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tv   North Korean Foreign Minister Says President Trump is on a Suicide Mission  CSPAN  September 23, 2017 11:08pm-11:32pm EDT

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u.s. constitution and create a video illustrating why is important. open to allion is middle school and high school students, grades six through 12. groups of up to three can produce a five to seven minute video. $100,000 will be awarded in cash prizes. of $5,000 will go to the student or team with the best entry. the deadline is january 18, 2018. help us spread the word to student film makers. for more information, go to our website. north korea's foreign minister responded to president trump's remarks about north korea's leader and reiterated the threat of the possible missile attack on the u.s. mainland. his remarks are just over 20 minutes.
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floor to his the excellency. minister of foreign affairs of the democratic post-republic of north korea. >> mr. president. me toof all, allow congratulate your excellency under election and the president of the 72nd united nations general assembly. forward to speaking undergird able guidance. before going into the main points in my debate, i feel forced to make comments on the four days ago given by
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the u.s. president. such trump uttered reckless and violent words prohibiting the dignity of the democratic people's -- people's pub -- people's republic of meea, it is fair enough for to make a response in the corresponding tone. during his eight months in power, he has turned the white place, and heoisy is trying to turn the u.n. arena into a place where money is respected and bloodshed is the order of the day.
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president trump is a mentally deranged person for of megalomania. -- full of megalomania. he is using threats and schemes hold over the nuclear button. threat togreatest international peace and security today. due to his lack of basic common knowledge, he is trying to insult the supreme dignity of my to rockets.eferring
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he committed any reversible mistake of making our rockets visible to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more. himself isthan trump on a suicide mission. in case innocent lives of the u.s. are harmed because of this suicide attack. the respected supreme leader kim addicted, on behalf of the dignity and honor of my own, and people and on my i will hold the prerogative of the supreme commander of the u.s. that he will pay dearly for -- pay dearly for his speech.
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we will make sure he bears consequences. far beyond the scope of what he can handle. people striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet is the theme of this session. for all countries and people to be able to enjoy peace is imperative to realizing genuine international justice. this is one of the main missions of the united nations. president, article one of the charter stipulates, to bring about by peaceful means with the
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principles of justice and will settlel law international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace. these are wantonly ignored in the u.n. arena. this legitimizes acts of violating truth and justice. rampant violent -- violation of international justice nbc on the korean peninsula. sanctionsposing harsh for the reason that the victim chose to stand up to the offender in the name of the u.n..
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situation isof the when the former tries to defend its national dignity and sovereignty. the united states is the country that first produced nuclear weapons and the only country that actually used it to massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. it is the u.s. that threaten to thenuclear weapons against dprk during the 1950's. the u.s. started large-scale joint military exercises against rk and further increased the scope after the cold war, --ting the exercises
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repeating the exercises several times a year. what else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as "fire and fury." this is from the authority of the world's biggest nuclear power. reason the dprk possesses nuclear weapons is because of the united states. we have had to strengthen these weapons to cope with the united states. policy towardtes' nuclear threats has led to the situation on the korean peninsula. nations's unjustifiable resolution which artlizes this injustice secured by the high handedness of the u.s..
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obscure the high handedness of the u.s. kim jong-un said international justice can only be achieved when the end to imperialist independent countries are strong enough. international justice is -- unless true international justice is nuclear weapons of tyranny must be dealt with at the new care hammer of justice. nuclear hammer of justice. this is a righteous self-defensive measure taken. icbm,rk had conducted h-bomb tests as part of the efforts to achieve the goal of
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completing the states new perforce. the dprk has entered a phase of completing the state new perforce in accordance with its line of simultaneous development of the economy of the new perforce. ar national nuclear force is deterrent against the nuclear threat of the u.s. and its military invasion. our goal is to establish the balance of power with the united states. distinguished delegates of all countries are aware of the fact that the dprk, unlike other madear weapons states, public its test process and all stages of its development. this is -- the united states and
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its followers must think twice before launching military provocation against the dprk. they talk about total destruction, but they have to add various conditions every time. such as, "hopefully, this will not be necessary. we are convinced that the stability of the region as a whole has been consolidated. we do not need anyone's recognition of our status as a nuclear weapons state and/or keep ability of -- and our capa bility of nuclear strikes. the warhead of our rocket left
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over the blue waves of the pacific ocean. the tremendous vibrations were recorded by the planet. we have achieved a nuclear weapon state. mr. president, the failure of to recognizetions genuine international justice is undemocratiche practices of the security council. disregarded the very first article. it is not incidental that the issue on reform of the security
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council had already been decided in 1992 by resolution. u.n.'s reforme issue is discussed at the unga every yaear without any progress. this shows how deeply the current prominent members are accessed in their -- are obsessed in are p their interests. forum, i would like to remind all be distinguished the adjust and unfair nature of this resolution adopted by the security council.
