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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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after that, the state of u.s. manufacturing. later, montgomery advertiser in alabama talking about today's ♪epublican c-span's 50 capital tour continues this morning with the c-span bus spending the day in annapolis, maryland. the state's lieutenant governor boyd rutherford will join us aboard the bus later in the program. it's the washington journal for september 26. with the announcement from maine republican susan collins that she would not support the graham cassidy bill comes the prospect that the legislative effort will go nowhere after the congressional budget office reported millions would lose coverage. no word on if a planned phone on the bill will take place. cosponsor lindsey graham said yesterday he would continue to
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press on. developmentshese we want to hear from you not only on this legislative effort but on the bigger picture of your message to congress when it comes to what the federal government should be doing on health care. democrats, (202) (202)01 republicans, 748-8002 independents. if you want to give us a tweet you can do so and you can also post on our facebook page. here's the press release from susan collins released yesterday after her announcement that she would not support the graham cassidy bill saying she has three major concerns. both proposals make sweeping cuts in medicaid. more than $1 trillion would be
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taken out of the program. both bills open the door for states to weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions. physicians and patient advocates and insurers and hospitals agree they would lead to higher premiums and reduce coverage for tens of millions of americans. it was on cnn yesterday during a debate on health care that one of the cosponsors of graham cassidy talked about what happens next especially in light of the announcement from susan collins. >> what are you doing at this late hour to get the 50 goats you need to pass the bill? >> we're talking to alaska. alaska has 750,000 people. i'm sort of focusing on your problems versus relying on somebody in washington to tell me about alaska.
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we are going to press on. it's ok to fall short if you do. vote hasword on if a been pulled or when that will take place. with all those things in mind your message to congress on health care. you can let us know on the phone lines. (202) 748-8000 democrats, (202) 748-8001 republicans, (202) 748-8002 independents. our available to you twitter pages. first up, from swains georgia. you are on. go ahead. good morning.
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they keep messing it up and it's tough enough to try and keep up and pay bills and everything with us. it doesn't hurt the people that have the finances. it only hurts the people that do not have it. you are not able to pay. nothing is going to be taken care of. think about us poor people in this world because we are human, too. the lord made us all. it's about taking care of one another. on facebook thing, my message is simple. health care is a human right and robbing vulnerable populations of their health care is a moral outrage. and covere for all pre-existing conditions with and make it affordable and quit sabotaging the aca. leave medicare alone.
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that's just a couple of the comments from facebook this morning. let the free market work. it has only been sitting on the sidelines 50 plus years. those are some of the comments on facebook and you can make them on twitter. abraham in upper marlboro, maryland. independent line. caller: good morning. how are you doing. i'm calling to thank god that the health care bill did go through. anybody who calls and says let the free market work -- when has the free market ever worked when it comes to health care? health care is different. this is something we don't know nothing about.
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i don't care where they come from. this is not what they do. the only thing they are good for is business. tax cuts. other than that republicans have no clue about health care. thank you. host: the congressional budget office came up with these conclusions. period the cbo estimates the legislation would reduce the on budget deficit by at least $133 billion. that the number of people with comprehensive health insurance would be reduced by millions compared with the baseline projections for each year during the decade according you.e cbo and the jc to that number could widely vary depending on how states implement legislation. direction of the effect is clear.
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that is some of the analysis which is available online. even in alabama, republican line. caller: good morning. i know most people aren't going to agree with me on this next statement but it's really the truth. the federal government's job is not to provide health care or welfare or anything like this. it's job is to protect the citizens from outside foreign entities that want to do harm to the people of citizens of the country and that's really the job of the government. are overstepping their bounds into our health care. invasion of our privacy for starters. they really don't belong doing that. that's my opinion. host: so you would see programs like medicare and medicaid go by the wayside as well? unfortunately.
