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  President Trump Reacts to London Subway Terrorist Attack  CSPAN  September 15, 2017 12:05pm-12:11pm EDT

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>> the u.s. trade deficit increased less than expected in july of this year. exports and and sports fell, which it can gingerly cap -- can contribute to growth. the u.s. trade deficit increased slightly to nearly $24 billion. a 3.7ited states saw percent drop in goods and services imported from the eu in july. the trade deficit with the eu increased by nearly 8%, in a month high of 13.5 billion. a few blocks away from this discussion, president trump this morning made a rose garden appearance to meet an 11-year-old boy who offered to cut the south -- the grass on the south lawn. the president then answered a few reporters questions, and commented about this morning's explosion at a london underground station, that police have deemed a terrorist attack. >> any reaction to london? the terror attack.
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>> it's a terrible thing. it keeps going and going, we have to be very smart, very tough. perhaps we are nearly not tough enough, but that is absolutely a terrible thing. i'm going to call the prime minister right now. >> have you been briefed on any intelligence? >> yes. numerous things happening, including north korea. [inaudible] >> we have to be smarter.
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>> we will likely hear more about that attack in london and the north korea missile launch. coming up at 1:15 a.m. east -- 1:15 p.m. eastern, h.r. mcmaster, u.s. secretary haley, joining sarah sanders. live at 115 eastern. the president will be traveling to new jersey, before he boards air force one, he will be speaking about the air force' technology and resourcess. it's part of the commemoration of the force's 70th anniversary. live coverage of the president's comments this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. eastern. a profile series of top officials continue tonight at
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8:00. he talks about how he battled his childhood temper. can you explain? i think it was because i was thinking about me. it was always about me. if someone took my things, they were in myspace -- in my space. when i was 14, and another teenager angered me, i tried to stab him with a camping knife. unfortunately he had a large --al boko haram him fortunately, he had a large metal belt buckle on him. i try to take somebody's life over nothing. that had a profound affect on me. i locked myself in the bathroom, i started thinking about my life. i turned things around academically.
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realized i would never become a doctor with a temper like that. my options would be jail, reform school, or the grade. i said "lord help me." there was a bible and i picked it up, there were these verses in there about anger. like proverbs 19:19. proverbs 1632. hours, i stood in their praying and contemplating and three hours i stood their praying, contemplating, and reading. it was a sign of weakness. it was that i could easily be manipulated by my environment. i decided i wasn't going to be manipulated. all of oursee interview with dr. ben carson coming up tonight at 8:00 east
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in here on c-span. robert kaplan, the president of the federal reserve bank of dallas talked about monetary policy and the future of the global economy. it is hosted by the dallas business club. >> good evening. excited to be here with you all tonight, thank you for coming. thank you rob for hosting us in your facility. we have a set of questions that we have for rob, then we will open it up to the floor. from a timing standpoint, economically i think it's an interesting time. we just had second-quarter gdp numbers looking a little better, that's great. from a human and social perspective, it's an unfortunate time.