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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 29, 2017 7:00am-8:07am EDT

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about the need for recovery. and then common cause paul seamus ryan talks about travel f rules. "washington journal" is next. ♪ the ripple effects of russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election continues with testimony yesterday on capitol hill from twitter executives saying they had closed accounts linked to russia. to hear more from twitter, facebook, and the washington journal. we would like to focus on russia's interference and your confidence in the u.s. election system, asking you how concerned you are about election security.
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a02) 748-8000 if you are democrat. republicans call (202) 748-8001. independents and others call (202) 748-8002. as always, we welcome your comments on our facebook page. you can send us a tweet. we will read some of those as well. we will get to your calls momentarily. we take a look at the washington post this morning in their reporting on the testimony yesterday, close to the door -- closed door testimony for twitter executives. they write, with a picture of that twitters, said on thursday it had shut down accounts that were tied to the same russian operatives that posted thousands of political
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ads on facebook. the effort first frustrated lawmakers who said the issue was far broader. the accounts linked to that from advertisementsin on their platform in 2016. senators questioned whether they were doing out on their platforms to address this issue. electionking about security and your confidence in the u.s. election system. the headline today in the usa today, -- wall street journal rather, twitter finds accounts with russian ties. they say the comments left unclear how many accounts attempted to read
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misinformation, how many violet rules -- violated rules. purchasing $150,000 in ads. the wall street journal writing congressional investigators said twitter appeared to have more difficulty tracking activity on platform given that it allows users anonymity, unlike facebook. people close to the matter say the company is months behind facebook in recognizing nefarious activity on its platform. caller: good morning. thank you. hopefully someone can explain something to me. i am missing something. i still don't understand what
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the russians did that we don't do that everyone else does. ,linton got more popular votes and the electoral college elected trump. i don't understand, what effect did they have on our elections? hopefully someone can help me out. i am missing something. host: going forward, what do you think we should do to prevent russia or any other country or nefarious agent from interfering with our elections? caller: did they really affect our elections? i don't think it's had an effect. i really don't. people have been spying on each other forever. we interfere all over the world in every other country that we are supposedly interested in,
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that we would benefit from. they are going to do it, too. there is no way to stop it. our allies spy on us. we spy on them. we try to affect their elections. if someone could help me out, i appreciate it. d.c.,washington, independent line. rob, good morning. caller: good morning. i got something for you. this is from the famous journal. all of you to hear this real clear. january 1991, volume seven. there is a section, i want to hear you real clear. this is from the famous journal. this comes from california. says, -- i am just going to
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read this small section for you. host: what do you got? caller: this is the famous journal, a newspaper that came out in california in 1991. it says, let us look at that which is. you will have to leave me when i tell you -- believe me when i tell you there are replacements for your top leaders. was put george w. bush into the -- host: that is rob in the nation's capital as we wait for your phone calls on the 2016 election. how concerned are you about election security? (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. independents and others, (202) 748-8002.
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we will get your calls momentarily. fromll continue and hear brenda in texas. go ahead. caller: good morning. on that hair on the face. you are looking handsome. host: thanks for calling in. go ahead. caller: i never believed he was a legitimate president to begin with. he is not my president. was in. that called in. -- with regards to that first guy that called in, they were successful this time. they did interfere with our election. he is illegitimate. the very thing he tried to say president obama was, he is living it out. bye.