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i know there's a lot of bad things that come from it. as a nation we would survive. yes i would absolutely agree with that. host: when you say we will survive what leads you to that conclusion? caller: we are people and we are resilient. host: from maryland, in pikesville. robert. i don't want it to go on notice that the health-care exchanges fail because insurers bailed out on the exchanges. it doesn't mean that obama care was not working. saidnk the previous caller it best. it's not just universal health care that republicans are after. medicare is on the table and medicaid. and social security. i think we want to balance the budget on the backs of the vulnerable and the elderly and we don't want those programs that have benefited people. there isyou think
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significant about these insurance companies pulling out of these markets across the united states? caller: i don't know why they did it. it undermines the whole approach for people to be able to get quality health care. rates were raised in order to accommodate people who had more serious conditions. i think it was the insurers who have bailed out of these exchanges. at first they benefited. host: you don't see any connections between that and larger issues with the affordable care act itself? caller: there may be some issues. after a while some of these corporations that were profit driven and even more likely to orport conservative republican viewpoint just decided after a while, we are going to bail out of the system to undermine the 44th president. susan collins of
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maine, senator rand paul of kentucky, senator john mccain of arizona expressing that they would not support the graham cassidy bill. it puts question on whether it would see passage. that's just part of the smaller picture of what's going on. the larger discussion of your message to congress on health care is what we would like to engage you on. (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. independents. senator collins made that announcement yesterday. it was chuck schumer of new york talking about where they go from here particularly in working with republicans on health care. >> even after the minimal cbo willt today republicans still be voting on health care
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bill with thick blindfolds on their eyes. they won't be able to see it. , i don'tmr. president think they want to see it. when the american people learn what is in this bill, they are going to dislike intensely. the new trumpcare is bad policy. it's being jammed through this body at an alarming ludicrous pays. constructed hastily -- it's hastily constructed and scratches theely surface. as an's are coming out every few hours. the website for the senators from louisiana and south we area keeps saying, changing this, we are changing that. it's monday. we are voting this week. the republicans are basically scrawling health-care law for 300 million people on the back
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of a bar napkin. the bill should go down. host: monique from washington, d.c. on the democrat line. caller: thank goodness for c-span. i just want to say to my republican brothers and sisters haven why certain states higher premiums and insurances because those republican states refused to take the subsidies through the federal government. it was purposely done. they purposely chose to suppress ts andrt their residen for some reason they are not seeing it. from arizona to kentucky, mississippi, alabama. some of those states refused to take the subsidies. that's why they have high premiums. in washington, d.c. we chose to take the subsidies and the majority of our people are receiving health insurance.
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and it's not a handout or anything of that nature because if you think about it both of the democratic -- the bulk of paydemocratic states federal taxes. a lot of republicans states have too many taxes to pay to the federal government. at the end of the day those people will pay high premiums. they need to be blaming their congressmen and senators. how can you sit back and listen to all of the hogwash that these congressmen think of? you ask them a question the isst thing they talk about such and such has this much premiums but they never answer the question because they don't have a question. the only thing republicans are trying to do is repealed the because they told their constituents that they were going to repeal obama care. why don't you just build from isn't 100% and fix it?
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i am sick and tired of the negativity that is going on. it is reflecting the behavior in a lot of our kids are in school. donald trump needs to stop because he is our commander in chief. he is the number one man in the world and he has to pull back on so much aggression that he has. our children are watching. thomas from bennington, vermont. independent line. caller: good morning washington journal. three things. has the powerma to limit the number of doctors that get educated. now we go to insurance and doctors. and all of the forms you have to do is stressful. if doctors aren't honest enough to say that if we stop all the stressful stuff in their business that people will get
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healthier. and what else -- is there a federal government role in fixing those problems as you see them and what do you think about this effort to repeal the affordable care act? caller: i am for medicare for everybody. the paperwork would be a lot less. in the the jobs insurance company are just on the phone collecting and harassing people. i'm for one pair. medicare for all. i really thank you. it would be healthy for the doctors. tommy is next on the democrat line. some callers have been saying it has -- to get rid of
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medicare and medicaid. it is historically documented that the elderly and individuals that do not have health care suffer the most. that's the reason those bills are in place. another thing is that we already government-funded health-care systems. one for the v.a., medicare and medicaid. it doesn't make sense not to have universal health care all around. we are the only industrialized nation that doesn't have universal health care. needs is a little tweaking. host: a little bit of tweaking how? get it where the -- host: the exchanges? caller: the exchanges would be less expensive. and then it will be more universal. universalou think
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type is fiscally sustainable in the united states? caller: yes. we already have three universal health care's. all you have to have is one that would get the middle-class. in lake worth, florida. independent line. good morning. go ahead. your thoughts on health care. good morning. thank you c-span for all of your wonderful views and verbalization of the truth. my issue is with the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors. i think we are calling -- we are using excuses. obamacare, nobody likes obama so i think they are set against obama. i think the informal care -- it just sounds like we are getting
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caught up in verbiage. i think we are in the wrong direction. years ago i was on welfare. it worked. the program put me back to work and i had health-care coverage through what was called medicaid at the time. universal health care, why don't we look at other countries where this system is working and is applicable to all people? i really think we are getting caught up in verbiage and not the realization that alternative medicine might help, education might help, we are really focusing on verbiage. are representing this. there's a lot of anger in the united states at the moment. brother, sister again sister. i really think we are getting caught up in between the work -- the words and not focusing on
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truly what is necessary to be altered and changed. host: here are the headlines. this is the washington times. senators raise to flip a vote before saturday when they would need more votes in order to pass such an effort. this is usa today. gop bid to end obamacare falters. it is unlikely the graham kathy bill will pass the senate. this is of lindsey graham of south carolina. the cosponsor of the graham cassidy bill. the gop faces another health care defeat adding the subhead, late changes failed to sway skeptics. the third republican senator says no after cbo analysis.
