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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 15, 2017 7:00am-8:05am EDT

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are olivia golden and robert rector. carney ofovernor john delaware on how federal policy impacts his state. ♪ host: good morning. it is one of c-span's capital to ur. our brand-new bus making it to all 50 states over the next few months. we will include 11 interactive tablets, smart tv, classrooms for students and teachers, and high-definition interviews. at 9:30.ey today another way for us to hear from
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you, beginning today. more reaction overnight following the latest missile test from north korea. in london, scotland yard investigating what they are calling a terrorist incident at a train station this morning. for the next hour, your calls on the apparent agreement between the present and congressional -- president and congressional democrats on the daca deal for so-called dreamers. we want to hear only from trump supporters for the next hour. if you voted from the president, what do you think about this agreement? (202) 748-8000 if you live in eastern or central times on. (202) 748-8001 if you live in mountain or pacific time zone spirit trapped voters only for the first out -- time zone. trump voters only for the first hour.
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good friday morning. thanks for being with us. other news at the top of the hour, from the bbc, and explosion in southwest london being treated as an act of terrorism by scotland yard. that took place at about 8:20 local time outside of london. fire inside a on supermarket bag. witnesses have described seeing at least one passenger with facial injuries. more details available online at the north korea launches a new missile, defying the u.n. security counsel. rex tillerson, secretary of newe in london, calling for international measures go against north korea, and
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signaling russia and china as the best places to apply pressure on the regime. as a major supplier of oil to the regime, russia and china must indicate their intolerance, set the secretary of state, by taking direct action of their own. that from the london guardian. we want to hear from trump supporters only. the president did tweak just a short while ago regarding the issue in london, calling the terrorists losers. "these are sick and demented people who were in the sides of scotland yard. must be proactive!" presidentfrom the just a short while ago with regard to the terrorist incident in london. no reported deaths at the
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moment, but some injuries. the president in florida yesterday to survey damage following hurricane irma spoke to reporters. tweets with regard to the daca deal, the first legislation the president will amnesty, cannot always get what you want. you support this deal. caller: good morning. i oppose the deal. i am a veteran, sir. i did not serve my country to have it stepped on by illegal aliens. he broke the law. obama broke the constitution. daca needs to go. i want them all the boarded, no matter what -- deported, no matter what.
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iran they would be jailed. mexico jailed our marines. no offense to these people. it is their parents fall, mexico's fault for not taking care of them. they need to go. they broke the constitutional law. thank you. host: thank you for the call. this story from the new york suddenimmigration's reemergence scrambles republican agenda. virtually nothing can drive republicans more bitterly apart then immigration policy, which split the party since ronald reagan signed the immigration reform act of 1986. divisions reemerged when president barack obama took it back up. it reenters the political bloodstream just when the party was desperate to deliver on
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other issues like lowering corporate and individual tax rates and revitalizing the nation's infrastructure. conservatives across the ideological spectrum seem, guard by the president's move, unsure what he agreed to if anything at all. we want to hear from trump supporters only. (202) 748-8000 if you live in eastern or central time zones. (202) 748-8001 for those of you in mountain and pacific time zones. next is markup from louisiana. you support the president, do you support this deal? caller: yes, i do. i wanted to say that if we had a climate change, we should look into all of these years of bombing over there in africa. there is our climate change.
