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tv   Senate Health Care Proposals  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 8:08pm-8:33pm EDT

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just keep printing the money. a block grant will bring out the best in america. it will create better outcomes for patients, and in will take us off the path of becoming grief. this is where we are headed. all of senatorh graham's remarks about his proposal to change the current health care law at just type the names of the ofponsors -- type the name the cosponsor, cassidy graham, into the search bar. president trump tweeted his support. "i would not sign graham cassidy include coverage of pre-existing conditions area it does area a great -- pre-existing conditions. it does. a great bill. who else is supporting this? >> ron johnson from wisconsin and dean heller from nevada.
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he has the toughest reelection race of all senate republicans in 2018, but he jumped on board with this bill right away and introduced it to the senators. also, former senator rick santorum from pennsylvania. he has taken a bit of credit for this bill, saying he is kind of comparing this to welfare reform in the 1990's, which was considered a big conservative win. he says he went to senator failedafter the senate to reveal the affordable care act in july and said, why did you do something like welfare reform fiasco -- welfare reform? really, senator graham and cassidy are kind of the brain children behind the span -- behind this plan, and that's why it is called graham cassidy. >> what are you hearing from the states, from the executives themselves? jennifer: the republican governors are pretty split.
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we have seen some republican governors saying yes, we love the idea, give us control. we want that authority, we want those dollars, and we can do the system that is best for our states, but other republican governors are very skeptical. they want a national system. they say they don't want their money to be cut, because many states would have their money cut in some way under this plan, particularly massachusetts, ohio. they have been very upfront with saying this is a bad idea. most democratic governors don't like this idea either. republicans are generally split, democrats and really opposed. -- generally opposed. host: at least one republican enator says he does not support cassidy graham. why does rand paul oppose it? notifer: he says it is repealing enough of the affordable care act. would setis bill
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obamacare in stone. the money going out would be stamped with fruit -- stamped with approval from republicans, and he does not want to see that happen. he has left some wiggle room and talks about how he likes associated health care plans, the idea that people can have their own health care and by their own health care insurance together. he has indicated that is something he would like to see. host: what about democrats. what are they saying about graham-cassidy, or cassidy-graham? jennifer: they are opposed, period. , the moste manchin conservative democrat, said the present -- said the vice president tried to get his support for this, and it was a pretty short conversation. democrats say they are ready to fight tooth and nail to
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stop this. of course, if mitch mcconnell has the 50 votes, there is very little democrats can do to stop the bill. host: democrats rallied this week outside the capitol. we will take a look at that and get back to our discussion. >> people in power! -- people of power have stopped trump terror so far, and people of power will stop him again next week! [cheers] notolitical change does start in washington, d.c., and been trickled -- and thin trickle downd then to the grassroots. political changes bottom-up -- political change is bottom-up!
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this is not a complicated fight. we are fighting for seniors who are walking on an economic tightrope because this cassidy bill dropped their protection. we are fighting for kids, fighting for the disabled. let me tell you one thing -- we are not going to let cassidy turned back the clock and allow people with the existing conditions to face discrimination. down. not going -- thee raging democrat ranking democrat on the senate finance committee area and we deal with medicaid and medicare and funding women's health -- i am the ranking democrat on the senate finance committee. we deal with medicaid and medicare and funding women's
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health. let me tell you, anyone preventing women from the right to see the health care provider of their choice will have to run over me, and women are going to win! [cheers] >> my colleagues are in the middle of a vote, so you will have a number of others coming out. i know what this means. i know what people in power means. we did not win last fight by osmosis. we won it because of all of you. we've got something like 11 days to make sure that once again, people power prevails over special interests and the powerful. we are banking on you. let's make sure that once again, people power does not allow turning back the clock on our people.
