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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 27, 2017 9:10am-10:04am EDT

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decades and various panels and organizations, how do we have meaningful quality outcome measurements and keep offering new methods, measure tis not really implemented and decades and various of enforcement and that is why i have argued that what we're country is what mounts to an epidemic of behavioral health malpractice even if it is not acknowledged legal system and that is in part because the reality of malpractice attorneys is they case unless someone has died. wards sunday night on c-span 2 book t.v. > "washington journal" continues. host: for the last 50 minutes on "washington journal," phone yours to talk about these two big political stories we've been talking about all long, the collapse of the latest republican effort to repeal and replace the
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roy dable care act and moore's victory last night in republican senate primary. he goes to general election in december. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002. what does it all mean? story do you want to talk about? both? give us a rang this morning. the star this morning out of alabama. senate ps strange in run-off there. roy moore with his mother eading to the polling place in alabama yesterday, ahead of that senate republican primary race. nominee to face emocrat doug jones in the december general election. then lead story, front page of new york times this morning, to undoans drop measure the health care law short of votes, mcconnell says g.o.p. shift to overhaul of the tax code, those are the two pages of a ng front
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lot of national papers today. let us know what you think. fort lauderdale, line for democrats, you're up first. caller: thank you. with republicans is the only thing they're interested is in tax cuts for is what is going on now. they are being threatened by daughters, if they don't get their tax cut, they cut off their purse strings. they do everything in secret, they will try to do tax reform in secret, it will not work because the republican party is kind of falling apart, at war with themselves, not going to be able to get the freedom caucus nboard and it will be fun for democrats in the next couple years, maybe the country will start getting better. of tax the issue reform, house republicans today retreat here in washington, d.c., to talk about reform efforts. capitol hill producer craig
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kaplin was there while they were boarding their bus. it will go until 3:00 today. tweeting, house republicans left from capitol hill aboard buses for the tax reform retreat at national defense university and there are the buses heading to reveal tax reform efforts, talk about it and we'll xpect more information out of that retreat after the noon hour. of course, president trump will tax speech today in indianapolis, that is happening, for coverage of that event. enough news, house ways and means holding a that rum today, streaming live, we'll be carrying it at, that is happening at 2 p.m. today. so a lot to watch for today on that front. california.n diego, line for independents, go ahead. good morning.
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good to hear from you. thanks to c-span. a comment regarding when you have a pog tigz on. there is one statement to make, they fall back on the past, like you just had on, talking about obamacare and and how congress isn't working together or whatever. viewers are ur calling in, republicans and democrats against the republicans, what we've job to n, it is his change things, to fix things, to better.m you know, the football teams are down on their knees, why isn't steps of the e capitol saying, i'm on a hunger get together, democrats and republicans and get a good l and healthcare system for us. viewers need to
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know, these people in congress liberals rvatives and to fight each other so we don't ook at them and hold them accountable, all of us are accountable for our jobs and elected, tothey are make things better. i think we've all forgotten that. instead of fighting each other, focus on them. host: chris is in statsburg, new line for independents, go ahead. caller: good morning. to offer a just suggestion to mitch mcconnell, democrats. i think if they looked at health as three-tier system, one ier is for catastrophic care, , alzheimers, chronic
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and the other tier is for people ic that, is what are afraid of, losing insurance for catastrophic or losing their that should be picked up by all states as universal. states picked up by the and nonchronic by the states and the r as paying for it, atastrophic should be paid for and where everybody pays across the states. i think that could go through, through the congress and pass both the democrats and republicans will get a piece hat they're looking for, the universal, plus the state and then if you share insurance state lines that, should bring down the prices and you an get collective bargaining that, is my suggestion. louisiana,, sorento, line for democrats. go ahead. aller: good morning, i was
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suggesting that we go to the single-payer system, such as has and we could let countries,s as other have the health care picked up by the government or supported government and still have an option to have additional you choose, but that would help lower cost for a corporations and make it a better playing field or even playing field across the economy would help spur growth in the economy and instead of tax and take some tax savings or taxes that you would on corporations and use that for infrastructure within the country. would help spur growth in the economy, too. i think you have a win/win instead of ere, cutting taxes, reducing cost from corporations and you are economy at the same time. host: bernie sanders tweeting of erday after the collapse
