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tv   Martin Ganslmeier on German Election Results  CSPAN  September 25, 2017 9:26am-9:38am EDT

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and -- including that it is linked to me as a person, but in recent weeks of i've said basic decisions that we made that i am even though i didn't make that decision alone, asked the chancellor. responsible for this, i believe we made the right decisions and we've made a lot since then, there has been a lot of water under the bridge. turkey agreement, combating causes of people there, is ir homes still more work to be done. host: joining on the phone to about the victory by the chancellor is martin consumier ard german radio, he is heir correspondence, good morning, sir. guest: good morning. what could you talk about merc kel to
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getting -- >> her party is the strongest thought the ans coalition, grand coalition she social democrat was successful in coping with the biggest problems, the election also result of german economy going quite well. hand, you have to see, the bitter part of the election night, she and her lost 9% of the vote and red to four years ago both big parties in germany lost 14 14%,worst result since world war ii. seems like voters don't like grand coalition and next time vote, they rather vote for other french parties. financial times talks about rise of the group afd, can
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tell viewers about that and why they saw such gains? yes, rising populous and germany, native for that came as shock to many ermans last night, they were just under 10%, similar like with brexit and the u.s. seemed like many voters want the to send anti-establishment method and the most important reason for the success was huge silenced refugees because germany has taken in ince 2015, over 1 million foreigners. they are afraid of too many germany, they y thought merkel took her party too much to the center, they on the nto this vacuum right wing. on the other hand, to put in 13% voted for right wing populous and it's really
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shock that ite a almost 100 members of the german be right wing populous or some right radical 87% of german voters did not vote for them, host: the chancellor, the sound we heard going in, she said that was polarization and she said it was directly expand o her, can you what what she meant by that? guest: oh, sure, she definitely her decision in refugees,et in so many it was a very, very special situation at the time. remember, she had to act fast and decided to do the thought was humanitarian thing to do and she germans, t from many but there also was a big part in ermany who didn't like her decision, this basically has
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germany ever since then and also europe ever since under control since 2015 and she has coped challenges big before the euro crisis, the economy fell. big challenge will be how to govern in the next four years. partners, crats are they said no, we are not going to govern with you again, we are to be the opposition, biggest opposition party. coalition ly one option open, the so-called amaica coalition, christian democrats, the libertarian party and the green party. host: so as she goes ahead, then, what is the top challenges it her specifically when comes to policy or legislative matters or things she wants to see accomplished? caller: the first big challenge in the next week definitely will governing ogether a coalition and this sounds
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is a big piece of work. as i just mentioned, this the christian and rats, the business ftp the green party, they have a majority, but they have to come and especially the l party, they are competitor necessary many merkel has to bring them together in one team. we have to see how that fits and obviously looking into the next four years to integrate one foreigners into german ociety to give jobs, to have them learn the german language, that is a huge, huge task and at she has to reform the european union together with the positive,t is they are getting along really might be a new engine for the europeans.
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getting along process, could you paint what you might suspect is the future and it comes to germany relations with the united states? that much i think not will change. angela merkel is critical of of president trump's stance, some of president -- but she ions and was never really too vocal about it. said for her the transatlantic relationship, the andtionship between germany america is the top priority, she pro-transatlantic, very much pro-american. she doesn't like trump policies, she will stand by this relationship and fight for a closely linked with the united states of america. and she doesn't like called the leader of the free world, like some here in
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america do that. at all.n't like that take thetime, she will responsibility, especially looking to russia, the elationship to russia, she takes responsibility to bring together the western countries. he doll that at the same time, trying to work together with donald trump as constructive as possible. as far as future, her political future then, as far as table, when does she face election next? caller: the next election will four years, so now it's that will be 2021 and my shes would be she does not, will not run for re-election. she really thought about it a this election, her original plan was to finish to justr third term and call it quits, but with the the t vote and with election of the american
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president donald trump, she would be better to element of some stability in western relationship and transatlantic relations, but this will be her ast tomorrow, maybe some experts talk manage germany, aybe only does two years and then hands over the leadership somebody else. r, t: martin beganslmeie talking about the german election results, thank you for time. guest: you're welcome. host: back to open phones. diane in washington state, thanks for line, holding on, go ahead. caller: yes, thank you very much. wanted to say that kneeling citizens are no threat or anything. no tch no sports, i have electric devices and i practice
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no religion, i read the constitution and strife everyday to be inclusive citizen and kind being.erous human i beg all americans to read our it and, really dig in to pay attention to it and above all read and understand our constitution. donald trump and those who knew present dangernd to freedom and justice. to essiveness is extinction all we hold dear. please, please, everyone, just be human. be human. ost: from tom in maryland, republican line. caller: yes. you want to find what states would do for the health at your public red l rankings and the
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all low and are that is what you get with health care, too. -- donna in chicago, illinois, democrat's line. good morning. caller: good morning. was calling because our president ran on maker america again. america was already great. i'm afraid with his rhetoric, he way he talk about these people who have freedom of speech, whether they kneel, whether they fold they arms, do that. look at try needs to what is going on, why we're having so many people protesting against this president and it is scary to me, we should look at the money is going, look at the talk. the killings in charlottesville, this president didn't even stand up against that. instead of saying make america again, let's keep it great and call him on the carpet. to say s.o.b. on t.v., come on, you got children
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watching you, wake up and let's a president. thank you. last donna in chicago, the of this open phones. next up is our your money egment which takes place every monday, talking about a program that faces deadline along with budget deadline, that is children's health insurance program, chip for hort, talk about the financial status of the program and future of manhattan rd institute, he will join us next. >> tonight on communicators, omcast senior executive president david cohen talks about telecommunication developments, competition and regulations mrchlt cohen is senior editor tony rahm. >> what is your take on the trump administration and competition? >> first of all, i feel compelled to say this and ryan pointed this out at the
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goldman sachs conference last our we post at&t acquisition and nbc acquisition, we view ourselves as centrally complete.lly we're not out there saying my god, to survive, we have to find to buy.g else so just want to make that clear. we have neverand, viewed ourselves as being foreclosed from the acquisition marketplace, either domestically or internationally. deal, has toe right be something that we think enhances the quality of the company, enhances returns to shareholders, has enhanced as a result ofue that. and i think there is no secret overall, this president and likely inistration is less hostile to horizontal growth or


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