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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  October 1, 2017 7:00am-8:05am EDT

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zirin talks about the nfl comments. then, steve clemons. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is next. ♪ good morning. these images from puerto rico as the u.s. territory continues to deal with the aftermath of hurricane maria. miami herald reports that the island is facing a humanitarian and public health catastrophe. administration's response has been, in his words, "incredible." the president prepares to travel to puerto rico on tuesday. it is sunday, october 1. later this morning, we have supreme court justices in
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attendance. it will be the first monday in october. the house and senate will be in session this week. look for news on the floor of abortion. we begin now with the situation in puerto rico. we want to get to your calls and comments as we get to the images from the u.s. territory and the president's response to what has been happening down there. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, an independent. and we have a line set aside if you are puerto rican and are the u.s.. (202) 748-8003 you -- (202) 748-8003.
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you could also send us a tweet. we do want to begin with what is going on in puerto rico. this gives you a sense of the magnitude of the destruction and devastation. "president trump blaming puerto ricans for failing to do enough to dig out from the damage of hurricane maria." they do not have access to drinking water. 95% remain without power. line for thosea of you who are living in the united states from order rico. outries of tweets came between the mayor and president trump and we will share with you those tweets. by the numbers -- the death toll is at 16. gasoline stations open, 714 out of 1100. half of the supermarkets are now
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open. 150 shelters are open. here is the mayor from san juan. for documentation and i think we have given them enough documentation. and they have the gall this morning -- look at this. look at this? do you think this weighs enough? they have the gall this morning of asking me, what are your priorities? where have you been? and i have been respectful of fema employees. i have been patient but we have no time for patients anymore. so i am asking the president of the united states to make sure charge that is up
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to the task of saving lives. up to the task of africa when ebola came over. they were up to the task in haiti, as they should be. because when it comes to saving lives, we are all part of one community of shared values. i will do what i never thought i was going to do. i am begging. i am begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying. if anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying. of sanhat was the mayor juan which created a twitter
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storm friday and saturday including these tweets from the in new jersey. the president tweeted the following. "because of fake news, my people are not getting credit they for doing a great as seen here, they are doing a great job. " and then there was this. "fake news critics are working overtime but they are griping -- they are getting great marks from those that truly matter." thank you so much for being with us. can you walk us through how all of this unfolded into yesterday morning by the president? reporter: -- the president flew up
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yesterday afternoon and he feels like he has the criticism from the puerto ricans with his responses. he feels that is out of bounds because he feels he's done a good job in responding to this disaster. he is going to puerto rico on tuesday. so maybe his opinion on the situation will change once he sees everything on the ground. but so far, he doesn't want this to be his hurricane katrina and i think you probably saw the washington post piece about how they first had a good response for the first couple of days and hen they had four days where really didn't comment publicly. and when he kicked up the firestorm with the nfl fire and the media was focused on that. and that was a lost opportunity to show leadership on
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this issue. because these millions of americans, these are americans in puerto rico. it isn't a foreign country. usa today points out that only 5% of the residents there have electricity. so you do get a sense of the magnitude. there had been significant in for structure problems even before hurricane maria. so in terms of the price tag and the commitment, what do you think the territory can expect? ofst: it will be a long haul fixing puerto rico. because it will cost billions of bring back -- puerto ricans are going to fly to america and say they cannot live there anymore. that it so much damage isn't worth it to try to stay
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there for months as they try to store electricity. so florida has to deal with basically puerto rican refugees. this will only tax florida. because puerto rico will become like a ghost land. that is what your colleague said when we talked about the challenges for florida and the political implications potentiallyd as hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans moved to florida. guest: it could really make it harder for republicans to win. a lot of them are democrats. and they love to vote. the turnout rate is something
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and i think that will carry over. and if they feel like the trump administration did not do a good job in responding then you can be sure that in 2020, they will factor that in. when they cast a vote against president trump. that is something that trumps political advisers should be telling him. that this is a real issue. i would say that this is a tough situation. electricity tot be restored in puerto rico. i'm sure that fema is doing a lot of work down there. rico, you are in puerto