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the latest republican repeal and replace effort, americans won a victory, stopped a disastrous republican bill, we must go forward and guarantee to all.are of course, republicans still not efforts under the graham in , the graham-cassidy bill, before senate ulled from the floor. he said yesterday he is optimistic a form of his somelation will still pass point down the road. > here is what i've concluded, with a process that gives more attention and time, we will and replace obamacare grant called graham-cassidy-heller-johnson, as missing ingredient republicans has been, we know what we don't like. we acare is not working, effectively, but
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we've had a hard time articul e articulating what we're for, until now. now we have something to talk about that makes sense, the 50 republican senators, a lot of and i hope the american people. if you are single payer you, i r, got bless respectfully disagree, but what e're effectively, but proposinf single payer healthcare in washington. this is an idea that worked with reform n. 1996, the congress in bipartisan fashion clinton took the welfare system and block granted it back to the state with guidelines and guard rails and achieved a lot of success and welfare reform. i am convinced that innovation and flexibility is the key to affordable, high quality held sxheld that obamacare is the exact opposite innovation, flexibility and high quality. we are down to one provider in and 2014, we had five. 31% increase in south carolina
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alone. this system is failing, but the is news for america republicans are not just going to deliver on a campaign promise, we're actually going to improve your health care by he collapse of that -- primary run-off down in alabama. line for democrats, republicans independents. d good que republican, morning. caller: i was listening to the about chris dodd frank, they bankruptfrank, they
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the bank, wall street, put the country into a financial free fall, no closing, no down payment and five years we will buy the house. the house went up, six million people walked away from homes. make a mistake. i am in new york, i have no roblem with anything, i got union. y -- in tucson, can't afford deductible or copay, nothing. i mean, he has insurance, but can't afford it. is a problem with it, i can't understand why the republicans don't stand up and it, get something that works, you know. host: dominique, the first part f your comment, are you saying dodd-frank caused the housing bubble? 2010. passed in caller: hold on a minute, this was on clinton, they were trying i know, i wasome, involved in it. host: okay.
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me two could you give minutes, i'll tell you how it happened. my daughter, i should say one of kids, came up to me in 2007 and said, sdad, i got to walk my house. what? i thought something with the marriage. i got to walk away from my house. mortgage, the husband had a good job, if you had a job, you can get in. sub-prime loan or whatever it was called. i said, ait, you can't walk away from the house. for two and aised quarter after five years. i went to the bank and borrowed $50,000, she needed to put down on the house to keep it. they made me go through hell to $50 grand. i had to come up with papers, my house was paid for. walked into homes with nothing. host: thank you for sharing your story. in mansfield, go achusetts, independent, ahead. caller: yes, sir, what we see here is the issues that you're about and other issues
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are stip ends. donald trump, this guy spent all weekend people's other patriotism, the flag, wrapping around with generals, himself took five deferme vietnam.s to he got on his knees five times with his back against the united takes moral e authority? the reason why we can't get we don'tone is because have a functional sane person running this country right now, is what i want to say. thank you. host: a lot of discussion in about president trump, his focus on puerto rico. headline from the washington times today. trump attacks on the n.f.l. distract from assisting the island, rejecting those tuesday at his press
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conference, joint press conference with the president of spain. here is one column to that effect in today's "washington post." dles, americans languish, milbank wrote for "washington post." president trump headed to puerto rico next tuesday, that from the nt coming white house yesterday. linda, charleston, west for democrats, go ahead. aller: yes, we need to have medicare for all, lift social ecurity and have guidelineos price control for drugs and equipment used for this. that will take care of everybody's problem. you, linda. james, also independent, go ahead. aller: yes, i think she's right. system, for all, one make life simpler. what i'm calling for, people see
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whole government through tunnel vision or they got no life through a straw, they got to look at the whole situation, what the situation politics een watching forever, i'm 85 years old, what is going on for decade system politicians, mostly republicans got the whole system, they got they ticated corruption, got everything rigged with the insurance companies, wall street, everything rigged, the funnels money up to the rich. they wonder why we're in debt, is to take an's job care of the people, they don't do this, take care of themselves, what happens, trickle down, trickle-down system, they lobbyists wn money to who take care of politicians, politicians are buddy-buddy, they work together and vote against the people for the rich. are for the rich and democrats, they are not, you now, it is a whole thing, look at the whole picture. it is hard to straighten it out can't deal with
