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tv   Washington Journal Shermichael Singleton Discusses President Trumps...  CSPAN  September 24, 2017 8:02am-8:34am EDT

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is -- it is not getting the kind of leadership on the white house and it is not getting the leadership that it needs from the secretary of state. he is, i think part of the problem to request you think republicans are worried about what is happening? >> absolutely. of brookssident institution. watch the full program or listen to it on c-span ready -- c-span radio app and he sure to check out our free c-span radio app. we welcome sure michael singleton. to republicans cannot afford
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lose a single vote. at is going to happen question mark >> are not certain to be honest. i think they are hoping for a makowski out of alaska. i don't know phil be able to add enough current things. what has been troubling to me is that republicans have not taken enough time to sure they have the votes in place before bringing a vote to the legislation. and youd several months would think between that time, they would say ok, let's figure out what it is going to take to get enough votes before we bring this to the american people. unfortunately they did not do that.
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>> can you for c mitch mcconnell bring it to the floor without the number of votes needed? guest: no. it would be an embarrassment. when you're given a mandate by the voters, they expect you to live up to that mandate. fourthly, we have not been able to do that. host: let's talk about steph curry, lebron james in the nfl. but it on the screen the two tweet this morning by the present. >> if the nfl fans refuse to go to the games until player stop disrespecting our place, you will see change take place fast. fire or suspend. attendance are way down to mop boring yes, but many stay away because they love our country.
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delete should that the united states. i think it is inappropriate. their major accomplice going on around in the world -- iran, north korea inching closer and closer with their program. we've seen multiple national disasters that have impacted the united case and u.s. territories in our region, health-care reform, tax reform. why is the president talking about the nfl? irrelevant.tely when he think about his role as president, he should not be focused on this. i remember where he tweeted something on barack obama. -- owner of he would
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take his own advice. -- which bye protesting, the way they do have a constitutional right to do is easily for is another thing of all is. the president upset with people protesting. if they are doing it legally, it is guaranteed by the first amendment. as a conservative, i will always agree to stand up and defend that right as i would hope they
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would defend my right if they disagreed with me. to see the president speak against the is troubling. you planning to the part of the housing development committee? guest: i was with dr. carson. i compare this candidacy to very goldwater. is the -- you begin to see the migration of black voters prior to, but i think that was a final nudge. with trump, i think you see hispanics move over to the credit party. i hope things which have changed . of forcefully, they have not. for me as a conservative and republican, it concerns me
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because when you look at demographics, he recognized you have to compete with those diverse groups. hard -- it republican consultant. we will get to your calls at moment. conservatives respect the traditions and political office, especially at the highest level. -- conservatives do not embrace a welcome leaders. in theirwe see leaders approach. there's a false notion that conservatives are against change. occurs believe change
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organically. concerns isggest that he is so sporadic, it is like if you invest in the company come you don't want to invest in a company that has a ceo that makes random decisions because that will impact the company. it makes it difficult to govern. -- i think looking at the president -- the person who the president
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endorses is not going to win. he got a lot of support coming from alabama. yet, the president has endorsed someone who will likely not when that race. >> if that happens, you envision inivided republican party november? i think there are serious concerns that have been raised. even as a candidate, that would make that the more realistic possibility and that is concerning me because as a republican, i want to make sure we maintain the numbers we have in the u.s. senate because there are policy issues that i think .e need to attempt to pass host: our guest is sure michael
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singleton -- us. to shannon joining good morning. caller: i was calling to commend the gop consultant for the right to protest. i think that is getting lost in the conversation, that people have the right to process and the people have the right to enter that protest. a big conservative issue is consumer empowerment. i just wanted to say thank you. we don't see a lot of that coming from the right, at least it feels like. guest: thanks for calling.
