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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 9:35am-10:07am EDT

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director pointing to the tv that was the first time we started seeing the replay of the second tower getting hit. >> american history tv all weekend, every weekend, only on c-span3. "washington journal" continues. "washington journal" continues. host: on twitter you can make your thoughts known on this set of open phones at c-span wj. you can also post on our facebook page at for democrats 202-748-8000. for republicans 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. the bbc picks up on a story after melania trump the first lady made a speech in new york as part of their time together at the u.n. saying that the first lady had set out combating cyberbullying as one of her main priorities before entering the white house. although she does not set up a program as of yet. on wednesday the speech to the spouses of dozens of world leaders, during the u.n. general
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assembly, was another chance to set out her agenda and focus for he next few years. unfortunately that message was lost as social media's attention turned to her choice of outfit of a pink dress costing a ortunately that message reported $3,000. the bbc also reported saying that others were working to focus on the contents of the speech itself and were equally unimpressed. that speech available courtesy of a reported our c-span video libra. but from yesterday. on this speech of hers concerning cyberbullying, here's melania trump. the first lady. > a it remains our generation's moral imperative to take stability for what our children learn. we must turn our focus right now to the message and content they exposed to on a daily basis through social media, the bullying experience of lying and in person. and the growing global epidemic of drug addiction and drug overdose.
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no children should ever feel ungry, frightened, terrorized, bullied, or afraid. with nowhere to return. we need to step up, come together, and ensure that our children's future is bright. in the coming months i hope to you out to each one of here today to call upon you for your support and guidance and ok forward to joining you in collaboration to support and educate our next generation. i'm asking leaders on social media who market their products and platforms to children as well community and educational leaders to join me in this fight for the hopes and dreams of our children. host: again that full speech available at that was melania trump. her husband, latest polls on him
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particularly the outreach to democrats, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, the hill newspaper highlights recent poll by the nbc "wall street journal." released early thursday founding that the president's approval rating was three points from august after making the deal with those two. the increase is well within the poll's margin of error and this was the deal over the debt ceiling. the story goes on to say one democratic pollster said that the trump overtures to democrats were a way to improve the poll ratings without sacrificing his base of support. going to the middle has helped him with the middle without costing him much from his own base. patricia is up first on this open phones. she is in arlington, virginia. independent line. go ahead. i was calling mainly about the u.n. and the way that they work. i'm actually calling about the way that we see it from outside the country. the person who call i think it was before me, they are not
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doing anything. they are mainly dedicated to an equal sex, is about marriage, things like that. and actually they call the actual president of chile to become a member of the u.n. and she's going -- she's sexually oppressive and she's mainly working for them. so that's why it the way mr. trump talk about the organization. they need to change. they need to work for good people. not for an agenda evident leftist wing. comment mainly my about the u.n., the way it's working. it's really bad. like i said, in chile they are doing something totally different. they are trying to seek an
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agenda that is from socialist. host: let's go to carl in los angeles. democrats line. caller: good morning. three points. one, if you wanted to get somebody to praise president trump on his speech, he did a well job. bravo on that. spread that propaganda. the united nations, it's called united nations not nations. so when they are united it's fine. when you tell people to start thinking for themselves or protecting themselves, that's not going to work. and wipe another country off the face of this earth, that's a war crime. i don't know what happened to c-span, but it's turned into a propaganda. pedro, i have seen this program since the beginning and it's changed. what's going on? can you explain that to me? host: changed how? caller: changed as in just putting up propaganda and leaning -- letting people lie
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constantly without correcting them. i don't understand why you guys do that. before you guys would correct people. before you. you would correct people and say that's not the truth. and now nothing. you let people just go on. this gentleman from the washington examiner, pleased, the washington examiner? that is so right wing leaning. that's a perfect paper to get on here to put across your point you wanted to make and the president making such a great speech when it's not. host: carl, you know as well as i do, then, if you watched this program for any length of time, that many news sources come on this program, many publications this program. we let this program. we let them and ask them questions. and we let people generally for the most part, our viewers, talk to the people, guests we engage in. that's always been our practice. but thank you for calling. thank you for participating this morning. next, albuquerque, new mexico, independent line. you're next.
