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tv   U.S. House Meets for Morning Hour  CSPAN  September 25, 2017 12:00pm-12:24pm EDT

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we are not comfortable with that. we got rid of the u.s. information agency during the cold war and that is one reason we are vulnerable to this. -- n't we have to leave the last few minutes to join the house live starting with general speeches. eastern,ve at 2:00 hurricane victims. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. september 25, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable roger w. marshall to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker
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of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by majorities and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocate between the parties and no event shall debate continue beyond 1:50 p.m. each member other other than the majority and majorities and leaders for morning minority leaders and minority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from louisiana, mr. abraham, for five minutes. mr. abraham: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to share with you an inspiring story about a community rallying to honor one of our nation's heroes. on september 12, this year, thomas edward hunter passed away at the wonderful age of 93.
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he was the world war ii veteran who served in normandy and fought with our troops to liberate europe from the nazis. unfortunately, mr. hunter spent his final years mostly alone in a nursing home and died without much close family. he literally outlived all the siblings, never married, nor ad any children. as a result he had no one to serve as pallbearers at his funeral, word of his passing reached the folks at winfield senior high school, a small community in rural north central louisiana that i have the privilege of representing. after learning about mr. hunter's fate, six winfield football players, matthew arrell, red jerk, justin lawson, t.j. holman, christian evans, and lee he it's stepped
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up to -- estes stepped up to serve as pallbearers for mr. hunter n addition the storks folks at the southern funeral home arranged for military honors along with a flag and the playing of taps. i'm so inspired by the action - to matthew, justin, t.j., christian, and lee as well as others in the community who gave mr. hunter the hero sendoff that he so deserved. they didn't know this man, but they knew that every veteran deserves to die with dignity and to be honored for the sacrifices he made for our great nation. mr. speaker, i think the actions of these men that you see in the photo to my left here speak volumes of what -- what's so truly important in our country. community, country, family, god. our flag and the nation it stands for is special because of the veterans like thomas hunter who answered their call to serve without question. thousands who had given their life for that flag and this
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nation and they deserve our respect for their ultimate sacrifices. these young men in winfield, they get that. they got that at this funeral. i think others in this country will learn from their wonderful example. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from connecticut, mr. courtney, for five minutes. mr. courtney: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, albert einstein is reported to have once said the definition of insanity is trying to dot same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. using that definition, the men in the white coats with large butterfly nets have plenty of whacky patients to catch in the senate where this week, tomorrow in farkts the republican leadership is once again for over the 60th time trying to jam through a so-called health care bill which will repeal the
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affordable care act without a coherent replacement. once again the republican leadership will force a vote without analysis by the congressional budget office of the cassidy-graham bill, no hearings at the health care committees, and in the face of a tidal wave of opposition from the health care world, patient groups, health care givers, and even republican governors have had one message over the last week which is to vote no. mr. speaker, just to give you a small sample of some of the patient groups that have spoken in over the last week opposition include the a.l.s. association, american cancer society, american diabetes association, the heart association, the lung arthritis arthritis association, the cystic fibrosis foundation, the national kidney foundation, the national down syndrome caucus, the american foundation for the blind, the national multiple sclerosis society, the autism
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speaks groups, the coalition to stop in opposition include the a.l.s. o aarp. these are mainstream trusted organizations which all of us have donated to during walk-a-thons and everything we can to help their mission which is to help america's patients. they are unanimous that the senate should reject this measure and that we should move on to a new approach following mr. einstein's advice to try and fix the american health care association. incredibly american provider groups who many times are at each other's throats in terms of different health care legislation have also taken the same position. the american medical the american nurses association, the american medical colleges, the american hospital association, the catholic hospital association, and the american health care association which represents thousands of nursing homes like the one that just nurses association, the american medical colleges, the american hospital cared for that gentleman we
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heard such kind words a moment ago from louisiana. again, incredibly the national association of medicaid drkt -- directors from all 50 states, republican states and democratic states, issued an extraordinary letter last week. again, these are folks who run the system. they are actually on the ground. they are in the real world. bubble.he the political bubble of washington and they have unanimously begged the senate to vote no and to stop this rush to undermining and creating a catastrophic damage to america's health care system. the rand corporation issued a report just a couple days ago that talked about the impact of this measure on america's veterans. 1.75 million american veterans use the medicaid program. many in nursing homes, maybe ke mr. hunter that we just heard the people who wore the uniform of this country, that they would have access to coverage through the medicaid program.