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isolated incidents where you deal with n.f.l. and this and gender, get to the root of the problem and look at the whole picture, they don't do that. zero necessary on one thing they like and that's it. got what they y call sophisticated sxrupgz that out, the straightened only way, the people have to vote these people out. roanoke, virginia, line for independents, go ahead. joseph, i'm a s veteran, and i'm a firm believer in the bible. of things here is follow the money trail. half of our tax dollars is spent on military machine. going to get 10 billion dollars next 10 years and they health care and they have free education. ermany, same thing jachlt pan, same thing. we need to spend our tax dollars
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wisely, let's clean up our own backyard and then help other people. like bernie sanders, we're not getting nothing free, we're taxes, we're paying taxes, utilize taxes in the right way for people first and the rest of the people. like i say, i'm a firm believer war we're e, this having does not make sense. these people are tribal and they at war for thousands of years. host: on the health care part of comment, do you think it is worth democrats trying to work to fix the cans ffordable care act, that is what schumer said needs to happen, there needs to be a to ubling of this effort work together, do you think that democrats orth for medicare medicare.
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for all.edicare the lobbyists are out and like i ay, follow the money trail because the money trail is people who are stuffing money in little ckets while people get stepped on. even middle class, they are middle the pain from the class. i used to watch george carlin, will be he rich people paying taxes, middle class pay taxes and the poor people there remind middle class, you better keep working. expected to be plenty of news today. president trump will look at democrats to help sell tax cuts, to clash corporate and individual rates is expected today. we'll look to see what comes out of that. the president with a speech 3 p.m., indianapolis at look for our coverage information at
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bill, hazelwood, missouri, line for republicans. go ahead, bill. ahead, bill. caller: yeah, i'd like to say that judge moore's victory reminded me of the wonderful , all this government medicine is silly. nybody involved with the government knows they can't do anything correct. veteran, who has agent orange all over him, i men absolutely think old
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need to get out of the way. thank you so much. host: bill, you mentioned roy moore. here is a little bit of roy moore from his victory speech >> together we can make america great. the president. don't let anybody in the press think that because he's opponent i do not support him. and support his agenda. [applause] >> as long as it is as long as it is advance our society, our country, i will be supportive. constitutional,s but we have to return the knowledge of god and the of the united states to the united states congress. -- [applause] americaieve we can make great, but we must make america good and you cannot make america
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acknowledging the sovereign source of that goodness, the sovereign source liberty and government, which is almighty god. nation that is distanced ourselves from the very foundation, washington of all dispositions and habits which lead to prosperity, morality are indispensable sports. we have got to recognize we've separated by something that separates church and state it doesn't d for, separate us from god, nothing can separate us from god. god and e nation under we can become one nation so much there is division in our society. mobs, ts, demonstrations, racial strife, we're all created in the image of god. i recall what harry truman said n his inaugural address, the
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american people stand firm in the faith, which inspire third degree nation from the beginning. believe that all people are created in the image of god and faith we will not be moved. we've been moved, but we can move back. if you want to watch roy moore's victory speech in its, the 30th anniversary of our c-span video library this year, whether 30 years ago or last night, like roy moore's victory it all on ch pennsylvania, rt, line for independents, go ahead. caller: hi, good morning. thank you for caking my call. i like to say that it does seem like from what we're hearing on a lot of finger pointing and everything else and nothing positive coming out of of this stuff, i'd like to make a positive suggestion. it.t: go for caller: mechanics, they work on your car breaking down, so, you see stuff in your car
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is not working or whatever, it but not totally honest profession, so health care, same way, make a profit. you got a good insurance plan, boy, when you go for health care to the max and give you all your insurance company even if you don't need them. basic protocol we don't follow doctors, nurses, surgeons, everybody that works a a hospital that wears hospital gown should not be wearing it outside when they go go home or when they because it carries a variety of mrsa, ere, all these different things that are people, especially older people or people with systems.sed immune so i just don't understand it. this is already like a rule that hospitals are supposed to follow, but you go on the subway in new york and see a doctor a stethoscope and blood on