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host: here is our republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i did reluctantly vote for donald trump because he was the leader of our carter. i could never -- our party. i could never vote for hillary clinton. people have called in, no one put a gun to my head to vote for donald trump. i am in retail. i understand the message you can drive on social media at low cost. facebook said a few weeks ago that these russian entities spent $150,000 on advertising against hillary clinton for elections. this is very little money, that is the thing with social media advertising. little money goes far. that is why you open up your newspaper today and very little
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advertising is there. readingre not newspapers. you don't have to take out a $20,000 full-page ad anymore. i was subjected to these ads on my facebook page. i read many of these fake ads. when i go to buy something at the supermarket, what makes my decision is the advertisement. host: did you think these were somehow bogus? did you wonder? caller: many of them i had to google because i was not sure of the truth. before the general election, someone came on the washington journal, and the person said they read online that hillary clinton and bill clinton were involved in it or to party on the caribbean islands. i had to google that. host: you saw that as a news
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article placed in the newsfeed? correct. i did not know at the time there was such thing as fake news. i thought this was the truth. a few weeks after the election cap there was the time the transition team was going forward, i saw an advertisement that chris christie was arrested in new jersey for keying donald trump's security car. i had to search for that. people will not go to the effort of checking the validity of these articles. until the issue of fake news came up, i did not realize this. i have employees who voted for donald trump. and they were also subjected to this fake news. to this day, they read it online, and they swear it is the
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truth. host: thank you for calling. we are joined by kyle cheney, executive director of politico. what was the purpose of the closed door hearings with the intelligence committees in the senate and house? guest: this is the first face time lawmakers got with technology companies to get a sense of can you do forensic analysis of how much for an electionion was in the through advertising and things you are talking about like driving fake news on news feeds. they will try to do a public session in november or october. we have not heard the last of them. host: one of the challenges
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twitter faces is the anonymity of its users, as opposed to facebook users where we have to place a name and email address. guest: part of the value of twitter is that people can sign up anonymously. there is a free-speech element to that. twitter is in a tricky spot. lawmakers i think were dissatisfied with what they heard. they got some boilerplate numbers, and they did not feel like twitter was not taking it as seriously as they wanted. part of the challenges identifying the origin of these accounts and whether it is legitimate free-speec or a foreign opponent. host: numbers for the house and senate intelligence committees, have you heard them express concerns about coming close to
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first amendment rights with twitter and facebook? guest: i think that underlies everything. these companies are concerned about pricing, too. aey don't want to squelch legitimate exercise of free speech. lawmakers are getting frustrated. they want to know why they can't hear about macrolevel data about how many bots were there and whether they were operating in a professional operation. i don't think they got those answers yesterday. host: in related news, the story you are covering, grassley and rosenstein huddle among russia questions. why was rob rosenstein on capitol hill yesterday? why he wason't know there, but he did sit with chuck grassley.
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his committee oversees the the eye. they are trying to get agents to testify about james comey's firing. so far doj has not allowed that. there has been a conflict there. we think they are trying to resolve that. cheney, congressional reporter with politico. thank you for being here. guest: thanks for having me. host: we continue with your thoughts, your comments on how the confidence in election security. dave is in washington, democratic line. go ahead. caller: good morning. how are you today? host: fine. thank you. caller: one of your earlier callers asked if he could be informed of what was the russians had done because he did not seem to be aware of anything that happened the u.s. hasn't done.
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all he has to do is look at the wall street journal, the washington times, or the new york times. the department of homeland security announced russia had electionto 21 state's systems in 2016. this is not some hypothesis. this is what they have found and notified each state, and that includes battleground states like wisconsin and michigan. states what secretary of denise morrow says about that. she says, we need congress and the president to help the states that were hacked with their security systems to update their systems and make sure we have more secure equipment, and we needed to happen now, but rather than investigating this attack on our democracy from a hostile
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foreign power -- your listener can listen to that -- a hostile foreign power, the trump administration has formed a commission to prove he won the popular vote, an idea entirely discredited by study after study. we need this to be taken care of. this is fact. russia hacked into 21 states. i hope that answers your callers question. host: appreciate that. the election review commission on capitol hill, there is also a democratic commission. chiefadline, former dhs fears catastrophic attack on election system, talking about jeh johnson, who testified yesterday before that election
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security commission. we covered it. [video clip] >> last years experience was a wake-up call. as i sit here, i know of no evidence that last year ballots were altered or both were suppressed through a cyber werek -- votes suppressed through cybertek, but attack, but it was a wake-up call. the question now is what do we do here in washington and at the state and local level? andope is this task force the other committees of congress looking into this question find answers of what we do. know, beginning and around august 2016, we began to see scanning and probing of
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various state election official's systems, including but not limited to but a registration databases. registration databases. threat ond about this august 15, october 1, october 7, october 10. the director of national intelligence and i on october 7 thehe unprecedented -- took unprecedented step of formally and probably accusing the russian government of interfering in our election process. host: all of that available in our video library at the -- on your thoughts now.
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no one wants to believe this is deeper than imagined. ic was asleep. we were not misinformed about hillary wanting open borders, deleting 30,000 emails. how many fake accounts did trump campaign retweet? unverifiable electronic voting has flipped many an election. charlie, thanks for waiting. go ahead. being independent, i'm looking at this thing as an independent, and as far as jeh wasson said, not one vote changed by the russians even if they hacked into the system. how about obama doing this to israel. he spent public money trying to get netanyahu elected.
