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tv   Japanese President Abe Remarks at U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  September 20, 2017 9:40pm-10:01pm EDT

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>> on behalf of the general assembly, i would like to thank , mr. rouhani, on his statement. could i ask you to remain seated while his excellency is escorted?
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>> i have great pleasure in welcoming the prime minister of japan, his excellency, shinzo abe. and i invite him to address the general assembly. mr. abe: [speaking japanese]
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please listen to channel seven. our determination to reach agreement and a steadfast member -- manner, meeting quality japanment, moreover, what wants to safeguard is the free, liberal, international order and multilateral framework. the world holds high expectations toward the u.n. as the flag holder. the cityxactly why council should be reformed without delay, in response to the demands.
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japan will strive, together with its friends, to achieve these reforms. i have confronted the state, japan wants to play an active role in world peace as a permanent member of the security council. i have no choice but to focus my remarks on a single issue, north korea. north korea conducted a nuclear test on september 3. whether or not it was a hydrogen bomb test, its scale far preceded that -- exceeded that of previous tests. both before and after that on august 29 in september 15, before the ink on resolution 23 past to impose actions on north korea was even dry, north korea
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launched missiles. launched toe were fly over japan and make a display within cruising range. the gravity of this threat is unprecedented. it is indisputably a matter of urgency. korea is attempting to we havethe efforts assiduously undertaken over the years. the nonproliferation regime is about to suffer a serious blow from its disruptor. mr. president, distinguished colleagues, this recent crisis
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is altogether different qualitatively, and those we have alluded every time some dictator has attempted to acquire weapons of mass destruction. north korea's nuclear weapons either already are or are on the verge of becoming hydrogen bombs. their means of delivery will sooner or later be icbm's. over the more than 20 years since the end of the cold war, when and where and to what dictators have we allowed such self-indulgence? it turns out, it is only toward north korea. that is the reality we find. and, it was absolutely not a lack of dialogue that gave rise to the situation.
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dialogue dissuaded north korea from pursuing its nuclear ambitions, the dialogue supported many of us to believe the world had been saved from crisis, believing the best, -- thus, many of us have failed to believe not once, but twice. the first time was in the early 1990's. at the time, the threat north korea posed was little more than openly displaying. felt by tensions were those that surmise to the intent of that. iner many twists and turns, october of 1994, what is known as the agreed framework was realized between the u.s. and north korea. under the framework, north korea would be made to abandon its nuclear plans in exchange, we
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would provide incentives to north korea. towards that end, japan, the organized inrm -- march the following year, as the agent, we pledge to build and handover two reactors to north korea and provide 500,000 tons of heavy fuel, oil annually as a stopgap measure of energy demands. this was all carried out accordingly. however, time went by. north korea had been continuing steadily its uranium enrichment. abandon --tended to they had never intended to abandon their nuclear ambitions. seven years after founded, it ceased its operations. korea that period, north
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defrauded the countries. countries that recognized in the framework of providing incentives to change north join.s actions, came to the european union, canada, e,: some thehil czech republic and uzbekistan. north korea the trading good faith all those members. one of the organization's hadding members, japan intended to give a loan. they had for sold roughly 40% of that. was $1dged amount
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billion, 400 million fulfilled. the second crisis occurred in 2002. it suspended its operation and north korea said it would end the freeze on its inspectors. the concern was that again, north korea was continuing its energy, and they chose the path of defusing the situation through dialogue. north korea, china and russia joined the three founding members. talks in august 2003. years,ently, after two after twists and turns, the six parties reached an agreement, resulting in the release of a joint statement. north korea committed to
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abandoning all nuclear programs safeguards.g to two years after that, in february 2007, an agreement was concluded regarding what each of the six parties should do toward implementing the joint statement. ea inspectors there are fried the shutdown of facilities in pyongyang. and they in return received oil. events make people think that tenaciously continuing dialogue had this time finally caused north korea
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to change its actions. thus, what actually happened. 2005, while the six party talks were under way, north korea declared unilaterally it was already in position -- possession of nuclear weapons. moreover, in october 2006, it openly carried out its first nuclear tests. in second nuclear test was 2009. ultimately, that same year, north korea announced its withdrawal from the six party talks, saying it would never again take part in such talks. time, it was firing prolific missiles on a repeated basis. mr. president, distinguished ofleagues, over the course
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more than a decade, beginning in 1994, the international community continued its efforts toward dialogue with north korea with a great perseverance, first through the agreed framework and later through the six party talks. learnr, what we had to was that after -- during the time this dialogue continued, north korea had no intention whatsoever of abandoning its nuclear missile development. for north korea, dialogue was instead the best means of deceiving us and buying time. else, theanything following [indiscernible] in 1994, north korea had no nuclear weapons. even its ballistic missile technology was far from mature.