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caller: pedro, you hit it right on the head earlier today when you asked someone talking about universal health care. what are americans willing to give up in order to get universal health care? i heard someone on the radio not long ago, somebody mentioned this, that we compare our health care to canada's all the time. and canada had a national discussion over a year or more as to what they were willing to give up. ike you mentioned, wait times? less services? they have very few m.r.i.'s across the country of canada. turning down certain procedures. and also we compare ourselves, our health outcomes, to the rest of the world, and people say, they are not as good. but you have to realize, we also include murders, car accidents
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in that. if it were just outcomes after people were diagnosed with illness, i think the united states does very well. one more point, if i could. i have been watching the news this morning and other than fox news, very little is being said about the masking done by the obama administration just prior to president trump being inaugurated. i think that is a big story and no one is covering it. host: let's go to california. david. good morning. caller: pedro, thank you so much for all the great work that you do. the caller that said that you're not correcting people when they are wrong, i don't believe that anybody can make a statement like that. your job is to be impartial except when people say from both sides. as far as c-span, i'm spreading the word about c-span. all the high school kids and college kids that i encounter.
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if anybody is impartial, it's c-span. you allow people on there from all spectrums of the political venue. i really appreciate c-span. i'm spreading the word on student cam. a lot of my kids in my local community, they are going to be making the student cam entry. host: that's our yearly contest. that's our yearly contest for people who don't know. students that students that participate and make a short documentary on a topic. david, have you had students previous participate in our program? caller: yes, i have. i'm bringing it down into middle school as well, not just high school and college. i want more people to know about it. not enough people. i think c-span should be -- local school board here, my wife's on the high school board, we're going to integrate c-span into the curriculum so students can learn more about government. because you students that participate and make a short documentary on a topic. david, have you had students previous participate in -- c-sp archives, i use the archives a
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lot. i go back and see speeches like from president nixon, jonson -- johnson, all the rest. it's like a breath of fresh air. no matter what people think, buys ass in the news reporting in so many way, you just again are a forum for free speech, let eople say what they say. don't protest. what they are saying. you can protest about that, but listen to other people and have a dialogue. i don't believe in what you are saying. well, then, give me some facts, engage in debate. god bless c-span. i really love c-span. host: david, before you g when you go to our website,, we have a whole department here committed to education. and working with teachers and people work with students much like yourself. the kind of give them the resources they need to help as far as talk about issues of politics and public affairs. help them learn more about how that works. so just want to make sure you're pointed to that as far as your future resources that you use. silver spring, maryland.
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democrats line. jim, go ahead. caller: hi. thanks so much for c-span. i have to say sometimes i feel that you're biased, but that's just an emotional reaction. but you guys are great basically. what i want to say is i really think the republican party is a house divided. think roughly one third of their people want zero their people want zero taxes for the wealthy. one third of them want a balanced budget. those two are inconsistent, of course, because one of the ways you balance a budget is by raising the taxes to pay for what you have to do. and then there's a third group who are still roughly human. the first two have gone so numerical and theoretical and they are always talking about what's going to happen 40 years from now. in the meanwhile they take people's health care away from them tomorrow. and they all learn to go to their own constituencies and and the own story
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party has never reconciled their differences. i think they are doomed to destroy one another. trump is the guy who will do it because his ego will not correspondent -- correspond to the party's benefit. think we're witnessing the self-destruction of the epublican party and we'll haveo have to see how that plays out. host: jim in silver spring, maryland. the previous caller had mentioned this topic of unmasking. appreciate that. this is the daily caller's take on this story. eric lieberman writing that the former u.s. ambassador to the samantha power, tried samantha power, tried to reveal the identity of more than 260 americans and 26. according to a fox news report published wednesday. the ex-public official allegedly averaged one unmasking request. even continuing her spree toward the final days of the obama administration. the house intelligence committee unmasking named powers as pearn of interest along with norme national security advisor susan rice and former c.i.a. director
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brennan. at least one of them may have tried to obtain identities of trump associates. on the daily caller website. nashville, tennessee. independent line. caller: sean. host: forgot to mention your name. go ahead. caller: i just want to see. think trump ly a nice speech? really? anyway, besides that, i would just like to ask the people that call in. when it comes to the united states, have they ever attacked anybody with the a nice speech? really? anyway, besides that, i would same military -- they always seem to attack poor people and people with arabs on the back of trucks. we the united states would never attack anybody with the same type of military. i would just like one person to answer that question. besides world war ii, when has the united states attacked
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anybody with the same military -- only same military thing uni do just like police officers, they only shoot unarmed people. they take advantage of the situation. and that's all the united states do is talk, talk, talk, and attack poor people. that's all it's good for. i'll leave it at that. host: sean in nashville, tennessee. while in new york the president telling a white house poll during a meeting he had, quote we'll be putting more sanctions on north korea. next to brett. in searchlight, nevada. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. pedro. how you doing? just curious. want to know why people are
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hammering the first lady. melaina trump is a good woman. eleanor roosevelt hammering the first lady. run o country the last year of roosevelt's presidency. she was actually the first woman president there was. i don't get our country any longer. host: do you think that the first lady should be off limits? for criticism and things like that? caller: yeah. well, she's doing the best she can do. and i like her very well. i don't know what everybody thinks. but she seems to be very nice. nd i don't know why people are hammering her. host: brett from searchlight, nevada. front page of the "wall street journal" its lead story to the federal reserve saying it made deet significance to unwind stimulus buying they took back earlier during the financial crisis. nick writes that the unanimous decision to reduce the holdings of bonds purchased after the crisis, a program that lowered
