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tv   Open Phones on President Trumps United Nations Speech  CSPAN  September 19, 2017 8:44pm-9:04pm EDT

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>> so the 72nd annual opening of the united nations general assembly and for the first
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speech to that generals in late by president trump. you see the phone lines on your screen. we want to get right to your calls, right to your reactions. we will start in brooklyn, new york with victor. speech.great he left no stone unturned. host: did you watch the whole speechhost:? what was the highlight for you? he definitely explained the united states position in the world. finally, he brought across the point that, you know, we want a better world. host: what do you say to some who criticize the speech, saying that the lynwood was intemperate -- the language was intemperate? caller: that's their sentiment. laidoo long, we have been back and not made the statements that should have been
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forthcoming. host: let's move on to sandy from massachusetts. did you watch the president's speech and what did you think he said? caller: yes, i watchedcaller: the bulk of the speech and i heard it earlier today. i think his speech was very good because he spoke very plainly and very down to earth. in these times, particularly with north korea call for that plane, to the point, realistic speech. also, when you are talking to nations, the united that speak various languages, and if they listen through translators, often that is the most effective way to go to be able to speak in a basic, realistic language that is easily understood.
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the days of political correctness of not really gotten us in a position where we can solve our problems, have a? host: what would you like to stash have they -- have they? host: what would you like to see as a result of the speech? caller: i would like north korea to realize that what they are doing is unthinkable and playing with fire. i would just like to see the other countries, of course, , if you are in the united nations, you are a leader. leaders have to make decisions that are difficult, that they don't want to make. stand . they have to realize the importance of all of this that's what a leader does. it's not easy being a leader. you just can't go with the flow all the time.
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it's not that you don't have to be patient, that you don't have to be a diplomat. -- you have to make an unpopular decision sometimes. host: we will go to maryland with russell. his meaning to iran and, in particular, north korea was correctly. we will have to do something with them. [indiscernible] side or not on our giving them money for their rockets.
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i like him addressing to the united nations us providing the majority of the money. .e can't be the highest giver you've got these rich, oil arab countries that don't participate like they should. host: let's take a look at what some of the world leaders, some of the speech from engine minutes and yahoo!. mr. benton yahoo! -- mr. netanyahu said this. mike from on to lafayette, louisiana. what digit think about president trump's speech today? caller: i'll tell you the truth. the one thing that came out to me the most was the fact that he was laying out for all the
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countries in the world to look at the example that we have given the world and almost let them know that they can achieve the same things. a very --it was almost like a welcome to the world to join our way of life and our government -- you know, , and to get rid of all of the oppressive societies out there. that he was talking so much to the leaders, but if the peoples of the country would all pay attention, you know, it's really a good model and i've think -- i think we've had a lot of success. jose in will move on to florida. i hope i got your name right. caller: it's jewel.
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host: what did you think of the president's speech? caller: i think it was very, very strong. he got straight to the point. direct and everything in the world is going on wrong. iranially the deal, us and . that was very bad for us up here. they got everything. we got nothing. about northrks korea, rocket man over there, and i think it's time for our nation to stand behind our president because he is the best we got so far out of every other one came before him. at least the past few ones. host: let's take a look at
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another tweet. mitt romney, former governor of the -- of massachusetts and presidential candidate tweeting -- president trump gave a strong and needed challenge to you and members to live up to its charter and to confront global challenges. we will get back to the phone lines. wayne, did you see the president's speech? what did you think? rocket man, the nickname that president trump has given to the leader of north korea? is that appropriate at the u.n.? caller: we did see the speech. i would rather that he used a different name. but nonetheless, it is a very difficult time and a very difficult country that we are issueg with the greater he resolved in my mind and i hope in many people's minds about the terrible threat that
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north korea poses and countries to everyind civilization. our was satisfied with his speech. i've been worried about president trump, as many have, understandably. i hope you will be more consistent in the way he demonstrated tonight. i loved his performance, his presentation, and i want to see much more of that. and as a resident of indiana and a great supporter of our vice president, mr. pants, we really hope and pray that countries will see there is resolved and a great deal of momentum and possibility in the presidency of mr. trump and vice president trump's.
