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tv   Washington Journal Paul Seamus Ryan Discusses Travel Rules for Public...  CSPAN  September 29, 2017 9:10am-9:37am EDT

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enforcement, that is why i have facing int what we're this country is what amounts to behavioral health malpractice even if it is not acknowledged as such within the that is in part because the reality of malpractice attorney system they a case unless someone has died. afterwards sunday night 9 p.m. on c-span 2's book t.v. >> "washington journal" continues. >> joining us on paul seamus vice president for policy and litigation with the group cause, joining us to talk about the travel of government officials, cabinet officials and others and how that is funded and paid for, this in the wake tom price reports of and others using chartered flights and military flights. headline this morning, the reaction from tom price on this. price is going to pay part of
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cost of those flights. health and human services said ary tom price thursday he would reimburse the for a fraction of the cost after coming under sharpcriticism, members of both for the expensive practice saying today i will write a personal check for the expenses of my travel on private charter planes. paul seamus ryan, remind us what government rules and regulations officials in l terms of travel. how are they supposed to make arrangement? guest: the bottom line, in order anything other than commercial travel, government o terms officials need to bear in mind effectiveness is what is most important. explicitlylation say that travel should be cost-effective because taxpayers more than no necessary for the official's transportation. three specific ircumstances in which the regulations say that travel on either military or private acceptable,e system
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when no scheduled airline service is reasonably available travelogue of military or charter plane is less than commercial travel, i envisioning time that would happen, and the third security is e needed. by cabinet vel members that didn't meet equirements, justice done for convenience and great cost to taxpayers. host: how cabinet secretary, tom h and human services, price, has meetings in nashville or whatever, how would a typically official make arrangements for that travel? how is that handled? through their own oigency. staff is dedicated to range travel and using commercial flights, not first class and not even business class, airfare and rcial seats the rest of us use when we or pleasure.siness host: your group is common cause. tell us about your group's
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in this issue specifically. guest: common cause's job is holding power accountable. we have a million members, on us expect us, count to watchdog wasteful spend nothing government, as well as ny other types of problems or corruption in government, that is why we're interested in this. ost: is this a problem and the administration now some eight or ine months old, a problem that popped up in other presidential administrations? guest: not to this extent, during the obama administration, he predecessor to secretary price, two of them in the obama administration explicitly had using charter airfare for domestic travel, according to politico reporting, i believe politico originally broke this story. o at the end of the obama administration, second term of sxhelth or example, human services scrapped a tour obamacare, it would
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airfare.000 in that is not going on in the trump administration. secure u talk about travel, presidential and vice encompasss l travel some of that, how much different are the rules for the executive president and vice president, from cabinet secretaries and such? rules are the same. the needs are a little different. positions, binet secretary of defense, it would be understandable secure ommunication might be necessity. it is hard to imagine a ircumstance in which secretary price or even steve mnuchin, who military jet with the explanation i needed secure ommunications on a one-hour flight or less than one-hour flight, cost $25,000, that seems absurd. rules are the same, needs of different officials vary. as far as steven mnuchin,
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helicopter or a airplane flight? uest: two different incidents reported for secretary mnuchin. one was a flight from new york otheron military jet, the being use of government plane to around the nox, eclipse for a visit at fort nox, we don't know the cost of the secretary flight. i know of two instances he used government aircraft at large taxpayers. host: how do you get information? how is that information reported? guest: the same regulation specify when charter or government planes can be used has a right to know. there are reporting requirements from the agency to general administration and also xplicit regulation saying the public can file freedom of information act request to get this information. journalists who have done requests and shined light on this, in my opinion, of taxpayer dollars.
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host: paul seamus ryan with ommon cause talking about government travel by cabinet secretaries and others. numbers, 202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans. for and for all others, independents, 202-748-8002. "washington post" piece on scott taken they write he's four noncommercial and military flights since mid-february, osting taxpayers more than $58,000 to fly to various parts of the country. e.p.a. provided documents outlined how his office of can given legal athourization for each trip. of legal counsel does this, what do they look at? regs i mentioned arlier, they need to justify military aircraft or charter aircraft usage, either on the effectiveness or
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security or communication needs not mply the fact there is an available commercial flight available at that time. heightened ere security concern fist tom price, for example, or scott pruitt to take a commercial aircraft and flew coach or flew class, are those -- would detailcretary's security follow that secretary onboard the plane or on the train in some cases? i'm not an expert in security details, but i will say my understand suggest that vary quite a bit from cabinet member to cabinet member smchlt have received threats and they receive additional security, presumably the cost for providing security travel for security detail would be more so than for abinet members who haven't received threats who don't have added protection or security tochlt my knowledge, none of the instances being reported, secretary price, pruitt, security added
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security or enhanced security as esult of threats are not at issue in any matters. by contrast, for example, my nderstanding secretary of education, devos received some threats and she flyos her own own expense, doesn't charge taxpayers a penny. that is another way of doing this. want to fly and continue platinum plated lifestyle, do it dime, not taxpayer dimes. host: nevada, we hear from independent line. caller: yeah. thank you for taking my call. ask your guest f he's aware of the insider tradeing that mr. price has over a few months ago being investigated by congress? guess he really had insider information, made a lot of money on stocks and he was on a regulate those,
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that information. also, is there any legal way we citizens can get some funds back that the people, not just but it seems many, many others in this administration using these private jets and charters. part: respond to the first of your question. mr. price's selling of stocks reportedly based on nsider information, they were medical tech industry stocks. common cause is watchdogging and publicized that and there is an investigation legality of the trades made by mr. price before e became health and human service secretary. watchdog, yes, common concern is by that insider tradeing and profiting off information that is gained as a official. host: greta in huntersville, north carolina, on the's
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caller: yes. how tom ike to know price, who when during the obama administration, i mean, he's been in there for a while, did then or is this just of opportunity by him just because he could? you. guest: he was a congressman, he was congressman up until earlier year when he became sxhelth human service secretary. good point there. members of congress on travel, congressional delegation or code or other ravel doshgs they follow the same rule? yeah. bottom line is the rules are quite similar for members of congress and mr. price, when he was in congress was highly critical of speaker pelosi and what he same rule? her considered to be extensive and expensive use of government aircraft flying back and forth from california.
