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  President Trump Speaks to Reporters in Fort Myers Florida  CSPAN  September 14, 2017 8:40pm-8:46pm EDT

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them as happy as we can under the circumstances. in many cases they lost their homes. and it's a tough situation. we're going to go see a lot of folks. i will tell you again, i want to thank you. i want to thank the military. just incredible. thank everybody and we'll see you later. media, we appreciate your being so understanding. it's been a very tough period of time even for you folks. we really do appreciate your understanding. this has been a difficult situation. as rick knows, almost all of the roads are now open. and the ports are just about open. what we had to do to get some of some of those ports open, people wouldn't even believe we did it so quickly. we're very proud of the job that everybody around has done. thank you all. thank you very much. we'll see you later. thank you. [applause] president trump: we have to know will be constructed.
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without the wall, will not do any ink. we are already starting the wall. we have vast amounts of wall. it is being fully renovated. also, we are doing samples of the new wall. four of them being built. decision as to which one we want to use. we have a pretty good idea. we are looking for extreme border security and surveillance, everything else. we have to get the wall. it doesn't have to be here, but they cannot obstruct the wall ether in a budget. we are not looking at citizenship, amnesty. we are looking at allowing people to stay here. working with everybody, republicans, democrats. i spoke with paul ryan. they want to do something.
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we are not talking about amnesty, we are talking about taking care of people. people that were brought here, people that have done the good job and not brought here of their own bullish and. -- choice. very importantly, there is going to have to be a wall. we will be determining how much we need. to senatoryou say charles grassley who said -- talking to pelosi. president trump: we are doing it in conjunction with the republicans. we have a very good relationship with a lot of people. a lot of people want this to happen, they expect this to happen and they will see if it happens. we will only do it if we get extreme security. not only surveillance that everything that goes along with surveillance.
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ultimately, we have to have the wall. if we are doing nothing. >> what is the democrats say there was a deal? president trump: they did not say that at all. if republicans are not able to get something in six months, we continue the daca program? president trump: we will talk about that. they cannott, obstruct the wall. the wall to me is vital. if i don't get the wall, we will become the obstruction. we have to have an understanding, whether any budget or other vehicle, the wall will be funded. you clarify legislation yesterday -- what you said yesterday, that wealthy americans will stay the same, maybe play more -- pay more.
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my priority are people in the middle class and that is where we are giving the big tax reduction. it is about the middle class and jobs, bringing jobs back to the country. so companies can get a reduction. we are paying the highest tax rate in the world. we want to bring that to around 15%. that would make us competitive. my priority is bringing companies back, money back. of dollarsillions outside of that we could bring back that the taxes do not allow it. my priority is jobs come a very simple. it is jobs and the middle class. >> could you possibly raise rates on the wealthiest americans? president trump: i don't think will have to do that, but this is not to benefit the wealthy. it is to benefit the middle class and companies where they are going to be producing jobs. we want to produce jobs in this country. we went factories coming back and they are already coming
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back. one factories coming back into our country. right now, they are leaving our country. ohio, they michigan, are starting to come back. we have to reduce our tax rate. we are trying to bring it down to around 15%. individualeduce the rate, it will bring taxes down on the wealthy. president trump: the individual rate will be substantial for the middle class. we want to take care of the middle class. you to take care of jobs. the way you we are going to get jobs is to make companies more competitive. a lot of these copies are public companies. owned by pension funds. they will get a benefit. our priority is jobs in the middle class. let's go and see how we are doing because i think we are doing a good job. >> the president made