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host: thanks for the call. the president yesterday talking about this conversation with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the daca deal. [video clip] mr. trump: we are looking for extreme border security. we also have to get the wall. whether it is in the budget or something else, when we are ready. we are not looking at citizenship. we are not looking at amnesty. we are looking at allowing people to stay here, working with everybody, republicans, democrats. i just spoke with paul ryan. he is on board. everybody is on board. we're not talking amnesty. we are talking about taking care of people, people that were brought here, that have done a good job and were not brought here of their own volition. what we want, we have to have a
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wall. if all wall is going to be constructed, at a later date, we will determine how much we need. >> what do you say to steve king that says you are promising amnesty and charles grassley that says you are undercutting what he is doing and the judiciary? is trump: what we're doing in conjunction with the republicans. we have a good relationship with a lot of people. a lot of people want this to happen. they expect it to happen. we will only do it if we get extreme security, not only surveillance but everything that goes along with surveillance, and ultimately we have to have the wall. if we don't have the wall, we are doing nothing. host: comments from the president. surveyingflorida damage after hurricane irma. breitbart news now had a --
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headed up by steve bannon, who left the white house earlier writes donaldright trump supporters burning signature make america great again hats in protest over daca deal, there are many more to burn if trump goes ahead with democratso support dream amnesty. despite his campaign winning pro america, immigration control, boardwalk platform. this may represent a huge demoralization amongst trump f ollowers and may fall to bush levels when he pushed amnesty. he fell 30% despite a strong
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economy when he pushed for a cheap amnesty deal. from another, jimmy carter comes out swinging to defend trump on daca. we are hearing from trump supporters only. your take on this? caller: yes, i support trump and any decision he makes. i have a lot of confidence he in him. host: thank you. let's go to tim in alabama. good morning. caller: good morning. wall onabout daca, the the mexican border, right? host: it is. turn the volume down so we can hear you better. caller: all right.
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i do not support putting up a wall. i looked up a little history about the wall, and originally the wall, it wasn't a wall, it was a fence that was put up in ttleearly 1900s to keep ca from crossing the border to the united states because they say it was bringing in some diseased cattle. that was the purpose of putting a wall up. since that time, that fence that was put up has extended and grown. it was never meant to keep out people. nixon wasdent president, he started building the wall. he said it was a war on drugs.
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he started putting immigration control guards and extending the wall, and each president after nixon decided to extend that wall and build that wall further. was first done, it was not to keep out people just cattle. host: thanks for the call. front-page story, this headline, trump testing supporters with immigration move. staunch conservative allies of president trump have erected in anger -- erupted in anger. building a massive wall along the u.s. mexico border, nearing midnight and into thursday, social media accounts came alive as conservative activists came alive to share their shock.
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apologisttrue trump will apologize for him on dac. bobby, you support the president? caller: good morning. i support my presidents. , do not support anything giving anything to daca. we allow a million a year to come into this country. kids, and ag about lot of them are pushing 40. are you serious? we should not give them anything. they are not paying federal taxes in many cases. toould encourage everybody watch the people walking in with cash in their hands, and none of them speak english. i do not support it. i want the wall bills. we need a wall. we have drug cartels coming across. other people from other
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countries, 22 different countries, we absolutely need a wall. i do not support giving these people anything. they have had years to become citizens if they want to. they do not want to be citizens. when they talk about minimum salary, these people work for less than minimum salary and paid zero taxes, yet we are educating their children. my taxes have doubled in the last eight years. i am paying $2200 a year just for education in my county, and i am a senior. i have nobody in school, yet i am educating. acan look at 10 houses within block of me that are full of illegals, and in many cases more than one family living in the home. i am tired of them not paying taxes, tired of companies hiring them and not paying taxes, and i know people who have worked with these companies and were paid in
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cash. host: thanks for the call. we appreciate it. this is from cap began -- pat lips for read my president trump, fallout? disbelief and wonderment at where we go from here. this cuts the legs out from gop budget hawks, but amnesty would pull the rug out from under all rallies. at those make no mistake, if amnesty was granted for the 800,000, that will be the first wave. trump is risking a breach in the dam if the populists that provided him with victories in ohio and wisconsin, it is hard
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to blame them. wanted more cheers for another victory. pat buchanan this morning, his column, read my lips moment for president trump. good morning. caller: hello. i support the president, but i think it has to have some stand these people take our taxes and provide them opportunities that our own kids don't have. i am a teacher, and i will give you an example. our superintendent told us we have art event cut to the bone -- have already been cut to the bone, if we have cuts again in
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education, they will have to rid teachers that have been there permanently a long time. what happens? we have more illegals come to our school. i don't believe they have come here legally. what do we do? we have to hire somebody to help teach them english. we don't even teach our kids spanish or teach our kids spanish in elementary to help them get a job because eventually they will probably have to be bilingual. we don't do that. we hire somebody to teach them language. we get them on the rosetta stone, get them on that program. we are faced with cuts next year. host: thanks for the call. this is the headline of the washington post, the dreamer deal gains cautious support on capitol hill. speaker paul ryan saying it is negotiations not the deal.