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on twitter this morning, my message to congress on health care is quit screwing around and fix obamacare already. they have no other choice. sam says subsidies don't mean it's a good thing. where do subsidies come from? your tax dollars. david in west virginia. democrat line. caller: our country is so divided and politically brainwashed on both parties. if the democrats have this your callersill -- and the democrats in congress would support it. why don't both the republicans and the democrats come up with their own health care bill and put it on the floor of the senate and see what happens? but we are so divided that we can't do that. the same thing with donald trump speech to the u.n. if hillary would have given that speech the news media and the democrats would have loved it.
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that's how divided and how brainwashed both arteries are in our country. think publicans and democrats have fundamental differences when it comes to approaches in health care that make it difficult to come up with bipartisan legislation? caller: yes. both parties does. why don't they do something instead of playing their silly games in congress? why don't they put up two bills and see what happens? who votes for what? trump,r against donald we're getting nothing done. tulsa, oklahoma. we will hear from vincent. republican line. good morning. caller: hello. i would like to say that i don't believe in 13 being the best .resident we have to get out of affordable but i don't like the republicans bill. veteran. host: let's go to robert in
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maryland. independent line. caller: i keep hearing all of the callers say we should look into what other countries do and try some of the other countries way of doing things. if you are so fascinated with other countries and the way they do things and you despise the america perhaps you should get on a plane and leave the country and go try that out and stay there. it's like these guys running around making $2.4 million a year and they are just off that america. if you don't like it here we have international airports that will put your little asked on the plane -- the problem with the black people is, they don't understand or the black people -- host: wait a minute. how did it come to that? , disrespectespect to the united states which is
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all anybody does, what you are doing pedro is turn this country down in every which way you could possibly terry down. if you don't -- john in north carolina, what other industrialized country has a permanent class of layabouts? walden says the health care debate has put on full display the u.s. decline. massachusetts, democrat line. hello ben. caller: good morning. i think the brother that you had to cut off probably should get on a plane and go somewhere himself. the founding fathers and the organization of this country, they talked about the general welfare. one of your callers had talked about the limited role of government. rememberld dude and i
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when almost nobody in the united states had health-care. dying anda lot of life expectancy was very short. health care has been helpful with different vaccines that have been organized. the federal government system has helped people live longer. care should be part of national defense. if you have poor health in a when theyremember started the draft in world war ii. many people were malnourished. some of them had very poor health care. just because of dental care, couldn't pass the draft. that probably means that we should consider health care's important as any other component of the national security because
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if you don't have good health in the nation you are not going to have a good defense of your nation. that's basically what i have to say and we should think about it in terms of the overall health of our nation. and we would probably accept it a little bit more. mind is fixing the current affordable care act as it is? what's the best way forward? to repair affordable health care. it only makes sense. there's some things in the law -- is long now, by the way. that's why they talk about repeal. you wouldn't have to repeal it if it wasn't alone. all you have to do is amend it to make it better. there are some pieces in that legislation that everybody agrees, everybody mostly excepts.
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people withof pre---ons that have opposed to now, previous to now kept people off of health care. this allowed them to have insurance. pieces that most of us like. to add to those changes, the ones that people don't like. set backe things that before able help correct has been the republicans opposition to it from the very beginning. when you talk about something negative so long everybody starts accepting it. many people start accepting the fact that it's no good and rather than talk about the goodness of it someone mentioned earlier there were some states that did not accept the expansion.