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you feel host: like something is up. here's a picture of the new york times, giving you an idea of the destruction. -- theing a day of did headline is "in during a day of misery." is a report that trump may visit the u.s. virgin islands has that been confirmed? we're awaiting details to find out whether he makes the trip down. it'll will be interesting to see if he does make his way down. and the response that he gets. response when he went down to texas to meet with storm victims. did the puerto rican/out that trump because they feel like he hasn't responded well? so it is a busy week in washington with congressman
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sessions and there is a lot of other stuff going on. dim lippmann is a reporter for -- daniel lippman is a reporter for politico. thank you for being with us. dim lippmanni want to share wis headline. it takes aim at the mayor of san juan. "the san juan mayor might be too busy doing tv to meet with trump " let's get to your phone calls. we begin with james in tennessee. your comments on the president's response to the situation in puerto rico? host: -- : thank you for accepting
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my call. this man is too busy worrying about what the nfl is doing. he is talking about who is a patriot. as far as puerto rico goes, he doesn't care nothing about those people down there. thank you. host: rich is joining us. from other disasters, we have learned lessons. in new orleans, one problem with getting help is that people try to move in motorboats but they got shot at so they had to clean up that problem. i know what is going on down there. why they are not moving. whether there is danger to them. but there is note -- there is no
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reason for them not to move that from the trucks. be a janitorld that could produce minor power and they could put a converter with faults to run some small things on there. withther things is that the drones in pharrell places, take water to a place that they couldn't get it into very easily. your calls. taking and here is a tweet. and "cut to the chase. we don't want trump to be president anymore." and this 1 -- "the people puerto rico don't need the absent, in different president to tell them how release -- how relief efforts are going."
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trump played puerto ricans on saturday for failing to do enough to clean up. half of the 3.4 million people live on the island don't have access to drinking water. 95% remain without power. trump, spending the weekend at his private golf club in new jersey, fired off a series of angry tweets on saturday, complaining that media coverage of the suffering was unfair and took aim at the mayor of san juan. maria was the most powerful itrm to strike in years and was difficult to get water and fuel around the island. the hurricane has killed 15 people. on the linda joining us democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. people in puerto rico, the mayor.
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there was a loss of life, no food. and our so-called president is on --g in his golf course golf course. if he doesn't want criticism, he ordered airplanes and helicopters to be moved. he didn't care. he has been doing all of that but part of the problem has been on the ground in puerto rico. caller: he says he has been doing it but can you prove it? he is doing something now because he doesn't like the criticism. about the people.
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it is about the criticism of him. he is always crying that things are unfair. he always has negative criticism about what obama was doing but obama did a thousand times better than him. host: you mentioned president obama. we went back a couple of years ago and this was a tweet from november 6, 2012. donald trump wrote the following. "the federal government has thaned sandy worse katrina. there is no excuse why people don't have electricity or fuel et." that was from donald trump in 2012. from new york on the republican line, good morning. good morning. i have two comments. number one. it is my understanding that this mayor did not even go -- the mayor puerto rico didn't go to the fema command center to
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engage in meetings about how to handle the situation? the second point i want to make when louisiana experienced massive flooding, obama was at martha's vineyard paying gulf -- martha's vineyard playing golf. the media gave him a pass cousin they said -- the media gave may pass because they said he could monitor it from where he was. when the news media had their head cut off by isis, obama played golf. and he said it was a matter of optics and that is why he took criticism. host: thank you for the call. we are looking at the scene across puerto rico. the island was hit by hurricane maria and trump travel to the island -- trump will travel to
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the island on tuesday. caller: good morning. i couldn't help but notice that everything you said from the moment you came on the air was negative. against trump. everything that you read. out on'm calling you that. that is not true. we read to you what trump said in his tweets. we hear from trump himself in a moment. i disagree and i want to be clear about that is what we are doing is giving you the information as it is being reported and letting you make up your own mind which gives a better reflection of what people are saying, both good and bad. tweets from trump don't count. it is the people that you had on first that bashed his efforts.
