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tv   Mother of All Rallies  CSPAN  September 16, 2017 6:09pm-6:24pm EDT

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10 a.m. eastern. nbc host chris hayes will be discussing his book "a colony and a nation". author and new yorker staff writer jehlani cobb talks about free speech. national book award nominated author kathy o'neill talking about her book "weapons of mass destruction." live coverage of the broken book festival on sunday, starting at 10 a.m. eastern on he spent to's book tv. -- c-span2's book tv. >> in washington dc today, there was a gathering on the national mall that organizers were calling the mother of all rallies. according to the group's website, the rally was nonpartisan and meant to show support for the president and entire country as a whole. one of the speakers included bruce nathan who is running to
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be the next governor of florida. here is a portion of his remarks. [applause] >> america! [applause] >> look at this crowd! this is what happens when real americans decide that we are fed , to take backtrol america and make america great again! i cannot even guess how many of us are here, but from what i am seeing, it looks like we have enough to march right into the capitol and drain the swamp! we have to drain the swamp! year, we united behind 1,1 candidate who promised to make our bold and defiant donald j trump, he is our president, and
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we went behind him and he is now president of the united states! [applause] before his inauguration he hit the ground running. when he arrived in washington, he went straight to work. what our founders were looking for, there were looking for the best and the brightest, to come to washington. and then, when they were done, they would go home to see what they had done and be with that. that is why our capital buildings are not to be staffed with wealthy and incompetent politicians who serve their own interests. who are they to tell our 50
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states, that we cannot even keep men out of our daughters public restrooms? i have six children, five of them are daughters. i have to tell you, it heart my heart.hurt my the powers have gone so far out of control that they now refuse to do their job. so they can damage the president that we put in to clean up their mess! we are not going to let that happen! we already showed them that we are awake, or we -- they did not get the message. they are fighting back, they are fighting back we the people. fine, let them fight! in thea true leader vision of the founding of the white house.
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now, the 2018 elections are coming up. and we are going to be replacing the swamp rats in our congress and all 50 states. we won in november, that was just the first part of a battle in an ongoing war. in 2018, we will show them that we are not done! [applause] we are not beaten, we are taking back our country! i always knew that if america was to be saved, i would not be by a career politician. it would be by you! it would be by our bikers, our truckers, our farmers, small businessman, our teachers, our tradesmen our laborers. grandparents.and who care about this nation, to
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our children that we need to leave the legacy towards area -- legacy towards. it is a bigger job than one man can do alone. so, donald j. trump cannot do it by himself. our system was delivered late built, deliberately structured so that one person cannot do it by themselves area so why does the federal government get away with ignoring the ninth and 10th amendments? better us that they know , how to run our own states. drain the swamp! they stole control of our churches, our
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social policy, our businesses, our health care, which is a disaster! even control of our air land and water. they thank us by doing a poor job of running anything. our state governments have completely dropped the ball when it comes to protecting from the blatant abuses of all-powerful central government, that was never even supposed to happen. you know that this is wrong. i know that this is wrong. is it -- is that not why we came here today? is that not why? [applause] we are here today, to deliver a message to those people over there, in that capitol building, we can run our own eight.
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-- we can run our own states. get out of our lives! try doing your jobs and we will do hours. we elected the president and he --doing -- he is going to do he is going to get the help that he needs to do the job that we hired him even if we have to replace every member of congress in 2018! [applause] i would like to thank my good friend the northwest florida bikers for trump! and it would like to thank the producers of putting on more. absolutely fantastic. my name is bruce nathan. i am going to be the next governor of the great state of florida! [applause] i am not a professional politician. i am just like you.
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sometimes starved my way through college. i delivered pizzas, i even dressed up as arnie the dinosaur. -- barney the dinosaur. began toduation, i work in my chosen field of physical therapy and continued 2011, --tember september 11, 2001, when all of us had our lives changed forever. i felt a duty to our country, and i joined the united states army reserve. served for nine years and was honorably discharged as captain. therapist, i ran into stifling federal health care regulations. our demands of tax laws, and
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then the disaster we all know of obamacare. turn, there are stumbling block -- stumbling blocks to success put there by the federal government. we can no longer go to college, start a company, get a home loan or provide for our families, without jumping through hoops. we get caught in your credit red tape from washington dc -- we get caught and bureaucratic red tape from washington dc. i started asking myself, where is my state government and why would they not stop this? the enumerated powers of the constitution strongly limit federal power, so why do they keep expanding and then as the bill? why, because of state governments have failed their citizens as well. they gave away their own duty.
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they give over their own constitutional obligations and the federal it is 50 little swamps in the state capital. the governors and the state legislators were absorbed. the states are as guilty as our federal government. these debts are going to keep piling up to our children and grandchildren, and i cannot look my six children in the eyes and not do anything to preserve their future. is this what you want for your legacy? or are we going to drain the swamp? this is why i decided to run for governor. america needs to have at least one governor who will show the constitutional rights of the states, and that is the way
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people were meant to be. the federal government must be kicked out of our state. the capital back to , the cage in d.c., where they belong. state rights, you have got that! we all see how our party elitists pick and choose which laws, which parts of our constitution they will enforce. that is what we get when elected officials serve their selfish interests. every issue they stand behind, every position they take, is decided by how it will affect their chances of getting reelected. that is what motivates professional politicians. the hard choices of acting on their sworn old -- oaths.- sworn
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government is not supposed to operate on policy division, united states! that is us! almost done. [laughter] it is they, who do not understand that the united is us. you get it, that is why you are here. everyone of us has witnessed the recent hacks of unity and citizenship which defined the hearts and souls of american. we got hit by back-to-back disasters in texas and in florida. tough,n the situation is we come together and we unite as -- asans, and we americans in the united states of america. i am so glad to be an american. [applause] you tell me, we had a flow from the top, the great president
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donald j. trump, he decided to make sure that everything was going to happen the right way, for texas and florida. do you think hillary would have done this? anybody think hillary would have done a good job? all of our problems can be overcome with the same efficiency. say, my time is running out over here, so let me governor,his -- i as will close the sanctuary cities that are in the state of florida. sanctuariesor the of the american citizen to go back. as i am about to go, i want to tell you, one way or another, we
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are going to drain the swamp. we are going to make america great again. remember,ke you to bruce nathan for governor, 2018. and god bless these united states of america! thank you! [applause] thank you! [applause] announcer: in his weekly address, resident trump honored founding fathers in the 230th anniversary of the united's constitution. senator dick durbin of illinois delivers the democratic address discussing the daca immigration policy. my fellowtrump: americans, i would like to begin by continuing to send our prayers to those affected by hurricanes harvey and irma. louisiana,to the


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