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the benefits of the affordable health care act more than those that did not accept it. another subset, the story about health care took place yesterday during a senate was disruptedill by protesters in the senate finance committee. the senate force finance chairman to temporarily suspend the hearing for roughly 15 minutes as protesters chanted our liberty.ave senator hatch going on to say if you want hearing you better shut up. the first and only session thatuled on a repeal plan was republican votes short of passage. others sat stoically or left the room until police removed the 20 protesters, most of whom were disabled and in wheelchairs.
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you can go to our website to see more of that senate finance committee that took place against is where our website is. you can find video of what has taken place on this network as easily as typing it into a search box and looking to see what content we have. is courtesy of c-span video library. sherry in maryland. republican line. toler: i was just calling respond to a caller. i live in maryland a democratic state and the obamacare is not working here as well. everyone that i know that is on andas either forced on it the costs of increased and they have recently been dropped from their insurance company. i know a child who is disabled
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in their care has drastically gone down while their expenses have gone up. it's not necessarily one state versus another state. going to work from the start. that's why they forced folks on it who were on one insurance and said, you have to be on this. their premiums have gone up. we are killing small business people. are is why the republicans pushing through this so quickly. not only do we have all of these people who need to be insured we have all of these people on a system that is essentially failing. there's a lot of people out there that no longer have coverage so that's why they're pushing as fast as they can because essentially it is imploding. host: the speed of pushing it through is that something you support? caller: i don't think it should have been where it's at to begin with. instead of inventing something such as the new care they should have looked at the existing
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systems. between medicaid and medicare and the pa system something could have been reinvented rather than starting something brand-new when what we are the hat wasn't working. host: would you go as far as medicare for all? i would say yes. i think there are some great concepts and great ability within that system that has been sustained. they should look at the wheels on that rather than taking an old car that's broken and trying to put new wheels to it. in virginia, democrat line. good morning. you are on. go ahead. point outjust want to all of the christian people. god described both kingdoms because people were doing just like they are doing now. not taking care of each other. oppressing the people that don't have. the health care system could
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they get people who work in the health care system like people that do the noting and coding like i do see the problems with people who come in who have different insurance. and how it works. i think a lot of times the doctors, the doctor i work for doesn't know anything about anything besides how much money is coming in. i think if they got a group of people from insurance companies, people who do billing and coding , people who deal with insurance i think they would have a better chance of coming up with some kind of plan that would help everybody. host: even in the lead up to the affordable care act we saw .earing upon hearing democrats will say they sell a lot of hearings leading up to it. we still have these issues that you bring up. what do you think is happening? week as these
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individuals don't even know anything about how insurance works for the patient. they need to have people who actually do it. i don't think a lot of doctors do. i know what kind of codes to use that i don't think they know what goes into it actually working to get people's claims paid and the type of things that people need coverage for. we see a lot of people come in. obamacare was working somewhat until they started to mess with the system. it probably would have worked if they had tweaked it a little bit. this is not the time to come up with just anything. they need to sit down as a team and maybe take some of the stuff from obamacare and take some other ideas and put something together so it can help everybody.
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host: maryland is our focus today. the buses traveling across the united states and will stop in all of the state capitals. our hope is as we make those stops we will talk to legislators and leaders in those states about issues concerning them. you can find out more. annapolis, maryland is where the bus is today. it is coming to a state capital near you. more information about that store. available at our website. david from georgia. independent line. go ahead. thank you for accepting my call. i want to respond to the lady from d.c. who misstated a fact which was reinforced by the guy who stated that the states that are suffering are those that didn't take the expansion. it spread out evenly for all the
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states. that didn'ttes accept the in spansion new that $10 billion that was coming to be paid back. when people think about single-payer and looking at other countries they are already charging their citizens for every dollar made. to 43% goes to the government in taxes. be 45% country it would to 48% of every dollar made would go to the government to provide health care. thate need to understand before they get on the bandwagon of we need a single-payer. the new york times this morning talks about the players and what currently seems to be the status of the health-care bill. the repeal and replace effort.