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i'm a big proponent of the constitution. when i have a conversation with who is democratic, i don't have the expectation i will change your mind or did they have the extrication to change mine. however, i expect the right to ine it differing view protest as long as it is legal and constitutional. the tumors, if they are upset about, you'll see it. the market can dictate that. the president does not need to step into the dictated. host: jerry, democrats line. morning's and greetings from motown. i wanted to make a question and comment if you have time. i was wondering, i'm talking
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about primarily the white conservatives who defend donald trump and who hate black people like me. people who conduct folks like colin kaepernick to justices white america, particularly older white america has committed against african-americans and people of color. i think that is what a lot of the white people do understand. before my comment, i wanted to people, there are some -- are conservative african-americans who are who deny that why
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people hate -- somewhat people hate people of color guest: i think you will find a small margin in every group that will dislike people because of a life choice or religion. i cannot quantify because i don't know the percentage but i think it would be reasonable to say that every group, you will find people who dislike people for the most bitter chris reasons. host: when we have lebron james: the president a bomb, is that , is that-- a bum accurate? -- i think it is difficult to have a peaceful
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discourse when the president himself does not partake in that intellectual exchange orders not participate as it relates to conversing with people on a plethora of issues. if the president is not doing it, it's difficult for everyone else in society to do it. president and all leaders said the tone and think the tone in our country right now is more divisive. i don't think anyone can deny that. i think we are reaching a place that is so low, i'm not certain it will be easy for us to come back from a. you look at the racial issues, the inability to work on policy issues in a bipartisan effort.
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taking these things are place right now and even if there are individuals who make an effort to try to come up again, you have the president stepping on his own seat. i've always said he is his own worst enemy. host: why do you feel he feels compelled to weigh in on these issues? guest: it is a lack of discipline. whencks discernment on two, or when not to comment on something or how to phrase it. to say he is politically correct is -- you don't have to disrespect people that you don't disagree
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with and what i dislike. it is it seems he understand that. i was having a conversation with my grandmother to mexico. -- you have a president of the united states who seems incapable of recognizing asterisk encompasses not about a .ersonal attack it's about the expectations we have for our leaders. mandatelected with the from the people who voted for him. you cannot live up to that mandate when you are constantly in these fights with athletes and celebrities. focus taxes. focus on health care. focus on foreign policy. those are the issues american
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people care about most. i love the american people to dictate that with viewership. host: what you wrote in another essay for the hill newspaper. conservative president would recognize the powers -- the limits of his powers. no president can do it all alone can12 certain he or she ship is intermediate flash -- he revealsses a lot about perception of authority. -- caller: i would like to applaud and othersepublicans
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that are republican. i would like to say it would be great if all the leftists signed up as track members or not in dissent over into our military and fight for the country in which they think they are entitled to. think the military is pop people of every ethnicity, of every religion and ideological belief. more liberalsare or conservatives that composed of our military forces. i think it is critical for all of us to have discourse that will move into a direction that is benefit for most people. i think the expectations that although it may have this idea of society, there may be others who do not agree with that.
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i would hope those on the left have that same expectation and realization. i recognize i will not get everything i want and you recognize you and get every thing you want, but let's figure out a way to work in an effort .o do for the people again, it is difficult for me to reconcile the current political climate in her country because we are not getting anything done. issues these group face are very similar. lack of decent transportation to get back and forth, lack of decent jobs. if that is the case, why are you
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focus more on those things. i'm not a fan of executive order because i think you have to go through congress, but again there issues that people have elected donald trump to tackle and i'm beginning to wonder what we see in a major success from this president and as of now, i'm not certain that we will. host: john is joining us. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. very proud of i'm you. i'm a democrat, but i expect other people's opinions. the reality is, donald trump is not a conservative.