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host: let's move along. we will go over to jim in east strasburg pennsylvania. caller: i am a retired military man myself. i wasn't for trump in the beginning. as i have listened to him over the last few months, he is starting to win me over. his speech about north korea, i think you hit the nail on the head today. we need to do more than just talk. we've done the negotiations. we've done it all with north korea. it's time we show some force.
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have some rockets fly over his country and see how he likes it. host: which branch of the service were you in? caller:. host: i was in the armyhost: what do you think of a military i was in the army. host: what do you think of the military option? caller: he wants to shoot his rockets over japan, one of our allies? we can shoot some over his country and let him have a few over there. maybe make him duck his head for once. host: let's look at what representative barbara lee of california had to say. dangerous rhetoric and .bdication of values congress must stand by the iran deal and work to deescalate tensions with north korea. as you recall, the president the iran nuclear
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agreement in his speech. let's go to florida. me proud to bes a republican. finally, we have a president that will take our country -- no more bullying. have you ever been bullied? is time to stand up and take our country back. i have grandsons. i have family in the service. but you know, they believe in it and i believe in president trump. i truly do. host: charlotte, north carolina. what do you think? like trump's speech tonight. . watched him that when he gets back in the united states, he will change
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all these things like he has been doing. i'm a democratic. when he called north korea that name, that just made him matter -- that just made him madder. i told them to keep an eye on north korea because they were going to do something. that little guy doesn't like anybody to dictate to him. he doesn't like nobody to tell him what to do. so he's going to show the united states. i'm afraid north korea is going to do something. host: what are you afraid they are going to do? caller: he's got a missile that will hit the united states. i believe he will do it. host: why would he do that? caller: because the way
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president trump nicknamed him that. host: i see. susan in new york. your reaction and what do you think? caller: i think the president gave a very strong speech tonight? i was very pleased with it? i really liked how clearly he presented himself as a leader in the world. defined how clearly he that countries don't have to be like us and our type of government, but that they rule in a way that would benefit their people. and that they have an interest in countries that are using dysfunctional forms that are destroying their own nations in their own people. will go to monica, cedar park, texas. what do you think? caller: overwhelmed.
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everybody in this country should be powered -- should be proud of -- host: i think we lost monica appeared we will go to jet in lady lake, florida. go ahead. you are on c-span. caller: i enjoyed the speech atight from president trump the united nations in new york city. to finally hear a speech from him which i think would be in a quizzically agreed-upon to be a successful speech, as far as rallying people and bolstering people toward this conflict with north korea. goes, it a conflict wouldn't be that bad because we do need a distraction now from
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the domestic issues we are going through. and rocket man, as the president -- kimmed him jump on the formidable opponent, and he think he deserves to be taken down a peg, as far as the conflict goes. it is not that bad. host: are you at all worried about what a conflict might look like, what it might lead to? areer: of course, there concerns that have come up i doubt a conflict would escalate, it's just the prospect of one is good for us as a country because , heident trump hasn't been has been kind of late lately. host: regard to grab a couple of more calls, tomorrow at 7:00
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,"m. it is "washington journal wheeler to call in with your thoughts on the news of the day. were always on twitter. johnny from texas on the line for democrats. what do you think? caller: i think mr. trump finally learned to be presidential. i was proud of him today. i could not disagree with anything he said. this --ou would follow control himself like this all the time. i think he would be a good president. host: connie, we are going to let you wrap it up, from ohio. your thoughts. caller: thank you, ottawa county, ohio, voted unanimously for president trump -- host: unanimously? caller: very few democrats voted for president trump in every
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district he won and every precinct he won in ottawa county. what do you think about today's speech? what do you think of today's speech? caller: i'm proud of him. his composure and addressing of the countries and districts were appropriate, controlled and giving positive reinforcement and direction. i was very proud of him, and very proud to be an american. host: we will let that be the last word this time around as we rolled past 9:00. if you missed the president speech, we will have again, and you can watch it anytime on
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