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they say the rushed process contributed to the bills to mind . mccain faulted republicans for trying to pass sweeping health-care legislation without the participation of democrats or extensive public deliberations. rand paul on monday continued to denounce it as quote sacred peel going on to say i think if you vote for this bill you put your stamp of approval on a trillion dollars worth of obamacare spending. the president of the united states himself commenting on this issue on a radio program based out of alabama. mccainled out senator calling his vote in july tremendous levin the face of the republican party. on the website there is video of the host talking to producing about issues of health care particularly his frustration
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with republicans. matters because you have a president that is actually going to sign it. they don't do it. and they pander and they grandstand. look at mccain. what mccain has done is a tremendous levin the face of the republican party. tremendous. he was good to go all the way up until one or 2:00 in the morning when he voted no. all month long he was good to go and all of a sudden he goes thumbs down. you can call it what you want. that was -- that's the only reason we don't have it. because of done -- john mccain. i was given 10 people and i turned every one of them around. the ones i spoke to i turn them around. we had all the votes and then john mccain someplace after 1:00 in the morning late in the evening all of a sudden goes
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thumbs down. what happened with that? mccain we already have the health care and it would have been very good by the way. what would have come out of that committee would have been very good. now we are sending it back to the states which is really a thing.can it's a great bill. luther is four at 100% by the way. have 52 votes so we can't lose any votes. practically. we are going to lose two or three votes and that's the end of that. the president mentioning luther strange. one of the candidates today in the special election and senate runoff that will take place in alabama. sending out a tweet yesterday for his support of luther strange thing he has been shooting up in the alabama
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polls since my endorsement. the new york times highlights more about this race particularly the role of vice president mike pence and the former advisor to steve -- president trump, steve bannon. luther strange hoping trump's can help him close the gap. part of the get out the vote push in the largest city. the challenger welcomed the former white house senior adviser steve bannon to the community along the mobile bay for a rally the next praise for with german have against the republican establishment. even mr. bennett who is not known for his overt religiosity got into the spirit in his
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typical pugnacious style. he cited ecclesiastes and assure this moment was a time for war. chris in tennessee, independent line. go ahead. caller: thank you. i like to address the universal health care that every democrat always brings up. 330 millionntry of people. let's take an example. norway, nationalized all industry. 5 million people in the country. 50% income tax. 25% sales tax. that's how you pay for universal health care. government to our enact something they can't even pass a budget. they haven't passed a budget in six or seven years and we want the government to take care of our health care? this is ignorant. host: do you think americans
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would be ok with the kind of tax rates? caller: norway has 5 million people, pedro. we have 330 million or 50 million? host: aside from numbers what about the sentiment? do you think americans would go along with that? caller: well, maybe half of them. you're talking about a country that 47% don't even pay income tax. how is that going to be -- 5 million people, most people in norway probably are working. this is ridiculous argument. you need to start highlighting some of the countries around the world that have universal health care, how it's working in their do they what population have, how it affects their tax base. if we want to have these conversations we have to get real about it. host: we have had numerous
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discussions on those topics over the years. you can find that all at the video library. in north miami beach florida, go ahead. good morning. politics, politics. i think we would all agree that health care must be and should be available to every american citizen. the real question is who pays for it and how do we pay for it? i think if we look at two areas. one, the law which restricts the medical profession from practicing preventive medicine. preventive medicine will save us 20% of our current cost. theif we eliminate limitation on social security payroll. another $250 billion. there's 500 billion just in
7:42 am
those two areas. stop with the politics. host: when you say preventive medicine, specify what you mean by that. caller: it means that if i can identify a medical condition early the cost is totally reduced 20%. do some reading. recent reports have come out. one in england. preventive medicine will solve 20% of the problem. law thathe stark restricts our medical profession from practicing preventive medicine. research thee to cost and the savings and the availability of the revenue. sam is in kansas on the democrat line. caller: i have so many different issues i want to bring them up one at a time.
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obamacare hasn't really had a good shot because the republicans all the different states that shot them down. way insurance works is everybody is in a group and you have someone gets sick and they pay for the others. the premiums right out of the paycheck before people get their hands on it just like medicare medicare works pretty darn good. this is the same way we should handle our medical here in this country. also like the previous person just before me, preventive medicine. how about instead of making america great how about we make the american water, clean water in this country the greatest in the world. garbage in and garbage out. host: you are saying that if you took it out of people's paychecks it would lessen the financial blow and the
7:44 am
psychological blow of paying for health care. yes.r: there are shooting themselves in the foot. they haven't had a raise since 1983. and now you're wondering why people don't have money to pay for insurance premiums, get real. you should have kept up with everybody staying with the same group. either we all sink or we all swim. where in america together. this is francisco on the independent line. caller: are you doing. few comments about the health care situation in america. there's a dirty word called topromise can we don't seem -- we keep taking republican and democratic sides and that's one of the issues going on in america. for at been an issue least a hundred years.