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the security council fabricated a legal resolutions, which owned resolutions, which use ofscribe peaceful outer space as the sovereign right of every state. councilthe security cooked up a legal and double oubleard -- illegal and d standard resolutions. the international law of prohibition underscore test has of prohibition of nuclear tests has not
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entered the political arena. the charter recognizes the right to self-defense of every state, without questioning other countries that develop nuclear weapons of various kinds. reason unfair resolutions that violate the charter continue to be adopted is because the prominent interests have a common basis in maintaining their own weapons. the dprk's position of nuclear weapons is a righteous, self-defensive measure.
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international agreement of nuclear nonproliferation was possible because the nuclear weapon states have made a promise not to threaten any states that didn't on them with nuclear weapons -- didn't own them with nuclear weapons. right toe has a withdraw from the treaty if they decide that their interests have been jeopardized. the united states impeded the international efforts for nuclear nonproliferation by not giving up the nuclear threat allowinghe dprk, but the letter to possess -- the lesser to possess nuclear weapons.
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they are the product of undemocratic practices of the security council and the collusion of forces accessed with their -- obsessed with their vested interests. the united states lied in the massabout weapons of destruction in iraq in order to invade that country. is a responsible nuclear weapon state. we will take preventative measures by merciless preemptive action in case the united states and its missile forces show any agn of conducting decapitating operation on our headquarters. have any hesitation to
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use nuclear weapons or threaten to use them against the countries that do not join in the u.s. military action against .he dprk pretext to be a force countries to join the anti-dprk resolutions. use and sacrifice other countries that have nothing to do with the issue. a forum of international law experts should be organized to assess legal grounds of the unsc resolutions. we have not heard anything for
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nine months. repeated requests to the united nations security council to assess the serious threat to international peace and security. these requests were never put on the u.s. -- on the u.n. security agenda. the members of the united nations a sec -- accept and carry out the decisions of the security council. if the security council is truly fair, they will not let other countries to be coursed into implementing resolutions. for thell be no need
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united states to bring its stooges like japan and south korea into this. we must contribute to resolutions to performing reform of the u.n. sc. -- unsc. dprk is ay of the history of struggle, persevering against the harshest sanctions in the world. we are only a few steps away from the final state of completion of the state new perforce. force.e nuclear
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would -- were to change its stance due to certainly they would come in your future when we all feel the damage against our peaceful economic development. and all the impositions imposed on the people by the heinous ac tions against our republic. committee organized to make a conference of study of total damages inflicted on our country by all kinds of sanctions. this committee will compile a physical and moral damages thesed upon the dprk by united states and its followers. when this pressure reaches a
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critical point, for striving the korean peninsula into endocrine -- thus driving the korean peninsula into an uncontrollable situation, we will hold those accountable. my delegation takes this opportunity to extend strong support and solidarity with the cuban government and people fighting to earn national sovereignty and realized international justice against the high handedness of the united states. we express strong support and solidarity with the government forpeople of venezuela fighting to defend national sovereignty and the cause of socialism. a blind eye to the heinous acts of israel while condemning the syrian government fighting to defend its national sovereignty and security should not be tolerated any longer.
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the dprk government will defend peace and security of the country with its powerful nuclear deterrence. and contribute to safeguarding world peace and security. thank you. [applause] i think the minister for foreign affairs of the democratic people's republic of korea. -- i think -- i thank the minister for foreign affairs of the democratic people's republic of korea. up, republican political consultant will be on, examining president trump's ideology. he believes the president is not a conservative. labell will join us.


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