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tv   Jonathan Lemire on President Trumps U.N. Remarks  CSPAN  September 19, 2017 7:23am-7:30am EDT

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including weighing in last night. the former vice president joe biden said, just had the chance to see president trump's golf swing tweet. enough. this has to stop. our children are watching. congress whor of tweeted, senator dianne feinstein putting out a statement saying the president sunday morning tweet of that video depicting an attack on hillary clinton is appalling and disgusting. he continues to obsessively lash out at her as -- at his rallies in a manner that is utterly unbecoming of the president of the united states. everyone of us should be offended by the vindictive and candidly dangerous messages the president says that demean all women. last night in her statement. getting your thoughts this morning. you can keep calling in. we want to hear your view of hillary clinton's what happened book tour.
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as your calling in we want to ,heck in with jonathan lamere the associated press white house reporter following president trump today as he makes this much-anticipated speech at the united nations. good for you to join us this morning. i know it's a busy day for you. what do we know about what the president is going to say in new york today? >> thanks for having me. it is a milestone moment for the any unitedo address nations general assembly. particularly for this one. donald trump is still largely a foreign policy novice. he is someone who throughout the ,ampaign espoused the values the national slogan of america first. he has talked about withdrawing america's global footprint. he has rattled old alliances.
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in may he made his first speech at the nato headquarters in brussels. he scolded the world leaders to their faces about not paying their fair share for the organization's dues. he also refused to explicitly back the article five mutual defense pact. today his aides are signaling that it might be a slightly softer approach. we saw yesterday he did urge the human to adopt some reforms. i expect to hear that again today. we certainly will hear tough talk about north korea. aides have suggested he will also talk about the countries that have enabled north korea. to be china.eve it's unclear if he will actually mention that country by name. he will also talk about the deteriorating situation in venezuela, iran, he will talk about the need to fight terror and the situation in syria. one thing we've learned about it'sing this president is
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hard to know exactly what he will do until he does it himself. we haveother thing learned about covering this president is he does tweet often. he tweeted about this speech today saying, big day at the united nations. many good things and some tricky ones happening. we have a great team. take speech at 10:00 a.m. -- big speech at 10:00 a.m. what do you think he is referred to? -- referring to? >> this is a moment for leaders around the world to make their measure of the man. he has gone to a few international summits. he has hosted some of these leaders at the white house. for the vast majority of people in this room this is their first taste of donald trump. speech where every line is
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significant has the potential to rattle foreign capital or move a market. the behind-the-scenes stories this week is the paris climate agreement. he spoke about it yesterday with the french president who of course lobbied him yet again to try and stay in. the president according to a readout provided by state department aides said his main issue was fairness. he didn't think the deal was fair to the united states. it was a wellk negotiated contract for the u.s.. he has suggested he is still interested in things like clean raises clean water which the possibility that perhaps the deal could be renegotiated. that's not the kind of thing that would happen this week. east peacehe middle process is another one. that's always a major subject at events like these. he meets with the palestinians
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later in the week. this is a week for donald trump where he's going to be able to put forth his vision for the world which many world leaders are still nervous to hear. going to be having to sit through these meetings and talk to world leaders about their issues. he won't always set the agenda. it will be interesting to see how he reacts. we have often looked at what meetings the president is having on the sidelines. president putin is not going to be there this week. of china ist supposed to be there as well. who are the world leaders we know the president will be having a sidebar meeting with. >> you are right about the world leaders that won't be there. he didn't speak to the president by phone yesterday. netanyahu from israel yesterday. over the next couple of days he's talking to leaders in afghanistan.
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he's got a meeting with theresa may of great britain. the timing is striking. it comes days after theresa may criticized the president for weighing in on that london subway attack before he knew all the facts and was critical of investigators in the u.k. will meet with leaders of ukraine, afghanistan. today the main event is the speech this morning. this afternoon and the next two you will meet with other foreign leaders in hotels in new york. he has a robust scheduler particularly for his first u.n. general assembly. host: we appreciate your time this morning. that general assembly meeting at the united nations in new york expecto


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