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that island was wiped out and strewn with trees like tinker toys thrown with a child. to get to those people was a logistical nightmare and all they showed was the containers on the floor. thousands of them, complaining they couldn't be distributed. that wasn't fema. and look.l costco when you did the by the numbers, look. expose it to and the people that hate are going to hate. or those who trump hate the left. up by this was drummed obama and his administration and this is because of communists
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and extremists. and people are demonstrating and are destroying holdings and storefronts and marching and hating. that is all this is. turn to christ. reading by the numbers is simply putting facts out there. i will put it on screen. at toll is gas stations open -- 714 out of 1100. electric customers without power, only 5% have power. about half, open, 224, are open. 337 pharmacies are open. 51 of the 69 hospitals are open but hospitals connected to the electric grid is only nine. so again.
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that is just putting the information out there. it is good information and it sounds like they are snapping back. weekssat here for three in an ice storm waiting for my electricity to be restored and i had no complaints. from the daily caller, this story. defending a series of tweets from president trump, blasting the san juan mayor with the relief efforts. it suggested that the mayor of failed to connect with a command center that was set up. the problem was that human he is what is needed to be successful in this response. is online.ory
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we go to virginia with the republican line. thank you for taking my call. listen. is like a mother hen, trying to give help to her people. can't the national guard come down like a swarm of bees and try to help out? a little bit faster. why can't the last four presidents come together and there team to come down and help our people? if it was their children or trump's children, he could get down there like lickety-split. thank you for the call. from kevin who
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says it is the usual right-wing response. "but obama." we go to blaine joining us from michigan. good morning. disaster you don't put supplies in the front of the storm, they would have been wiped out. the naval base was closed down there some years ago. courtesy of the puerto rican people. mistake number one. mistake number two was jumping all over everything. i noticed this weekend, former vice president ivan and ex-president obama were watching a basketball game or a hockey game in canada. george bush put his own money to work in africa.
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the two clowns sitting in canada watching a game didn't lend a hand in puerto rico. they could have on their own. i bet you that george bush did be down there. there are only so many. the rest of us would like to down there and help. put us on a plane and we will go down there and help and stop the bickering. because this is not helping at all. puerto rico was hit hard. a lot of my friends at in their on it off. i have friends down there now. so you guys need to get yourself together. and the naysayers really need to reconsider. today is sunday. they need to go to church instead of bashing the president who has actually plan all of this stuff in advance.
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--t: this is from breaker once again, trump has people waking up this morning with people mad. -- the u.s.round military is moving in more equipment and personnel to help the federal emergency management agency, fema. they say they have delivered millions of meals and water, many puerto ricans say the aid has been too little and hasn't made its way to large parts of the island. they wonder why they are not getting the same relief as residents of florida. outside of san juan, there were ofm -- there were few signs aid outside of their locality. line set aside if
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you are puerto rican, living here in the u.s. .nd that line is (202) 748-8003 gloria is calling us from that line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i do still have family that live in puerto rico. my parents were born in puerto rico and moved to the united states and i was born and raised here in ohio. i think one of the things that i'm very upset about right now is that trump is making it sound as if the puerto rican people are to blame for the current situation. he is making it sound like they are lazy and all they want is a handout and i just want to let you all know -- puerto rican people are very proud people. they are hard-working people.
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a are the type of people that always extend a hand, a helping hand, to their brothers and community. and my understanding is that this is what has been going on for the island. whatever they have, they give to others. and i don't appreciate how he c. and my understanding is is doing a dog whistle -- because that is part of his plan -- blaming people of color. bringing up the and no one seems to be talking million of debt , stranded in puerto rico, when he went bankrupt with one of his own properties. so he added to this debt. so i just don't appreciate how things were done from the very beginning.
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from day one, that the storm was coming. he made no effort at the beginning to try to set everything up so that it was a preparation. troop and having somebody in command. the jones act is another area that brings debt to puerto rico. and they need to completely terminate that. because it paralyzes them, financially. host: john mccain is putting forward legislation to do just that. it looks like congress will take this up as early as this week. thank you for the call from ohio. inside the new york times is the path of hurricane maria. you can see how the wind affected the entire island.