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the democratic leader who had the president on wednesday, chuck schumer from the floor. [video clip] >> there is still much to be done. we have to put bones on the agreement. is much to be done, but it was a positive step for the president to commit to backup protections without insisting on the inclusion of war debate about border walls. host: chuck schumer on the floor of the senate yesterday. you support trump, but you oppose the doctor deal -- -- video? -- daca deal? caller: that is correct. we have had amnesty, and they keep saying they will secure the border, but no more illegal aliens. it continues on and on. the middle class is being destroyed.
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our jobs are being taken. we have to educate illegal children and send their money. it is wrecking the middle class. host: robert next in maryland. donald trump is a genius, and you have missed the tactical mastery he has performed on the republican party. he has thrown a hot potato in their lap. any republican will not vote for amnesty in an election year. there is no way a republican would vote for amnesty in an election year coming up now. if they do that, with a not be primaried and lose that primary challenge? this is a big farce the media is putting out there. will never take place. trump knows this. he has outfoxed you guys. that how has he made
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outfoxed us? he has made a statement. caller: where is the statement? you know nothing. you know nothing. you think a republican is going to vote for amnesty because that is what you're talking about, a republican going to vote for amnesty in the election year. all the callers this morning, we do not want amnesty. any republican would expose themselves as a straight up liberal in an election year. do you think they would make it through the primary? no. they republican does go for it so we can get these rino's out of office. host: thank you for the call. week thisture week, amnesty this week.
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tom, good morning. your take on all this? caller: good morning. thanks to c-span. i don't believe mr. trump has any room on the dreamers. he promised us he was going to end illegal immigration. it is time to stop this. they got amnesty in 1986. we still have this problem. we are here again at the bargaining table, and they are asking for amnesty again. you keep giving it to them, and they will keep asking for it, and it will never stop it host: is the president asking for amnesty? caller: it is amnesty no longer how you slice it. if you give anybody room to stay in this entry for any time at all, it is amnesty. host: what do you think about the president has talked about with congressional democrats? caller: i don't think he should be talking to them at all about it.
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i think he has the high ground. these people are here illegally. they came here illegally. we gave them amnesty the first time, and now here we are again. they wanted again. i don't understand. he has the high ground. we are in the right. taxpayers law pairs, of this country. we demand our immigration laws be enforced. host: thanks for the call. trumpshington times, delivers the voters even if they don't like it. " doublecross don does it again. twice now president trump has struck a dirty deal with devious democrats, but train the alliance -- betraying the alliance with voters that thought he would behave like a proper professional republican.
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the lesson of was last year's election? voters did not elect a conservative. they did not elect a lawyer republican. they rejected all of the most seasoned politicians in the race. 16 of those were republicans. instead they elected a politically incorrect, brash, professional wrestling character to come to washington and perform piledriver's on every politician they could find in the rain, under the rain, -- ring, under the ring, even in the stands." you can read that at washington times. good morning. caller: good morning. daca, andsupport the
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in return i say we should have a 10 year freeze on all immigrants coming into america and the right to build the border wall totally paid for by our government. host: thanks for the call. iss from sandy beach, trump swimming in dangerous waters over daca. from florida, kenny. good morning. caller: first of all, i don't support daca. he is swimming with sharks for sure. nothing has been cut. there is no deal, but he has not signed anything yet. if he does sign this daca thing and there is no wall built, kid rock for president. thank you. host: thanks for the call. joanna is next from maryland. good morning.
