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tv   Senate GOP Postpones Health Care Vote  CSPAN  September 26, 2017 8:00pm-8:17pm EDT

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years, the video library is your free resource for politics, congress, and washington public affairs. whether it happened 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago, find it in library atdeo c-span, where history unfolds daily. tonight on c-span, senate leaders announced they will not move forward with it drama-cassidy health-care plan. president trump was the premise or of spain and attorney general jeff sessions talked about free speech. we will start on capitol hill where yesterday senators susan collins of maine announced her opposition to the most recent republican plan to replace the affordable care act. senator collins was the third senator to announce her opposition to the bill. it majority leader mcconnell joined by senators graham and cassidy announced that the plan would not receive a vote on the senate floor this week. let's watch that press conference.
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>> good afternoon. we have been discussing the graham-cassidy for some weeks now. i have asked senator graham, come forwarddy, to now and give you their sense of where we are on that issue. and with that, i will serve -- turn it to senator graham. >> thank you senator mcconnell. on the path to-- pass it. it is not if, it is a matter of when. i've talked to my colleagues, everybody is enthusiastic about the idea of taking money and
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power out of washington, returning it to their states to give their constituents more say about their health care. ande is universal agreement our conference that obamacare is failing, cannot be repaired, is structurally flawed, our democratic friends are talking about bipartisanship. other and seeach we can find a bipartisan pathway forward that changes obamacare, does not profit up. in terms of alaska, i have learned a lot about alaska health care. i will talk to you privately over a drink. our friends in alaska, there are 750,000 people in the state of alaska, twice the size of texas. we have learned about their needs. i found out things about other states i never dreamed of. here is what i have concluded. with a process that gives more attention and time, we will repeal and replace obamacare grahamblock grant called cassidy heller johnson. the missing ingredient for
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republicans is we know what we do not like, obamacare is not working. we make that case effectively. we have had a hard time articulating what we are for until now. now, we have something to talk about that makes sense. the 50 republican senators, a lot of governors, and i hope the american people. if you are a single-payer believe your -- believer, god bless you. i respectfully disagree. but what we are proposing is and a sickle payer health care in washington. this is an idea that worked with health care reform. in 1996, the congress in a bipartisan fashion, under billed clinton, -- under bill clinton, granted it back to the state with guidelines and guardrails and achieved in of success and welfare reforms. i am convinced that innovation and flexibility is the key to sustainable affordable high-quality health care. and that obamacare is the exact
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upset of innovation flexibility and high quality. we are down to one provider in my state. had five.e 31% increase in south carolina alone. this system is failing. the good news for america is republicans are not just going to deliver on a campaign promise, we are actually going to improve your health care by giving you access to people who care more about us home than any bureaucrat here could in washington. as a simple proposition. stake in the same amount of money in a fairway, allocated to the states, you have to spend it on health care, not football stadiums, roads, or bridges. you have flexibility but there are guardrails. i believe this with all my heart. going tovernor is listen closer to you and care more about your family when it comes to your health care than some bureaucrats here in washington who will never know your name. to the leader, thank you.
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it is complicated. it is difficult politics. instead of quitting, you allowed us to move forward. how far we have come in such a short period of time. to president trump, thank you for engaging. youvice president pence, have moved mountains. governor pence has shown us that with flexibility, governors with the right attitude can improve quality. the leadership team has done everything we have asked them. we are coming back to this after taxes. we are going to explain our concept. we will have a better process. we are going to take this show on the road. heart unlikeas a anybody i have met for reform. and the understanding about people when it comes to health care. but i can ever hope to match. for decades, he worked in a hospital, nonprofit, surging --
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serving underprivileged people. he has convinced me that when the patient is the focus of the exercise, the outcomes are better. dean heller is a -- is it a test political race. idea to give the money we can do better if you let us. ron johnson has been a guy mr. smith goes to washington. idea to give the i like and say about this team, including rexam torilla who started this process, i have been appeared 20 years. i have never enjoyed anything more. i believe this is the most important thing i can ever do for the country, working with my colleagues. not just to repeal obamacare, but to replace it with a system closer to where you live, controlled by people you can vote for. we are going to get there. to my republican colleagues, we are going to fulfill our promise to repeal and replace to the american people.