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more tweets -- "president trump's response shows us how invidious to be president -- shows us how unfit he is to be potus. just as all other moronic things he has done in nine months. " -- "during sandy, we lost power for 16 days and several roads were blocked. by falling trees and power lines." are you from puerto rico? you have family down there? caller: yes. something in rebuttal to the naysayers. i think it is extremely interesting to say that bush -- trump isn't there and bush wouldn't be there. does anybody remember katrina?
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he was on a boat, fishing with his son? does anybody remember that? clear that if you don't want to do something, you don't do that. this country is broke. that, you say this in front of the whole world? stop worryingld about what people look like -- you can't choose what you are when you are born. people are worried about the national anthem, the home of the free but he hasn't even been there yet. come on, people aren't watching this? we can put people on the moon and the old drones but we can't
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get there? 1100 miles away? our country that we claim? that thisdy know country belonged to mexico in the first place? host: thank you very much for the call. news, curt schilling who was on yesterday, this is the headline. "in puerto rico, trump did provide speedy relief that the execution on the ground is, in his words, horrifying." you can read that story and watch the interview on fox is "on as mayor mission to save lives." we go to jackie from idaho. good morning. caller: high. --hink this is turning into
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i don't know. wes mayor comes on their and have two other disasters. somebody has to wait their turn. we only have so much. and yes, the puerto ricans, their country is trashed before the hurricane. host: let me jump in there. it is not a country. it is a u.s. territory. and when you say, wait their turn -- what do you mean? caller: we only have so many resources. host: but they are americans. we have houston and louisiana and florida to deal with. it here they come -- i mean, gives a guy a break. host: let me understand your thinking. when you say puerto rico should wait, wait how long? no, i'm saying that
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there is a lot that could be doing. just like the people in houston. everybody helped everybody before fema got in there. is it seems like this mayor so impatient. i've been to puerto rico. and it is a flipping jungle. you can't just fly a plane in. it all has to come from the ships and stuff until they get clearance. i just think that everybody needs to chill out. it will get done. and they'll have a better country than what they started with. bringe they will try to everything in. the reason they got destroyed is because the puerto rican government won't build the code. host: i have to correct you. this is not a country.
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they are american citizens. i did just have surgery and i'm not thinking straight. ourthey still responsibility as americans to be americans. frederick ino florida, good morning. caller: good morning. i am a military person. a vietnam veteran. i just want to comment on that someone said -- they had the resources -- i was in the jungle and they had us ammo and food. way, if the roads are there is some kind of disconnect with logistics. but theyget them food
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say there's some kind of disconnect, somewhere. and that is my comment. host: thank you for the call. from american one, "the constant claims of racism is despicable." and this is from our friend michael, "our president really needs to limit his twitter comments." --the president andacterized here as "45" the weekly standard, can he be stopped? tillerson, and rex saying that we are in direct lines of communication with pyongyang. steve clemons will be joining of the hour to give perspective on this. go next to queens, new york.
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everybody plays the blame game. on the president. and not on america. the thing is this. .ussia interfered china, they interfered with everything in the world. this is a crisis. there is russia in this? i hear nobody talking about this. i'm not hearing about all of the big superpowers. about nobodyrd coming in. it is only america. host: thank you for the call.
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jim said, have you ever corrected any of the callers calling trump a racist? how about obama a muslim? as a matter of fact, i have. this headline from cnn. --rto ricans firing back over his tweets -- the story is that up next is jackie. caller: yes. i just think people ought to look at this with a little common sense. it has been in the news for quite a while that puerto rico was going bankrupt before the hurricane hit. companyhat the power was billions of dollars in debt , as farinfrastructure
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as the power, the grid, it was already collapsing before the hurricane hit. and that means that the polls and the wiring and all of that was in a state of decay. so essentially, you are not talking about going in and cooking power backup. you are talking about starting from scratch after the storm. puerto rico is an island. people with common sense realize there are only so many trucks and pieces of equipment on that what is neededld to provide power. there are only so many concrete trucks. mean, mean, these people aren'n using their head when they say -- they could do more to get water on or power on or clearing roads.