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caller: good morning. i do not support daca. i want them all deported. whatever happened to the anchor babies? they were going to change the law on that. this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. nobody supports the illegal citizens of the united states. host: as somebody who supported the president in 2016, what do you think of his performance now? caller: i loved him with all my heart, and he threw me down the river. host: would you vote for him again? caller: not unless he gets rid of the anchor babies and illegal aliens from all countries, not just mexico, the asians are ridiculous. let's go to sheila in maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: we are fine. theer: i do not support daca deal like the last caller. we took the present at his word
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that he was not only going to end daca, but he had the angel moms and dads, our american children are being killed by illegals in daca and in this country, and to have him change his position and say he has compassion for these children when one of the mothers, josh wilkerson's mother, this kid as burned to death by illegal. that is ridiculous. if the american people support this, you are not just looking at 800,000. you are looking at it multiplying to millions. the other night, they had representative jim i am -- kim lyon from ohio on. they don't just want one
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amnesty, amnesty for all the parents, more immigration. it has gone to the point where if -- the president's primary job is to protect the american people and their children, not the illegals. i don't think sending them back to wherever their parents brought them from his punishment. keep them together, send them all out. host: let's go back to the tweet that president trump sent out yesterday when we woke up to news of an agreement between democrats and the present. he said two things, first no deal, massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. he also said the wall that is already under construction will continue to be built. finally this, does anybody
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really want to throw out good educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? really! they have been in our country through no part of their own. big border security. dumpings this tweet, these kids is a death sentence. hateful jerks! this morning we are hearing from trump supporters only. do you support or oppose this agreement? (202) 748-8000 four trump supporters in the eastern half of the country. (202) 748-8001 if you live in mountain or pacific time zones. yesterday, house speaker paul ryan responding to this. [video clip] >> there is no agreement.
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the president and chief of staff called me today to discuss what was discussed. it was a discussion, not an agreement or negotiation. let me say a couple of things, and i will say the same thing i have been saying for weeks them and the president and i have been talking about this for weeks. you cannot fix daca without fixing the root cause of our problem, we do not have control of our borders. we need security and enforcement as part of any agreement. i think that is something the democrats are beginning to understand and agree with. i said as much to our democratic colleagues in the house yesterday. we have not begun negotiations. what we're doing is talking with our majority to make sure we are on the same page ourselves proceed.efore we these were discussions, not negotiations. there was not an agreement.
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i want to make this clear. if we don't fix the problems we have border security and daca,ement and only fix we will have another daca problem a decade from now. that is the symptom of the problem. host: the house speaker's news conference is available at their website as we celebrate our 30th anniversary of our website. we have programming from 30 years ago and 30 minutes ago. the amount of hours we have on the c-span video library on today,nt page of the usa happy birthday usa today, celebrating its 30th birthday today. eric on the president and this daca deal. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. you are on the air. caller: jhhi.
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i have a good one for these daca, 800,000 them, they want to become citizens. why don't give them a choice? they can serve in the armed services, go to the middle east, all of them. imagine all those people needking isis, which we protection from. they served five years, and they can become citizens. if they choose not to, they can go back to their own countries. host: thanks for the call. we go to paul from pennsylvania. your take on this. caller: i am against daca. have twon, we cannot sets of laws, one that some obey and some don't. why aren't the employers prosecuted? that might solve the problem rather than dealing with an expensive wall. host: thank you.
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more reaction from some of the president's staunchest reporters, including sean hannity who was vertical yes or more -- was critical yesterday morning. my message, get the wall built first, never trust chuck or nancy. steve king was also critical. esty, bush with amn obamath amnesty, led with amnesty, all failed. paul is joining us from virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. i am a 66-year-old retired republican, and i voted for trump. i want to say in most ways i'm not as excited as the caller from maryland, but i agree with what he said.