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when he started insulting megyn kelly, that is when they should have stopped him. i have children. when i tell my child cannot do this thing that will be the end of it. when this man sees that everything he is saying everyday from woman to politician to average person, there is no consequences, he will keep doing it. you have to understand one thing. donald trump is our president and he represent the united states. when he says something, they won't listen. this is not a republican viagra. i've rep with ronald reagan and george w. bush. i've seen people respect other people. as long as that 35% who listen to him everyday, that is this
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not a show. this is the president of united states and if the republicans do not stand up and say enough is you to do theed job, the democrats as you mentioned, they are willing to work with him. host: i will stop in there. we will get a response. i think this has been one of my concerns. think about conservatism and it protect-- it means to preserve.-- have with donald the when you listen to many of the things that he purports, he overstepped the
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boundaries of a president. again, the president should not get into these other issues. he is not the first to do it. others have done it as well. i vote for someone to accomplish what they say they can accomplish. i vote that has there issues that this person can better handle issues they are running against current when we minimize hopexpectation because we the person will rise to the we are kiddingnk ourselves because of some point time, you have to recognize the when someone continues the same types of behavior over over, it makes it difficult to support them.
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i'm a republican. i don't think he is a concerted all. myhappened to run under party. trump thisfear is synonymous to- conservatives is. quite what donald trump, i don't want to listen to not only that, still to ask how can you be part of that party? republicans have to be wary because this cannot maintain itself over four years. in the long-term, i think it does great harm to the
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republican party. host: two quick follow-ups. , theder phrase relationship between mitch mcconnell and the president is what? guest: horrible. have followed it very closely, it seems every week there are new revelations and -- it will probably affect some of the people who ran for the president in office. the candidate of the campaign since the cone. when i worked for dr. carson, i remember we would have meetings and we would say prayer. when i work for governor romney, i recognize that strategy was a bit part when i worked for speaker gingrich, i understood
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the policy. leader, their focus. one has to ask a question if people around donald trump are indicted, you wonder what kind of tone did president trump said when he was a candidate? it appears so. thankfully, general kelly is doing the best he can to implement some order. gina, alabama. caller: i'm calling on the fifth district which is mo brooks district. in the primary, i voted for luther. i am a moderate republican. he associated that more than election,a general
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i'm going to vote for a democrat. that is the way i'm want to protest. i'm a veteran and i on early veteran and i on of the flag, but if you don't come i believe you have that right. host: who do you think is going to win in tuesday's primary runoff? caller: it looks like judge more is. he is very extreme. he is going to be number 100. he is very adamant about his
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beliefs and it is a bad reflection on alabama because , or when i'm in live chats to tell them you're from alabama, nevada wants to talk to because they think were all races and were not -- racists and were not. -- we are not. guest: i think it judge more winds, he will probably lose to a democrat and one of the most conservative states in the union in this is a reflection of the republican party. theuld simply like to see president show some discipline, leadership. stay away from these cultural wedge issues because they only create more chaos. inre some work to be done
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the city, people around the country are dependent upon donald trump to do it. at the end of the day come of the day, the bill is due. people voted for donald trump. in the not be next year, but at some point people will ask themselves did he really do anything that he promised? dashed americans have better access to education? and i'm making more money? finally --er is fundamentally no come up that will be a reflection on the republican party. when people are unhappy, they vote for the other party. host: final question. yeartax reform passed this -- pass this year? guest: no.
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even with health care, the president is not making a good case. i think the president should go around the country and perhaps do a health care for. he does great rallies. talk about what it means to reform health care. so the we bettering this people can put pressure on the , but he'sors to vote not doing that because he's too kaepernickon colin that have nothing to do with the attachment of people. contributor at the hill, thank you. we'll get another perspective from a supporter of president trump head of his diversity council. ,he very latest on north korea
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china's role in delegate talks stand with anys niche associations -- any negotiations. we are back in a moment. quirks that was early on when i believe trump have just announced in the world worried .e was going to be bad for them and i thought really, you're worried now? considering how far back
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national >> tonight q&a, and is vice-- this president pence. he said something like he never goes to any washington dinners. >> you any problem with elements productive forces, but you won't full dinner were a woman it at the same table? an


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