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used to be a fiscal hawk on this, quite conservative on this watchdogging and safeguarding taxpayer dollars. he's singing a different tune ow that he has access to the planes and are using them himself. ost: mariah, republican line, in pittsburgh. go ahead. critical of these peep and he will they should be, what happened to nancy, the woman mentioned it. nancy pelosi using military as escort, from washington it california, nobody commented the -- they commented, but nothing was done, use thathe continue to when fellow his many more important things to do? it is fair game to scrutinize any use of the aircraft, including speaker pelosi, as mr. price did when he was a member of congress. expensive scrutinize
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use by all public officials. host: bring up politico story zinke, -n zinc taken several flightos private or military aircraft, including $12,000 charter plane to take im to eecht necessary his ometown in montana and private fligh flights. what can you tell us about this? do you know about this? uest: i don't know much more detail than reported in the news, but again, the rules are the same for all folks. the end of the day, in order to use military or private aircraft effective ore cost have another extraordinary need, or example, lack of service by commercial airline. one example of when that happens, travel in alaska, by officials, very often depends on the use of private aircraft or military aircraft alaska is not serviced by roads and automobiles, nor in there commercial airports
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a lot of small towns that people need to reach. there are circumstance necessary military and government aircraft is appropriate and necessary, but of reporting lot of cabinet members using it in nstances at great cost to taxpayer when is it wasn't seemingly necessary. - -- zinke mming note, is speaking today at 11:30 this he'll be talking about energy and energy development. california,fremont, democrat's line. you are on, go ahead. caller: i have a question. i want to tell you about an experience. s a child, my dad was in the naf and he we flew on military flights. putting a ber my dad blanket over me because it was cold in the plane. is, do other government agencies pay for flights? census bureau one
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time and nay through me from be fornia to seattle to trained. i know they do it somewhat, but also?ers do it guest: short answer is yes, lots of different agencies take existence of military aircraft and use it. there are different rules that to military ample, personnel and families. when they are essentially itching a right on an already scheduled flight, very different circumstances.nt rights can be given at no is tional cost if the plane going from point a to point b, that may have been what your were awas doing when you child. that is perfectly appropriate to hitch a ride. the other part of your question, agencies have access to aircraft, they have to justify the use of the aircraft a new are creating flight, new expense to taxpayers that standard of the rule set up talking about already this morning having to do with cost effectiveness. ost: before secretary price
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said he would write the check to reimburse the government, trump he is displeased with the travel.secretary private records being sought to review justification he and his staff for the trips, according to spokesman for the hhs inspector general. the president's press secretary, was asked about the follow-up to the price travel issue. to say.what she had > tom price's use of private plane, is the president taking steps to crack down on this practice? the president is not thrilled, certainly not happy with the actions, we're looking at the issue, they are conducting both i..ernal and an go full review. to be clear, also the white house does not have a role on approving nd of flights at theed
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agency, that is something we're looking into from this point forward and have asked a halt be particularly at hhs on private charter flights moving forward. are flights at the host: mrs. sanders says the white house doesn't have a role, think at common cause? guest: the rules require that officials get approval within agencies, but the president is the head of all agencies,utive branch the white house does have responsibility to bear here. the white house does have a role ensuring taxpayer monsenot wasted and the white house needs to do something. host: lead editorial in "new york times," so much for cleaner ashington, the times board editorial board writing in august the chief of staff john what would be on thorough house cleaning, time to round up top members of the for all hands lecture on difference between public service and self enrichment and importance of sunlight as disinfectant.