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heard about. rand has told us that passing this measure will undermine our promise to america's veterans, that's what this bill does. mr. speaker, in the real world at the end of this week, the children's health insurance program, a bipartisan measure that passed a couple decades ago expires its authorization. the law that provides authorization for america's community health centers, that expires at the end of this week. the national health service corps which allows young americans to get the opportunity for affordable medical education, that expires at the end of this week. that's what we should be focused on. not another mindless rushed judgment to satisfy a political promise that the american people don't want and we know folks who are out there in the real world of america's health care system knows won't work. vote no. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. fitzpatrick, for five minutes. mr. there in the real world of america's health care system mr. won't work. fitzpatrick:
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fitzpatrick: i rise to voice my admiration for individuals in my community to work every veteran receives the recognition they deserve. this organization is the guardians of the washington crossing national cemetery. sleet, extreme heat, and excessive cold conditions that would make others seek shelled shelter, these dedicated members have not miss add single veterans funeral since the sleet, extrem heat, and excessive cold openin the washington crossing national cementtary. over 10,000 of our nation's veterans have received their final honors provide bide this devoted patriotic group of citizens. it is with deep gratitude i share their efforts on this floor. mr. speaker, in recognition of their humble service, i ask unanimous consent to submit their names for the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. fitzpatrick: we can never truly thank our nation's veterans enough for their service and their sacrifice. but the work of the members,
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past and present, of the washington crossing national cemetery honor guard an example e should all follow. today to , i rise recognize the importance of raising awareness of mitocondial disease this month of september, it is today to recognize the importance of raising a chronic den netic disorder that occurs with the cells fail to produce enough energy to keep them functioning. this desezz affects one in 4,000 americans of all ages, including my constituent, betty marie bond. it can have severe consequences. symptoms of mitocondial disease are poor growth, loss of motor function, and an increase risk of infection. for more than 25 years she has relied on continuous indutions of nutrition, saline and pain medication to help manage the effects of her conditions.
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as a patient advocate, she raises awareness of the importance of access to home care. home infusion care has allowed betty marie go to college, work as an occupational therapist, and buy her home in my hometown of levittown. this month we highlight the importance of coming together to support those with this disease. as well as educate the public about its effects. we can and must spread for this disease through social media awareness, spreading the word in our communities, sharing stories of those afflicted, for this weari in support, and holding events to help gain recognition of this disease and its repercussions. mr. speaker, i'm proud to stand with all those impacted by this condition, including my constituents, as we work to find a cure. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. mcgovern, for five minutes. mr. mcgovern: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes.
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mr. speaker, this friday marks the 40th anniversary of the food stamp act of 1977. landmark legislation that expanded the reach of the food stamp program and made it more effective and efficient. the bipartisan legislation came as a response to the severe hunger and malnutrition that plagued our country in the 1960's. in 1968, a cbs documentary called "hunger in america" turned the nation's focus to this terrible problem. making us all aware even in the united states of america, the richest country in the history of the world, kids were going to school hung ren and families couldn't afford nutritious meals. for the next decade my friend and mentor, senator george mcgovern, a democrat from south dakota, a bob dole a republican from kansas, led the select committee on nutrition and human needs. this bipartisan panel worked to exam the issue of hunger and malnutrition in the united states. they held field hearings to witness firsthand how devastating the curse of hunger was across this country.
