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tv   Texas Lawmakers on Hurricane Harvey Response  CSPAN  September 19, 2017 2:13am-3:06am EDT

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damage from hurricane irma in miami. she shared this photo collage, saying thanks to the folks of the coast guard, it is clear south florida is on the road to recovery. over the weekend, we followed three democratic texas lawmakers as they participated in hurricane heartbeat relief efforts. we'll start at the christian tabernacle church, work representative gene green spoke with victims.
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>> good morning. how are you? how are you this morning? >> hi. >> everybody say hi.
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>> we need an interpreter. in english spanish interpreter. come along. >> good morning, everyone. clark, on behalf of our senior pastor.
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>> good morning everyone. i am pastor clark. pastor of our church welcomes you to christian tabernacle. we want to let you know some things that are getting ready to happen. we are getting ready to open in a few moments. we know it is hot outside we want to rapidly view through the line.
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it is important that you pay close attention to all of the instructions, because they are vitally important. if you are in this line from the front of the door, we need you stay inby the walls, line, and note who is in front of you and behind you. know who is in front of you and behind you. say good morning to the person in front of you and behind you. if they did not speak to you, i'm going to make them go get on the playground. fema is here. they are going to be here between 10:00 and 2:00.
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do not move. we are going to give you instructions on how to get supplies, and how to get into the line for fema. do not move. everything that we do, we are going to do in order so you can get properly serviced, so you can move on with your day. finally, look at the building behind you. we ask for your prayers and condolences. there is a service there this morning.
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if you have parked in the very , if you have parked in any section close to the church, i'm going to ask if you don't mind moving your car and parking in the rear. we only want to make sure we respect the families and the service that they are having at 11:00. we are not getting ready to start right now. we are going to start and a few moments. if you don't mind giving them some space, and moving your car to the rear, that would help us out.
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would you join me in a moment of prayer this morning? would you bow your heads? heavenly father, we come before you this morning. we think that you are a good god in the midst of our adversity. ask for your blessings today. toask that you continue flourish ask. that we have all that we need. we give our trust to you in the midst of this devastation, we put our trust in you. we think that he will continue to bless us, you will continue to feed us, you will continue to support us. we pray for your blessings, and we pray this in jesus'name. amen.
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pause for a moment please. we want to thank congressman gene green for being here this morning. he is a great supporter of this entire community. the needy conscious of in this area. i am glad that he is here. would you greet our volunteers from christian tabernacle, and the distribution center. rep. al green: thank you. -- : i remember when water was up to our houses in houston. i wish the lord wouldn't think we could handle all the storms. we are handling them because of you.
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thank you for spending your time here. when the water went down, we started working with churches because churches are outgoing, just like christian tabernacle, and they will serve. with the commodities and things families need, as i was driving over here, the good news is i am glad they are taking some of the debris off the curbs. possessions is out in front of their house. as soon as we can get them to pick it up that means we are rebuilding. house, makingr sure your children get back to school, and you get back to work . i don't expect the church to do it, but i grew up in a church. my wife did.
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we are not christians just on sunday. we are christians seven days a week, and we serve. , we havenews today issues in our district of people not being able to apply for fema assistance. we have folks with their laptops , the toll-free number is hard to get through. they don't use laptops. we can get them a number and follow it up. i said the other day, your grandchildren will be able to follow your account. some of us don't use laptops. i can't sayk -- thank you to the church enough. folks wereroup of been sending truckloads of commodities into texas, and we will make sure we get them here.
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this was started by our senior pastor. the interesting thing is all of this, most of these tables will be depleted in a few hours. the need is great. we need more supplies. rep. al green: -- rep. gene green: the teamsters union partnered with the warehouse. truckloads ofing food and commodities and everything else. we will make sure they bring that over. [applause] rep. gene green: good morning. i'm a member of congress, my name is gene green.