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his shoes, people flying out of on their smoke break, which is a bad sign, be th care people shouldn't smoking cigarettes outside the hospital. we got to get on a positive gravity of the negativity in our country is going to destroy us unless we we're only here for a short time and we should be doing good things for each and praising almighty god and trying to set an example. all right. that's pennsylvania this morning, michael in crawley, for republicans. go ahead. caller: yes, sir, i heard them they are trying to simplify he health care bill to a putable means that is negotiable. a reduced bill that would be plugged in with ncrements that work for that
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state and not have to drag it out. i saw the entire health care over a month to go through all the pages and other uld plug in amenitys and they got together the fact they wanted to try to delay it by and dragging in the fact we have a that $20 on debt, but trillion was spent on this in indeed we're nowhere indebted to pay back $20 country, o any other that was money spent for our structure. always available what they spent it for, they can't drag that into the health are issue, the health care issue can be simplified and that is what they promised, it version simplified which allows someone to have it aable for the individual, not big block of things you have to simplify a that is what they promise. host: michael, can i ask you,
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read a piece of congressional legislation? is it just when it comes to legislation? caller: yes, circs the health care legislation, they were drag the debt thing into it and they said not to, it doesn't apply. about that, they wanted to simplify the health care bill from the amount of make it work for the individual, you know, it is like go and what as you fits with this individual without going overboard, they copay, ve to have a big they can just go with to deal ith, they promise to simplify bill is what i'm saying, they just haven't delivered yet, that they're looking host: have you read the various bills that have come through all replace piece of legislation that has come through this year? don't yes, sir, they want to drag it out. going from simplified issue, to you and deliver bills that keep trying to plug in, if it doesn't work, they to get it together, it
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shouldn't be that complicated, omething has to work, all complications of current bill are very detailed, i mean, there lot in there that is useful. they could have a simplified ill for what they promised and bill that don't pass is delay to simplification, they promise the american people. host: got your point. william in pennsylvania, line morning.rats, good caller: hey, good morning. three or four listeners ad the right idea, nobody is going to listen to them. the insurance companies are to like the one lady said. he stock market, nobody talks about the stock market making money. everybody has to make money and then is for healthcare. you need single payer. it andernment should run there should be strict penalties
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is in violation a until then, this is just talk, talk, talk. host: do you continuing is worth affordable care act work? include fixes that both sides say are needed? aller: the affordable care act is another money maker, the by the ans are owned insurance companies and the stock market, they are filling it is never up, going to change anyway, i'm just wasting my time, the whole is a waste of time, it's never going to change, it is all about money. worried.not i have health care, i can't, insurance, but no health care, i can't afford to go. i'm paying extra social security and everything for health care. i can't go to the tr, i'm not deductible, the it's corrupt. the whole system is corrupt and don't think it will ever
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change. host: 20 minutes left before we take the viewers on c-span to homeland security and governmental affairs committee hearing talking about threats to homeland, f.b.i. director christopher ray will be among the witnesses there. at 10:00 tok around watch that hearing on c-span. lines are phone your, we continue to talk about two big stories out of alabama n and out of washington, ut of collapse of the latest effort to repeal and replace affordable care act out of alabama, roy oore's victory in the senate republican primary, he heads to decemberal election in to fill the term of jeff the former sender from alabama, now attorney general. vermont, line for independents, go ahead. caller: hello, calling from america. only state that has some common sense, what the hang is democrats and
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republica republicans, passing money around, no one can ever be and caring.hful there is people starving, people and afford to get help, what the hell is going on? i'm all done. mckinleyville, california. line for republicans, go ahead. morning.ood i'd like to point out that medicare is going broke. are tens of trillions of dollars in future unfunded medicare and that is for a system that people pay out for 50 years and take of for 15 years, so imagine what he cost would be if we gave medicare to everybody. you know, i think people should this question. if the government can provide affordable health care and better health care then same
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apply to every other product out there. the government should be better providing us with housing, cell utomobiles, with our phones, the truth is, ompetition and freedom of choice always provide better products at lower prices than by the provided government. all you have to do to see what appens when people rely on the government to provide them is take a trip down to venezuela, people are the doing there, who rely on the with ment to provide them everything. that would be a wake-up call. issue of the senate republican failed effort graham-cassidy, repeal and replace legislation, several editorial boards on the issue today. the "wall street journal" whatrial board calling out they call the obamacare savior are ing on republicans who