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thank you. [cheers and applause] >> let's hear it again for senator ron wyden! [cheers and applause] >> senator wyden said they are coming after seniors. make no mistake. seniors in nursing homes facilities, most of them rely on medicaid for support. this is an attack on women, on young people, or disabilities, or who love someone who might get sick in the united states of america, and that's all of us! >> he's right. these delays did not happen through osmosis. it's because we resisted. when we started this fight, planned parenthood alone day and over one million new supporters. people are fired up. are we fired up or what? [cheers] are we ready to go? [cheers]
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let's give it up for our next durbin. senator [cheers] >sen. durbin: thank you. good to see you all. just when you thought it was safe to go home, just when you thought it was safe to go back to the office, just when you thought you could take some time off, here they come again. are you ready? [crowd chants "yeah"] americans whot can't be here today, folks who can't afford to come to washington, people who can't afford lobbyists, folks who need basic health insurance and access to health care are counting on us. i know we went home after our victory a few weeks ago, took off the fighting shoes, put the jersey back on the shelf, said, well, there is another big win for us. guess what? we are back on the field and ready to fight.
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we are going to win this because we have to. the question i have asked is this -- the american hospital association stands with us and stood with us when we beat back trumpcare last time. are they with us again this time? yes, they are. and the doctors across america .aid trumpcare is terrible are the doctors going to be with us again? nurses? health care clinics? haease advocacy groups -- a, can'trt -- heart, cancer, lung, all of that? and how about planned parenthood? [cheers] as soon as this week is over, we go into the final week under the senate rules for them to bring up this latest version of trumpcare.
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this much i can tell you about the latest version of trumpcare. it is worse than any version .ver brought before it is terrible. it is meaner. it cuts back on medicaid. we know what that means. half the children in illinois are brought into this world because of medicaid. .isabled people so many people count on one program to make sure they have quality health care, and that program is medicaid. when it comes to school by state, half of the school districts get assistance for children who need special education, counselors, assistants, feeding tubes, from -- >> medicaid! seniorsbin: and helping
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who need medical care later in life, there is one program they turned to. >> medicaid! we are fighting for justice when it comes to health care, which this senator happens to believe is a right, not a privilege. [cheers and applause] sen. durbin: now i am calling you, let's get ready to win again. fight to make sure we protect health care for all americans. thank you, everybody. [cheers] >> all right, let's give it up for senator durbin! [cheers] we are as a moral crisis in this country. people should not have to die due to a lack of access to care. that is currently happening, and it will get worse if this bill should pass. health care is a human right. say it with me. health care is a human right!
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health care is a human right! health care is a human right! what is health care? >> a human right! y'all.right, you sound great and loud. thank you. >> the republicans are divided, and i'm not just talking about the senators. republican voters do not like this repeal. they are not representing anyone but the billionaires who want to shred public programs. but you know what? our site is united. congresre democrati -- our entire democratic caucus is united. give it up for our next speaker, senator bernie sanders of vermont! [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: one thank you all for being here. republicans the when they wanted to throw 23
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million people off of health insurance. we beat them when they run -- when they wanted to throw 22 million people off of health insurance. the experiment -- we beat them when they wanted to throw 60 million people lost health damnance, and we will well beat them today when they want to throw off 30 million people! without saying that in 2017, we should be talking about health care as a right for all people, not a privilege. and on a personal level, on a moral level, i have a very difficult time understanding -- how it could be that any member of the united votes senate could cast a
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to throw people off of health insurance when today they are struggling with cancer, with diabetes, with heart disease, with parkinson's disease. what happens to you and you have a life-threatening illness and you are suddenly thrown off the insurance that keeps you alive, that gives you access to your doctor? what happens to you? thousands of people a year will die if that legislation becomes law. and i have a hard time oferstanding how any member the senate could vote for legislation that would take insurance and support away from disabled children who are now on .he medicaid program what happens if you are a kid with down syndrome, if you are a child with autism, if you are a kid with asthma, if you are a kid with some very difficult
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disease? what happens to you and your family is medicaid is stripped away from you? >> it's a disaster. sen. sanders: brothers and sisters, this is a profound moral issue, and the truth is, as you have already heard, that the overwhelming majority of the american people, democrats, independents, and republicans, understand that in the united states of america, we must not of healththe lifeline insurance from millions of our people. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: that is what the american people understand, and time for my republican colleagues to start listening to theamerican people and not
