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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2017 4:09pm-4:22pm EDT

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eye. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the phone affairs for of democratic republic korea. >> legislative work starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern and the bill promoting north korean human rights on the agenda. senate meets2, the
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for general speeches at 4:00 p.m., eastern. then members plan to vote on the nomination of william emanuel to join the national labor relations force. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up sunday morning, michael singleton will be on to trump'spresident ideology. then more about the president and his outreach to minorities, the national diversity coalition for trump will join us to explore that. also with diplomatic talks to diffuse tensions with north korea. david wright will be on to talk about it. be sure to watch the washington journal live at 7:00 eastern. join the discussion. >> joining us is jennifer have
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her corn, senior health care reported for politico. it would implement either a plan , single-payer, a more liberal option for the conservative route and undo some of the parts of the affordable care act. particularly, consumer protections that some people like. these are the pre-existing conditions, things like that, governors would be able to undo
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those things and have this pot of money for their own health care system. wax look at some of the details over by senator graham and we will come back to our discussion. keep it where it is today. the one thing about medicaid i don't like is with had a big medicaid bill. i want to put medicaid people into managed care. i want them to have some ownership over this. i like copayments, i want to treat people heart -- who are poor. rather than having a medicaid program that just rights checks for my what the outcomes are. eight, again to slow the growth of medicaid down. it grows faster than medical inflation. medical inflation is what it
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calls for in your family. medicaid is way beyond that. why? it's insufficient. we have proven at the state level you can get a better bang for your buck from medicaid. the bottom line is the first block grant begins to slow the growth of medicaid to make it affordable for the rest of us and incentivize innovation in year eight, and if we don't do that, here's what happens to the country. by 2038, all the money you spend sending taxes to washington goes to pay the interest on the debt, medicare and medicaid and social security. there won't be one penny for the department of education, the department of defense. that's how quickly these programs are growing. so we do two good things. we put medicaid on a more sustainable fashion -- path because it's an important program, and we allow flexibility to get better outcomes for the taxpayer and the patient. what a novel idea. the second block grant. this is money that would have been spent by a bureaucrat in washington. under the first republican
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proposal, you would get a refundable tax credit to go out and try to buy insurance somewhere, and we would give insurance companies money so they wouldn't collapse on the obamacare exchanges. what we have decided to do is instead of giving a refundable tax credit to an individual to buy a product that's going to go away because obamacare won't work, instead of giving a bunch of money to insurance companies to prop them up, we're going to take that same amount of money and give it back to the states so by 2026, they all get the basic same contribution. now, what did we do? we repealed the individual mandate, the employer mandate. that's $250 billion of savings. states can reimpose if they like. that's up to the states. we repeal the medical device tax because that hurts innovation. we left the other obamacare taxes in place. there is no more taking from the poor, giving to the rich. i wish we didn't have to do that, but we need the money to transition in a fair, sound way to a state-centric system.
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so to my friends on the other side, we leave the taxes in place. we just give the money to somebody else. it's called state control, local control, not washington-based health care. and we do it in a way where basically everybody gets the same contribution from the federal government. what a novel idea. now to president trump. without you, we can't do this. your pen will be the one that signs the law, if we can ever get it to your desk. you said today you would veto bernie sanderscare. let me tell everybody in americ, single-payer health care will never get through the republican-controlled house. we have the majority in the senate. mr. president, we're not going to need you to veto single-payer health care. what we need you to do is put in place a new system to stop the march toward single-payer health care, because if we don't change where we're going, the federal government's going to own it all
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from cradle from grave. mr. president, on your watch, you can stop that. once we get the money and the power out of washington, that's the end of single-payer health care. once people know they have somebody to respond to their needs at the state level versus some bureaucrat they'll never need, there's no going back to washington-based health care. so president trump, you have the chance in your first term to set us on a new path. health care closer to the patient, money based on not where you live but parity, innovation versus bureaucracy. what a legacy it would be. but for that to happen -- and i know you're busy with hurricanes and north korea -- you're going toof to get on the phone, you're going to have to sell this, and i believe you will, i know you can, and i'm asking you to do it. to senator mcconnell, thank you for what you said today. thank you for being willing to push this forward. to my colleagues on this side,
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there is three options let for america. propping up obamacare, which will never work. berniecare, which is full-blown single-payer health care, or this block grant approach. i ask a question -- who are we and what do we believe as republicans? our democratic friends are pretty clear on who they are and what they believe when it comes to health care. here's what i believe. send the money home. send the money back to where the patient lives. put it in the hands of doctors and hospitals in the community and make sure that the people in the state are responsive to the needs of the individuals in that state. replace a bureaucrat with an elected official. you'll improve quality and outcomes will be better and it will be more fiscally sustainable. at the end of the day, those governors, whoever he or she might be, that can figure out
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quality health care in a sustainable fashion will not only get re-elected, but other people will copy what you do. if we leave the money and power here, there's never going to be any more innovation. there's always going to be more money. single-payer health care only works with a printing press. unlimited dollars. just keep printing the money. a block grant will bring out the best in america. it will create better outcomes for patients, and it will take us off the path of
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>> he campaigned on repeal and replace. and whether to tie down. president trump also wrote that i know rand paul and have think he may find a way to get there for the good of the party. skiwhile, this am i can made by cable and whether or not the bill will get enough votes for past -- to pass. health voted against gop care bills to replace the affordable care act. president trump wrote in a tweet a 200% increase in premiums under obamacare. susan collins has said that she toward voting against it. now we will look at some democrats outside a bally -- rally this week.
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>> people power stocks all caps off caps off are and people power will stop them again this week. >> this is not a competition. we are fighting for seniors, we typealking on an economic -- because this casting bill we are fighting for the disabled and let me tell you one thing. -- letnot going to a let
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cassidy turn back the clock and allow people with pre-existing conditions to face discrimination. we are not going back. i am the ranks -- i'm the , we do itmocrat medicaid and medicare and funded women's health and let me type something, anybody who tries to take away from women in america the right to sue their health-care provider of their health care provider of that choice is going to have to run over me and women are going to win. my colleagues are in the middle of a boat. we will have a number of others coming out.


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