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not on board with this legislation. f course mitch mcconnell deciding yesterday that he idn't have votes to move the graham-cassidy bill and pulling it from a vote this week. "wall al board of the street journal" writing about ohn mccain, member of this dishonor roll, they say, he says word, his commitment is more iron clad than his word voters who re-elected him against tea party challenger promise to repeal the law. they wrote about rand paul than chuck d more schumer to save affordable care act. if you want to read that in "wall street journal." cody, hillsboro, north carolina, independent. go ahead. caller: hey, two things. all thise basis behind sports and all these other things is it doesn't seem like
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understands the concept of freedom of speech and points in the constitution. just want to make that point, line of the healthcare thing, strict ontrast between my experiences in the public health system and the v.a. started going to the v.a., i'm on disability, before the north going to carolina hospital and they every time i went there, they gave me every procedure they could possibly the regulations of the health care system. would go to get mris and things like that, i guild for ery simple thing like getting antibiotics in the business, v's, they would give me mris, and ultrasounds and things like that, that they could charge didn't need. the problem is the health care
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charging as much as they can, they are charging as much as they can with medication when you're in jorgeorgetown law yesterday and asked to way in on player protest. >> i agree it is a big mistake that fashion. it weakens the commitment we nation that has provided us this freedom. i would note, of course, that players aren't subject to any prosecution, but if they provocative act, they can expect to be condemned and the
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condemnt has a right to them. i would condemn their actions, being.em as a human there are many ways players with all the assets they have can political views den than in effect our ng the symbol of nation, symbol of freedom to speak and act. fact, the next of student question is follow-up on what you just said. let me read it. citizens have thus far employed to register objection to policies, practices situations are unsuitable and divisive in the what can tion's eyes citizens do to properly register their opinions? register e a right to to r opinions, to protest, criticize in any number of ways. to owners and p people who create the games and ay for the ball fields, decide
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what you can do on the ball field. ut freedom of every individual under the aramount constitution and protected and we have to protect it. is not a contradiction there. host: attorney general jeff sessions yesterday in speaking of the justice department. one headline this morning, the enforcement of drug administration will resign at the end of this week, according officials whoment said he had become convinced president trump has little respect for the law. "new york times" reporting chuck choefurg, twice served as of staff for james comey and confidant was disillusioned with president trump. prosecutor under president george w. bush, united states attorney in southern and eastern virginia. back to your calls, we have 15
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in our program today. talking about the health care repeal collapse yesterday in senate. last night victory in alabama. karen, chester, pennsylvania, line for democrats, go ahead. caller: hi, thank you for speak withing me and thanks for c-span. i want to point out a few things that people are not realizing about the new health care. is block grant to the states a big problem because states cannot run deficit, if they run money after 75% of the people are given their health just outrybody else is a point about o the national or single payer system, congress is the one who as lobbied, i mean, consistently accepted lobbyist to bid f not allowing have west prices and they
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been taking lobbyist money from insurance companies for years. going from ople capitol hill to executives, country shouldis watch a movie, documentary inc.," it shows all the different practices that are by law in this country and this ountry is making us sick, people on capitol hill are allowing food producers to do making us sick. host: bonnie, jacksonville, lorida, line for republicans, go ahead. caller: hi, yes, i would like to make a statement, i feel allow lly as long as we the government in our homes, they are going to tell us we can live or we need to get out there and get on our own and get our own insurance. host: bonnie, how are they going o tell us whether we can live or die? caller: well, the government will tell you whether you will have surgery or whether youville
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test or that test. and that is the way it operates in england. we go socialized medicine, that will be the worst thing hat could happen to this country. host: bonnie, how much do you trust the state of florida, if his graham-cassidy bill had gone through, this funding was sent to the states, do you trust florida more when it comes to health care regulatory issues? most definitely, yes. i do not trust anybody in republican, democrat, independent, they need to get ff their butts and do their job, they work for us we don't work for them. host: what makes you trust the florida more? caller: number one, we have a good governor, we have good they in office here and take care of their people here. host: appreciate the call this morning. raleigh, north carolina, independent. go ahead. caller: yes, hi, good morning. how are you doing? host: doing well.