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they worked together to educate the public and other members of congress on hunger and work together to find common ground on how best to tackle this terrible problem. out of this work came important updates to the food stamp program. the food stamp act of 1977 established national standards of eligibility for the program and eliminated the requirement that recipients pay for their stamps. it was revolutionary and helped to dramatically reduce extreme poverty and hunger in the united states. since the 1970's, congress has worked to strengthen the program, making it even more effective and efficient, we have modernized benefit processing and replaced the paper food stamps with e.b.t. cards, with added incentives for the purchase of healthy foods and improved access to fresh fruits and vegetables. we updated benefit calculations to exclude combat pay for military families and allow childcare deductions to assist families with young children. and in 2008 we renamed the
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program snap, the sleet newly assistance program. it provides millions of children, seniors, and other vulnerable adults with food assistance each year. it helps families lift themselves out of poverty and a it provides millions of children, improves health, educational, and economic outcomes for its recipients. as i hear from families in my district i learn how powerful snap is in transforming lives. just last week i heard the story of a graduate school educated constituent who became disabled and unable to work and who is resistant to applying for snap. she didn't think she fit the profile of someone who needed food benefits, but she did. she applied for and received benefits and now she no longer panics about where her next meal is going to come from. this constituent wanted us to know that people who use snap are not lazy. she said, and i quote, snap helps people at least not have to worry as much going to bed, school, or work hungry. another constituent shared that she and her husband rely on
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snap to eat healthier meals. prior to receiving benefits they had peanut butter and jelly for almost every meal. now they are able to buy fruits and vegetables. while they still continue to struggle they are able to enjoy more nutritious meals and seen an improvement in their health. these are a few stories how important it is to maintain and encrease these benefits. still, as 42 million americans continue to struggle with hunger and food insecurity, more needs to be done. . the house agriculture committee has conducted a thur o'review of the program. we received testimony from dozen of expert witnesses both liberal and conservative who all agree that the program is working. based on this testimony we have learned there is no reason whatsoever to undermine the program through structural changes, block grants, further restrictions, more owner us requirements or cuts -- onerus
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requirements or cuts. we need to make sure that anyone that needs modest food assistance benefits has access to them and expand innovative programs to help increase the purchasing power of snap and we need to increase snap benefits which average a mere $1.40 per person per meal so -- in order to provide families on the program with access to more nutritious food that will last them through the month. mr. speaker, snap works. it is our nation's first line of defense against hunger and one of the most important tools we have to help lift our neighbors out of poverty. so in the spirit of senators mcgovern and dole it is time for congress to renew their bipartisan commitment to ending hunger in this country once and for all. as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the landmark food stamp act from 1977, i urge my colleagues to join me in strengthening snap and working to end hunger now. i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. jeffries,
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for five minutes. mr. speaker, on the question of race, we clearly have come a long way in america but we still have a long way to go. there are some in this country ho want to sugarcoat the african-american experience in the great united states of america, but the facts are the facts. in this country, the african-american community has been forced to endure slavery, ape, kidnap, lynching, jim crow, segregation, mass incarceration and a police brutality epidemic that continues to this very day.
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t was in this context that athletes like colin kaepernick bravely chose to kneel down so that others may have the courage to stand up. there are some who have criticized these athletes as unpatriotic, but their actions are uniquely american. liberty and justice for all is an american value. equal protection under the law, that's an american value. freedom of speech and expression as embedded in the first amendment, that's an american value. and yet there's criticism coming even from folks in the white house. i find this ironic because this
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the same group of people at 1600 pennsylvania avenue who didn't criticize vladimir putin -- undermining democracy for the first time in our nation's history. how dare you lecture us about at's patriotic and so i just came to the house floor to make it clear, to all of the athletes across this great country who have chosen to stand up and confront injustice in our society, that there are members of the united states congress who have your back.
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steph curry, we have your back. lebron james, we have your back. coach mike tomlin, we have your back. you stand on the shoulders of ants like joe lewis, wilma rudolph, jackie robinson, jim brown, bill russell, mohammad ali, and so many others who throughout the anals of time chose to confront injustice in america to make us a better -- annals of time chose to confront injustice in america to make us a better place. and thankfully you are doing the same exact thing. we should be grateful. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. the speaker pro tempore: previously previously previously --
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that begins live at 2:00 eastern over on c-span2. that health care bill could come up for a vote in the senate this week. as republican leaders continue to count numbers but a spokesman for kentucky senator rand paul says he's still opposing his party's health care legislation despite recent
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revisions over the weekend. republicans control the senate 52-48 and with all democratic members saying they will vote against the health measure, the g.o.p. can afford two republican no votes. senate coverage live over on c-span2. tonight on "the communicators" comcast senior executive vice president talks about communication developments, competition and f.c.c. regulations. he's interviewed by policy and olitics senior editor tony rahm. >> what's your take? >> well, i feel compelled to say that and brian roberts pointed this out at the goldman sachs conference last week, we love our company. we post at&t acquisition and universal acquisition. we view ourselves as essentially strategically complete. and so we're not -- you know, we're not out there saying oh,
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my god, to survive we have to find something else to buy. i just want to make that clear. on the other hand, we have never viewed ourself as being foreclosed from the acquisition marketplace either domestically or internationally. has to be the right deal. has to be something we'll take enhances the quality of the company, enhances returns to shareholders, has enhanced shareholder value as a result of that. i think there's no secret that overall this president and this dministration is likely less hostile to horizontal growth or even vertical growth in the telecom space and elsewhere. >> watch "the communicators" tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2.


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