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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 23, 2017 8:36am-9:03am EDT

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base that wants to see that part of the swamp drained. i know it is called foggy bottom, but it is not a swamp. it is an institution that has outposts throughout the world that is absolutely essential to our security, and nobody can make that argument that are then -- better than our military. i have heard the highest praise over the years i have been in washington from our uniformed military that diplomacy is where defense starts. that part of the defense of the -- uh,states is badly it's not getting the kind of leadership from the white house, and it is not getting the kind
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of leadership it needs from the secretary of state. he is part of the problem. >> do you think republicans are also worried about what is happening? >> you bet. absolutely. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are taking your calls, asking you what is on your mind. democrats (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. independents (202) 748-8002. we will take a quick look at some of the headlines from the newspapers across the country. stump.nt trump on the that is president trump stumping for senate candidate luther strange, his pick to win the republican primary to replace the seat ceded by jeff sessions. from arizona, talking about john mccain's rejection of the latest
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effort i republicans to -- by republicans to repeal parts of the federal health care act. mexico, warning a major earthquake that devastated parts pose futureould problems in that state as well. in indiana, talking about vice president pence, the former governor of indiana, preaching reform. he is there to tout the health care plan as republicans continue their effort to try to pass that law even after senator mccain's rejection. henry online from the democratic line. guest: good morning. speechent is that free should be prudent speech, that is speech that is taught parents and schools to be moderate and
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reflective. speech stopst free at inflammatory and insightful speech. firee not allowed to yell in a crowded theater, but we talk about the consequences of this speech. host: how do you enforce that without running afoul of the first amendment that gives people the right to say what they want? guest: i believe one begins with education and what we used to home.ocial studies and at how do we enforce it? by placing good values within the framework of exercising thought as speech. host: ok. anthony calling in from arizona on our independent line. good morning. guest: good morning.
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host: what is on your mind today? guest: i am fine. thank you. i am 71 years old. i would like to give perspective on free speech. free speech is always about the issue of the day. in my time it was the vietnam war, jim crow laws. it is never popular speech. it is not supposed to be part of the room conversation. it is not supposed to be something you want to hear. it is something that is in conflict at that time. when you squash free speech, things you don't want to hear, you don't hear what your enemies are thinking. if they can allow these people to voice their opinion, and it law,inion, not statutory not constitutional law, not regulatory law, just what people want to say whether they are
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angry or ignorant or stupid or not educated. host: let me ask you, do you think there is a limit to free speech? guest: no. there is not a limit to free speech. i am in the army of the united states of america because i lost my tourette's classification. i lost it and went into the army, and i was thrown out of the army for various obvious reasons. i went to the doctor, and the doctor said i was homosexual. i did not think i would be thrown out, and i was. here is the issue. free speech is always about the issue of the day. it is not parlor room conversation. it is not supposed to be pleasant. jim crow laws were not pleasant. the vietnam war was not
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pleasant. you are supposed to allow people of diverse issues to say what they want to say so you know what they are thinking. if you squash with their thinking, you don't know them. you must allow people to say what they want to say. host: on the issue of free speech, the washington post today reports former fbi director james comey was handled kled atspeech -- hec his speech at howard university, heckled and jeered by a group "norotesters chanting, justice, no peace." it made for a difficult reappearance for the man fired by president trump in may. it was his first public appearance since testifying in front of congress. could hear what
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he had to say. you're notmes comey! our homie!" that is what they chanted. jack calling in on our democratic line. caller: thank you for taking my call. couple of comments, the gentleman who call before on the led before of the relation of people need education on civics, the first amendment was hundreds of years ago. he needs to go back to school. they wrote this knowing people have the right to say anything they want. that is why it is america. john mccain is probably considered the biggest loser in arizona for what he has done. being a republican, he should have just stayed in line.