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why isn't there an investigation into what obama did? that was election fraud for our ally israel. this has been going on for so many years. the democratic lady who called in, he is not my present. if i said that about obama, i would be a racist. does that make her a racist? he is everybody's president. the dems are just sore losers. would this be going on if hillary won the election? i don't think so. the russians changed the elections. no they didn't. this has been going on. i have seen hundreds of ads. it did not change my vote. i know the issues. it is the low to no information
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voters that just don't have a clue. maybe they shouldn't be voting. the hot poppyseed on the -- the hypocrisy on the left is incredible. i think we need to fire them all and start all over again. i am sick and tired. host: that is charlie in order. we hear from richard in florida. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i think when history is written about the 2016 election, it will be seen as an incredible political sour grape. the establishment, democrats and some republicans, they worked against this president. furiouses me incredibly ,s all the political pundits you had them on c-span, they
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were on all the networks, no one believed donald trump could become the president of the united states. this is sour grapes. if they want to stop any potential interference, go to an optical scanning system where you have a paper ballot. if there is any anomaly, you can go back to the paper ballot and see where people marked. that is how you eliminate this stuff. this is sour grapes. nothing more going to, this. the gentleman that said 21 states were hacked is absolutely wrong. that is nonsense. the head of homeland security testified there is not any evidence one vote was changed. they may have attempted, but they did not change a thing. host: you bet. let me bring up that story for you. it was reported just the other day about that.
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homeland security department told states about hacking during the 2016 election. this story is from about a week ago. homeland security contacted election officials in 21 states last friday to notify them they had been targeted by russian government hackers during the 2016 election. the washington post writes three months ago that people connected to the russian government tried to hack election files in 21 states, but friday was the first time that they contacted officials to let them know their systems had been targeted. they told officials in all 50 states whether there systems had been attacked or not. we heard the back that this was an important issue said the forng undersecretary national protection and programs.
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we agreed this information would help election officials make security decisions. mississippi and our democrats line. how concerned are you about elections going forward? caller: it is not the elections i'm concerned about. judgesue is how these are finding police not guilty for killing black citizens. we have a race problem in america. we need to have hearings on this. -- we tried to keep kicking this can down the road. kidsve a lot of black locked up in prison. thisve been decimated by american justice system. we are down on these football players for not standing up to the anthem. we have skipped over the
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problem. host: we appreciate your input. we have talked about issue and will continue. we are talking about election security. other news across the country about the return of the congressman from louisiana, the majority whip in the house, steve scalise. their goals really do happen. steve scalise appearing on the house floor for the first time since he was shot on june 14. here he is coming on to the floor. he spoke about the ordeal. [video clip] >> when i was elected majority that position has a security detail. if anyone ever wondered why we are assigned security details, i found out that day. let me tell you, i want to specifically mention crystal breiner and david bailey.
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[applause] crystal and david were assigned to my security detail that morning. day in and day out, they are part of my family. they are with us everywhere we go. that day was no different. came, 6:30 iney the morning we arrived at the is fulfilled to practice -- the baseball field to practice. no one would have suspected what ensued. as soon as those shots were
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fired, as i lay on the ground, one of the things i prayed for was that david and crystal would be successful in caring out their duties -- carrying out their duties. both incredibly well-trained. not long after the shots were fired, i could hear a different caliber weapon, and that told me they had engaged the shooter. if they had not acted so quickly, and after being shot themselves, continue to engage the shooter, and got him down, which not only saved my life, but the lives of a lot of other people. crystal could not be with us, but david is with us. you are my hero. you saved my life. thank you so much. [applause] host: just part of steve scalise's 15 minute speech. more coverage from that on
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live coverage of the house always on c-span. the house returns on monday. just a note reporting on the injuries sustained by steve scalise. the rifle rounds fired by james hodgkinson, -- hoskins did significant damage, tearing apart muscle and bone. doctors described steve scully's at imminent risk of death when he arrived in their care. after weeks of grueling inpatient recovery followed, prompting frequent speculation of when or if steve scalise would return to the demanding job. back to our cause. our question, how concerned are
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you about election security? democrats (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. our independent line (202) 748-8002. this is tony in colorado. caller: good morning. thanks for taking the call. i thought i would build on from the callers that called in from the republican line. two issues concern me about the election. the first is the idea about fake news. our president now will say if he doesn't like it it is fake news. that term that he is dangerously appropriating from what our national intelligence agencies are trying to explain to the american public. fake news has been placed into our social media. you had one caller who called in that explains even though he
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oted for donald trump, he saw many of those fake news articles. media as part of my job. you can place ads targeted by ip address. when you buy a $150,000 campaign, you can target that almost down to the street level to get at certain people and feed them information that is not true. you had a caller who said he had discern what was true and what was not. this is the problem. you have a president telling people this is all fake news, and the national intelligence agencies are trying to explain to the american public that fake news has been pounded to them, and we have blurred the meeting. your people calling in -- meaning.