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yet it is now working to obtain hydrogen bombs and icbm's. attempts toain, resolve issues through dialogue have all come to nod. we are now repeating the very same failure a third time. we must make north korea abandon , in anlear programs irreversible manner. what is needed to do that is not dialogue, but pressure. president, distinguished on november 15, already 40 years will have
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girld since a 13-year-old was -- i north korea. she and others remain abducted and others remain abducted in north korea, even to this day. i will continue to do all possible efforts so they can set foot on japan's soil as soon as possible. i'm till the day they will be in the arms of their parents and family members. japan can face up to north korea's nuclear threats through the japan-u.s. alliance and through japan's u.s. and r.o.k- acting community. we consistently support the stance of the united states that all options are on the table. also, i appreciate the unanimous
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adoption of the city council, which imposes sanctions on north korea. that clarified our intention to further intensify pressure on toth korea, to force it undertake a fundamental change in its path forward. but i must make an appeal to you. north korea has already demanded -- demonstrated its disregard of the resolution by launching yet another missile. the resolution is nothing more than the beginning. good -- fromnt the haddington north korea.
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we must make north korea comply resolutions.peated we must ensure the strict and full implementation of a series of security council resolutions by all u.n. member nations. is action.essary whether or not we can put an end to the publication -- provocation of north korea is dependent upon the solidarity of the international community. there is not much time left. mr. president, ladies and is in an, north korea truly fortunate location, joining the growth area of asia and the pacific. labor force and underground resources.
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those,ere to make use of they would have a path toward dramatically growing its economy. korea'swhere north bright future lies. to resolve the adoption of nuclear missile and weapons issues, and by becoming thereat to all humanity, is absolutely no future that north korea can open up for itself. in order to change north korea's policies, we must strengthen our unity. you very much. [applause] >> on behalf of the general hismbly, i wish to thank
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excellency, mr. shinzo abe, prime minister of japan, for the statements he has made. washington journal, live every day with you -- news and policy issues that impact you. thursday morning, wired senior writer on watching political ads on social media. live in harrisburg, pennsylvania, on our 50 capitals tour. where we speak the pennsylvania secretary of education on education policy in the state. and washington examiner's on president trump's performance at the united nations this week. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal." join the discussion. theext week in congress,
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senate is expected to vote on a new republican health care bill. members will work on reauthorizing several programs said to expire september 30, including the children's health insurance program and the faa. you can watch live coverage of the house on c-span. the senate come alive on c-span2. >> sometimes what people call partisanship is really a deep disagreement over a means to a shared goal. and we should welcome that conversation, encourage it, enjoy it, and be nice about it. [laughter] [applause] >> now, my privilege to present the gavel of the united states house of representatives to the first woman speaker in our history, the gentlelady from
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california, nancy pelosi. [applause] >> for the past 30 years, the video library is your free resource for politics, congress in washington public affairs. 30 yearser it happened ago or 30 minutes ago, find it in c-span's video library. 's military suu kyi has been accused of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the country's muslim minority, causing refugees to flee. aung san suu kyi addressed criticism after canceling her trip to speak at the u.n. this is half an hour. aung:


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