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tv   British Prime Minister Theresa May on London Terror Attack  CSPAN  September 15, 2017 8:35pm-8:38pm EDT

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state legislature. it has the oldest, continuously used legislative chambers in america. here is the room where the largest state legislature and the united states works and meets. >> than a visit to the home of franklin pierce to learn about the life of the 14th u.s. president watch c-span's cities tv and c-span twos sunday at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv on c-span3, working with our cable affiliates and cities across the country. now, british prime minister theresa may's brief statement on the london terror attack and her responses to some questions from reporters. prime minister may: clearly this was a device that was intended to cause significant harm and 22 people have been injured are in the hospital.
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all of those affected by the attack, emergency services were on the scene immediately and i would like to thank them for their professionalism and avery. -- bravery. peace and security services are doing all the work to discover what the full circumstance is of this cowardly attack and try to identify those responsible. the threat level remains severe. that means a terror attack remains highly likely. it is kept under review as it progresses. the public should go about their daily lives but remain vigilant. people in london will see an increased armed presence. necessaryl do what is to protect the public. i don't think it is helpful to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation. the police and security services are looking to discover the full circumstances of the cowardly
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attack and to identify all those responsible. we are very clear, we have protected police budgets and we have ensured it is possible for the police to increase the number of armed police. i'm pleased to say that the emergency services responded immediately to this attack and were on the scene immediately. we thank them for their professionalism and bravery. aboutsident trump spoke the attack in london. he was introduced by first lady melania trump. this is about 20 minutes.


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