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i have a comment, i'm fortunate, i work for a company that offers insurance, not great health insurance, but good health insurance. to go in for a blood test, i got the bill yesterday, they charged $100 for needle they drew the blood ith and $50 to dispose of that needle. now like one of your callers to charge re going you and ring up the bill based on your insurance company, what to pay for.ling it is outrageous i had to pay blood and em to draw that is the reason why health insurance in this country unless you do something to take care of these costs that the insurance are charging, are these doctors are charging, will g will change and it only get worse. that is my comment. thank you. tweets from care our at c-span wj twitter feed.
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affordable care act repeal effort is not done, keep n eye out for the next attempt soon. barkly says republicans have made it clear they have no intention of working with anybody to fix the aca. wild and wonderful says i was for all before it became popular and never occurred to me i wouldn't pay for it. anne, in pennsylvania, line for independents, you are up next. caller: hi, thank you. first of all, a number of people in this country need to grow up. dirty word. not a liberalism is not a dirty word. socialism, ity is people. medicare, and i read an article, tell you where, but medicare is a well-run program. the best run programs in the government. they take out, once you retire medicare at 65, they take out a little bit more than month out of social security, you are paying for hat, besides the fact you have
9:52 am
deductible you have to reach before the government will pay 80 and you pay 20. i cannot merica, believe the amount of people in this country who are sigh ill informed. thank you very much. host: before you go, do you dirty onservatism is a word? caller: no. i don't believe in conservatism seeing of what i've been over the last few decades, but a tired of being called liberalism being called a dirty word, no such bologna as that. people have the right to believe what they want. young man, g, the talking about the players, in this an protest country. we started this country by protest, we can protest anywhere want as long as it is peaceful there is nothing wrong with them taking a knee. very host: beth, dayton, ohio, line democrats. go ahead. caller: a couple callers back, ou had a fellow who was
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complaining about health care sxoft how it would be better if market.t on the it's never come off the market, right ket is dirty pool now. most of the people who are it off oney are making the market. it is not a free market. arew people own it and they the ones that tell you who to buy it from and who you are not. free market for years. it needs to be cleaned up, along system.e banking that would help health care and andar as medicaid, medicare social security, it was paid an by people who work hourly wage job and paid into it. get they have managed to rid of most of them, most people are temporary or starting their that is why it is hurting for money, not the system itself. thank you. focus on one aspect of the health care market in this the "wall stat from
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street journal" today and their to pull of the decision the health care bill from a vote this week. million people get health a.c.a. e through the market place exchange, that is in the "wall street journal." insurers face a wednesday deadline to sign up for 2018 the they are happy to dodge the risk that the coverage mandate would e repealed immediately, companies are concerned about federal payments used to insurers reducing cost for low income, a.c.a. william, line for republicans, go ahead. caller: good morning, little brother, that conversation the lady had about the food inc. is show, but that wasn't my comment. the money and health care is this thing is all about. if you look at the stock market, the edical people and
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insurance people are making a lot of money and that has all up considerable amount. nd you can't, i can't send my money to the federal government and then the federal government and it to state government the state government send to insurance company and everybody it as it ce out of goes along and it be effective. the first point. the second point, we have spend "t," trillions a on this war in iraq and what good have we done? to spend money on now we haven, right troops in 150 different countries around the world. who are we fighting and what are we trying to accomplish? not take care of the people at home, it is about the money and they spend on federal they just spend bsolutely tons and tons of