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you have people calling in that there is no proof that any vote was changed, and that is true. the national intelligence agencies can say that we can tell you it has not changed about, but there were attempts to change what the public believes about issues. some of the callers call in, unfortunately from the republican line, it sounds like they do believe the fake news they had heard. it is almost becoming prove unto itself that the russian's effort was effective. i'm concerned because you can really polish this through practice in terms of placing the right ads at the right people to influence them to change their vote or perceptions about what is going on in the country. i think what will help is if the government does release what
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were the fake articles, these examples. the uranium sales, that is a fake news story. yes, the state department was involved in selling uranium, but they were one of seven agencies that had to approve. many of your listeners think hillary sold a bunch of uranium by herself. that is not a true story. that is the fear. i think the russians are very effective at this. there is no reason not to believe they will become more effective with practice. received 300 or so ads and articles from facebook. can dig up some of these ads to know what the brouhaha is about. we have not seen them. a couple more of your tweets.
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rick says there is risk with online technology. our advanced textile has consequences -- lifestyle has consequences. sam on the independent line. go ahead. you are on the air. caller: there is a world-famous m.i.t. professor named noam chomsky. programm on the democracy now. he has always talked about how government is influenced by special interests. he said we are the laughing stock of the world, claiming the russians interfered in our elections when we blatantly interfere in their elections and worldwide, never mind regime change. , if the russians
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interfered, what they show is the shenanigans of the democratic party influencing the election favoring sanders -- excuse me, favoring clinton over sanders. my question is, that is not democratic at all, so the fear is i am not afraid of interference from outside. i am afraid of interference from inside our government. host: let me ask you if you -- if the inter you u.s. interfered with elections worldwide, does that mean we should not take efforts to protect our elections? not becauselutely there has to be -- one russia when russia was a communist country, there was an
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agreement. now you hear about hacking its grid system, every country interfering in the grid system, taking over the grid system. there is a new threat. they have to come to some sort of agreement like they did with nuclear weapons to stop the interference back and forth. host: appreciate your input. justice or go back to our conversation about ads. an opinion piece this weekend in the washington post saying facebook should share those russian ads. the editorial board of the post saying earlier this month facebook released the first part of evidence of russia attempting to influence the election on social media. these were apparently designed to-political tension. now the company has made the
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correct decision to share the advertisements with rational investigators -- congressional investigators. now that should do the same with the public. here is our republican line. go ahead. caller: i think the russians are testing the waters. my biggest fear is because they are testing the waters the upcoming election does have a shot of being compromised. wonink president trump on the merits of his argument. i don't think hillary hit the points, nor did she go to the states that the swing one way or the other. i want to talk about what the gentleman before me said, it is so hard to find objective news these days because everyone has a slant. the news media was clearly trying to influence the election
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one way or another. whether it was fox for the republican side or msnbc for the democratic side. that has a huge impact on our news and the decision-making process of the election. issue of you on that the news media, how do you filter what you believe and who is telling the truth? caller: i tried to listen to both sides. i try to listen to fox, cnn, msnbc. i have found a reasonably fair outlet, newd news american news network, which unfortunately slants to the right. this is inciting more and more divisiveness amongst our country. interrupted you.
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if you want to wrap up your comments, go ahead. caller: the days of walter comp right -- walter cronkite are gone. the news media leaning one way or another has added to this divisiveness in our country and made us further divided. host: thank you for joining us. sounds like tim is listening to c-span radio. here go to maryland and -- we go to maryland and bryan. caller: a previous caller commented that the report of 21 states being hacked into must be a lie, but with the caller did not consider is that there is value in hacking into a system beyond altering the data that is on it. recentmple, in the
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breach of the credit information, no information was altered, but they copy information of over 100 million american citizens, which causes damage to all those victims through potential identity theft. if hackers breached 21 systems, even if they did not alter votes, they now have intelligence on the 21 systems. they may have access to data faster than others can, and they could potentially hacked into the system in response to seeing stuff happen in real time. host: our caller talking about the equifax hack. the former ceo of equifax on capitol hill. watch for his testimony on c-span. this is a headline, is the u.s. ready for election hacking 2018?