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this current plan that we have everybody calls it the obama plan but it's called the affordable health care act. richard nixon and mitt romney. republicans. that's based on an insurance plan. host: it was ultimately passed by democrats in both the house and senate. caller: that's one of the issues. there's no doubt. another republicans are trying withoutlegislation bipartisan support. that's one of the major issues. we have. when it comes to areas of compromise where do you think those exist? caller: cost savings. looking more at cost savings to start off with. cost savings of the actual
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medical care. caller: yes sir. they like to save money right? save money for the government. during a prescription drug bill. maybe dealing with prescription companies on cutting the cost because they carry a lot of weight the federal government. negotiating drug prices. host: demetri calling on the line for democrats. go ahead. caller: good morning. i don't understand. while we trying to fix something that's not broken? whatever cap into the county hospital? whatever happened to the health centers? this is all for the poor anyway? whatever happened to the health centers in between the in the clinics? where you trying to fix something that's not broken? host: when you say whatever happened to them, answer your
7:47 am
own question. caller: everybody that i know was born in the county hospital if you were born in the 40's, 50's and 60's. the county hospital is for the poor. host: so you are saying they don't exist? you are saying a decrease in the? what are you saying? caller: obviously something is wrong. everybody is talking about insurance and paying high-cost and doubles. we have been talking about your message to congress on health care in light of the decision by susan collins of maine not to support it. other things happening in the world of news as well. the supreme court reacting in light of the revised version of thetravel ban to sink on court removed president trump's travel ban from its october
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calendar and indication that it may just have gotten harder to challenge. that won't stop opponents from trying. by adding and subtracting affected countries after a 90 day review the ban against a travelers from eight countries on three continents could strike federal judges as less discriminatory than the presidents first two versions. by making the provisions permanent rather than temporary and continuing to target mostly majority muslim nations the band still provide 20 of fodder for immigration groups to challenge. the current supreme court case has been altered perhaps fatally. what's left is for the judges to get new briefs from both sides by october 5 before deciding its ultimate fate. in illinois we will hear from rita. republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i just have two questions. politicians fighting
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so hard to keep what they know is bad and ruining our country? and where are their hands in the till on that? when do we have to apologize for being patriotic to our country? and that refers to the football games and the other games going on. host: why do you think politicians are fighting hard against it? caller: their hands are in the till gathering money off of the people's backs somewhere and we need to look into that part when they fight so hard to keep it. host: specified what do you mean? caller: there are robbing us and they don't want to stop and they are making all this big fuss and fight against our president who is trying to improve our country and they are trying to keep it in the hole. way: the president by the sending out a series of tweets. includes in a tweet a series
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of video clips about senator mccain over the years talking about repealing and replacing obamacare. completedent adding, turn from years of talk. that is off of the president's twitter account targeting senator mccain. he is one of the three that came out firmly against the graham cassidy bill. city, and l a cloud maryland. independent line. i enjoyed listening to this station. i enjoy everybody from both sides. it gives me great perspective of what's going on. i wanted to call in about a different perspective of our health medicare specifically and health insurance and quality of the type of candidates going on.
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what we are seeing with medicare is quality measure. and we are not getting the proper holistic care that we should be seeing. we're becoming numbers. we are becoming checkboxes that need to get reported to the that are companies demanding this from doctors and offices. medicare has everyone in a box. people should be concerned with that because we are not all the same and we don't have all the same health issues. privacy that gets questioned within that type of measurement and things such as going to doctors in north carolina. they have checkboxes where they want to start knowing what religion you are.