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it is proven out what he has done to the republican party. even blakey voted with the republicans. i want to say how great president trump looked at the united nations for finally standing up for america and putting america first. america needs to be put first. the greatest generation from world war ii and pass that, this is america. america first. america everything first. otherwise we would not be america. host: some other news today. there is a bill targeting political as on social media -- ads on social media following the fallout from the facebook advertisements purchased by russians. legislators are pushing for new legislation that would require greater disclosure for internet
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ads that run on social media the pleas despite from mark zuckerberg. senators urged colleagues thursday to support a bill to support transparency requirements for political advertisements online akin to those already placed on tv stations. the potential congressional reaction to that race book controversy. dennis calling from milwaukee. what is on your mind today? caller: freedom of speech. everybody has their right to freedom of speech. don't get nasty about it. respect someone else's decision, even if you don't get along. there are a lot of people i don't get along with. i respect their decisions. if they respect time, i respect
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theirs. -- mine, i respect theirs. this arguing, this is not america. everyone should understand, we are all americans. we come first. that is the way it has been that our forefathers built this country on. we are all immigrants. give us the right to say what is on our mind in a peaceful way. monument, painting all over, that has got to go. there should be a law. it withfine should do any monument. it is history. they are killing it. host: ryan on the democratic line from missouri. caller: thanks for taking my call. appreciate c-span. watching our government in
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action is kind of like watching a bad comedy show that is not even funny. there are simple solutions to all of our problems. we have corporations that are not satisfied with immigrant labor. they go overseas to get slave labor for a dollar a day, send the products back to america and make a bunch of money and send the money offshore. donald trump owes about $1 billion in taxes. if you think he is for you, all these republicans are so naive, you think he is really working for you. you democrats, obama didn't do nothing for us. let's be honest with you. it is not because he is black. he did not do nothing. that is why we got trump. there are so many problems. the military, we need to bring back the draft. we are paying outrageous money. they never have enough money. the health care thing, the only
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thing that is going to work is universal health care. there is a nothing else. republic -- insurance companies are making so much money, it is ridiculous. those are just a few of the problems. we have a government, they are a bunch of clowns. thank you. have a nice day. host: debbie calling in from texas. independent line. caller: hello. think the statue's history. the history is in the books. if you read about the civil war, they will tell you that lee after the war was offered $50,000 from an insurance company to use his name, and he turned it down. he went to work in a college, $50 toy had to borrow keep the place running, and he said the biggest mistake he ever made was to get into the
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military school, and when the military was marching, he would march out of step. askedrant was dying, he the people not to speak against him because he was made to do what he did. statues, lee would not want people looking up to him because he was so against everything. mean, 50,000 men -- i 500,000 to die in that war. all president lincoln had to do was sign a piece of paper to abolish slavery. host: what do you think should happen to these monuments then? guest: i believe if they are going to keep them up, they ought to put in grant and put they have. plaques
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instead of having lee, he would not want that. he would be protesting himself. host: dale on our republican line. hi, dale. caller: i just wanted to say that when president trump was first talking about the good he saidn both sides, those were the people who did not want the statues taking down. -- taken down. he was not talking about the not nazis. i don't know why he doesn't say that every time, that is what he said when he first said that. host: the washington journal today talking about where some of the funding to pay for the ongoing russian investigation is coming from. president donald trump's attorneys and the probe of russian election interference are being paid in part through
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the republican party account and a handful of wealthy donors, including a billionaire investor, the property investor seeking u.s. government these is, and a ukrainian born american. the republican account has helped president trump's private legal fees, including filing with the federal election commission, and also paying for donald trump jr., the presence of this -- president's oldest son. expertsgal, but ethics caution that the decision to rely on them can raise thorny political issues. eric on the line, democratic line. caller: good morning, america. i was going to talk about this pathetic thing we saw the u.n.
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this week. the first place he talked about was saudi arabia. saudi arabia, the muslims, i don't want to discuss that. everyone knows it is so nasty that it is ridiculous. he comes back and wants to talk about kim jong-un. the koreans are not vengeful people. donald trump is a very vengeful man. the problem talking about freedom of speech, you don't have the right to lie in speak -- ande against people speak violence against people. we have normalized violence in america. it is so pathetic that we don't even understand it when we hear it. you don't do that type of behavior, especially as christians. we have this concept of turning the other cheek.