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billionaire class and their wealthy campaign contributors. keep up the fight. we are going to win this. [cheers and applause] right!th care is a trumpcare is wrong! health care's a right! trumpcare is wrong! thank you, senator sanders! [cheers and applause] texas, beatty, founded planned parenthood. [boos] thate seen personally what looks like, friends looking at me in the eye and wondering what they are going to do with their health care. for women, getting annual exams and having access to birth control is a vital part of our health care. i have seen a lot of politicians
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strip that away from thousands of women in my state. >> it's misogynist. >> it is misogynist, and politicians here at our capitol are trying to make a replica of taxes across the united states, and i came to taxes -- i came from texas to d.c. to stop that from happening. are you here to stop that from happening? [cheers] >also, texas has one of the infant mortality rates in the country, equivalent to a lot of developing countries. we don't want to see that spread across the country. as a black woman, someone like me has a higher percentage of dying from birth, and i am here to protect as women, and we are here to protect those women. also, our next guest is your to protect those women. [cheers and applause]
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sen. booker: i feel like it is nightmare on capitol hill, part five. we know that every ground we gain, every stake we -- every step we take that we fought for and work for and sacrificed for, and here we are again, the history of our country, we have constantly worked to expand opportunity, to expand our conception of justice, to expand our conceptions of freedom, sacrifice, and struggle. and here we are again, at a moral moment in our country, after working 50 plus years ago to expand access to health care .ith medicare and medicaid after just a decade or so with
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the affordable care act, 20 million more people got access to health care, justice and equality that comes with having that security. here we are again where we have people who are trying to take our progress and drive us back. , as yourve to now ancestors before us, stand up and say no, we will not go back. we will not go back. -- you can say it again, we will not go back. [chanting "we will not go back! "] want to tell you this right now. there are a lot of people who do not understand the urgency of the crisis we are in. at the end of the day, the biggest enemy we face is not just the cruel bill that has been proposed, but ultimately it
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will be the silence and inaction and indifference of all of us. woke tot to get folks the crisis we have right now. we've got to awaken people to the urgency of this moral moment in our country. we, now in this country, have witnessed how this congress can work. just yesterday in a bipartisan way, we passed a national defense bill worth billions of dollars. you saw people come together to protect the national defense. but we have learned in the last weeks that the national defense is not just threats from abroad from north korea or iran. the national defense also involves the hurricanes in our country. we saw were republicans and democrats responding in a unified fashion for the national
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defense. i will tell you right now, cancer does not care if you are rich or poor. diabetes does not care if you are rich or poor. autism affects families of all backgrounds. when it comes to the conception of our national defense, it is not only important that we have the world's largest military, we in america should have the world's best health care. [cheers and applause] in a country this wealthy that can afford nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers, we should be able to stand up and say that every american has a right for affordable, quality health care. [cheers] in a nation that has the best military, spending more money than the next nine countries combined, we should be able to fit the united states of america
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can make sure every child born in our nation is born with quality health care. [applause] a nation where our senior citizens do not fear that they will not be able to afford a nursing home. we should have a nation where we know that if someone have a condition or illness that their only access to a doctor is not an emergency room. that our know veterans, someone who stood up for their country, that when they are home, their family members, cousins, or neighbors, we should be sitting for them as well. in this world moment in our nation, we have to remember the determination of this moment will be decided by the people because the power of the people is greater than the people in power. [cheers and applause] it is time we look up to our nation thatcome a
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has life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness for everyone and it -- in our nation. you cannot have a if you do not have health care. [applause] it is time that we live up to the oh that this should be a nation of liberty and justice for all, but you cannot have justice in a country where health care is accessible only to the wealthy few and not for the all of us. we have to have liberty in the country and you cannot have and peopleamerica are chained to fear because they cannot afford basic medications and coverage. you cannot have liberty if you are shackled to the uncertainty of not knowing if your child sick, later family be thrown into bankruptcy because you cannot afford health care. we and america must become the truth that so many people in
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other nations now enjoy. a that says we are strong enough, wealthy enough, noble enough to have a system of health care that serves everyone one of our people. we are at a crossroads. will we go forward to the day where every american has access to health care or will we allow a republican bill that tries to back?s i think we will not go back. we must go forward and we must fight every day until we have justice in this country for all. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] committeeate finance hold a hearing monday on the caret republican health plan. that is like monday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. more on the plan senate republican leaders were joined by senators graham and cassidy. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the nation c


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