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c-span is continuing to drift into acting more like the general media is today you are asking an improper question. there is no daca deal. you are asking us to comment on something that is speculative. even though all these people are saying things, there isn't any deal. the only thing i can say to this is i don't personally have a problem with the young people staying in the country. i am not like most of your other callers because they did not personally break the law coming into the country. my problem is that c-span, i have been wanting to call for months, c-span is drifting to being like the rest of the media. notice i don't say the left media, the media in general. i think you need to be more careful about your subjects. i will give you one example.
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we should ask questions that can respond to. what kinds of infrastructure projects would be good for your states? give us something to talk about that makes us think. let us think a little more. make your show what it used to be. you are losing what your show was. host: paul, i want to respond to your point. it is a valid point. we appreciate all of your comments. what question would you have asked this morning if you were in the editorial room? caller: well, i am not that smart to think on my feet that fast. i would repeat what i said, peripheral questions that affect all of us, infrastructure for example. i support building the wall. why not what hundreds of thousands -- put hundreds of thousands of people to work
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rebuilding houston and florida? host: we have done that question often in the past. the reason we wanted to focus on this this morning is because clearly if the present does work out an agreement, and you are right that it is only apparent, they are in negotiations, but talking about keeping these dreamers in the u.s. from the president, this was one of his poor campaign issues. we wanted to hear what supporters think. caller: i will just say it is not fair to discuss ways that are speculative. it is not really unfair specifically, but if it was ready for about i could see you asking this question. everything that is being talked about, i go back to the caller from maryland. he pretty well pegged it in the way he was speaking about the media being out with it.
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we shall see about that. host: thank you for your comment. please keep watching c-span, and we, i'm sure there is an agreement, we will focus on this down the road. thank you for your perspective. exploded just outside of london, reports of 18 injuries, so far no deaths. scotland yard has confirmed they are viewing this as a terrorist incident. the president earlier today calling the terrorists losers. joining us from texas, good morning. caller: good morning. i do support trump. i voted for him. i am for sending the students on. i live in a town where we have a lot of immigrants that are illegal immigrants. there have been many times i have gone to the grocery store on a friday afternoon, right
7:37 am
after they got paid, and these young people and young husbands are casting their checks -- sendingtheir checks and every cent back to mexico except what they need to eat on. bosses are putting them in one house together to live and not paying rent. they are not supporting our economy at all. they are sending money back to mexico. they are supporting their country. if they want to support their country, go to their country and work there. don't take our jobs and keep sending it to their country. i have seen it. i have stood in lines behind them and watch them and heard the addresses they were sending the money to. it is ridiculous. it has been going on for years. we also have them smuggling in drugs. it was on the news not long ago,
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how much did they get, one of the largest busts ever? we need stronger border control. we need to send these people home. if they want to work, if they want to apply to come back to the states and apply for citizenship and give to the united states as a legal immigrant, that is fine. they need to start over and do it the right way. host: thanks for the call. king thet, steve quote why -- racist, why humans?e marginal the front page story of the washington times with a photograph of nancy pelosi, the
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dreamer chain migration swells the immigrant number as the debate over daca continues in washington. review,m the national the chuck and nancy amnesty. the problem with any amnesty is it serves as a magnet for new illegal aliens. review went on to say, we hope the white house realizes what a mistake this deal would be, and failing that that congressional republican leadership demands something better. think,r trump might chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are not his friends and are not the friends of sound immigration policy. maine, goodrom morning. your reaction? daca, andsupport while i don't support trump in e
7:40 am
verything, i appreciate he has taken his time to talk to democrats and hopefully get some coercion going. while daca has flaw it is not exactlys, the worst thing. you watch a lot of these jobs, that while they are given to immigrants or illegals, normal american citizens don't want to do that. i haven't 89-year-old -- i have who still-old grandma works. the one job she quit was picking blueberries. normal americans don't want to do those jobs. host: thanks for the call.