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no way. the government has done little to reinforce the security of the inrican electoral process the aftermath of what intelligence agencies agreed was a major russian cyber operation to sway the presidential contest. south carolina, the democrats line. hi, tod. good morning. you are doing an amazing job this morning. the last few callers were on point. our elections need to get rid of these touchscreen, electronic voting machines. they are not reliable. it is not the physical flipping of the votes. once you have access to data, your name, party affiliation, what district you live in, ip
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address, it is easy to target. when you shop on amazon, you get a pop-up on shoes you look at last week. it is very simple. you have to connect the dots. what russia did was multipronged. you erode confidence in the election, influence people with fake news, and you influence the candidates themselves. this issue is huge. johnson failedh to say was what you can do with the data. most people are simple. we are in average country. it is silly. once you have access to this information, it can be manipulated. it is very important. we have to demand better from our leaders. anyone that thinks that this current president needs to be in office or is capable to
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discharge his duties, you are very deluded. if you think this man is fit, you are unfit. you are doing a great job. you have a great website. host: appreciate that. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. for independents and all others (202) 748-8001 -- for independents and all others (202) 748-8002. here is jerry on our democrat line. caller: hi. i was calling in about the election. i am not really concerned about the russian interference. i am still waiting to see the results of that i.t. guy working for debbie wasserman schultz to see how much influence he had on the election.
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i really believe this is an inside job. i'm not convinced it is russia. i just don't think it is. that previous guy who just made comments about trump, you know gdpas just gotten a 3.1 average for jobs. this is a guy that is doing an amazing job. i don't get the negativity. i realized sometimes he says things i would not say or you would not say, but his ultimate goal, and he is accomplishing it, is to make this country better. i hope to god people start believing that -- realizing that. the other thing is i am more worried about the media. you have got to be kidding me. if you look at cnn, they were participating in giving answers to a debate with hillary clinton
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against bernie sanders. i am surprised cnn is still on the air. that is interference in the election. i don't get how that is justified or accepted. trump raiseddonald concerns about the facebook release of ads. he said last friday, the russia hopes continues, -- hoax continues. richard is in little rock. good morning. caller: i pretty much think they should have all the ads they want. trying toike they are make all this in this country seem like we are stupid. if you're going to vote, do background work on your own. ads,showed how a dozen all the russian ads, and every
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one of them said if you are an african-american, you get treated bad here. that is not a republican line there. election, the the republican national party said you can check our website, but the democrats would not allow the fbi to check their website looking for these things. the other thing, your caller about the uranium sale. all the other departments answered to the secretary of state. if the guy who owns the company wants to do something, they are going to do it. it is just a smokescreen. the people who do vote, which is only four out of 10, can figure out what is right and wrong rather than it having to be dumbed down. host: penny, democrats line, missouri. how concerned are you?
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caller: i'm concerned about the machines with no paper trail. election, whenhe we started talking about the interference, the first thing out of democrats and republicans ' mouths is it did not affect the votes. didn't trump only when like like 60,000 votes? jill stein raise money for recounts in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and others. that was shut down. it was like it just did not exist. --t: the jill stein campaign you mentioned wisconsin, were that workingtates concerned-- that were
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they were not counted correctly? caller: that any votes were not counted correctly. it was the jill stein recount. i don't understand why it was shutdown. the states did not have to pay for it. she raised a lot of money for that recount. it was just cut off at the knees. nothing else happened. i think we need a paper trail. i think we need to go back to paper. host: appreciate that. jon huntsman is the former ambassador to china, now nominated and approved by the senate as the next ambassador to russia. ,uring his confirmation hearing he talked about the potential role of russia in the 2016 election. here is some of what he had to say. [video clip] >> it is a powerful symbol when you get the director of national
7:48 am
intelligence, the head of nsa, the head of fbi who come together in unison behind their findings. i very rarely see them come together in such a coordinated fashion to one conclusion. i think that expresses where the facts are with respect to russia's involvement in our election. governor, asormer governor kaine was, you are tasked with the integrity of your election system. sometimes it is the lieutenant governor, the secretary of state. you have nothing more important than the integrity of your election process at the local level. to sow seeds of doubt or distrust about that system is timeighest level of injury
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i think, that can be laid on any local election system. i will speak to it not just as a u.s. master to russia, but also as somebody who had the responsibility for the integrity of elections in my state. host: that is available on our website at in the video library. taking your calls and comments. use a metaphor, we may have to start treating election security as we do airport security, and that includes photo id . a headline in wisconsin, strict id law discourages voteres, newly 17,000 kept from the polls by the strict voter id law.