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have absorbed more persuasive lesson from the chief executive. you can and to hell with the rules, "new york times" opinion. hillman, michigan, on the democrat's line. ahead.e on, go caller: thank you, c-span. and i guess so much for draining the swamp. but i was wondering how much the on the hook for, all of president trump's golf trips? guest: we don't have a dollar amount yet, but we know that the tag has been astronomical by relative comparison to prior administration. the number of trips that president trump has taken to his to mara logo and and his security detail entourage has been a great and to
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host: for the caller, this article came out back in june on ewsweek reporting on cost of the trips. keep in mind, it was from june, trump's travel costs are staggering, yet five years biden. complained for five year system a long time, sor ity in the volatile -- bethat, volatile u.s. political we have and how far come since 2012. ive years ago, donald trump tweeted about joe biden's travel cost claiming they were a burden taxpayers. "biden vp spends 1 million weekend trips," trump tweeted at the time linking to news mag story. this earlier in terms f the practices of previous administrations. and your take on the trump versus the obama and then george w. bush is nistration, is that this
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an issue that's come up more quickly than it did in those administrations, more frequently? guest: correct tochlt my nowledge, we didn't see anything close to private military aircraft in the bush administration, nor in the obama administration or clinton administration. this is new. it may be the result of bringing millionaires and billionaires to your cabinet, they are used to a certain lifestyle and they that platinum-plated lifestyle on the taxpayer dime. mentioned betsy devos is footing her bill for her travel. wilbur ross paying for his own charter jet travel. members, price, pruitt, mnuchin, shifting cost to taxpayers. calls.ouple more darline, independent line, hi there. like to es, i would comment, i believe $52,000 pay g million dollars in travel is not -- taking burden off the every r until he pays
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dime back. i work for the government reviously and everyone i ever worked for traveled via commercial airlines. he second comment, we can be paying for anybody's vacation trip, including the president, for our of us pay flights to and from vacation, if every ing golfing weekend, he needs to his his own oney to pay for that, even if it is on air force one that, is my personal feeling as a taxpayer. glad you raised this point, it struck me yesterday. the first headline after he etary price announced would pay the cost of reimburse didn't cost of his seat pick up on the fact he limit oday to reimbursing for the fact he was paying for his seat. not ines were edited, he's reimbursing for cost of flights o taxpayers, as you noted over a million bucks and climbing, he's only paying $50 grand. wants to see him e
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imburrs taxpayers for the full he demanded.ts paul seamus ryan is twitter at s. ryan. at c-span wj, you can reach us. this ked about this morning. nancy pelosi demanding her own flew herself and her family on her plane. first speaker ever to do so. the in oklahoma city on independent line. go ahead. caller: yes. don't cut me off. shu have informed the viewers cause is a left wing funded by george soros out to administration and any conservatives and another thing you are not telling the is that the hillary george and obama and soros are funding resist and all he protesters that hound the cabinet members. betsy devos was attacked and not
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the first go to school he wanted to go to. the e.p.a. chairman, especially, attacked. they cannot take commercial this houndinge of and this man is a -- i don't what is wrong with c-span, someone commented the papers you read are mostly liberal leaning and propaganda. thank you. donna, address two thing, her concerns over potential security issues for ome cabinet members and secondly, your organization, she said left wing and funded by soros. you can respond. guest: common cause was founded republican, john gardner, we have received no money from soros. i wish we had funding from george soros, we would welcome the support. are nonpartisan, nonprofit and i in my career, i've been years his work for 20 watchdogging democrats and republicans alike. esterday it was announced by
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campaign legal center, my former complaint my name is on complaining about funding the e clinton campaign and super pact found to be illegal. entireeen watchdogging my career and continue to do that at common cause w. respect to inurity, i mentioned earlier the program, it is legitimate reason to request military or planes if ter heightened security is needed for an official or secure believeations, we don't that is the case with some officials being scrutinized this eek for excessive use of private or military aircraft. paul seamus ryan with common cause, read more and follow more at common, thank you. more ahead on "washington journal," we'll open you e phones, any topic would like to talk about. hing necessary congress or
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things we talked about on the program today. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. and independents, 202-748-8002. things we dialing.d and start this week newsmakers entered utah, r mike lee of judiciary committee member, talking about the newest justice court, dpoerz goe oerz -- neil gorsuch and his impact on the court. >> judge gorsuch will impact the very much in legacy of his predecessor, he by be coalition builder virtue of the fact he's very smart and not afraid to express opinions and he's very much of justice scalia. comments are on the text. his first full term and he's had impact in the little time he's been on the court. i wonder what you are looking, watching for from this term and i want to ask, a few instances now, we've seen
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on him lineup in a camp ith justice alito and justice thomas and chief justice in justice kennedy on the other hand taking out more position on a couple things. what do you make of this different approach between the conservative camp? guest: yeah, look, you will patternsto see similar like that, i think he views the law in much the same way as thomas and my former alito. justice to remember we have most cases in the supreme court most are cided 5-4, not even decided 6-3. a lot of them are decide or 8-1 or 7-2. it is in the close case and charged cases you tend to see more of a division. suspect that you'll often lining up stices
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quite consistently on the withrvative side of things support of justice kennedy, but not always. see real ontinue to meaning, value being added by neil gorsuch, i don't think he'll be blindly following conservative colleagues in those cases, he will be contributing to analytical skills. in the same ch league with them in terms of confidence, in terms of judicial and his ability to apply the law to the facts of any case. > "washington journal" continues. host: and it is open phones up eastern.00 202-748-8000 for democrats. for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents others. no house session today. no senate session, they are out next week. yesterday saw return of


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