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money on the farming and we have and spend most money than the next three countries spend that much more money, i'm all for supporting the troops and all, seems like we're just and ratheon eing and other companies. hampton, east connecticut, just a few minutes left in our program today. jay.ead, caller: yeah. health you want to fix care, you got to drain the swamp first. is that is what the water is in the swamp. in all of thelved system and the back
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rooms of congress and legislature and so forth
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host: one other headline to show you this morning with a couple minutes left in our program, a story we've been following about the equifax hack. ahead of a congressional hearing last week announcing yesterday the chairman and chief executive richard smith would step aside under an agreement that allows for compensation clawbacks. in a statement mr. smith said he believes it's in the best interest of the company to have new leadership to move the company forward. mr. smith, 57 years old, still i expected to attend the congressional hearing next week. jim, utah, line for republicans. go ahead. aller: yeah. all these people pushing for single payer. ee how that's working out.
9:59 am
host: do you use the v.a.? what's your experience? caller: oh, about three months to get an appointment. i have to wait three months. and then i got to wait another three months. yeah. this is going to work out really good, you guys. you want to bring down the cost of health insurance, who's the people that are in congress? 9% of -- host: mary. independent. go ahead. caller: yeah. you talk about medicare for all. i'm on medicare. if i wouldn't pay 20% of my last brain surgery i would have paid $20,000. i have an advantage plan with
10:00 am
y medicare and also 20% of $200,000 would have been $20,000. so another thing. old. le jesse is 99 years if we had medicare for all or universal medicare, he wouldn't have had open heart surgery at 99. he has been on a waiting plan probably three years and probably wouldn't be here by now. so no way. host: mary, what's the solution going forward? caller: i don't know. with my medicare i pay over $200 and something a part. $100 for my advantage plan. and the people on medicare that don't make that much from their social security, they don't even pay for part b and that's fine because they can't afford it. and they also get medicaid. host: mary, just so i understand, do you think what you pay is fair? do you think what you pay right
10:01 am
now is fair? caller: yeah. i'm fine with it. i mean, i can afford it so i don't have no problem with it. host: ok. fred in new york, new york city, line for democrats. go ahead. caller: i'm calling because this kicking the ball back and forth about this health care costs going down if it goes one way or another, i mean, it's not going to go down. it's the same as what gas was when i worked in the gasline company. it was $42 a barrel back then. we got used to paying over $2, then $5 a gallon and it's going to stay up there. i don't see how they are going to bring it down. i'm a veteran. i go to the v.a. i need surgery. trump's talking about fire these people that work there. they can't even take care of that. i have to wait until the middle of october to get an appointment. they talk about a choice
10:02 am
program where you can go somewhere. half the people that work in the veterans, they don't even know about it or where to send you or what to do. when you ask them about it. and they can't be -- they can't deal with something as simple as that. host: you're the second veteran who's called in to talk about the wait times. the obama administration made a push to try to shorten those wait times. obviously the trump administration wants to do that as well. have you seen any results from that push? is it getting better? caller: no. i have surgery that i need to get done. it's been a year now. when i go there, i get an appointment, instead of telling me i need an x-ray before the appointment, i wait for an hour. call me. they got to depet an x-ray and come back. host: fred, our last caller in today's "washington journal." we'll be back here tomorrow morning, though, at 7:00
10:03 am
eastern/4:00 a.m. pacific. we take to you the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee hearing on threats to the homeland. among the witnesses today, f.b.i. director christopher wray. that begins now here on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]


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