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i want to welcome you. i want to thank christian tabernacle for opening up the church, not just today, but for the whole time of this disaster, and getting food and essentials to families. we will try to get you in as quick as we can. we have fema here with a number of folks with laptops. if you don't have your fema number, you can apply for it. if you do have your fema number, check to see where it is set in the process. if you live in our district, we do case work. we have been through these disasters before. i wish i could say it be quickly, but we will do everything we can. today, this is sponsored by christian tabernacle who has
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been serving this community for many years, and also our state senator sylvia garcia, and our city councilmember robert gallegos. senator garcia is going to talk about the programs both in english and spanish. good morning, we won't keep you long, we know it is hot. like the congressman said, it is important to report your damage. [in spanish] it is important that we do this because it not only helps you today, that it helps us later when we are trying to get federal dollars. they can see that there was a lot of damage in the storm, and we are going to need more next time.
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[in spanish] there is so much damage everywhere, people are hurting, and we need those dollars. youus know today what else are needing, so we can try to address it. [in spanish] we will be helping everyone. whether you are from here, whether you are from mexico, whether you are from nigeria, where ever you are from. we are here to help everybody. [applause]
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[in spanish] a you don't have to wait for fema inspector, take pictures, shoot video, user cameras, and document it. you have to have proof that you were damaged, otherwise you are not going to get help. that, and thank you again to the church for letting us be here. [in spanish] [applause] >> another thing, fema did last if anyone in your family
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has a social security number, that is how you can access fema. if your child has a social security number, that is how you can do it. fema will ask you that when you are signing in. , you of the information don't need up fema account. fema account. if any child or adult in your household has a social security number, you qualify. [in spanish]
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as long as you have one person in the household with a social security number, that is enough. all you need is one. rep. gene green: now we are going to start handing out the numbers, and you will be called in order. we will start at the front. keep that number, and you will be called in order, particularly if you need to meet with fema representatives. stay in line, and get that number. there are people coming up and getting in line that don't have numbers. >> i and getting numbers as they are exiting.
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rep. gene green: are they filling up the room? >> yes. rep. gene green: good, because there are a lot of folks out there.
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rep. gene green: how are you doing? do you have a fema number already? they will look it up, and check and see where you are in the process. i was trying to get an update on it. rep. gene green: you can get that here.
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rep. gene green: this lady said she had her number, she wanted an update on her claim. you have to get up and stretch every once and a while. do you have a fema number already? >> yes, sir.
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i have molded in my house. have mold in my house. fema ise green: supposed to refer you to the small business administration will stop -- we have a fema here. they can help you. a crew came out and said she is not qualified. she has mold in her house. >> let's look at your case and see what we can do at this point.
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we need to look at it initially. we need to see what the inspectors said. let's take a look at your case. rep. gene green: we do a citizenship day every year. we have been doing it for 20 years. we have volunteers, and our goal is to make sure there is no chair not filled. i'm going to try and encourage folks to get there.
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i also ran a business. i like to see everybody in front of somebody, because that means we are moving the line. on the other side they have the disabled, so i will go see how that is working. how are you doing? are you all doing the same thing, getting fema numbers? we are permitting. our goal is to: whopeople in who he -- in
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don't have numbers yet. it is going to take a while. how are you doing? good to see you. rep. sheila jackson lee: she --
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sheila jackson lee, all right. thank you. you look good, thank you. i am doing fine. thank you. we are going through the normal process. we got our fema number. you have already served. ok, great. thank you. i appreciate you greatly.
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we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to help. you sheila jackson lee: have helped me why than once. you have seen the devastation. thank you very much. where we looking? thank you. >> thank you for what you do. rep. sheila jackson lee: i want them to announce to come out when they are finished with you
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all. he knows when i come, i do what i want to do. i'm going to speak generally, and then come out. i think when i go over there, they will know. that is the fema gentleman that i asked to come out. do you have a microphone? thank you. how are you?
2:44 am see hello, everybody. i know you are working, and i am the houstont realtors. thank you for setting this up so people can get back in their homes. deckert. to pastor i'm sheila jackson lee. can you see me over here? food boxes, and other items for you to take away. your fema are getting information, but also getting your mortgage and insurance information. this is a one-stop shop. can you give everybody applause for a one stop shop? [applause] all of these are under federal they make meso feel good about the fact they are out here. we want to restore people into
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their homes. that is what we want to do. we want to make people hold, whether you are in an apartment, or a home. the apartment or the house is your home. we want to make sure you are made whole. i want to thank fema. i want to thank the red cross. 1% loans for getting you back on your feet. she can't advocate, but we are in washington talking about some aspect for individuals who can't make the 1% loan. let me be clear. we are discussing it, but we are advocating for it. i are advocating for the bill introduced, $174 billion for hurricane harvey relief.
