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  Weekly Presidential Address  CSPAN  September 30, 2017 6:20pm-6:26pm EDT

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about the life and political career of chester a arthur. >> i think he recognized he wasn't qualified for the job. he ended up on accident. then all of a sudden he is on the threshold of office. >> sunday night on 8:00 eastern on c-span today. -- q&a. >> president trump talks about the federal response to help puerto rico and the virgin islands and his plans for tax reform. the nevada senator gives the democratic response to hurricanes. president trump: our hearts are united with twitter rico and the faced islands, who devastation on to catastrophic hurricanes. datee working night and
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with local authorities to assist at those in need to help save and sustain lives and begin the long recovery and building efforts. our commitment to the effort is you, we willwith stay with you, and we will come back stronger than ever. we are sending tremendous amount of supplies and food and water and we are sending great people to help. i know that it's been devastating, i know you're least force and everything else has been absolutely hurt. but we are sending people to help and it is getting that are on a daily basis. this week at traveled to indiana to the nasa distort tax reform tax reformhistoric for the american people. we will cut taxes on all working american families. people will pay a lot less money. single individuals will not be taxed on the first $12,000 on
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income earned and american couple will paid zero taxes on their first $24,000 of income. will that, taxable income be subject to just three tax rates, 12%, 25%, and 35%. it used to be 7%. tax a also expand the child credit, eliminate the marriage penalty, and provide a $500 tax credit for elder care and other adult dependents. this is the real last and -- lasting tax relief that americans deserve. this is what working americans have been after. the taxework will make code simple, fair, and easy to understand. the vast majority of families familiesble to file
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will be able to file taxes on a single sheet of paper. as part of sympathy gish, -- simplification -- julie ellingson is a fourth-generation cattle rancher in bismarck, north dakota. hard work's legacy of should not be taken away when she dies. we will eliminate the death tax and keep her dream alive, most importantly, her family will long remember and will be working hard for many years on their farm. restoree are going to america's competitive edge so that american businesses and workers can win again. we will cut the corporate rate below the average of our foreign competitors and reduce the top marginal tax rate on small and midsize businesses to the lowest in more than 80 years. it is so important because our companies are leaving our shores
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and when they leave, they let go of their workers and make their product and send it back into our country. we don't tax them and we don't do anything. those days are over. we have a competitive tax where companies won't be leaving. it won't be happening like it has. finally, our framework encourages corporations to bring back trillions of dollars from a wealth parked overseas and stops punishing companies for keeping headquarters in the united states. that is what happening. companies that stay in our country are being punished by our tax code. this will switch our current off shoring model, a tax system that drives jobs to other countries, to a new american model. we want our companies to hire and grow american, raise wages for american workers, and help rebuild american cities and towns.
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this is a once in a generation opportunity to pass tax reform and restore our jobs, our wealth, and our great american dreams. we will be able to drink again and those dreams will be met. now it is time for congress to deliver. the problem we have is, the democrats don't want to cut your taxes. they want to raise your taxes and raise them substantially. we can't afford to do that as a country. that's why our jobs are leaving, that's why you don't have enough left in your paycheck. we want to cut taxes and it's going to be the biggest tax cut in a history of our country. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. >> my name is catherine cortez, senator from nevada. in a month of september, americans in the caribbean and along the southern