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leo on the republican line, illinois. hello there. caller: hi. thanks for taking my call. i have been listening to the very interesting comments. countryto remember this has a very stable, firm, well grounded republican democratic system. i think the media is spreading paranoia about our election security. concerned and election security in the sense that we are concerned about border security. however, i don't think we should be paranoid to impose such stringent and strict laws such as according fascism. we have the electoral college to prevent fascism. checks and balances, amendments. we want to the vietnam war, then
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then, then -- nixon, impeachment. she is a ship on a tempestuous ocean. i have no fear, no doubt that this country shall not perish from the earth host:. --from the earth. host: thanks for that. finishing up work on a short-term extension for the faa, saying congress approved a six month extension thursday to give lawmakers more time to debate contentious, long-term airline policies. the house voting 264-155 to extend through march 31. faa measures such as air traffic control and pilot training.
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a provision dealing with flood insurance from the legislation, and the house agreed by unanimous consent to that change. for taxwas ability relief for victims of the recent hurricane. next up, james, massachusetts, democrat line. good morning. caller: i am more concerned not with russia but people like microsoft news, the browser for our windows 10 that cancels the comments from the stories they put in. comments from a gop story, and they are totally false. you cannot hear both sides of the dialogue because they are censoring the news on there. i am more terrified by the national education association
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putting out more fake news and having more communists and it it than there are in russia. they are not teaching our children about their baloney. that is my comment. host: next, leesburg, virginia. caller: good morning. obviously, voting is an institution that needs to be defended, protected. anything that we could have that allows for absolute auditing in the event of some discrepancy is paramount. as thebservations as far outcome of the election -- i find it bizarre that -- i , 24 hourlooking back
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news cycle, free news coverage of donald trump, not quite a blackout of bernie sanders. i would say things like that impact the outcome of elections to a large degree. you know, was there hacking? i don't know. i want to make a point, i heard myon c-span, and it peaked interest. i cannot believe it is not the news story of the century. cia, nsaern, a former analyst released a report saying the data speeds at which this data was transferred in some of these accusations of hacking far exceeds what could be done over the internet. i don't know if this is true. i challenge c-span2 dig deeper dig that -- c-span to
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deeper into that. if something is happening with russia or another country or whatever, and someone disputes the data speeds don't support that, how is that not being looked into under a spotlight under the course of this old thing? butay, it is a crazy thing, at the root of it, obviously, we should do everything we can to protect the integrity of the elections. guys, lookmplore you into that story. i heard it on c-span. c-span is a great resource for hearing things like that. host: we appreciate that. to be clear on the hearings from yesterday, the twitter officials testified behind closed doors of the senate intelligence committee, house intelligence committee. many of their gatherings have been behind closed doors.
7:56 am
a couple comments on twitter about election security, rick says, huge problem the usa would have to admit intelligence failure to reveal any direct impact from the russian hack. the trump voter suppression mission like us to be like wisconsin. this one says, i wonder if righties thought walter cronkite was playing it right down the middle when he got real about vietnam. we hear next from north carolina, jeff on the republican line. caller: i have got to concerns. good morning. of voter id. i think there is a lot of illegal voting going on from illegal immigrants. i think you have a lot of dead people voting, a lot of felons.
7:57 am
you have a lot of people voting who should not be voting. i think photo id would fix that problem. however, you democrats do not want to allow it. they think your blacks and minorities are too stupid to go out and get in id, which i find extremely insulting. host: you are saying those people are too stupid to get a photo id? caller: i am saying the democrats think those people are too stupid, too dumb to go out and get photo id. host: do you think some people have transportation issues or access to places where they can get an official drivers license or state id? is that a legitimate concern? caller: you have a lot of these cities providing public transportation to transport these people to get voter ids.