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share.this region, we we want to make ourselves whole. fema is right here. we think the whole team. they gave us $33,000 if you are eligible for a home or apartment. if you don't have a fema we askingon number, for it to be extended. some people have not got it. get your fema registration number. if you get that number, you are in the system. you get more information about how they can hit -- how they can be helpful. everybody should get the fema tracking number. it is not a tracking number, it is registration.
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the church for opening up to us. .e're going to head out >> i want to thank congresswoman sheila jackson lee for coming out and addressing us today. it is very important. thank you for taking time out to be with us. and always advocating and fighting for us. thank you so much. rep. sheila jackson lee: your work is very important. thank you for being there. [applause]
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good afternoon, everybody. i'm with the red cross. i want to apologize for the inconvenience of the financial assistance system that has gone down. we were trying to do something new and innovative, and make sure we got money into people's hands immediately. it was an overload of the system and it crashed. we are working to get it back up and ready. as the congresswoman said, by thursday we should have a more robust system. for those of you that did not get a chance to apply, you will be able to apply. are those of you that applied and are approved, you did not receive your congregation numbers, once the system comes back on you will receive those numbers, and you will be to receive your financial assistance. this is the first wave of ,upport that the red cross through the generosity of donors and the american people are
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andiding to the community, other communities around the state of texas. stay tuned. listen to news reports. we will have the link and the information for you to start that application process. rep. sheila jackson lee: push people down this way. how they are going to carry all this. >> the green boxes are the food boxes full stop -- the green boxes are the food boxes.
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rep. sheila jackson lee: i'm going to get out these big boxes. that's what we are going to do now. i'm ready for them to go. how are they going to get the drinks? they have a lot to carry. >> that's the way it goes.
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this is how it goes. >> i need some manpower. rep. sheila jackson lee: this is a little lighter. there you go. thank you. where do you live? ask, you have to tell your mother she has to get her a number through you will.
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get in line. you understand what i'm saying? thank you. hello, next. on, the line will move quickly. this isila jackson lee: life. can you make it? , and we havehere the red cross here. you can get $400 from red cross. get in line. this goes on top, you get two. one family, this is light.
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go down there and get paper towels. >> i need manpower. manpower, quickly. >> come here. come on. is thatila jackson lee: ok? ok. next, next.
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keep the line going. rep. sheila jackson lee: you heard about the red cross? thank you. get online for the red cross. you will be able to get further assistance. >> thank you so much. rep. sheila jackson lee: then you just go down here, all right? thank you. family? you got it?
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rep. sheila jackson lee: you got it, big boy? you can do it. there you go. >> there you go. get theila jackson lee: green first. she's got her umbrella. can you manage? good. thank you. hello, everyone. thank you for your patience. these boxes will go as long as you are here. thank you to the realtors of black realtors, sheila jackson the children,, p and magic johnson. we got together and brought this truck. i won you to know the red cross was here. want you to know the red
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cross was here. if you have been damaged, you can get $400 applying by thursday, because the line crashed. fema was here, and you can apply to fema by getting a registration number. don't make a judgment on your own. don't say that you are not eligible. get your fema number. they will determine whether you have the qualifications. the $400 is for an immediate emergency. thisross online starting thursday. we are glad to see you here. but us know how we can be of help. thank you. you are are going to be all
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right. >> let me acknowledge c-span which is joining us now. for those of us giving us on c-span, we have two commissioners here. we have persons representing the federal government including fema. we have been answering questions concerning the flood and the many concerns people have. i see one available to us to respond to. she would like to know about cars that have been flooded. for peoplesistance who have had their cars flooded? i will start for fema. can you give us information on this? i'm assuming you don't have comprehensive coverage on your car, is that correct? bere could potentially coverage assistance available through fema, but that would be
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if you qualify under the other needs assistance program. you should register with fema and go through that process to determine if you are eligible for the assistance. can you go to ms. smith and see if we can get that person online. there is a question about a permit. i will start the questioning. thank you for giving me this opportunity. we have property off of federal i-10.nd the house was flooded. we want to know, will we need a builders permit to start getting the house back to livable condition?