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in case you did not see it yesterday, our new bus is on the road in delaware. the first stop on a 50 state tour. it is parked in front of a state capital near you. come on in and say hello. a chance to get inside the bus later this morning with delaware's governor, the first governor on the first stop as we travel up and down the east coast and eventually making its way out west to hawaii and alaska. we hope you follow the tour, also part of our voices of america segment to hear from all of you. let's go to richard from kentucky. you are undecided about this apparent agreement between the present and congressional democrats -- president and congressional democrats? caller: that is the narrative by you in the media, this is cut and dry.
7:42 am
nothing is carved in stone. i have not seen anything. all they have done is talk. i can remember coming up on november, almost a year to the day after donald trump won this election. donald trump has said he is going to do the things that the people voted for him wanting to do, and i believe him. is it going to be 100% of what we want? 100% of anything anytime is difficult to get. i will take 85% to 90%. i know for a fact that they have beat this man to death from name-calling, it has just been terrible. nothing in the history of this country i have ever read says anything that has happened to donald trump from both sides of the aisle.
7:43 am
nothing is carved in stone. when i see him sign his name on that document stating all these people who broke the law get to stay here, then i will make my decision about donald trump. host: richard from kentucky, thank you. the gop pushes back on the dream migrants. part of therump's deal for dreamers. comprehensive reform of the immigration system that goes well beyond daca. suddenly cutting thes is anyone's guess, but best guess is it is a natural outgrowth of his failures. the question is how far trump can go in bucking the gop base
7:44 am
chuck canar nancy and go with democrats. they have a chance to open some doors that have been shot for a long time. it is time to go through them. ted from maine. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to have another comment. billiones about $400 for the taxpayers. the rest of us who have kids in college, we pay for them. why are they getting free lunch, and we are paying? that is my comment. host: more reaction from nancy pelosi. [video clip] >> do you trust the president of the united states, and should dreamers trust him? >> is that a fair question? >> absolutely. >> when we are talking about this legislation to protect
7:45 am
dreamers, i trust the president understanding the public overwhelmingly supports not sending these young people back. we have had a discussion of this , and as leader schumer of i said coming out of the meeting, it was interpreted by some that we have an agreement on the deal. that was not the case. we have an agreement to move forward. protect thes to dreamers and for further discussion on what provisions leading to the border might be as we move forward. i trust the president in that regard. host: house democratic leader nancy pelosi. this from the washington post,
7:46 am
uncertainty around daca talks is trumpian. tim from ohio. good morning. caller: the thing about the anchor babies people were talking about, bruce lee was born in the united states by his mother and father, who were chinese. they took them back to china, and when he was 18 years old he came back to the united states and became a legal citizen. why can't everybody do that? if they were born here, fine. if they are eligible to be an american citizen, let them back in. until then, they go with mom and dad. host: let's go to brad from indiana. good morning. caller: i thank you for the opportunity. i oppose the daca deal. it is not for racist, bigoted views.
