it was a discussion. reporter: my question is, first, did the president shed any light on what his preferences would be? and also, do you think something like the dream act -- would you support that or would your conference support that? mr. ryan: what i'm going to do is negotiate with colleagues. what i'm going to do is get consensus with our members and no offense but i'm not going to negotiate through the media. that is not in our interest, that is not how legislation is drafted. so what we're going to do is get our consensus and we're having the conversations with our members right now. while we negotiate a compromise. which there will be a compromise. we believe this will occur. and this compromise will include border security and enforcement so that we don't wind up with another daca problem 10 years down the road.
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reporter: mr. speaker, how do you as one of the most prominent leaders of the republican party keep this from tearing the republican party apart, as some have suggested that it will? there's a lot of house members especially, not so much senators, but members of the house saying that this is something that's going to be really hard for the base to accept. it's going to look like amnesty, even if it's worked out a different way. and -- [inaudible] -- mr. ryan: any time you see deadlines, deadlines can help. the president, i believe, did the right thing when he rescinded what we believe is an unconstitutional executive order. but also giving congress time to come up with a solution. and this gives us the opportunity to address one of the fundamental root cause problems that the president campaigned on. that we all have been talking about. which is getting operational control of our border, making sure that we get border security and enforcement. so that we can actually solve some of the problems that we're facing in this country. and so i see that kind of a
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solution, one that will be advancing that has the president's support as something that our party will get behind. because we will do this in con junk with the president -- conjunction with the president. reporter: mr. speaker, under your predecessor, house republicans as a whole came up with deliberation, that was step by step, a more piecemeal approach, where you would do the border, enforcement measures before anything that had to do with legal status. a lot of your colleagues today are still saying what they prefer such an approach -- that they prefer such an approach. do you think this will all be done in one bill or are you moving to moving pieces prior to -- [inaudible] mr. ryan: again, we're going to negotiate with our colleagues and not through the media on the way, shape and form of how this does occur. but it's very clear to us, and i'll just say this, this is a bottom line issue. i think the democrats agree. they basically agreed yesterday. they know that getting operational control of our border is eseng. they know that getting the proper kind of enforcement is essential. and they know that that is necessary for us to be able to find a compromise.
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does anybody have any questions about the appropriations process? [laughter] do you? [laughter] go ahead. reporter: if president trump and the democrats do come up with a negotiated deal, are you prepared to put the package that the president negotiates with democrats on the floor? mr. ryan: the president wasn't negotiating a deal last night. the president was talking with democratic leaders to get their perspective. reporter: if they do, you said it's right and proper -- mr. ryan: i think the president understands he's going to have to work with the congressional majority to get any kind of legislative solution. way in the back. reporter: thank you, mr. speaker. conservative leaders from the freedom caucus have said that you had told them at one point that you would not put an immigration package or bill on the floor unless it has the support of the majority of your majority. is that an accurate portrayal and does that -- [inaudible] -- mr. ryan: i've been saying what i've said all along as well. we're not going to bring a solution to the floor that does not have the support of president trump. and if we have the support of president trump on the kinds of
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things i just said, getting security and enforcement along with the solution here, that i believe will get a majority of our members. because our members support president trump. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2017] >> and the fort myers florida news press covering president trump's visit to florida. his third trip to a hurricane-affected region in three weeks. air force one, they write, touching down at southwest florida international airport about 10:40. to get a firsthand look at the devastation suffered by the region following hurricane irma. first lady melania trump and vice president mike pence are accompanying the president. they've been happeneding out food and supplies today. meeting with first responders. and hurricane irma victims. governor rick scott met the president when he areeved this morning. and they spoke -- arrived this morning and they spoke with reporters.


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