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or can we acquire a permit for building? flood insurance program. you know if this property is in a special area? is your property in a flood zone? i think we may have lost the call. assume both sides of it. there are local communities that participate with the flood insurance program. in order to do so, they agreed regulations which are designed to help make development and redevelopment safe from flooding. that process is carried out through permitting. in the process of permitting a
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look at the design of the proposed projects. if your house flooded, it would be advisable to go to your local community, developing department and inquire about a permit. while you are there, inquire about what is called a >> if you are in a special flood hazard area, it is required to have a flood plane development repair a flood damaged home. if you are outside, it would be the community discretion as to whether or not they want to require a permit. it is advisable to go and check. a littlewe have just time left, it might be appropriate for us to give our summaries now. i will start. my phone number for my office is --
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we welcome your calls. i want you to know some of the things we have been doing to help you. we passed in congress at appropriations bill that will give to you, the people who have 15.25 billionome dollars. about 7.4 billion of this will be for debris 37.4 billion of it will be for -- less than one billion of it will go to small businesses. these are small down payments on what it's really needed. this will be a long-term process and we want you to stay in touch with us. if you need us, we want you to call us. this is why we consistently give out our number. 3-383-9234. the commissioners will have more to say, but i want you to know that people are moving as expeditiously as possible.
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it is the size of the problem that has created the delay. experienced anything like this ever before, and it is going to be a long-term recovery . we want you to be a little bit patient with us. let us deal to commissioner alice. for those of you who need to contact my office, the number is -- we have to 7000 homes that were flooded. we have already collected about 150,000 cubic yards of debris. for $10the bill to fema million. the check is in the mail, i hope. is -- number will something be done to prevent flooding in greenpoint? to rephrase it, have we done enough to prepare for flooding? no. we got to do more.
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it all depends. i am real proud of the way , thee in harris county surrounding communities, came together. look, the congressman and commissioner and i believe climate change is real. no city in america could have taken 50 inches of rain. not new york, not florida. these events are going to happen more frequently. i hope our community comes together and we are willing to stand up. it is going to take money. very few problems come across our collective desk that does not take money. whether or not we do things we ought to do will depend on whether or not the public has an appetite to pay for it. again, i am so proud of the people of our region for coming together. let us keep doing it. ,> as we close with references we are examining this in congress, and we do want to do some things to mitigate and eliminate a lot of the flooding through the reservoirs will have to be addressed. we are currently talking about
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the possibility of creating a third reservoir. we would like to make sure that we present -- prevent this from happening again to the extent it can be prevented. when you have 50 inches of water, that is about 33 trillion gallons i am told we received. it is very difficult to eliminate flooding when you get that kind of inundation. it is important again to call if you need help. 713-383-9234. thank you. >> i know that 800 people on this line, this is a very expensive call, congressman. thank you. we shared the cost to do it during we appreciate your patience. we will do another one down the road. thank you and goodbye. >> we appreciate you for being here. thank you very much. >> can i turn this off? >> don't go a minute over! [laughter] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [chatter] 'all, by the y way. >> in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. this afternoon, the democratic policy and mitigations committee holds a hearing on president trump's election commission and concerns it has raised over potential privacy violations and voter suppression. you can find it streaming on the free c-span radio app. now, we could you to capitol hill for a look at individual insurance markets.
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the senate health, education, and insurance committee listens to industry executives on their recommendations to stabilize the markets. he committee chair said hopes to have a bipartisan agreement approved by the end of september to help limit insurance increases in 2018 and beyond. >> good morning. senate committee on health, education, labor, and pensions. we are holding our hearing on stabilizing premiums and ensuring access to insurance in the individual health insurance market for 2018. senator murray and i will each have an opening statement and will introduce our five witnesses.


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