7:47 am
i will tell you a quick story. my barber, i am disabled, and i have a hispanic barber that comes to my house to cut my hair. he asked me to write a letter for him to become a naturalized u.s. citizen. it was the greatest honor of my life. the reason why i oppose daca is because that man had been in this country over 10 years, busting his tail feathers to earn the ability to become a u.s. citizen. i repeat, he earned it, not wanted it handed to him on a silver platter. i was able to be part of that. that was the most incredible moment of my life. i was honored to be able to do that. what i don't understand is this overwhelming sense of entitlement that people think it
7:48 am
is unfortunate obama's plan was abused in this fashion, and they are here now, but there has to come -- this has to come to an end simply because this country cannot afford to help its own natural citizens. i practically go hungry every month because i don't even get enough from the government to help feed me, and i busted my butt since i was 14 years old. i am now 44. i don't have enough money to eat on. endless supply of money these other people think, and line them all up and give them to it. my final point is it has to come to an end. like the lady from texas said,
7:49 am
they do not reinvest in this country like people think. it is not because republicans are racist or bigoted. other country on this planet where the border is open and everything is free. nothing is free. you have to earn it. people coming over on ellis island, they had to go through hell to earn what they had. from we will go to alton north carolina. we are hearing from trump supporters only and on this apparent discussion between trump and congressional democrats on a daca deal. caller: the media, i believe, is nothing but a puppet for the deep state. news?why is it fake
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he hung up. we will go to walter in indiana. caller: thank you. the subject is important to me. i, too, am a dreamer. i have a dream that someday the laws of the land will be followed. the whole idea of daca is absurd. if i had a vacation home in a different state, and i had not been there in a few months, and my family shows up to vacation, and there is a bunch of criminals in the house, and why i called them criminals is they broke the law by coming into my house, coming into my country. i called the police. i am the police say, well, going to throw out and lock up the adults, but the teenagers, i will leave there.
7:51 am
of corsurse not. not, and have laws are when you start to use your feelings and emotions, you get into la la land. we have citizens of this country that get welfare, food stamps, medical, dental, colleges, and we have to teach them everything. it is ridiculous. my grandmother came through ellis island. when she first came looking for work, it said no blacks or irish need to apply. i asked, what did you do? she said i worked twice as hard. either you have secure borders or you don't. the last four words on the statue of liberty, you know what they say, through the golden door. that does not mean you go under or around it or pick the lock.
7:52 am
you have to wait in line like everyone else. the whole thing is a democratic push so they can get more voters, and eventually there will be millions and millions of non-american citizens voting and doing everything else. they even got drivers license. they can do everything. in minnesota they were going to allow them to vote. we're going to lose our country and become a third world country and 30 years. host: walter in indiana. our guest on newsmakers is congressman hakeem jeffries. can the democrats take back the house with nancy pelosi still at the helm? [video clip] >> do you think you can take back the house with nancy pelosi as your leader? >> i certainly think so. we have done it once and will do so again. it was nancy pelosi along with
7:53 am
rahm emanuel that helped us take the house back in 2006 under similar circumstances within unpopular president and do nothing congress, and we are sort of in that situation now. very unpopular president and a do-nothing congress that cannot get anything accomplished on behalf of the american people. we know the republican playbook is going to be to demonize nancy pelosi, and perhaps they believe they have had some success in that in deeply red republican districts. whatnnot use georgia 6 or happened in montana or kansas as representative examples of the playing field we will confront in 2018. there are 70 more competitive districts in play in 2018 than the john ossoff race.
7:54 am
all we need to do is to win a fraction of that, 24, to get the majority. i think the voters in those districts will be looking for who can deliver the results. what we have seen is nancy pelosi over the last few weeks has been very effective as a master legislator in trying to bring solutions to the american people. host: congressman hakeem jeffries, on our newsmakers program. magazine's cover story, the storms keep getting stronger, and so do we. the editor at large for time magazine with an inside look at what worked for hurricane harvey and irma. the president this morning, the travel ban into the u.s. should be far larger, tougher, and more
7:55 am
specific, but stupidity, that would not be politically correct. also saying, we have made more progress against isis then the obama administration made in eight years. must be proactive and nasty. recordare dumping it in numbers. apologize. calls, trump your supporters on this apparent agreement. jose joining us from pennsylvania. good morning. caller: thank you for the pleasure. -- know, the whole daca host: are you with us? caller: yes. host: please go ahead. caller: the whole daca situation, if you can prove you
7:56 am
were here as an infant, and you have the same beliefs and rights as an american citizen, well, it should benefit you, but at the same time, it should not make it easy for you just to get citizenship. you should work for it. struggle like everybody else has to struggle in this country. donald trump, he picked more than he can chew. he makes decisions off the gut. he is a businessman. he is not a political figure or somebody that has been in political office. hopefully the cap make the right decisions for the american people, but at the end of the day, you know, it is kind of a complicated thing for the 20th century to deal with this.