7:52 am
where are we going to draw the line with that type of intrusion from the government? ine the government comes what type of information are they going to be gathering from the people? our privacy is in question here. that's another thing that people need to be concerned and aware of and especially the quality of care. that's my comment. when you take a look at the outside the box thinking -- we had a previous caller talking about things like preventive care. asse should be incorporated far as rethinking how health care is approached? so i think that preventive care is definitely a great thing. concerned for how a
7:53 am
patient is going to go in and the type of options they're going to receive for a pre-existing condition. if someone has diabetes and medicare says the only type of options we have for this person is x y and z because this is what's available from the pharmaceutical companies people will know that they are in bed with each other. that's another issue. areave many things that we coming against. it's not just republicans versus democrats. there are so many different playing cards. the risk adjustment that's going on. there's a lot of whistleblowers within the insurance companies
7:54 am
that report to medicare. there are so many issues. people need to question when they ask we want universal health care, these are the people we want to entrust with our health care. insurance is not health care. host: thank you. your signal was breaking up towards the end. the presidenteets has sent out one of them dealing with the monday night football game featuring the kneeling exhibition by the dallas cowboys and the president sending out the tweet saying the booing at the nfl football game last night was the loudest i have ever heard. great anger. it was during the press briefing yesterday that was conducted by sarah huckabee sanders. asked about the president's -- on thehealth care nfl while key debates on health -- why is hereform
7:55 am
focusing on the nfl versus those topics come here is a bit from sarah huckabee sanders. is a significantly pivotal week for the present, for republicans, some parsing the last best chance for repealing and replacing obamacare. much of yesterday the beginning part of today was focused as far as the president is concerned on the nfl. on players who take a knee. two how that's helpful to that effort of repealing and replacing obamacare when the president spends so much time on that other issue involving sports? it really doesn't take that long to type at 140 characters and this president is very capable of doing more than one thing at a time in more than one thing in a day. it's taken up so much oxygen. when the president speaks about that particular issue you see how the majority of questions that have been asked of you so far today have been about this
7:56 am
particular issue. by you's determined guys. >> he has a tremendous amount of power when he tweets and we report on it. when he tweet something it does take away from his legislative agenda. would you not agree? >> no i don't. i think it's important for a president to show patriotism. to be in leader on this issue and he has. host: here's jason from indiana. republican like. caller: my idea is to just go off cash for everyone. make insurance illegal. employers have to give you a raise for whatever your insurance value is worth. that way everybody will have money. whereave special case people have really expensive items they can just go through charities and get taken care of. off a cliff.all everyone will be happy. that's the best solution. host: what convinces you that your solution will work?
7:57 am
sense. common we buy pizza with their own money. why don't we just get taken care of by a doctor with their own money? host: the costs are considerably more. you would agree right? yeah, but does that matter? we buy houses with their own money. we buy cars with our own money. why can't we just use our own money to pay for stuff? from market in new hampshire, democrat line. hello. caller: yes. i am more of an independent libertarian democrat. the thing i look at is i don't think it's a republican or democrat issue. this is an american issue. we have to remember that we have citizens in this country that are poor or barely middle-class. it's hard for them to afford insurance. online that between now and next year certain states in our country the premiums are going to go up right 25 percent
7:58 am
to 35% with obamacare or affordable care act and people on going to be able to afford those premiums. act is not affordable at all. when you can no longer pay for your insurance you can thank the previous administration for passing such a law. everybody should be covered but there has to be a better way to do it. years ago i lived in massachusetts. governor mitt romney did not pass a law like this. differente to 10 health insurance companies and he said within the next year you have to pick one of those to be covered or you will be fine. it wasn't a socialist government controlled universal health care. put that outo there that what romney did in massachusetts is what different than what president obama did his. and then weas mark will hear from norman in massachusetts. go ahead.
7:59 am
caller: i'm here in massachusetts where they have accepted the medicaid expansion but still the premiums go way up even for people like me on social security. he raised it by $130 a month. they reduced the amount of care people can get there was a law in massachusetts that nobody could be turned down for health care. once the affordable care act past people started to be turned down. it has happened to me three times. the idea that the states that expected medicaid expansion did well is not correct. i would be for repeal but it definitely needs to be short of a lot with the insurance companies and the drug companies take so much money. there's no way it can really
8:00 am
work until we cut them out of it. host: norman from massachusetts, the last call on this topic and three guests joining us throughout the course of the program. next, republican congressman from michigan, paul mitchell will talk about his priorities when it comes to efforts on tax reform. president trump set to unveil on that. bter, boyd rutherford republican from maryland. .hose conversations coming up ♪ >> video competition is in full swing with the theme the constitution and you this year. chooseasking students to pr


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