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you know, equipment -- it is essential to do all of these things. and then you have to have qualified people. and when you only have so many poor's, you are only able to offload so many ships with so much equipment. it is ridiculous to say that the american response has been sluggish. i think they have been doing a fantastic job. they have thrown quite a few people at it. professionals. you just have to use common sense when you look at this. there is no way that puerto rican people are going to get power back on tomorrow. host: thank you for the call. story,ly mail has the the mayor puerto rico responded by posting photos when it was
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devastated last week saying "we must be united in offering assistance to puerto rico and everywhere in the wake of this terrible disaster." criticizednt then the mayor saying that the results of the recovery efforts will speak louder than the complaints of san juan. week -- the president will be on the island tuesday. >> as far as puerto rico is concerned, it has been going really well. it is total devastation. we are getting trucks drivers the people from puerto rico are looking at other problems. likewise. i think this is going really well. scott, that has been a
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success. he is going to get involved with madeo rico and we have tremendous strides. a very tough situation and a big question is, what happens? we have to rebuild. the roads are gone and communication are gone. the real question is, what will happen later? the loss of life is tragic. incredible, the results that we have had with respects to the loss of life. these people can't believe how successful this has been. relatively speaking. host: that was the comment from the president. back to your phone calls over his response to the situation and puerto rico. emily, good morning. good morning. i hope everybody stops hating select and thinks the president for working so hard. he is nothing like obama.
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-- obama never a lazy never said he was a lazy man. just saying, that is the attitude he had. this man is working 24-seven. and what is happening here puerto rico is, as someone else mentioned, they have a lot of problems with money. bonds were put out and sold. people happened is, the running the grid had millions of dollars and what they did was they stole the money. and they should be arrested. the president knows there's a lot of trouble puerto rico and there is a lot crime. that is what you can't get drivers. because they want to stay home to take care of their home and family. so it is a catastrophe.
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person toblame one run the whole world and then have a maniac like in north korea, causing so much trouble by blowing up so many muscles and now, he wants to do this in the pacific ocean. president to give our some credit for being a hard worker and having a good attitude. host: thank you for the call. this is a tweet from reviewer. "it is funny how some people only hear remarks that don't upport their position." from chris in alabama -- "i'm glad we are finally talking about puerto rico. i was shocked that it took nearly a week after maria before media paid attention." also on the agenda, trump is trying to find a new director of
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-- the opportunity in mr. prices resignation. he was a roadblock and trump should see this chance. a conservative talk show host has a few ideas and he has been tweeting this morning on who he thinks would be a good replacement. results, bobby jindal from louisiana or teddy -- tevi troy." jeffrey is joining us this morning. caller: it is a tragedy what happened there. as a lot of people mentioned, puerto rico has been spiraling for years. and i can't imagine what their infrastructure looks like.
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outdated and not kept up with. whether we talk roads or drainage or power lines. that has to be horrible. ofaking to the aspects resources, the things that can be moved, are they being moved moved, are they being moved and managed? how you decide to unplug a generator from a hospital in houston and move it to puerto rico? good morning. how are you doing this morning? i don't even know how to start. to see people talk about puerto rico in such a negative way when the infrastructure is poor. that means that the federal government has been not been share. their speaking on the people of puerto
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rico, this is a humanitarian crisis. and i know that his supporters love this man. playing golf might be hard work. he needs to step up his game because he is not doing what he did for texas and florida. is a shame to see how people always cover up for him. that is what i have to say. to vicki.ks, going ander: i want to call in give a comment. this is what i would like to say. what is it going to take us -- we see what is going on. why we blaming puerto ricans for a disaster that was made by nature? this is ridiculous. that we would pinpoint and allow people to call in and talk about people's lives.