7:57 am
we could have fixed this a while back. we decided to work around that situation. host: let me go back to the new york times. virtually nothing can drive republicans more bitterly apart than immigration policy, which the party since 1986. that is from jeremy peters in the new york times. fred is next from mississippi. you get the last word. caller: good morning. oppose daca. went back and and forth from new orleans to costa rica. it too k me two years for her to
7:58 am
come over to the united states human though i needed help. -- even though i needed help. i paid thousands and thousands . my wife is a very good person. host: when did this take place? caller: this happened two years ago. host: how is she doing now? caller: i am fine. i had problems with coughing. i had to close my business and everything. what is important is so many people have done the right thing. money., i had a lot of a lot of people ask me, you can get someone to come on over. i could not do that. i am an american. she is american now.
7:59 am
it took two years and thousands and thousands of dollars to get her to come over to the united states. host: i am going to stop you there because we are short on time. one last tweet, either we have laws in this country or we don't. at this point it looks like we don't. this story from michael schmidt and maggie haverman, the front-page story, sessions was muellerver appointment. trump berated sessions and said he should resign. that is according to current and former administration officials. president trump told his attorney general that choosing him to be attorney general was one of the worst decisions he had made, calling jeff sessions
8:00 am
an idiot. himself from the investigation was the moment he believes his administration lost control. mr. sessions was emotional. nyt story ant -- at then boil -- dan boylan will come to talk about investigation into the alleged ties with russia. and olivia golden and robert rector will be with us. is dover,stop delaware. governor john carney will be our first guest inside
8:01 am
the c-span studio bus. we talked to a number of senators who are on the governors, including the -- the 31st governor of north dakota. [video clip] >> what is a tougher job, a governor or senator? >> they are both have jobs. it depends on what is going on. hurricane in a your state, definitely the governor. in the senate, there are challenges, too, because you have defined ways to build consensus and get things done that meet the needs of our people. i think people will tend to tell you the governor job is tougher but it depends on what is going on in your state or national event any given time. >> you went from one to the other, how is that transition? >> i think are must anyone who has served as governor and senator would tell you government is a better job and i would tell you that.
8:02 am
they are both huge owners representing your state, but i do not think you can beat the job as governor. you can work with people to accomplish a vision and take your state into that vision and make it happen. i cannot think of a better job. >> what was that learning curve senate? >>t to the there is always a learning curve and there is a difference between being a governor who is a ceo and a legislator more like a board of director. here it is really about having a concept that you think in advance the common good and enough to build support for that concept to put it in law. >> do you think it would be easier to go from united states senator to governor? >> it depends on the individual. i come out of a business background, so my background is enterprises,siness
8:03 am
so governor is natural for me. i did that for 10 years and escaped with my personality and experience, so for me, it came more naturally. for somebody trained in law, you have so many people who are lawyers, and you had that advocacy approach or mindset, i think those individuals naturally graduate tate to the legislative arena. >> what are the issues facing north dakota and how are you working with the governor to face those issues? numberorth dakota, ag is one, energy is right there. we are an energy powerhouse for the country. right now and the egg patch, it has been tough on our top two industries but we are working to come out of that and we hope to help our farmers, ranchers and work with our industries in the global market.
8:04 am
we are driving towards this technology, or that call the third wave of jobs in our state and it is part of growing our economy and our governor has a tremendous background in information technology, so it is a perfect date and we are trying to put that third leg on the stool with type, entrepreneurship, along with ag and energy, which makes are state stronger. >> how often do you interact with the governor? >> he is a good friend, a good friend before he was governor, and we thrive on creating that good business climate. >> thank you. "washington journal" continues. boylan, a welcome dan reporter for washington times.


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