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there is a lot of misinformation out here, so if we speak the it isand tell the truth, called the jubilee party. it is not on the internet. this is a supernatural event for each individual that allows us to get past this mess we are experiencing. through the jubilee party, it can only happen by everybody showing up at church. let church for your protest. host: ok. the washington post has an editorial piece about the ongoing war of words between president trump and kim jong-un and asking whether the president madmans overplaying the hand. what does mr. trump gain by m ucking around in the gutter? kim'sld simply harden mr.
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resolve. north korea threatened that pyongyang may designate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific, the danger is a missile flying over japan that could not be detected at a critical moment. mr. trump should focus on making his sanctions work and put imitating -- quit imitating the supposedly had met he is -- supposed madman. caller: good morning. how are you? i am i am good. caller: very impressed with president trump. on the civil war, people don't learn their history right. they don't teach the history right. the one reason the united states
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went to war was over my, not over -- money, not over slavery. the slavery was brought in later because england was backing the united states. right.n't teach history historyeach the correct of the united states, you would not have a lot of this problem. thank you. tweet from the president this morning reacting to comments by steph curry that he may skip going to the white house, president trump replied, going to the white house considered a great honor for a championship team. steph curry is hesitating, therefore the invitation is withdrawn. that is from the president as we continue to get your views on
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what is on your mind. jean is calling in from virginia on our independent line. what is on your mind? caller: a beautiful dress, but let's change it up a bit. before i get started, i really want to get away from parties. democrats, republicans, we are still people. independents, we are americans first. as far as health care, our congress should have the same type of health care as everyone. perhaps we can settle the full health care issue. there are individuals being disrespectful to each other. we have to be respectful to each other. of the hatred being displayed.
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military in the white house keeping him in control. we need to structure who we let in our country, accountability, and a system to be on their own. last, taxes. 45 has not paid taxes. 45 should lead by example, not having his goods manufactured in china, and what happened to the jobs that were promised? that is all i have. start respecting each other a lot more. beautiful dress. host: more from the headlines today and from the new york times that steve bannon is continuing to meet with world leaders despite leaving the white house, he met privately with the top chinese government in thel and a key leader
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persian gulf, demonstrating that person trumps former chief strategist -- president trump's chie former chief strategist is still seen as an influential figure abroad. who is leading president xi ji corruption campaign, and he met with the crown prince arguably haswho more sway over american policy oth -- than any other american leader in the area. he declined to discuss those meetings with the new york times. we'll take a tweet from a
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viewer, it says you don't have to listen to know their views. most protests because they did some research and found them offensive. froms calling on the line our democratic line. caller: my name is jerry. ff isl this free speech stu only made for the illegals. they can say whatever they want. look what happened in germany for free speech. ok. up, chuck collins will be here to talk about his recent piece entitled, " private equity, the new neighborhood flowcharts." sharks." stay with us.
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we will be right back. >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3. tonight at 8:00 eastern on lectures in history, temple university professor andrew eisenberg on the environmental movement in the 1970's. >> what i want to argue here is the noble savage environmentalist was a kind of product that was sold to american consumers just like cars. , john10:30 p.m., father , fathernd heather penny and daughter, talk about their experiences during 9/11, former pilots. >> we take off and head northeast into a serene and
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peaceful and silent sky. there is no one airborne. we had out to the northwest and we never find anything. not heroes that the passengers on flight 93 were the heroes. >> on sunday on 6 p.m. eastern on american artifacts, the harriet tubman railroad visitor center. >> that was a horrific injury for harriet tubman but it opened up a new world. she got epilepsy which allowed her to have amazing visions and directect -- and a connection to god. she heard voices and hurt people singing and had very vivid dreams. it was terrible on the physical side but amazing for her faith. histories,on oral our series on photojournalism continues with eric draper. >> that shows dan bartlett
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tv, that was the first time we started seeing the replay of the second tower getting hit. >> american history tv, all weekend, every weekend only on c-span3. washington journal continues. now is chuck us collins, a contributor at the and he isprospect" here to talk about his piece, about the rise of contract mortgages and the risk they pose to buyers. thank you for joining us. guest: thank you for having me, kimberly. new piece is called, the new neighborhood loan sharks. explain that title. guest: what we discovered is there is a resurgence of an old practice we thought we phased , pushing people into these contract for deed or


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