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tv   Senator Luther Strange Concedes Alabama Senate Primary Runoff Election  CSPAN  September 27, 2017 6:33am-6:48am EDT

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efforts. foreign affairs committee member from virginia talks about the standup with north korea over its nuclear programs. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. join the discussion. yesterday was election day in alabama and former supreme court justice roy moore topped income but senator luther strange in the republican primary. senator strange has been serving since february when he was appointed by the governor to temporarily full is the left vacant by attorney general jeff sessions. [applause]
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strange: thank you all for being here. thank you, thank you. this is a night to say thank you to each and every one of you who is here. it is not the result we wanted but i congratulate judge moore and i have already talked to him on the phone. listen, i wish him the best. we are republicans and we care about this country and about the state and we wish him the best. one of my favorite prayers ask us to give thanks to god for setting us and that allows us to lean on him, the harder things that you have to rely on something way more powerful than yourself.
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you are navigating through waters you do not always understand. if you end up thinking who can i rely on, it is god. that is the prayer that means something. boy, have we set ourselves to a task on this race. it was a task of a lifetime. we are dealing with the political environment i have never had experience with. i work in the northern city and we had rough seas, we had some the almost turned is over. the political seas right now are very hard to navigate and very hard to understand. it has been a tough deal. i could not be any more proud of the campaign we have ran. i am an old athlete, basketball player, and we left everything out on the field. there is nothing left. if you want to use the court analogy, we did everything we could. i wouldn't not change it at all. there are a lot of political winds and a scorecard to score it out and a lot of agendas. i will leave it to the pundits to figure it out and my focus has always been on alabama and the people of our great state. i will take comfort in the words of president teddy roosevelt who
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said it is not the pundits and critics who matter but the man in the arena for the man and woman or the woman per i will continue to do everything i can to encourage our citizens, especially our young folks to get involved. we have to have them involved. that is the future of our state. what i want to do and what i would have done, i want to say thank you to every single person in a this room, i grew up less than a mile from here. to coaches to teachers to friends and best friends, they shaped me to be who i am and to be back here, to say thank you for your votes, your prayers, your encouragement. just the kind and is along the trail and a very hard and tough political environment. give yourself a hand. really. [applause]
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sen. strange: i want to say, i wanted to say thank you to the citizens of alabama. it is kind of like sports. you win some games and i have lost some last-second games and i have won some. i have one some overtime. you go into the locker room and think about what you could of done different in everybody has a different idea. i will not lose any sleep tonight. we did the right thing in the right way. [applause] sen. strange: thank you to the citizens of this state. not just friends and supporters and people who voted for me, but all of the citizens of the state. been honored to serve for
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six years as attorney general where we had to clean up montgomery and get justice. i was lucky enough to serve in the united states senate when we had a new president and a time when we can appoint conservative judges to the supreme court, and a time where we could really make a difference. i have been blessed and i want to thank the citizens for have the highest honor. all across the state, i want to say thank you to you and to my campaign team. they are here and they have worked their you know what's off. and i want to thank them. it is not for lack of a good campaign team. it comes down to the person running it. i take full responsibility for success and failure. i wanted to responsibility for that. and i do that. i want to thank my office staff and everybody who works for me in washington. if you would raise your hand, i would like for you to give them a hand. [applause] sen. strange: they worked, they
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worked tirelessly for the citizens of alabama and they do it because they love our state and they will do it for the remaining time i am in the senate. they are magnificent public servants. i want to thank them. kevin turner, my chief of staff. he needs special recognition. i know he is here somewhere. i want to seek him out. he is the kind of sharp young person you want. he started out driving me around and ended up being my chief of staff in the senate and not only been a great campaign friend but a great public servant and has given up a lot of opportunities to do that. i just wanted him to know how much i appreciate that. and, i want to thank the president of the united states. let us thank the president. [applause] sen. strange: the president took a chance. he did not have to come down. that is what loyal friends do. sometimes, it is more than politics.
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sometimes it is about a friendship, a common goal to make the country better. and a bond when you have come to washington as a newcomer if you the, you have kind of scene waters and what you have to navigate. i cannot explain why he was willing to take that risk except he is a friend and a loyal friend. if this causes him any trouble, it is not his fault. it falls with the guy holding the ball. it is my responsibility. the vicet to thank president. he came last night. [applause] sen. strange: he is a great conservative leader. president of the senate, a guy i've gotten to know, a great conservative christian person. got into the rally last night and we got a chance to talk about what is really important. he said, luther, i'm glad, but there are so many big things in the world than one political campaign. keep your eye on the ball. you and melissa are a wonderful couple. you know, for a person to come
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when all the things happening in the world and to say that about you, that is the kind of person you want in the foxhole. mike pence. america is lucky to have mike pence. very lucky. applause] and i want to thank richard shelby. i took his place in the senate. [laughter] sen. strange: richard was a friend for 30 years for it he took me under his arm when i came to washington and has been a great mentor and has supported me. it is always nice to have a guy and ask them, have you ever seen anything like this? he said i have never seen anything like this. nobody has seen anything like this. i want to thank jeff sessions. he was my mentor when i came into politics. [applause] jeff got me into
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politics. he was a great attorney general and i was happy to take his place as attorney general and he was a great attorney general for 20 years. i was on her to sit in the seat he sits in. you will be a great attorney general for our country and i want to thank him and mary for being great friends to us. i wanted to thank my senate colleagues. the senate is a magnificent institution. i have been able to sit and reflect on the great debates held there. think about the things we argue about now and they seem petty when you think about slavery and the civil rights and voting rights and wars and world wars. even though we are in an incredibly contentious time with swirling passions, it is nothing compared to some of the things we have handled in the united states senate. and i will tell you right now, for somebody privileged to sit there, it will be a magnificent place. people will get very frustrated and nobody more frustrated than i, but i promise the friends i
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have made it will be lifelong friends and i want you to have confidence in the institutions of this country as i do. let us give a hand for the senate and the colleagues there. [applause] and finally. finally. you thought i would forget this. the most important thing is i can say is how much i appreciate melissa and my family. [applause] sen. strange: she has put up with a more than one person should have to bear. she really learned for better or worse means. for 36 years, it has been all for the better. one week ago tonight, seven days ago i was exactly, i got to hold my second grandson, young james strange who came into the world. and i will tell you as we face this world, this unpredictable
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political environment, to hold him in my hands, to look at the next generation and say, why do we do this? why do we put ourselves through this, when we fight these wars? it is for that generation. it is for the beautiful young children who come next after us. it really is. [applause] senator strange: so, let me leave you with this. i will leave you with what i have. i look at it every morning. my favorite bible verse and one that someone gave me when i came into politics and it is proverbs 19:21. in it says -- many have the plans and a man's heart, but it is the lord's purpose that will prevail. i truly believe that. i take that to heart. i leave here tonight, i want to say one more time. thank you. thank you.
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thank you. thank you to each and every one of you. from both of us, from over hearts. god bless each and everyone of you. [applause]
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announcer: into the election, senator strange enjoyed support from donald trump. tonight, donald trump offered congratulations to roy moore in his win. announcer: shortly after senator strange conceded the election, stageroy moore took the in montgomery, alabama. he was introduced by president trump's ex-chief strategist and breitbart ceo steve bannon. applause] right, alabama! are you ready to send roy moore to washington? are we going to help make america great again. we're going to do just that. he is going to help donald trump make


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