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borrowing costs for homeowners, business, and consumers, to stimulate the economy and financial markets have been signaled for months. the bigger question this week, how the fed would frame the bait debate over raising rates in december and beyond. while official's latest economic projections indicate they still expect to raise rates one more time this year, they also showed rate increases are likely toned at a lower point than previously projected. in california, we'll hear from dave in irvine, democrats line. caller: hello. how you doing. i want to talk about the new health care bill. i think that's going to hurt millions and millions of people. i don't understand why they always want -- they could make the bill better. why would you take it and make it worse? it doesn't make sense to me. and that's all i wanted to comment on. millions and millions of people are going to lose their health insurance. why do the republicans always want to make things worse for the american people? it host: dave, one of the arguments that were put out by legislators
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is states like california receive more currently as far as money is concerned that if you let state by state make decisions for their health care spending, that would even it out so to speak. that o you think of argument? caller: i think first of all all the states should have enough money for their health care system. universal health care is the way to go. you got to take the profit out of it. if you don't take the profit out of it, millions of innocent people -- doesn't have anything to do with california or somewhere else. republican states didn't want any of the money. they could have took it but didn't. they lied. they lie about everything. trump said he was going to make it better for everybody. he's not. he's going to hurt millions of people. that's just my opinion. if you had -- here's one for you. how about have universal health care for all the poor people that don't have any money and let the rich people just pay whatever they want? you got to take the profit out of it. medicare only makes a 3% profit. the military, that is supported
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-- that comes from social security funds. you got to pay for this somehow. there's no free lunch. you you can't put millions of people in prison and pay for all their health care. you can't have people going to the emergency that doesn't make the rates go down. under the new health care plan rates will go sky-high. that's my opinion. host: that's dave in california. in the aftermath of the exwhich equifax credit story and the information reliesed, bryce, a contributor at the nation writes this. get rid of equifax. there is nothing governmental about what these private companies do. role them take on a
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that can have outsized consequences. the free market doesn't work here because none of us can refuse to be part of the system and opt out if we don't like how we're being histories to a public registry instead of a private profiteer. "new york times" you can find that op-ed this morning by bryce colbert of the nation. florida, republican line. good morning. aller: good morning. host: cecil? go ahead. caller: i got two things. one is obamacare, or health care. in overnment shouldn't be it. i have had my insurance for years and years and years. i'm 82 now. and since obamacare got up, my
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insurance rates have increased. what they should do is threat go across state lines and forget about the government. the government is corrupt, always. and another thing, the other one, is about colleges. in it. i have had my insurance for years and years and years. for some reason other another the government thinks everybody should go to college. i went through seventh grade in school. in fact i never finished the seventh grade. i never drawed unemployment. i drawed social security when i was 74. i worked until i was 74. i didn't have no insurance. i saved my money for today. i spent -- hi one child. got him through college. then he started his masters. he said going to college was waste of money for him. he has nothing -- what he's doing. he does nothing with college. now the government says you got to have a college education to go out here and hold a stop sign. road construction. that's a crock. one fourth of the people should go to college. doctors, lawyers. people like that. as far as when you get out of hool, you should have -- votech. we need more votech schools and
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let cost colleges. when you get done with college you are $200,000 in debt you never had a job and don't know how to work with your hands. all you do is look at a book and talk. host: cecil, we'll leave it there. thank you for calling. the united states is taking in more refugees. "wall street journal" reports that some are come interesting australia. the first refugees from australia's offshore detention centers will soon arrive under a resettlement deal that donald trump blasted as you dumb. about 50 refugees from australian backed detention camps in south pacific nations would receive confirmation letters under the u.s. refugee administration program --ed a missions program in coming days. the state department confirmed on wednesday that 54 refugees have been given approval. decisions on some 1,200 other refugees were exspected in due course. next up is dwight, houston, texas. independent line. caller: my basic suggestion is
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clean our own house first before we start getting involved conflicts. clean our we have been trying to tell everybody else how to live instead of cleaning our own house. human health care programs have been neglected for umpteen years. we keep trying to tell everybody else how to live. basically conflicts. we should we should really try and have our own constitutional convention. and the texas constitution you can divide texas up to five different states. that way blacks, hispanics, and other minorities may be able to have some true representation in the senate. there are several other ways we should be able to divide up, or
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at least get some representation for minorities. host: before we let you go, were you in the area of houston that was highly affected by the flooding? caller: yes, i was. but i cut out real quick. i'm a vietnam veteran. i'm above knee amputation. ptsd as well. i just -- i have that spiritual awareness i need to get the hell i -- thatston because is an unbearable situation. unless you have been through a hurricane where all of your electricity and water, there's no safe water. it's just miserable. if you don't get up -- i couldn't do it on one leg. and the pressure of all of the that at goes on after
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whole hurricane issue. it's just miserable. host: gotsche you. thank you, dwight we'll hear next from blair. st. louis, movement. republican line. caller: i think he's doing a great job with our country. that?what makes you say caller: i just think he handles everything because i'm only 15, he's doing good. host: blair, what are your biggest influences when it comes to your knowledge of politics? your parents? do you look to other that? caller: i just think he handles everything well. i don't know a lot about politics things? what do you base that on? caller: i watch a lot of news. my teachers. and my parents. they do a lot of the work. not work.