7:47 am
the people of puerto rico are hungry. they need food. i am so upset about this because i can't believe how people have no empathy towards human life. puerto rico is part of the united states of america and if we are going to have a president, the president needs to act presidential. he needs to stand up. and if he can't stand up, we need someone else to do that job. host: thank you for the call. these are images over the last 24 hours. this is from time magazine. "the island and the storm." saying puerto rico was wrecked by maria and ignored by the mainland. we go to teresa joining us on the republican line from illinois. is that therement were bases for puerto rico --
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,esse jackson and al sharpton those people demonstrated to have them removed. if they were still there, they would be helping out. also, i feel that they voted against statehood. they do not want to be part of america. about what has happened to them but i feel that jesse jackson should go and try to help them since they did everything they could to remove the bases. host: thank you for the call. next we go to glenn. caller: good morning. first of all. it has been nine days since trump did anything for puerto rico.
7:49 am
was 10 nfl players that was protesting until president things.nt his nose into and now he has every team in the .ountry protesting as far as puerto rico goes, give them the help they need and help this mayor. that is it. thank you. "looking up the roads, you need helicopters. you can't do anything if they look like that." we share comments yesterday morning and this is from early yesterday morning. the following about the mayor of san juan. the situation in puerto rico. "the mayor of san juan was complementary a few weeks ago but now has been told by the
7:50 am
democrats that you must be nasty to trump." he went on to say "such poor ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico, who were not able to get their workers help." "theyen went on to say want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. the military and first responders have done an amazing job. puerto rico was totally destroyed." then "i will legally to puerto rico on tuesday. will hopefully be able to stop at the u.s. virgin islands. the fake news networks are working overtime in puerto rico to do their best to take the spirit away from our soldiers. shame." tell us about your family? born inmy parents were
7:51 am
puerto rico so they came to the mainland. and was in the early 60's 70's. i still have the majority of my family there. my aunts are in their 80's, widows. plus, we have a whole other generation on the mainland. i want to talk about a couple of things. i would like you to invite someone with expertise because the and pendant movement in texas is not- going to leave the union? will leave the union. i would also like perspective from the military service from puerto rico's on the island. they have served for so long with such great pride.
7:52 am
ownousin anthony took his life after his first tour after the first war in iraq and i have another one currently serving. that island. that is where our ancestors came from. it is american citizenships. is really offensive to hear people talking about debt when our own states on the mainland -- our brothers and sisters in texas went through something horrific, similar to what is going on in puerto rico but no one called out there debt. witches $1500? things have- these to be -- when you offer someone a hand and then you slap at them the same time, it is offensive. to speak toike people who are donating and who
7:53 am
do understand and you have taken time to educate themselves about their fellow citizens. and i hope that we continue to do better and help each other i just don't know what else to say. ask forfor the pairs -- the prayers for our nation. did pass awayll at the age of 96 and now we go to steve from south carolina. good morning. caller: i always enjoyed monty hall. the lady who was speaking is 100% correct. mainland america. and i know how much puerto rico has done in our military. i don't understand how people don't understand things like that. the most important thing for me is -- and i have called every congressman in my book, and i wish everybody was calling you asking about their congressman
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or whether they are republican or democrat. i haven't seen a military helicopter fly in any direction. and as somebody said a minute ago, i said you do have to get it in by helicopter. we have the most capable military in the world for humanitarian response. if you do nothing else but look at this as an exercise, it might be a good exercise. we have generators the size of your house. capacity to help isse people and it ridiculous that we are not doing it. and i hope trump has a nice day playing golf today. host: thank you for the call. we are unable to help an american territory in crisis, perhaps we should give it to russia."
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this is the headline from the miami herald -- many more will come. hundreds of thousands of reagan's are expected to arrive in miami and move across florida. many could stay permanently. a look at the long-term .pplications , joining us francis from new york on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to say that the president has done everything from before maria. over the internet, what he has done and he is continuing to do something. do they really he has done -- american citizens.
7:56 am
off --ly passes the pisses me off. to be on that golf course and with american people in puerto rico. i hope they recover quickly. because they are american citizens and they need help. please help them. it annoys me. they're in the middle of the ocean and it isn't that easy. hear them --ave to over and over and over again. i hope they have a speedy recovery. we need to stick together. host: thank you for the call. this is from michael o'hanlon who wrote a piece from usa today.