7:58 am
that is not an excuse. that is .02% of the people that effects. the second one is these corporations. we know from wikileaks that they colluded with the clinton campaign during the election. that needs to be investigated. you hold up up when the washington compost and the new york slime when 93% of their articles are negative toward trump. it cracks me up. host: jeff in north carolina. cnn is reporting a story that is condensed on the hill, fake black activist social media accounts are linked to the russian government. the russian government has been
7:59 am
linked to a fake account on facebook and twitter. to fake campaign sought increase racial tensions during the presidential election, publicizing at least seven rallies and restrictions around the country, such as the 50th anniversary of the black panther party. joyce on our democrat line. caller: good morning. thank you for answering my call. i am very concerned about the security of our election. these investigations are continuing. out that it isg a fact that russia hacked our election, it is a fact that we and thesecaptive to, attacks have been sophisticated. they have gone so far as to
8:00 am
penetrate our social media and as the investigation goes on, you will find it is all because of money. somebody is benefiting monetarily out of this, so we have to be very concerned. let's not be naive that we have been hacked and we have to get to the bottom of it so that our elections in the future are not been compromised by these russians. host: thanks, joyce. one more call from joseph in cleveland on the republican line. caller: hello. host: hi, joseph. go ahead. caller: i thought it was rather important i speak with you because in cleveland, i work as a poll worker and diamond direct contact and i know about the
8:01 am
systems in place that will ensure the election security. there is later upon layer, upon layer of checks and balances, at least in our county, and probably for the state of ohio. there is a lot of security involved with the system and everything boils down -- i mean, we deliver the election results to the election board on election night's. the security is -- there are a so if checks and balances, do not know if it is possible. i would say it is next to impossible, at least in calderon county -- at least in my county. host: a lot of callers ask about a paper vote. do you get a receipt in your county? voter: well, the
8:02 am
personally this not get a paper receipt, but there are three or four paper trails, including -- i mean, there is an electronic one, the manual voting machine paper trail, as well as other checks and balances that are there for security, but what people do not realize, what voters do not know, as much as poll workers do, we spend at least maybe up to two hours ,econciling every vote cross-referencing it to the voter registration and totals have to match, girls there is -- it isre is a discrepancy, reported, and it someone is trying to vote or pull off a fraud or double voting, there are systems that pull them out,
8:03 am
and if they are not registered or not not county but in another, they go to cast what is called a provisional boat. those are handled manually. you: joseph, we appreciate volunteering to do that in your county. and joining us this morning for this conversation. thanks for being with us. thanks for all your calls in the segment. more ahead as we turn our purpose to drip -- our focus to the republican tax plan. we are joined by the current president of the american action forum douglas holtz-eakin. we would take a closer look at that tax plan. later on, hurricane maria hit puerto rico when the country was -- linda island was already -- when the island was already in financial trouble. we talk about what could the next for the u.s. territory. we look forward to your calls and comments on "washington
8:04 am
journal." ♪ >> this weekend on "american history tv," on c-span3, saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on lectures in history, university of virginia professor gary gallagher on the civil war. >> and african-americans, and former confederates have very different takes on the war as they went forward. they embraced versions of the war that suited their purpose. >> sunday at 10:00 a.m., president bill clinton marking the anniversary of the integration of little rock high school. you did 60 to say years, take a victory lap, put on your dancing shoes, have a good time.
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you havei have to say got to put on your marching boots. [applause] and lead us again. >> at 7:00 p.m. eastern on oral histories, we continue our series on total journalist with interviews. -- on photojournalists with interviews. >> we always tried to have the optimum lens in your hand and the maximum amount of film whenever something happens. because somebody in a split second could be there and you have got it and the person standing next to you does or does not have it. eastern,0 p.m. lin-manuel miranda accepts the u.s. capital historical society 2017 freedom award. kid,en you are a theater you make friends from different grades and social groups.
8:06 am
you learn to work hard to create something greater than the sum of your parts and to trust your passion and but it lead the way. i wouldthe art program, not be standing here. without alexander hamilton and countless immigrants that build the country, it is likely few of us would be here. c-span3 on american history tv. >> "washington journal" continues. host: congressional budget officer douglas holtz-eakin joins us, currently the president of the american action forum and here to talk about the release of the long-awaited republican tax plan. what do you think of it? guest: i think it is very promising. to me, the striking fax are that from -- facts are from the end of world war ii to 2007,


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