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but more information about it. i think that helps a lot. host: so as far as you're following of politics, this is something you are going to continue on? are you still interested in it? do you want to pursue it in some way, shape, caller: yes, i think i'm might, when i am older, run for mayor, maybe. i have high hopes for my future. i'm thinking about going into politics. i think that would be good for me at a young age. kids my age should know a lot about what is going on as a country. host: that is blair. go ahead, finish. caller: i think a lot of kids my , -- in school, they don't learn anything -- they don't read anything. i think they need more knowledge than a younger age in high school.
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college, it should be independent there. they should teach kids more, like my parents have been doing. host: blair, potential future mayor calling. thank you for your call and all the calls. that is it for today. another one comes your way at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. we will see you then. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] up in an hour, a conversation with former new york city police commissioner william bratton about community policing and allegations of police misconduct. that will be at 11:00 a.m. eastern live on c-span.
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congresses in session next week in the face several deadlines. the senate is set to vote on the latest bill to repeal the health care act. the house and senate also set to take up legislation regarding funding for the children's care programs or both the children's health insurance and federal aviation laws expire at the end of this month. see the house here live on c-span, and the senate on c-span2. a help to repeal bill from senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy, the health insurance industry came out against the senate's latest will to repeal the affordable care act suggesting that state-by-state block grants could create chaos in the short-term and an uncertain insurance market.
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barack obama: sometimes -- john boehner: sometimes what people call partisanship is really a disagreement about a shared goal. we should welcome that, encourage it, and be nice about it. [applause] it is now my privilege to present the gavel of the united states house of representatives to the first woman speaker in our history, the general -- gentlelady from california, nancy pelosi. [applause] years, thepast 30 video library is your free resource for politics, congress, and washington public affairs. whether that happened 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago, find it in c-span's video library.
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buses traveling across the country on our fifth , recentlyals tour stopping in dover, delaware, asking voters what is the most important issue in their state. >> i want to let you know one of the most important issues in delaware is the three containers -- casinos. tax rate.a 43% i know officials from the casinos are lobbying for lower the tax rate. it provides implement for hundreds of people, jobs -- a great source of revenue. maybe the tax burden could be lower just a little bit on delaware's three casinos. >> i am 22 years old, have u.eshman here at d i believe the most important issue right now in delaware is , and the factdaca
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president trump has decided to take that away. i think it is very important for us to let congress know that they need to look at our motivations that we are students, americans, and we are here to stay. >> i'm a junior at delaware state university. i think the leaders in washington, d.c., should focus on issues like drug abuse. delaware has issues with drug abuse and narcotics. i think farmer -- pharmaceutical companies should do better to help people out with situations like that because it is something that has really taken over. for me, as a student, i work in a rehab home. i see a lot of it. is emily clark. i'm a junior. i am 20 years old. communicationss with a concentration in tv, radio, and film. i think something the representatives in d.c. could help out in my state if anything
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is help out with college funds a little bit more -- not just for sports, but for other areas within the college universities, so, like, arts, music, sciences. that would help further our education so we could go out into the world and help make that a better place, too, in the run -- long run. >> time investment occasions major at delaware state university, and i feel the most important thing the government can do to improve the lower stages bring more community involvement and good energy. the more you bring together the youth, the more we'll have a better, positive life, state, and future. >> voices from the states on c-span. >> president obama spoke at the bill and melinda gates


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