7:57 am
"treat puerto rico like rebuilding iraq and afghanistan. " opportunities at rebuilding. we go to the democrats line. caller: good morning. my heart and prayers go out to and itple of puerto rico --truly a humanitarian the it is truly a humanitarian disaster. it is an opportunity to learn from this whole thing. company, the steel -- they got work in the steel and they could move up. they could make high wages.
7:58 am
democrats, to the there is no backlit steel. so now they can look forward to working as housekeepers with ---level jobs because seal is now a casino. puerto rico needs to think about going democratic in the future. , texas,ook at houston florida. those are republican governors and you look at how well that went. thank you for the call. washington post reports this morning that the writers of saturday night live it wasted no time incorporating the latest news involving trump into the first few minutes of the shows fall premiere. here is last night from nbc. >> i understand, mr. president
7:59 am
man from san juan is on the line? >> i was expecting this phone call. you want to tell me what a great job i'm doing. yes? want to talk to me? >> yes. i'm so glad to have you on the phone. i'm begging you. your help. needs test -- youd the called the best person to do the job. we are going to get more help to you and we are going to be there by tuesday or wednesday at the latest. >> that is not good enough. >> you should have paid your bills. fema takes a few days unless you join fema prime. i don't know if you know this but you are in an island, in the water? the ocean is big. with fish and doubleswater, theh
8:00 am
bubbles. we want to help you, but we have to take care of america first. >> you do know that we are eight u.s. territory, don't you? >> i mean i do, but not many people know that. >> we just need help, please. >> so nasty. >> mr. president, this is only going to get worse. >> i like you, sarah. you are a straight shooter. that is why you outlasted sean spicer, anthony scaramucci, steve bannon, michael flynn. >> i think that is because folks listen to me. i am no-nonsense, but i am all nonsense. >> you handled that nfl thing just great. >> i am a little embarrassed that i said it was a black and white issue. i should have said it is a black versus white issue. >> i actually love football.
8:01 am
i could have played. people say i remind them of an nfl player because i am combative, like the wind, and that might have a degenerative brain disease. >> i will stand by you, mr. president. the plan.ll part of the more chaos i caused, the less people can focus. night, saturday night live. we will take a short break. we will focus on the nfl, situation in puerto rico, and the perspective of cal thomas. later, dave zirin of the nation magazine. after the washington journal, our guest this week is a member of the senate judiciary committee, republican senator mike lee. on,g the issues we focus
8:02 am
supreme court justice neil gorsuch. >> i think he will be someone who falls in the legacy of his predecessor. he will be a coalition builder by virtue of the fact that he is very smart and not afraid to express his opinions, and he is in the mold of justice scalia in that he focuses on the text, the statute, the constitution. some striking impact in the time he has been on the court. what are you watching for from him, and i wanted to ask, we have seen him lineup with justice alito, justice thomas, and the chief justice, and justice kennedy, i wonder what you make of this approach between the conservative camps? >> i think you will continue to see similar patterns like that.
8:03 am
i think he views the law in much the same way as justice thomas and justice alito, in much the same way as his predecessor saw the world in the same light. we have to remember that most cases in the supreme court are not decided 5-4. most of them are not even decided 6-3. a lot of them are decided unanimously or 8-1 or 7-2. it is in the politically charged cases that you see much more division. see fort you will often justices lining up consistently on the conservative side of things often with the support of justice kennedy, but not always. i think you will continue to see real value being added by justice gorsuch. i don't think he will be blindly following his conservative colleagues.
8:04 am
i think he will be contributing in a meaningful way to their analytical skills. he is very much in the same league with them in terms of his confidence, judicial philosophy, and his ability to apply the law to the facts of any case. lee, senator mike republican of utah, our guest on newsmakers. check out our free c-span radio app. we want to welcome back author and columnist cal thomas. thank you for being with us. guest: thank you, steve. good to see you again. host: it is another nfl sunday. initially, your thoughts, has this become an issue of patriotism or race in america? guest: we never get to the heart of the problem, granted i don't think there is


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