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we are going to improve health care for you. that is the only promise that matters. to be clear, through events that are under our control and not under our control, we do not have the votes. the leadership, speaking to the president, i think lindsay and he are on speed dial. we have made the decision, since we do not have the votes, we will postpone the votes. am i disappointed? absolutely. it is not a disappointment for myself. a health.coms report that the average family of three making $82,000 a year, for hundred 1% at poverty level will be paying $29,000 per year for their policy which means officially according to the aca, they cannot afford. that is not just a few families, it is the average family of three making $82,000 a year. to define wanted
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affordability, the aca has a definition. no one can afford it. i am disappointed for state legislators where we heard yesterday that pennsylvania has a gap in their state legislature. news report that michigan well. louisiana does. we're going to give them relief. we will not be able to. that is too bad for state legislatures. lastly, it is for those working families and non-expansion states like texas, utah, maine, virginia, georgia, florida, south carolina, utah, i could go down the list, who right now do not have access to the dollars that would give them coverage. we were going to give them access. access to the health care screens, the health care treatment that they otherwise will not have. i'm disappointed for them. to those who will celebrate the fact that we will not have that vote yet, think of those families of three making 401% of federal property -- poverty
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levels. celebrate they are not celebrating. they are mourning. we will keep working on it. thank you very much. leader mcconnell: let me just say briefly where we go from here is tax reform. senator corker and senator toomey have reached an agreement on the parameters of the budget resolution. the budget committee will be marking up next week. we plan to move forward on our next priority which is reforming the american tax code in a significant way for the first time in 30 years. at our meeting today, senator rubio back from puerto rico reported to us on the on --ation in that island
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on that island. and reminded us of our responsibilities to step up and help up our fellow american. senator schumer, this morning, said it was imperative that we provide additional hurricane relief for the victims of hurricane maria. yet, yesterday in the house, nancy pelosi blocked hurricane relief that would benefit not only the victims of hurricane maria, but also irma and harvey as well. i would hope that she would reconsider its and listen to senator schumer. it appears ms. pelosi's compassion but she expressed in the days following hurricane harvey was short-lived. now, she is attempting to block this relief for victims and my state, in florida and puerto rico in order to attach it to some other unrelated legislation. i hope that senator schumer will reach out to ms. pelosi and get her to agree to lift her hold on
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this important relief, and that we do not forget any of the victims of the terrible natural disasters that have occurred just recently, whether it is harvey, irma, or maria, or any others that may exist, including is our friends from the west remind us of wildfires out west. reporter: you told your top priorities -- you have a top election in alabama where your candidate i lose. would you say this is a tough day? we have notnell: given up on changing the american health care system. we're not going to be able to do that this week. but it is still out ahead of us are we have not given up on that. we do think it is time to turn to our twin priority, reforming the tax code.
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we have reached significant agreements to go forward. i am optimistic that we will achieve that. reporter: [indiscernible] you said you're on a path. isn't that disingenuous [indiscernible] it took 18 months to pass obamacare. it is going to take a time to refill it. here is what i want you to know. there are 50 votes for the substance, not 50 votes for the process. at the end of the day, lisa murkowski -- read lisa murkowski's statement. she is a good indication of where people are we spent a lot of time of making alaska's health care better, not just place -- replace obamacare. with a new process, with more hearings, with regular order that we are going to get 50 votes.
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the reason i say that is because i believe it and it is not about our idea of being lacking, it is about the process, about the short period of time we have. the leader could knew nothing about that. these are the rules of the senate. to anybody out there who thinks that mitch mcconnell is -- has not done all he can, you do not know what you are talking about. anybody out there who thinks president trump is not engaged, he is fully engage with a lot of topics including health care. i just want you to understand what bill said is true. we do not have the votes this saturday. it is not because of the substance of the idea. it is because of the process, the hand we were dealt. losing ancelebrating opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare because it is collapsing. to remark -- to my republican friends, there is plenty of fight left in us like there is fight left in you.
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finally, to my republican friends, we have got an idea that defines us differently than our democratic friends because the choices they are going to give you when obamacare fails is medicare for all which will be medicare for nobody. can you imagine being 62 like i am, worked all your life, getting ready to go into medicare, and bernie invites to enter million of your closest friends to join you? this is going to collapse. they are going to try to have more government. we will take a collapse of obamacare system, take the same amount of money and put it in the hands of people that are closer to you. thatconfident as i can be graham, teller, cassidy, johnson will be the alternative to obamacare. it will be in this congress under a better process. there was a pentagon -- pentecostal bishop who told me you cannot an idea an idea whose
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time has come. it is bipartisan that obamacare is not doing well. cosponsorsers has 15 to do their single player -- single-payer plan. unlike ours which focuses on the individual market, and the medicaid population which is busting state budgets, he wants to do the whole enchilada. he wants to take away try care, you name it. he wants to take it away from folks. and tax them more. idea has come. obamacare is not working. it is a question of whether we give power back to patients of the state or whether we consolidate it at the federal government. see ahink that as you family of three cannot afford the lowest price plan when they make 401% of federal poverty level, that the idea unfortunately has come and it will be accomplished, not
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because of us, but because that family of three cannot afford their policy. >> thanks a lot. announcer: shortly afterwards, minority leader chuck schumer and other democratic senators came to the graham cassidy bill. leader schumer: are we ready? americans breathed a sigh of relief because the health care of millions has been protected and preserved. we democrats believe this is not a day for cel


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